Samantha and the Cowboy


  • Title: Samantha and the Cowboy
  • Author: Lorraine Heath
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 155
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Chapter One WANTED BOYS FOURTEEN AND OLDER TO HERD CATTLETO SEDALIA, MISSOURI.WILL BE PAID 100 AT END OF DRIVE.IF INTERESTED, SEE THE TRAIL BOSS AT 7 INTHE MORNING OUTSIDE THE GENERAL STORE With her heart thundering, Samantha Reynolds read the notice that someone had tacked to the wall outside the general store A hundred dollars seemed like a fortune What she wouldn t Chapter OneWANTED BOYS FOURTEEN AND OLDER TO HERD CATTLETO SEDALIA, MISSOURI.WILL BE PAID 100 AT END OF DRIVE.IF INTERESTED, SEE THE TRAIL BOSS AT 7 INTHE MORNING OUTSIDE THE GENERAL STORE With her heart thundering, Samantha Reynolds read the notice that someone had tacked to the wall outside the general store A hundred dollars seemed like a fortune What she wouldn t give to be a boy, so she could have the opportunity to earn that money for her family At sixteen she could barely remember the last time that coins had jingled in her reticule Mr Thomas, the owner of the general store, allowed her family to buy on credit He kept a tally of supplies purchased and debts owed Samantha didn t want to consider how long their tally sheet was getting to be It had been months since her mother had been able to hand any money over to Mr Thomas.At this very moment her older brother, Benjamin, was loading their most recent purchases into the wagon At twenty, he was old enough to be hired for the cattle drive But she knew it would be nearly impossible to convince him to go Since he d returned from the war that had devastated many of the southern states, he was reluctant to do anything that took him away from their farm.Her sister Amy was fourteen, old enough But just like Samantha, she wasn t a boy Her younger brother, Nate, was only twelve He wouldn t qualify.Samantha thought about the bolt of blue calico she d seen inside the store She wanted to sew a new dress, but the material was expensive as all get out at ten cents a yard She was wasting her time longing for it and hankeringfor any of the frippery and finery that the general store was slowly starting to stock, now that the war had ended.Still, she did yearn for things She wanted the life she d had before the War against Northern Aggression,as most folks in these parts referred to it She longed for people to start laughing again Or if they couldn t laugh, at least to smile once in a while.A hundred dollars wouldn t return life to the way it had been, but it would purchase several bolts of calico, canned goods to last through the winter, a new hoe, some chickens, a cow, and too many other things to count She got dizzy with the possibilities swirling through her mind I think we ought to have us a spring dance, the girl standing beside her on the boardwalk said.Lost in thought, Samantha had almost forgotten Mary Margaret Anderson had been visiting with her They d been best friends forever They d sat beside each other in the one room schoolhouse until they were fourteen and passed the exam that proclaimed they knew all that was to be taught They d shared confidences and dreams We finally have some fiddle players in the area, and most of the boys learned to play a harmonica while they were away, Mary Margaret added Do you even know how to dance Samantha asked distractedly, interested in the notice than in dancing If she stared at it long enough, maybe the words would change to include girls For pity s sake, Samantha Jane, I could learn, Mary Margaret told her So could you Why would I want to learn to dance Because we re growing up Mary Margaret pointed out.Samantha knew she should be excited at the possibility of attending a dance, but she had very little interest in boys She remembered a time when she d raced against them, climbed trees with them, even on a few occasions wrestled with them, but that was years ago.Before most of the boys in the area had run off to join the army as soon as they were old enough to beat a drum.She d matured into a young woman with no males around to speak of, except for those who were too old to fight and those too young to hold a weapon She d experienced no dances or Sunday picnics or peering coyly beneath her eyelashes at a young man across the classroom The war had taken the young men from the classroom and placed them on the battlefields.Although many had returned home, none had struck her fancy Mary Margaret was constantly talking about boys How handsome Jeremy was, or what pretty eyes Luke had.If Samantha noticed boys at all, she noticed how strong they looked, mentally figuring how many acres of land they could plow in a clay She certainly had no desire to have one stepping on her toes while they danced.She didn t want to talk about the local boys or the possibility of a dance She preferred to discuss ways to case her mother s burden, but once Mary Margaret turned her mind to a subject, she stuck with it Do you think Benjamin would ask me to dance Mary Margaret asked.Samantha snapped her gaze to Mary Margaret She had her complete attention now Benjamin She was surprised to see twin spots of red appear on Mary Margaret s cheeks I think your brother is fine looking, Mary Margaret admitted Do you fancy him Samantha asked She d never thought of her brother attracting any girl s attention least of all Mary Margaret s Of course I do Not that it does me any good I m invisible, as far as he s concerned Frustration rippled through her voice Benjamin isn t noticing much of anything these days, Samantha said kindly Benjamin had returned from the war minus an arm She didn t blame him for resenting his loss, but it did seem that his anger was hurting him than anything else had He s still adjusting to coming home not quite whole Lots of fellas lost limbs, Mary Margaret said Benjamin is still strong, thoughAn Avon True Romance Samantha and the Cowboy Copyright by Lorraine Heath Reprinted by permission of HarperCollins Publishers, Inc All rights reserved Available now wherever books are sold.

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    Also writes Young Adult under Rachel Hawthorne, Jade Parker, and with her son as J.A London Lorraine Heath has always had a soft spot for emotional love stories No doubt because growing up, watching movies with her mom, she was taught that the best movies won t half make you cry She is the daughter of a British beauty her mom won second place in a beauty contest sponsored by Max Factor during which she received a kiss from Caesar Romero Joker on the original Batman TV series and a Texan who was stationed at Bovingdon while serving in the air force Lorraine was born in Watford, Hertfordshire, England, but soon after moved to Texas Her dual nationality has given her a love for all things British and Texan, and she enjoys weaving both heritages through her stories.When she received her BA degree in psychology from the University of Texas, she had no idea she had gained a foundation that would help her to create believable characters characters that are often described as real people Her novels have appeared on bestseller lists, including USA Today, Waldenbooks, and most recently, the New York Times.


  • This book is part of the Avon teen historical romance series. I picked it up because I enjoyed a couple of other books in the series (by a different author, though), and hoped for the same quality from another author. No such luck. I guess the cheesy cover should have been my first clue.This was a great idea, poorly executed. There was so much potential - a girl poses as a boy to get a job driving cattle, suffers hardships and danger, and falls in love with a cowboy along the way. This should ha [...]

  • Though I read this several years ago, I still remember every second of reading this highly addictive book.Samantha and the Cowboy is a book featured in the now out of print series Avon True Romance for Teens, all of which are historical fiction, each talking place in a different location and time.Samantha and the Cowboy takes place in the days of the Wild West. Her father has died, leaving them unable to even pay for the burial, let alone proper shelter, clothing, or food. Samantha, the oldest, [...]

  • To see review with gif click here.When I moved recently, I took a lot of the books that I had in my storage unit out and moved them into my new town home. I bought one of those huge Container Store shelves so I was able to fit a lot more of my stash on there then I had been previously. And I discovered a whole bunch of books I had in the past from a few years ago. And I was like.m, might be fun to revisit them in a nostalgia sort of way.So once a month or so-depending on how annoyed I get with s [...]

  • This book was a lot better than I thought it would be; and it took me a lot less time to finish than I thought it would as well. It not only taught me about the cattle drives in the 1860s, but I also learned that you can do anything you want to do if you just put your mind to it and work hard.The thing I liked about this book was that even though Matt didn't know Sam, he still cared. I also like how it's so much like Mulan the Disney Movie. In some ways it's different; like how this is western, [...]

  • Avon True Romance presents Harlequin-style fare: beautiful people fall in love at first sight and then must overcome some conflict to be together, the conflict usually being that one of them already has a significant other. In this series, the beautiful people happen to be young adults.In Samantha and the Cowboy, a southern belle who has spent much of the war supporting her family and doing a man's work disguises herself as a boy and joins a cattle herding expedition to make the $100 her family [...]

  • I JUST finished Samantha and the Cowboy which is apart of the Avon True Romance collection. I enjoyed this book even thought I am giving it a 3.5 out of 5 stars. I loved the well developed characters, the great history references, and the overall plot line! But of course there are some things I did not enjoy about the book. Read below to further understand my opinions!Read the rest of my book review at caylasbooktopia.wordpress

  • For all the fact it was meant as a teenage romance novel, the book very easily could have been a regular historical romance (if you changed the ages of the hero and heroine that is). Its not racy, but in almost every other respect the romance was handled in a decidedly mature way, as was the plot.Samantha, or Sam as she's known for the better part of the book, is just like any other teen girl. True her formative years were spent taking care of her family during the Civil War, with her father dea [...]

  • After seeing an advertisement for a cattle drive that will pay 100 bucks upon completion, Samantha thinks its just the opportunity to pay off her family’s debt at the local store, and ease some of her mother’s burdens. But when her brother Ben, who lost an arm in the war, refuses to go, she chops her hair, dons her younger brother’s clothes, and becomes Sam the greenhand, and sets out to help her family. She is paired with Matt, who has been charged with helping her become a productive han [...]

  • It's 1866 in the small town of Faithful, Texas, and sixteen-year-old Samantha Reynolds is desperate. Every since her father died, the family has struggled to keep their farm running. They've fallen into debt, and her older brother, still bitter over the loss of an arm in the Civil War, refuses to find a job to help out the family. Samantha is determined to help her overburdened mother, but the scheme she comes up with is risky. She cuts her hair and disguises herself as a young boy, "Sam," and i [...]

  • This is an adorably cute book! Samantha Jane wants to help her family earn some much needed money. Her father passed away 3 years earlier and her brother returned from the war (Civil War) missing an arm, so the family is lacking in men. Her brother can do the work, but he is still bitter over the loss of his arm.Samantha decides to become Sam and claim to be a boy so that she can go on a cattle drive and earn $100 for her family. She makes the crew, but spends her time fearing her secret will be [...]

  • If you want some epic, complex saga with complex, far-out story lines, keep looking. This story was short, simple, perhaps a bit cliched that's why I liked it! There's a reason why certain story lines---like the whole "girl dresses up as a boy to fool her peers, and ends up falling for one"--are done over and over again.e they work! I liked it in Mulan, I liked it in some 80s movie whose name I can't recall ('Just One of the Guys', I think?), and I liked it here. And as for the simplicity, I thi [...]

  • Needing to earn money to support her family, Samantha Reynolds disguised herself as a boy to get a job on a cattle drive. One young cowboy, Matthew Hart, decides to hire Sam for the drive. He feels responsible for the young greenhorn and teaches Sam how to be a good cowhand. But when Matt discovers that Sam is a girl, he is furious. As his feelings for her become stronger, he doesn't know whether to keep her secret or reveal his feelings for her.This is a cute story that young, teenage girls sho [...]

  • Right after the Civil War, Samantha's family is hard up for cash with their father gone and their farm failing. When Samantha sees an ad at the store to join a herding group for one hundred dollars, she cuts her hair and steals some of her brother's clothes to join. But what she doesn't expect is to fall for her fellow cowboy, Matt, who has been put in charge of teaching her the ropes.This was a unique romance in that half the book was spent with one half of the couple not knowing what was going [...]

  • I quite enjoyed this book It was just a breezy, no brainer kind of book. It made me smile at all the right times and "The Evita stuff made me tingle." (Ten gajillion fake bonus points to who ever can guess that reference!)But seriously I loved that it was just the right mix of romance, history and adventure. :)And I am blaming Cynthia Hand for my current obsession with cowboys. After readingUnearthlyI just want to pick up all cowboy books and fall in love with all of them. :)

  • The only thing that really stuck with me throughout this entire book was how predictable it was. There were no suprises, nothing you couldn't forsee. It was a young girl who pretended to be a boy in order to earn money for her family. But she falls in love with one of the cowboys and he discovers her secret. Ba-da! Not very original - just think about Tamora Pierce's 'Alanna'. Or Disney's 'Mulan'. So no, not original. It was also quite short, and as a result of this the story, the characters and [...]

  • Ahh good old Avon True Romance. I've got 10 of these sitting on my shelf and want to breeze through them during these hot days. They're short (I can read them in a day), cute (ish, sometimes lame), and entertaining. They're clean romance meant for teens. I first read them as a teenager, now I'm going through them again, about 10 years later, so we'll see how it goes.This is the first one. It's not too bad. More cute than lame, and although not my absolute favourite, probably in the top 5. Samant [...]

  • I am NOT a fan of romance (with the exception of some outstanding novels with romantic subplots). Still, this book was enjoyable - not necessarily the romantic side of it, but it was kind of like a romantic comedy. I loved the humor in it! I'm a small-town girl and a lot of my friends are cowboys, so I understand a lot of the situations Samantha got herself - they're very realistic and hilarious when happening to another person/character haha! =DIf you like romantic comedy and historical fiction [...]

  • A fun, quick read. Samantha, a 16-year-old girl who is desparate to earn some money to assist her family who is in debt, disguises herself as a boy and is hired on as a cowboy to drive a herd of cattle. She is 'found out' along the way by a cowboy who has taught her everything along the way, and who she's fallen in love with. I'm sure you all know what happens. Had some funny parts. I'd recommend NOT ever looking at the coverway too tacky for my tastes. I did my best to block it out while I read [...]

  • Great young adult historical fiction love story. I especially like stories where the girl hides her identity as a boy to accomplish something great. The only reason I gave it four stars was because I didn't agree with the two being in the water together, skinny dipping, even though they didn't even touch each other. Fun, quick read.

  • This was a cute, fast read. I love Lorraine Heath! I was a little put off with the ages of the main characters and was slightly disappointed that there were no love scenes, but then I read somewhere that this was a YA. Not so disappointed anymore! :) Overall though the story was pretty good. Nothing too big and devastating happened but it was good none-the-less

  • I loved this book. For a second I though this book's going to be like Mulan, but in the end, definitely not. I loved the way Matthew treated Sam, even though he could be such a snob sometimes but he's very sweet. I liked him. I still can't get over the way Samantha's older brother, Benjamin, treated his family. I wish there'll be his own book. Overall I enjoyed this book so much. Good one!

  • I really enjoyed this book! I really like this author in general. But throw in historical fiction and what if situations with strong female characters, and I am rolling over and rubbing my own belly.Imagine a woman disguising herself as a boy to go on a cattle drive from Texas to Kansas (?) back in the 1800s.

  • I loved it! Action packed and very fun. Clean all the way through, no cussing that I recall. I would let my teen daughter read this. ( A little french kissing is all) Very romantic. I enjoyed the story line, and the characters. The ending seemed like it could have continued a bit farther, all in allry good. I will look forward to reading Lorraine Heath again.

  • This was a sweet book. The ages bothered me but after reading a few of the reviews I found out it was a book for teens. I kept thinking, this would be a great book if the main characters were a couple of years older. I guess I should have looked at the audience designation on the front cover. I enjoyed the book anyway, just changed their ages in my head.

  • not gonna lie, yes i kniw this is fluffy romance junkbut i still really love the whole series. this one isnt my favoritebut there was a sexy cowboy and some nakedness so. still worth the read!!!!!

  • A nice blast from the past for me. I loved the Avon True Romance series for teens when I was in middle school. Ten years later, I still enjoyed this sweet and squeaky clean romance. Nothing groundbreaking or great, but still a quick and enjoyable read.

  • Not what I expectedI have enjoyed most of the author's novels. This book is well written but reads more like a short story for young adults. For a teen, I think it's fine. As an adult it wasn't as enjoyable as Heath's other books.

  • Great book! Turns out I read this several years ago (before I discovered !). Interesting plot paired with a strong and independent heroine paired with a kind but tortured hero, great book. Definitely recommend.

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