Do They Wear High Heels in Heaven?

Do They Wear High Heels in Heaven Meet Lily a New York newspaper columnist mother of two divorcee of one and partner in crime to Michael best friend extraordinaire They ve been friends forever The two have weathered the good times

  • Title: Do They Wear High Heels in Heaven?
  • Author: Erica Orloff
  • ISBN: 9780373895359
  • Page: 276
  • Format: Paperback
  • Meet Lily, a New York newspaper columnist, mother of two, divorcee of one and partner in crime to Michael, best friend extraordinaire They ve been friends forever The two have weathered the good times and bad, and they ve done it all in good humor and with a hefty supply of martinis And now they face the biggest challenge the C word.

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      276 Erica Orloff
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    Erica Orloff is a native New Yorker, novelist, blogger, mother of four, chronic insomniac, alt rock loving, voracious reader and prolific writer who has written over twenty novels across a number of genres and pen names She currently lives in Virginia where she rarely sleeps, roots for the Yankees and the NY Giants, knits in her almost never free time, herds worms with her six year old Pirate Boy, and tries to hold onto what little sanity she has left ericaorloff aboutml


  • Insightful? Yes. Character uses her sense of humor to hide her fear of dying? Yes. Character is worried about what will happen to her child when she dies? Yes. Terrific relationship with male best friend? Yes. Ms. Orloff takes on a difficult subject matter and delivers an emotional and thought provoking read. But, I hate the way she writes. Too many sentences with only three, four or five words, one right after the other. The pace was too choppy and I felt like I was reading a book written for y [...]

  • This is a fantastic book! for the past one month i have read books with cliche stories; nothing original or exciting. this book was so fresh and original! i loved it SO much!Do they wear high heels in heaven is a mixture of humor, comedy, sadness, friendship, love and a battle against cancer.The book is so positive and sends a positive message to the reader. I felt a surge of happiness when i finished this book. it tells the reader to enjoy life,be a good human being, love everyone around you, t [...]

  • A very moving story about family and friendships. I'm prone to crying over books when the emotions the author tries to evoke are very strong -- and this book was not an exception. I would definitely read this book again.

  • A very light read. Funny yet mature and it offers so much about life I can't put it down even after the last chapter. A laughter-through-tears tale indeed.

  • For some reason, when I bought this book I didn't even read the blurb. That's how much I loved the cover and the title *blush* Between the title and the cover I figured it was something about angels and didn't even think about reading the blurb and since my instincts rarely deceive me, I went with the flow. And I'm glad I did. Because I'm sure that I would've seen that "C word" part and freak out and then I would've miss a good book.Lily, a single mom and a reporter, is asked to do an article ab [...]

  • This book is exactly what I needed right now. I have spent forever trying to get through a very difficult read, and so what I was looking for in this book was an easy read that I could get through in a couple days. This book took two days for me to read. It wasn't so enthralling that it kept me coming back to it, per say, I just really wanted to finish it, kind of for the sake of finishing a book quickly. That being said, it really was a decent book.(view spoiler)[ I actually like that this auth [...]

  • I don't often read "chick lit" romances, just because most of them remind me of an episode of Sex and the City--and I'm not a fan of the show. I am so, so happy that I picked up Erica Orloff's DO THEY WEAR HIGH HEELS IN HEAVEN? though, because this story transcends typical "chick lit" books. Lily has just turned the big 4-0. With two children, the teen-aged Tara and seven-year-old Noah, an ex-husband endearingly called The Spawn of Satan who has a child-bride in London, and a gay best friend, Mi [...]

  • Talk about a good book, wow ‘Do They Wear High Heels in Heaven’ was such an amazing story. After the past few years I have had, watching my mother who is also my best friend go through cancer treatment and going through the fear of losing her and everything else that goes with stage four ovarian cancer that had spread to her cervix, stomach, uterus, and bladder, I can definitely say this book touched me on a personal level. There were plenty of tears shed while reading this book. She writes [...]

  • I really thought this was going to be too cliche or chick lit for me but I was pleasantly surprised at the overall way "single, 40 yr old mom of two kids, with dead beat ex husband and gay best friend, gets cancer and comes face to face with death" was handled in this book.Yes, there are some "too predictable" moments but the way Orloff is able to pull off humor in anything-but-funny situations (cancer, adultery, gay hatred, abandonment, death, AIDS, etc.) was amazing.This was one of those stori [...]

  • I enjoyed the book but I also thought it was weirdly written sometimes.Like the main character founds out she has breast cancer. Well the part from finding out you have cancer and that you are going to die was totally not in the book. She discovers she has cancer and a few pages later she knows she will die. Then you have the gay guy. his dad discovers he was beaten up because he was gay by his team and coach and tells his son he never wants to see him again. He never does, always hides in the b [...]

  • Loved it! This story was funny, enlightening and sad. I really liked the characters Lily & Michael. They were amazing friends to eachother and stuck together through thick and thin. Anyone would be lucky to have a friendship like they shared. I really enjoyed the chapters that were Lily's newspaper articles and the ones that were excerpts from the book that Michael was writing. Though I shed some tears through the last few chapters, the very last chapter made me feel good about what could be [...]

  • I picked this up because I think Red Dress Ink puts out some of the best romances around. This book is a step away from that - a very good step. It's a story that could be anyone's life. Tragedy faces you and you have to find out how to deal with it. There definitely is some cheesiness at the end, wrapping everything up in a neat bow, but other than that, it's a book that really rips you open at the end.

  • Not a bad book but I felt like I had missed parts of it. About a woman who discovers she has breast cancer and her gay, male best friend and their relationship to one another. It seemed like she was diagnosed with cancer and then wham, she's dying. Could have been a much better book if done properly.

  • I usually love the chick lit books that Red Dress Ink publishes, but I was a little diappointed in this particular one. Aside from there being tons of cursing, the perspective switches from a single mom with cancer to a gay guy looking for love and it wasn't always easy to keep straight on who was talking pun intended. An altogether depressing read

  • This book was not by any means the best book I have ever read. It was, however, funny the whole way through--even though the subject matter is inherently depressing. I won't spoil the ending, but I will say that it gave me very mixed feelings. Funny, sad, and quite well-written. I would definitely recommend it to most of the readers I know.

  • I originally sought this out because I'd read it was about the author's struggles with Crohn's. It actually ended up being about cancer, so it was, of course, heartbreaking. Good story, engrossing -- I read it in two sittings -- and I really enjoyed the characters. Super sad, but sweet.

  • This was a wonderful book for me. I was some what sad because she had cancer, but I really enjoyed how she cared for her family and her best friend Michael. She prepared them for the worst and the worst did happen, but it was a beautiful story of strength and love and friendship.

  • A really good, inspirational read about a woman fighting cancer and finding out that love is what is really important in life. Excellent character development and a quick motivational read without being maudlin. Definitely recommend.

  • This book did a great job handling the subject of cancer, love, death, friendship, and high heels. It wasn't overly sappy or sad. It seemed realistic, with not everything having a happy ending. I especially loved the last chapter. I kind of hope that is what it is really like.

  • I enjoyed this book imensely. I am a Breast Cancer Survivor and so the storyline was close to my heart. Fortunetly, I did not have the vomiting that Lily had and thank God, I survived. I felt like Lily did, Why Me? Great book.

  • This appeared to be a fluff read, the sort of book one might fight on a supermarket shelf. I was surprised to find it actually had some depth and heart. Guess it just goes to show you really can't judge a book by its cover.

  • I don't usually read British chic books, this book I recomend. I like the character development (I really like the characters) and how they tell the story. Though the topic isn't funny it is written with lots of humor I understand.

  • Big, weepy, crocodile tears right near the end of this one for me. One critique, but not one that took away from this overallI could've done without the last chapter.

  • I read this book not long after my mom died of cancer. It was an extremely healing book. Funny, sad and human. Loved every page.

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