Secrets of Surrender

Secrets of Surrender First he ll learn her most intimate secrets Then he ll arouse her deepest passions He s the lover she s been waiting for the man who can rescue her from her wicked past for a price in Madeline Hunter

  • Title: Secrets of Surrender
  • Author: Madeline Hunter
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 294
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • First he ll learn her most intimate secrets Then he ll arouse her deepest passions He s the lover she s been waiting for the man who can rescue her from her wicked past for a price in Madeline Hunter s tale of sin, seduction, and irresistible, impossible love.He catches her eye across the dining room a handsome stranger who stands out among the lewd noblemen and bawdy pFirst he ll learn her most intimate secrets Then he ll arouse her deepest passions He s the lover she s been waiting for the man who can rescue her from her wicked past for a price in Madeline Hunter s tale of sin, seduction, and irresistible, impossible love.He catches her eye across the dining room a handsome stranger who stands out among the lewd noblemen and bawdy painted women But their worlds are about to collide in a way Roselyn Longworth could never have imagined For before the night is out, she will be auctioned off to the highest bidder and Kyle Bradwell will lead her from one kind of hell to another Yet from the moment he wins her, Kyle treats Rose with a gentleness she hasn t known since a family scandal destroyed her reputation And when she finally learns what is really driving Kyle, it s too late For Rose has fallen for the man who knows her most intimate secrets Now he has stunned her with a proposal of marriage the first step in a seduction that will demand nothing less than her complete surrender From the Paperback edition.

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    Madeline Hunter is a nationally bestselling author of historical romances who lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and two sons Her books have won two RITA awards and seven nominations, and have had three starred reviews in Publishers Weekly In a parallel existence to the one she enjoys as a novelist, Madeline has a Ph.D in art history and teaches at an East Coast university.


  • Roselyn é uma dama da sociedade que por causa das leviandades e crimes do seu irmão mais novo - Tim - se encontra, logo nas primeiras páginas do livro, seduzida, humilhada e a ser leiloada como se de um objecto se tratasse. O que é ainda mais grave se pensarmos que tudo isto está a ser feito por Lord Norbury, o futuro conde de Cottington, o homem que Roselyn confiava e pensava amar.Roselyn é leiloada e arrebatada por uma fortuna, por um homem jovem e misterioso que de modo algum pertence [...]

  • This is a book to be savoured. An absolutely priceless gem. I'd say easily my favourite from Madeline Hunter.Each word is carefully placed, not an excess to be found. Each sentence captures its meaning and delivers the message powerfully. The writing is exquisite without being flowery.Hints aren't repeated or shouted, they're small, secretive and delicious. The characters are so rich and fully formed, the reader can actually hear their different voices and see their unique gestures.It is a book [...]

  • Ah, nothing like well-written fluffy romances to bring me back to reading. I was getting pretty burnt out on these huge tomes (and then getting GR to tell me that I'm behind on my reading challenge, to boot - pffft!!) and I'm glad to have a bit of fun before I go back to those door stoppers. As I'm beginning to expect, Hunter writes another winner. :) Her plots are more intricate than your typical romance, and even the plot turns that wouldn't be a problem if her main two protagonists actually j [...]

  • Serinin ikinci kitabı Tutku Dersleri başlarda beni oldukça sıksa da üçüncü kitap Bir Gecelik Günah, ilgi çekici başlangıcı ile bende böyle bir etki bırakmadı.Müşterilerini kandırıp onları dolandıran, sonra da kaçan kardeşi yüzünden kendini hiç tahmin etmediği bir oyunda bulan Roselyn'i okuyoruz bu sefer. Onun kitabını merakla bekliyordum ama konunun bu kadar ilginç olacağı benim için güzel bir sürpriz oldu.Sevdiğini sandığı adam tarafından kullanılıp bi [...]

  • This story is well written, has a good pace, interesting characters and some good doses of drama. It has great dialogue and a delicious interplay between their characters. What I found particularly good in this story is the exploration of class differences between Roselyn and Bradwell, and how difficult is Bradwell to feel comfortable in his new condition, but at the same time how easy it is to accept your Roselyn fall on the scale social. The central part of the plot, is not on the bed but on t [...]

  • Madeline Hunter is almost always enjoyable. This current series is a little darker than her other (not sure the name of that series, but it had the Sinner, the Charmer, etc. in it). But one thing I liked and appreciated was that toward the climax, when the secrets are all inevitably coming to a head, she didn't do the expected (and cliched). The hero and heroine weren't overly dramatic about it, though there was worry and hurt, there weren't any "I hate you's" or "You were just using me's".All i [...]

  • I won't go into huge storyline detail about this book. As it has been around awhile with some detailed reviews. It took me awhile to warm up to Roselyn and wanted to someone to shake her and say wake up Princess, you brother is no darn prince, but you are married to one. I loved Kyle from the start and more patience than a saint. I can't wait to see what Lord Easterbrook has in store for us, something shocking I am sure.

  • I really like Madeline Hunter and this was a good book for her. One thing I think she does really well is create a believable story where in a class based society, two people fall in love despite their different class status. She did it with her medievals and she's sneaking it into her Regencies. She also writes darker, more emotional books, which I enjoy.

  • Esta foi uma daquelas leituras inesperadas. Como não é de todo o meu tipo de leitura habitual, uma amiga decidiu desafiar-me emprestando-me este livro para que lesse algo de diferente. Confesso que foi uma agradável surpresa. Não é um livro marcante, mas dentro do género acaba por ser cativante o suficiente para não se desistir da leitura. Uma leitura leve para uma tarde de sol. :)

  • I love Hunter's books, but I found Roselyn obnoxious in the last book in this series and she continues to be obnoxious in this one: she is willfully stupid, not once but repeatedly, and I lost all sympathy pretty much from moment one. The hero, on the other hand, is too noble for his own good. The biggest problems in the book are solved, essentially, by "Easterbrook ex machina," which is annoying - he's a bit character in this book at most.

  • I think that I like more the Longworth's characters than the Rothwell! Alexia's book I read in a blink, Elliot was protracted. This one I literally ate! Beautiful and I fell in love with Kyle at first sight! And I would like to hit Tim, JFYN.

  • Another great instalment in this series. A good plot and outcome. I enjoyed the constant undercurrent of threat in this book. Brilliant!

  • He catches her eye across the dining room—a handsome stranger who stands out among the lewd noblemen and bawdy painted women. But their worlds are about to collide in a way Roselyn Longworth could never have imagined. For before the night is out, she will be auctioned off to the highest bidderd Kyle Bradwell will lead her from one kind of hell to another. Yet from the moment he wins her, Kyle treats Rose with a gentleness she hasn't known since a family scandal destroyed her reputation. And wh [...]

  • Mais um livro fantástico de Madeline Hunter, que fechou a série Rothwell Brothers em grande! :)Quando comecei a série, comecei pelo último, coisa que me acontece com frequência por ser distraída! Adorei Os Pecados de Lord Easterbrook e portanto fui pesquisar e descobri os outros! Li o primeiro, sobre a Alexia e o Hayden, e adorei a Rose. Lembrei-me logo que n' Os Pecados de Lord Easterbrook já era mencionada, e com um diferente estado civil, e fiquei ainda mais curiosa. Ainda assim acabei [...]

  • I wasn't planning to read this one -- I disliked Roselyn -- but I'm staying at a house which had a copy of it, so I figured, what the heck I liked it MUCH more than I expected to.Roselyn was a bit more likeable, as she has been able to figure out how to survive on nothing. However, she is still irritatingly defensive about her stupid brother Tim AND she was pretty dumb to think that Lord Norbury was actually worth trusting.Kyle is fantastic, of course, a coal miner's son who is able to better hi [...]

  • No geral eu estou gostando dessa série e dos livros da autora. Mas ela tem um jeito mais lento de escrever e de desenvolver a historia.Algumas vezes, essa lentidão me irrita, mas também não chega a dar sono. E confesso que detesto historia onde o casal de apaixona à primeira vista e já caem nos braços um do outro. Principalmente nos romances de época! Não era assim que as coisas aconteciam lá em 1800, e querer apressar as coisas em um livro assim, é forçar a barra. Então acho que es [...]

  • Jogos de Sedução é o terceiro livro da coleção Rothwell Brothers de Madeline Hunter. Eu tive a sorte de começar a ler a coleção de forma ordenada, comecei com Regras de Sedução, segui para Lições de Desejo e continuei com Jogos de Sedução. Uma das carateristicas que mais gosto nestas obras escritas por Madeline Hunter, é que a autora de um livro para o outro não se esquece das personagens, ou seja, no terceiro livro (este) a autora brinda-nos com a presença de personagens que um [...]

  • Citando-me: Rosalyn, que começa por ser leiloada no jantar do próprio namorado, introduz este livro desta forma humilhante, que fará com que qualquer leitor se identifique e simpatize com ela. Salva por Kyle, uma personificação do príncipe encantado, Rose vai descobrindo a pouco e pouco o amor e o romance que já não acreditava existir num casamento por conveniência (material e não só). É interessante a maneira como os segredos de ambos vão sendo descobertos. Mais surpreendente é co [...]

  • Este foi sem dúvida um dos livros que mais me surpreendeu este ano (se bem que este tem sido um ano de grandes descobertas literárias) e, por isso, deixo-o guardar as 5 estrelas que merece!É o 4.º livro que leio da autora e o 3.º da série dos irmãos Rothwell, de modo que já me sinto familiarizada com a escrita, com a forma de correr os episódios e até mesmo com as personagens desta que é uma família tão caricata e presente em todos os livros. Ninguém é esquecido e isso aquece-me o [...]

  • A minha opiniãoAdorei este livro, o segundo que leio da autora, o primeiro regras de sedução, acabei por nunca mais me lembrar de escrever aqui a minha opinião. Acerca de Regras da sedução foi uma boa introdução à escrita da autora.Considero as histórias dos dois livros muito semelhantes, mas apesar disso, jogos de sedução ainda conseguiu seduzir-me mais que regras da sedução. Talvez por ser uma continuação da história principal, agora sobre as repercussões que os eventos que s [...]

  • Roselyn Longworth has gotten herself into a deplorable stuation. She believed herself in love, but instead the Lord who had brought her to his bawdy party was now trying to sell her in an auction amid whores. When Kyle Bradwell steps forward and buys her she’s both relieved and enraged. Rose couldn’t believe herself to fall any farther than she already had, no thank to her brother and his hairbrained scheme that landed her penniless and him a fugitive. When Kyle makes it clear he has no inte [...]

  • What a pleasant surprise this was! I have only read one other Hunter before and while I didn't like that particular story (because the hero crossed the line), I did like her style so I thought I'd give her another try. I'm so glad I did! First of all the story was really original which is increasingly rare for a Regency era romance. The heroine was ruined - financially, physically, and socially - and none of this turned out to be gossip or a misunderstanding. She really was. The hero isn't title [...]

  • Roselyn Longworth has known that her brother Timothy's behavior has been scandalous because he cheated investors out of their money through his bank, so she is chagrined to find herself in the midst of a scandal herself because she mistook a man's prurient interest for love. She didn't "play along" as Lord Norwood would have liked, so he decides to sell her during his house party. Kyle Bradwood, an architect, land developer and a gallant man rescues her. However, if something else isn't done Ros [...]

  • First, let me start off by saying that I LOVE amazon's summary of romance novel plots. I could write my own but I can't capture the cheesiness like amazon. Okay. to the review at hand. This was my third book in the 'n' series. Unlike the male leads in Hunter's previous works, Bradwell is a self-made man and this was a welcome change. The heroine, Rose, fits the mold of previous romantic leads.t a virgin, but still innocent in the language of love. Characters from previous books make an appearanc [...]

  • In Secrets of Surrender, Madeline Hunter takes common romance tropes and turns them on their head. Instead of an rake in need of reformation, the hero, Kyle, is actually a business man. Born to be a coalminer, Kyle received a patronage from the father of our villain and used it to the best advantage. Though not a gentleman by birth, he is one of the few true gentlemen in Surrender. Furthermore, our heroine is not one most romance readers are used to. Rose is a woman surrounded by scandal. Her br [...]

  • I'm still not sure what I think of this book. The heroine's brother swindled huge piles of money from people and ran off, leaving his sisters to pay the price--only they haven't any money to pay it with. The older sister winds up at a party without realizing it's really an orgy, and without realizing that the romantic swain seduced her as part of his revenge against her brother. She won't do what he wants, so he decides to sell her to the highest bidder. The hero--who is "merely" a real estate d [...]

  • I think this story was very romantic and sweet. It was the kind of story that made me feel gooey and comfortable as I read it, there were some secondary storylines of coursewe finally get to witness the conclusion to the Longworth Scheme, we get to see Alexia - who is my favorite female character in this series, we get to be updated on what happens to Phaedra & Elliot. But still, the secondary story paled in comparison to the gradual growth of love between Rose and Kyle. And Kyle! First of a [...]

  • Madeline Hunter parece conjugar muito bem uma história consistente com o factor sensualidade; embora, por vezes, em certas partes deste livro esta vertente seja abordada de uma forma que se assemelha, pouco agradavelmente, a um diário da vida sexual do casal protagonista.De facto, a história até pode ser rica e consistente mas acaba por andar tudo à volta do mesmo; e a cada capítulo novo que surge é isso mesmo que obtemos: mais do mesmo. Talvez o que não tenha funcionado neste terceiro v [...]

  • Foi o primeiro livro que li da autora. De uma maneira geral gostei bastante. Do estilo, da história, e do tempo que passei com ele.A inocência de Rose chega, por vezes, a roçar a estupidez. A fé que ainda deposita no irmão, fugido por roubo, é inacreditável.A história é típica. A família arruinada depois de um falcatrua perpetuada por um irmão. Rose envolve-se com o homem errado e é salva por Kyle, qual escudeiro em cavalo branco. A medida que o tempo vai passando e se vai conhecend [...]

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