A Million Miles in a Thousand Years: What I Learned While Editing My Life

A Million Miles in a Thousand Years What I Learned While Editing My Life After writing a successful memoir Donald Miller s life stalled During what should have been the height of his success he found himself unwilling to get out of bed avoiding responsibility even ques

  • Title: A Million Miles in a Thousand Years: What I Learned While Editing My Life
  • Author: Donald Miller
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  • Page: 470
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • After writing a successful memoir, Donald Miller s life stalled During what should have been the height of his success, he found himself unwilling to get out of bed, avoiding responsibility, even questioning the meaning of life But when two movie producers proposed turning his memoir into a movie, he found himself launched into a new story filled with risk, possibility,After writing a successful memoir, Donald Miller s life stalled During what should have been the height of his success, he found himself unwilling to get out of bed, avoiding responsibility, even questioning the meaning of life But when two movie producers proposed turning his memoir into a movie, he found himself launched into a new story filled with risk, possibility, beauty, and meaning A Million Miles in a Thousand Years chronicles Miller s rare opportunity to edit his life into a great story, to reinvent himself so nobody shrugs their shoulders when the credits roll Through heart wrenching honesty and hilarious self inspection, Donald Miller takes readers through the life that emerges when it turns from boring reality into meaningful narrative Miller goes from sleeping all day to riding his bike across America, from living in romantic daydreams to fearful encounters with love, from wasting his money to founding a nonprofit with a passionate cause Guided by a host of outlandish but very real characters, Miller shows us how to get a second chance at life the first time around A Million Miles in a Thousand Years is a rare celebration of the beauty of life.

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    Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name.Donald Miller grew up in Houston, Texas Leaving home at the age of twenty one, he traveled across the country until he ran out of money in Portland, Oregon, where he lives today Harvest House Publishers released his first book, Prayer and the Art of Volkswagen Maintenance, in 2000 Two years later, after having audited classes at Portland s Reed College, Don wrote Blue Like Jazz, which would slowly become a New York Times Bestseller.In 2004 Don released Searching for God Knows What a book about how the Gospel of Jesus explains the human personality Searching has become required reading at numerous colleges across the country In 2005 he released Through Painted Deserts the story of he and a friends road trip across the country In 2006, he added another book, To Own A Dragon, which offered Miller s reflections on growing up without a father This book reflected an interest already present in Donald s life, as he founded the The Mentoring Project formerly the Belmont Foundation a non profit that partners with local churches to mentor fatherless young men.Don has teamed up with Steve Taylor and Ben Pearson to write the screenplay for Blue Like Jazz which will be filmed in Portland in the spring of 2008 and released thereafter.Don is the founder of The Belmont Foundation, a not for profit foundation which partners with working to recruit ten thousand mentors through one thousand churches as an answer to the crisis of fatherlessness in America.A sought after speaker, Don has delivered lectures to a wide range of audiences including the Women of Faith Conference, the Veritas Forum at Harvard University and the Veritas Forum at Cal Poly In 2008, Don was asked to deliver the closing prayer on Monday night at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado.Don s next book, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years humorously and tenderly chronicles Don s experience with filmmakers as they edit his life for the screen, hoping to make it less boring When they start fictionalizing Don s life for film changing a meandering memoir into a structured narrative the real life Don starts a journey to edit his actual life into a better story A Million Miles in a Thousand Years details that journey and challenges readers to reconsider what they strive for in life It shows how to get a second chance at life the first time around.


  • I adore Donald Miller for his self-deprecating humor and poeticinsights. However, reading him a few years after my initialinfatuation (I seriously thought I had a chance with him when he posedfor a picture with me at a book signing), I find myself unsettled with his conclusions mostly because they are fluff. I want to commend his resurrection of the concept of our lives as stories. I think many youth today need to hear that. But the bulk of what he writes is Oprah-esque admonitions to serve othe [...]

  • I have a love/hate relationship with this book. At times, he had me frustrated with his writing about himself, and sometimes he hooked me with how he applied his stories to the point of the book. The 4 stars is an average: 5 stars for the point of the book (Life is a story, what kind of story are you living?). It really got me thinking and I have probably thought about this book everyday since I read it at some point or other. But, I gave it a 3 for the rambletastic ridiculousness of his stories [...]

  • This is a Don Miller book. Hence,-Charming anecdotes from his lifeDon meets Steve, who wants to shoot a movie based off Blue Like Jazz, Don doesn't like them changing his life to appeal to moviegoers, Don realizes he is living a lame story, Don embarks to rectify, Don dates a girl, Don hikes a mountain, Don bikes across the country, Don matures.-Self-depreciating witDon at no point brags and any acheivement mentioned is tempered by mention of a personal failing. He's unflaggingly artless in the [...]

  • After getting past the first 8 chapters, "A Million Miles" started getting very thought provoking and I was quite challenged by some of the ideas that Miller shares. The idea of creating a story, taking the skills and abilities that God has given you and doing something with them, rather than waiting for something to happen to you, has struck a chord. As a caveat, that there are Rob Bell-esque tones in here, and I disagree with some of the theology that Miller spouts throughout the book. However [...]

  • I loved this book.I listened to the author reading,audio version, which I highly recommend. He has a wonderful conversational style of writing. I liked his honesty. He shares stories from his life freely, sharing both his good and bad choices through both humorous as well as serious stories. Some of the stories caused me to belly laugh and others, like the death of his friend's wife made me sob. He shares about his father leaving when he was a child and about his finding his father later as an a [...]

  • I've stumbled upon several blogs all having to do with improving quality of life by being unconventional. While reading the Blog of Impossible Things, I came across this book. With the magic of e-books, I had the book in my hands and read by the end of the evening. I laughed out loud at the first page and cried at the last. What an unique approach to living a meaningful life. the book: "I wondered if life could be lived more like a good story in the first place. I wondered if a person could plan [...]

  • Quotes from the book"People love to have lived a great story, but few people like the work it takes to make it happen. But joy costs pain.""fear isn’t only a guide to keep us safe; it’s also a manipulative emotion that can trick us into living a boring life.""It made me wonder if the reasons our lives seem so muddled is because we keep walking into scenes in which we, along with the people around us, have no clear idea what we want.""God wants us to create beautiful stories, and whatever it [...]

  • free preview copy from Thomas Nelson publishers. I was so excited when I heard Donald Miller had a new book out, and even more excited when I got the news I was getting a free copy. then I got the book and read it. Oh bummer.The book isn't bad, persay. it's just not life altering for me. Maybe it's one of those subtle books, that I'll find I keep remembering and thinking about later. But it definitely didn't strike me as I was reading it. I felt more like, okay, I'm going to listen to more about [...]

  • I read Blue Like Jazz, Miller’s first and wildly successful memoir, in what seems now another life and another frame of mind. But Donald Miller is travelling with me in a freakish parallel universe. A Million Miles in a Thousand Years tracks Miller learning to view his life through a camera lens. This hook, life as a story, snagged my inner writer, pulling me through the book as Miller sharpens his point.The book begins as Miller is approached to edit Blue Like Jazz into a movie script, turnin [...]

  • Donald Miller is a one-of-a-kind writer. His talent is a rare gift. He is one of the few that can tell a story about himself and get out of his own way.In "A Million Miles in a Thousand Years," he explores what makes a story great. The big question the book asks is, "Can my life be a great story?"Miller writes, "…the elements that made a story meaningful [are] the same that made a life meaningful."A good story has a protagonist – the good guy. That's the person in the story you love or want t [...]

  • The main way A Million Miles in Thousand Years struck me was the way Donald Miller danced around this idea that many of us are waiting to act the lead role of our own stories. Literally, sitting at home, smoking a cigarette, hoping our agent will call. We want God to write some heroic scenes where we get to rescue the girl, make a million, kiss the girl, save the bus full of kids from the upcoming cliff while we’re on the phone making a few more million, and then relax on a tropical island (wh [...]

  • Really 4.5 stars.From a few people that I follow - this book has been highly recommended. I checked it out at the library once and just never even got out of ten pages. But then the recommendation rolled around again and it was strong enough that I thought I would try it. I found it on audio and for probably the first hour or so I thought, "why in the crap is this book so highly recommended?" but the further along I got the further along I loved it. I love the idea to consider about "what makes [...]

  • Donald Miller was in a funk. He had written a bestseller, and was now a much sought after speaker. He was accomplished. But for some reason, all of his success didn't bring the climatic ending that he was hoping for. He felt lost. Then he received a call from two men who wanted to turn his book, Blue Like Jazz, into a movie. Miller was unsure of how to turn his book, part memoir and part collection of essays, into a movie. So the two men came to visit him, and teach him about story. From there M [...]

  • A few years ago, Don Miller was a promising young writer with a unique voice and some things to say. And then he had to go and become a conference speaker.I don't blame him; there's a lot of money in speaking at conferences, and not that much in writing a book every 3 years, even if you have one on the New York Times bestseller list. Writers make pretty good conference speakers, but conference speaking ruins pretty good writers.Conference speakers have to tell a joke, or say something cute, or d [...]

  • WOW! If five stars and that exclamation didn't tell it, this was a great book. Donald Miller manages to tell us a lot about our story through his story, especially because he is so honest about his own flaws that have persisted or have even been magnified through his previous success. He is one. He is candid. He is able to maintain a tone that makes the reader believe he is "just talking", all the while choosing figurative language that is so perfect that he must have come through dozens of othe [...]

  • It's really more like 3.5 stars. I enjoyed this book a fair amount, and found portions of it both or found and beautiful. The portions between those portions was a little flat for me - not bad, just kind of empty. Still, a worthwhile read.

  • It took me almost half the book to get into it but it had so many gems in it! It gave me a lot to think about. I love how he compares God to "the writer that isn't me".

  • [June 2017 book group selection] I had to push myself a bit to get through the first half of this book, but I really quite enjoyed the rest of it. Lots of little tidbits of wisdom. Although I don't think it's groundbreaking the way he talks about seeing your life as a story (pretty sure he's not the only one who's done that), it's interesting to think about how viewing your life that way can help you improve and give meaning to the way you live, as well as help pull you through the difficulties [...]

  • I can't quite recall how I first heard about the books of Donald Miller--whether it was through a friend or a web site recommendation. However, I do know that I read his book, "Searching for God Knows What" before the book for which he is best-known, "Blue Like Jazz." And while I like "Jazz" a great deal, it's always been "Searching" that has stuck with me and been my favorite book that Miller has written.Until now."A Million Miles in a Thousand Years" may have replaced "Searching" as my favorit [...]

  • This month, I read my first-ever Donald Miller book. Donald Miller is best known for Blue Like Jazz. His new release is A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. The book describes how Miller discovers what makes a good story while co-writing a script based on his popular book, Blue Like Jazz. Miller is transformed by the realization he could live a "better story." As he begins to make changes in his life, he encounters pain, joy, and a sense of purpose.Miller's writing style is conversational. He is [...]

  • "Nobody cries at the end of a movie about a guy who wants a Volvo." That single insight, from the first page of the book, effectively distills the wisdom of 288 pages down into one sentence. In A Million Miles in a Thousand Years, Donald Miller writes of how collaborating on a screenplay based on his life transformed his perspective on life, and then transformed the living of his life. As he thought on the fictional story of his life, he began to see his real life as a story, and that, as the sa [...]

  • In the book, Miller discusses his experience editing his life to be made into a screenplay. Throughout the process, he learns more about what makes a meaningful story and realizes his life is comfortable and easy, but not the story he wants it to be. One of his primary realizations was that life involves character transformation — it’s not about achieving a certain goal or reaching certain socially agreed upon milestones like graduating, marrying, and reproducing. Instead, it’s about how t [...]

  • I went into this not knowing what to expect. I haven't read any of Miller's other books; several of my friends think of him very highly, and I was really introduced to him (theoretically, not actually) because one of my friends works closely with him professionally. So, when I heard he had a new memoir, I figured I would give it a try, and was generously gifted a copy of this book by said friend.I came away from it with mixed feelings. It's a good quick read, although I can see reading it slowly [...]

  • 10 out of 5 stars.I first heard about this book three years ago at a Christian camp, and I started reading it as soon as I got home, and I didn't stop. Miller had me hooked at the opening lines of the author's note. Miller is the kind of guy that I believe that almost anyone can relate to. It isn't until you read his book that you see just how much you've taken your life for granted, and at 15 years old, it completely changed the way that I saw everything. This book, besides the bible, is the no [...]

  • I began reading A Million Miles in a Thousand Years two months ago. After the first couple chapters, I thought "This is just Donald Miller, desperate for another hit book, riding the tails of what made Blue Like Jazz work." It wasn't long until I discovered he was on to something much bigger than in his first book.Miller discusses in depth the elements of story and how they apply not only to movie scripts and novels, but to each individual's life. The principal is quite interesting in itself and [...]

  • 5 stars for the point of the book, but I had to knock off a star for some ramblings and oddly interjected anecdotes. However, it was a great book to make you think about what you can do when you feel like your life has stalled. I appreciated that it wasn't you typical self-help "life is AMAZING" kind of book. I guess it was a little like that, but not in the kind of forced enthusiasm that seems typical. I also enjoyed that he acknowledged that some stories are slower paced than others. At this p [...]

  • This book is a like an unexpectedly good cheap wine that pairs well with life crisis, Ecclesiastes, and long late-night talks with friends (all of which are on my plate currently). It provides provides a common language to talk about big life decisions. Definitely the book I needed right now.

  • a must-read. i wasn't really sure where he was going with this at first and wasn't really excited about finishing but then he hits you with his "inciting incident". What a great, inspirational story. I guess I need to amp up my story now! Plus, he's from Portland :)

  • This book recharged my batteries and got me to take a look at my life and what I want. We DO have the opportunity to "edit" or rewrite our lives at any given point, and what a gift that is!

  • I save my five star ratings for books I'll read again. My copy is marked up and will be read it again and again. I loved it.

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