Countdown in Cairo

Countdown in Cairo Why won t the dead stay dead Federal agent Alexandra LaDuca travels to Egypt to investigate the possible sighting of a former mentor a CIA agent who everyone thought was dead She is thrown into the d

  • Title: Countdown in Cairo
  • Author: Noel Hynd
  • ISBN: 9780310278733
  • Page: 229
  • Format: Paperback
  • Why won t the dead stay dead Federal agent Alexandra LaDuca travels to Egypt to investigate the possible sighting of a former mentor, a CIA agent who everyone thought was dead She is thrown into the deadliest game of double cross of her career as the events that began in Kiev and continued in Madrid find their culmination in the volatile Middle East.Her assignment is to lWhy won t the dead stay dead Federal agent Alexandra LaDuca travels to Egypt to investigate the possible sighting of a former mentor, a CIA agent who everyone thought was dead She is thrown into the deadliest game of double cross of her career as the events that began in Kiev and continued in Madrid find their culmination in the volatile Middle East.Her assignment is to locate a man she once knew But to find the answers, Alex needs to move quickly into the underworld of the Egyptian capital, a nether society of crooks, killers, spies, and Islamic fundamentalists And she must work alone, surviving on her wits, her training, and a compact new Beretta.Her search immerses Alex deeply into the explosive international politics of the day, touching on Arab American relations and the new balance of terror between Russia and the United States And it doesn t help that she s forced into a partnership with a quirky double agent known only as Voltaire, one of the most shadowy and powerful members of the Cairo underworld.If you ve been waiting for Alex LaDuca s next adventure, this fast paced thriller is it If you ve never met Alex, Countdown in Cairo offers a first rate introduction You will be holding your breath from its explosive beginning to the very last twist.

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    I ve been a published novelist for longer than I care to admit, since 1976 I m frequently asked, however, how I first got published It s an interesting story and involved both Robert Ludlum and James Baldwin, even though neither of them knew it or me at the time My first agent, a wonderful thorughly perofessional gentleman named Robert Lantz was representing Mr Baldwin at the time This was around 1975 Balwin, while a brilliant writer, had had some nasty dealings with the head of Dell Publishing Dell held Jimmy s contract at the time and he could not legally write for anyone else until he gave Dell a book that was due to them Nonetheless, he refused to deliver a manuscript to Dell and went to Paris to sit things out The book was due to The Dial Press, which Dell owned Baldwin was widely quoted as sayingd I m cleaning up the quote here, that he was no longer picking cotton on Dell s planatation The book was due to The Dial Press The editor in chief of The Dial Press was a stellar editor who was making a name for himself and a fair bit of money for the company publishing thriller author Robert Ludlum A best seller every year will do that for an editor Anyway, Baldwin fled New York for Paris The editor followed, the asignment being to get him to come happily back to Dial As soon as the editor arrived, Baldwin fled to Algeria Or maybe Tunisia It hardly mattered because Baldwin was furious and simply wouldn t do a book for Dell Dial The editor returned to NY without his quarry Things were at a standstill That s where I entered the story, unpublished at age 27 and knowing enough to keep my mouth shut while these things went down I had given 124 pages of a first novel to Mr Lantz ten days eariler Miraculously, his reader liked it and then HE liked it It was in the same genre that Ludlum wrote in and which the editor at Dial excelled at editing and marketing My agent and the editor ran into each other one afternoon in July of 1974 in one of those swank Manhattan places where people used to have three martinis for lunch The agent asked how things had gone in Europe The editor told him, knowing full well that the agent already knew The next steps would be lawyers, Baldwin dragged into US Courts, major authors boycotting Doubleday Dell, Dial, maybe some civil rights demonstrations and.but no so fast.Mr Lantz offered Dial the first look at a new adventure espionage novelist me IF Dial wanted me after reading my 124 pages, he could sign me, but only IF Baldwin was released from his obligations at Doubleday I was the literary bribe, so to speak, that would get Jimmy free from Dial It seemed like a great idea to everyone It seemed that way because it was Paperwork was prepapred and paperwork was signed Voila To make a much longer story short, Dial accepted my novel The editor instructed me on how to raise it to a professional level as I finished writing it over the next ten months I followed orders perfectly I even felt prosperous on my 7500 advance He then had Dial release Mr Balwin from his obligation Not surpringly, he went on to create fine books for other publishers Ludlum did even batter Of the three, I m the pauper but I ve gotten my fair share and I m alive with books coming out again now in the very near future, no small accmplishment So no complaints from me That s how I got published I met Ludlum many times later on and Baldwin once Ludlum liked my name Noel and used it for an then upcoming charcter named Noel Holcroft That amused me I don t know if either of them even knew that my career had been in their orbits for a month 1975 They would have been amused They were both smart gifted men and fine writers in dfferent ways This story was told to me by one of the principals two years later and another one confirmed it Me, I came out of it with my first publishing contract, for a book titled Reve


  • I have just now finished this third in Noel Hynd's Russian Trilogy. It must be said that I have never read a trilogy so well conceived as such. Each book stands on its own, and yet reading all three lends depth and satisfaction to the whole.At the beginning of Part II of this volume, Alex, the accidental master spy of the series, remembers how she got her start. A young student alone in Europe, she faced and mastered that most extreme form of self-reliance - away from home in alien surroundings [...]

  • The third book in the author's Russian trilogy, draws you in by presenting the most suspenseful chapter of the story first (lifting it out of the chronological narrative). With the intrigue of assassins, double agents, and others with mixed loyalties, the author keeps you wondering. If you want a story with lots of suspense, that isn't preachy, this is it.It is a good read, but in each volume of the trilogy, I kept hoping that there would be more of a resolution, more of a moral to the story, es [...]

  • This is the last book in Hynd's Russian Trilogy, and it mostly serves as a way to tie up all the loose ends and remaining questions from previous books. There really isn't that much of a new mystery to be solved. Just the reappearance of someone from the previous books that is supposed to be dead, tracking him down in Cairo, and figuring out how he fits into other thingsleading to the unraveling of most of the quandaries. Unlike the two previous books, this book mostly follows the story from Ale [...]

  • The third book in the Russian Trilogy (following Conspiracy in Kiev and Midnight in Madrid).Special Agent Alexandra LaDuca is on the move again, this time to Cairo. It's been a very busy year following a Russian mobster, the death of her boyfriend, a massacre in a remote village in Venezuela, a stolen relic, and now the search for a CIA man who "died" in Paris. A witness has seen him alive in Cairo before her boyfriend was killed by a car bomb meant to kill both of them.Alex is smart, multi-ling [...]

  • Countdown in Cairo starts out with a dramatic beginning with the morgue as the backdrop and then drops back to the beginning of the story. The set up to the main story was slow at times, but that is because the story is rich in detail of locations and background. It is certainly worth the wait! There are a number of background facts about the Russian events mixed in with the fiction creating an interesting blend. All three of the books feature Alexandra LaDuca, a strong female character that is [...]

  • The end of the trilogy brought some expected happenings in completely unexpected ways along the journey of an excellent story. Alex LaDuca's character is real and believable, and, if I'm honest, is who I would like to be in my dreams. From Rizzo to Federov and everyone in between the culmination is wrapped up quite nicelywith just enough ribbon left to (hopefully) untie the bow and go back into action again. I am very glad I stumbled onto this series. It fed my appetite for action, adventure and [...]

  • This story was a little better than Midnight in Madrid in the history lesson factor. At least here the history lessons given had at least a semblance of connectivity to the story. Again, I didn’t verify any of what history he gave, so I won’t be quoting it to anyone.The story actually wraps up quite well. Alex is sent to Cairo to find a US agent who has defected. She meets again with Rizzo of Rome and Yuri Federov, and eventually begins to put together all the puzzle pieces of the past year [...]

  • The third book did not promise to impress at first, but it became more and more interesting as it started to unravel some of the mysteries and tie together some pieces from the first two books. Once it got started, I found myself staying up a bit late to read at night. II and III were my favorites of the series, and I was pretty happy with how the trilogy ended. All in all, a really good series!

  • I liked the way the author wrapped up this story. I also enjoyed more of the history in this book. This one gave a good description of Egyptian politics and also of Russian history. It's obvious that the author is really current in his Middle Eastern politics.

  • Sad Reality to HopeHynd comes through every time. The picture he painted of Cairo made me glad that I was reading it from here in pastoral Southern Arizona. The ending was wonderful.

  • I just couldn't bring myself to finish this book. I loved the first two books in the series but this one just got too depressing and I couldn't keep going.

  • Always a good read! Well researched and knows how to maintain interest throughout the trilogy! Like this author a lot!

  • I really enjoyed this trilogy. If your looking for a FBI/CIA government conspiracy book with a strong female lead this trilogy is for you!

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