The Ocean Dark: A Novel

The Ocean Dark A Novel In the uncharted waters of the Caribbean far from the usual shipping lanes lies a mysterious island surrounded by a graveyard of sunken ships an island so remote that it s the perfect rendezvous poi

  • Title: The Ocean Dark: A Novel
  • Author: Jack Rogan
  • ISBN: 9780553385182
  • Page: 266
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • In the uncharted waters of the Caribbean, far from the usual shipping lanes, lies a mysterious island surrounded by a graveyard of sunken ships an island so remote that it s the perfect rendezvous point for a handful of Central American arms dealers and the Antoinette, a gun smuggling cargo ship out of Miami Amid the wreckage of ships new and old, the crew of the AntoinetIn the uncharted waters of the Caribbean, far from the usual shipping lanes, lies a mysterious island surrounded by a graveyard of sunken ships an island so remote that it s the perfect rendezvous point for a handful of Central American arms dealers and the Antoinette, a gun smuggling cargo ship out of Miami Amid the wreckage of ships new and old, the crew of the Antoinette and the undercover FBI agent on board enter what looks like a haven for modern pirates, only to discover that it hides something far terrifying In Washington, two Department of Defense scientists might understand what is about to happen On an FBI ship monitoring the Antoinette s illegal trade, armed agents might be able to intervene But this assumes that the Antoinette s crew survives their first encounter with a creature virtually unknown to man, yet whose eerie songs nevertheless echo down the corridors of mankind s darkest legends.

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    Psuedonym for Christopher Golden


  • Okay please understand that I don't usually write reviews. This is simply because I don't feel like my input should impact another readers decision to read a book or not. However, I'm 187 pages into this book and I feel like I'm only 15 minutes into the story. That's not good when the basis of this book is cryptozoology and some unseen "monster". There is way too much back story on the characters for abook that will most likely lead to the majority of them being killed. I will not rate this book [...]

  • This was a good book, but I can only give it three stars because it was a bit unbalanced. There was a lot of action and adventure and not nearly enough explanation of the mysterious creatures that feature so prominently in the novel.

  • "In passato aveva fatto pazzie per uomini che non lo meritavano, e non era così stupida da crederci. Ma tra lei e Josh si era creato un legame: quell'uomo aveva toccato corde che Tori non aveva mai sospettato di avere in sé, e lei aveva iniziato a vedersi in una luce nuova. La donna che era diventata non avrebbe mai abbandonato quell'uomo, o qualsiasi uomo, solo per salvarsi. Così vicina alla morte, si sentiva viva." p. 416

  • Primo di due libri (ad oggi) scritti dall'autore. Comincia come un thriller e diventa poi un horror. Lettura disimpegnata ma personaggi ben costruiti e approfonditi, ambientazione suggestiva e descritta in modo soddisfacente. Complessivamente un buon prodotto anche se il finale sembra davvero un po' improvviso e ci sono alcune cose nella storia che non vengono mai spiegate. Forse perché rimandate a un libro futuro?

  • Jack Rogan is a pen name for Christopher Golden. I first encountered Golden through one of his Buffy the Vampire Slayer novels and have since read a couple dozens of his books. He mostly writes for young adults. He’s got good characterization and really knows how to write suspense. His novel, The Ocean Dark, is written primarily for adults. The premise of the novel is that the Greek legend of the siren derived from a species of carnivorous amphibious humanoids whose communication sounds like a [...]

  • Near a remote, uncharted island with a graveyard of ships surrounding it in the Caribbean, the cargo ship Mariposa is on its way to meet the Antoinette, a ship that is to be filled with illegal weapons for a little illicit business transaction. When the crew of the Mariposa arrives, they find the crew of the Antoinette gone except for one survivor who mentions “devils”. The FBI has been aware of the Mariposa’s smuggling of contraband, and is following the ship, looking to catch them in the [...]

  • I'm always on the look out for a good "creature thriller," so to speak. That's why I picked this one up, and it wasn't bad. It's not super good either.I know back in the day of Dickens, authors used to get paid by the word for their novels. Not so much now, but it kind of felt like the author was trying for it. Going on way too much about things that weren't really important to the story, and only kind of necessary to know about the characters.The flashbacks didn't add much, I thought, and I alm [...]

  • Actually the author of this is Christopher Golden, writing under Jack Rogan.That was the main reason for me to buy this book, sounded like a Clive Cussler-novel.Could have been shorter, nearly all major characters (5-8?) get a flashback-background story, and I could have done with less.Good use of romance conflicting with job or task at hand, short sex-scenes add to the story, and are ok.At one point I think there is a procedural mistake, where someone sprains his/her ankle and a few short pages [...]

  • I quite enjoyed this sort of “creature-feature” thriller set in the Caribbean seas. The prologue hooked me in immediately, but from there the book shifted to focus on a surprisingly lengthy set up for the characters. Though some readers might find the book slow to reach the action promised in the prologue, the strength of the character development made the overall story more of a three-dimensional read than your typical “action” novel.I was particularly intrigued by Alena’s character, [...]

  • This book is very highly rated on several sites, so I picked it up hoping for an excellent monster story. I truly love Steve Alten's Meg series, the Douglas and Preston's Relic and Reliquary, and Michael Crichton's creature features. The Ocean Dark does not come close to any of these. It is more of a slow-paced thriller in which some of the lead characters come out at the end as better people and many more just die somewhere out of sight.The monsters really don't do very much until the end. I ke [...]

  • Couldn't stop readingAt first, I was very irritated every time a new chapter started with a new central character in a totally different location. But each chapter was so well written that I would quickly be caught up learning about each new person. Also, the relocations, while abrupt, gave me an opportunity to recover from the intense action of the previous chapters. Rogan doesn't waste a single word or description. Everything in every location illuminates the thinking and drive of each, critic [...]

  • This book almost got five stars, aside from the cheesy ending. I'm having a romantic moment with the sea monsters Rogan created in his story. They are awesome! There's a little bit of healthy writer's envy in there too. The only thing I would change, is ditching the last beach scene between Josh and Tori. I'm grateful that didn't last long. Also grateful Rogan didn't do the dreaded predictable ending with a monster still lurking in the dark. I wouldn't want to meet these monsters in a dank cave, [...]

  • The story centers around an FBI agent and a band of Smugglers in the Caribbean who come across Creatures that inhabit the waters of an uncharted island This is one exciting and thrilling adventure, fans of Clive Cussler and James Rollins will enjoy this debut novel by Jack Rogan. The book is very fast paced,the prolouge alone was enough to get me hooked. I found myself having to put the book down more then once just to slow it down,the characters and backround stories were well written and the a [...]

  • Avventuroso, avvincente e con una tensione costante. Anche una volta scoperto il mistero dei los diablos, mantiene inalterata la carica partecipativa del lettore, anzi lo trascina con sé. Non meravigliatevi, quindi, se vi ritroverete a sobbalzare o a ritirare indietro le gambe, come guardando la famosa scena di Jurassic Park. Molti i personaggi, tra protagonisti e comprimari, ma tutti soddisfacentemente delineati e la narrazione, lungi dal risultarne appesantita, si rivela piacevolmente sfaccet [...]

  • The plot was great. There was mystery, suspense, and cool sea mini sea monsters. Kind of reminded me of lost with character flashbacks, a mysterious island, and finding random dead bodies surrounded in mystery. The writing left something to be desirede author was quite long winded and too verbose in many areas stating and re-stating well established points. I think he was trying to build suspense but it just wasn't working. The ending was terrible. Worth reading if you've read the rest of your l [...]

  • I liked the premise plot, characters in this one. The setting, for me begin that I live in the Treasure Coast of Florida, was easily precept able. The visual made it all the more interesting. It does stray a bit in the second halfter the FBI, and other government teams converge. I was expecting a bit more of the fear and dread. Its there, however the setup and execution of the second half was predictable for me.

  • Ever wondered what if myths were in fact based on reality? Well, this book is a prime example of sometimes things are much better left unknown. Wow, wow, wow, fast paced and kept you on the edge of your seat wondering who would make it. Great book! I recommend this book highly, but only in the daylight hours and not on water!!

  • I liked this book. A traditional "science gone wrong" monster novel. The big difference here is the author didn't introduce the monsters until about halfway in the book. But the leadup was a great source of tension. The second half was a "run for your life" typical of these type of books, but I still enjoyed it. Recommend this to any fan of the genre.

  • Better than I expected it to be, although it didn't get particularly interesting until about half way through. Not the best monster-of-the-week book around, but entertaining none the less. I would have liked to see a more ominous ending, with one of the creatures secretly stowed away on a mainland bound boat, or something, but I suppose I can't fault the author for being an optimist, haha.

  • Bello e intrigante fino alla fine. Certo, con una scala di piu' stelle gli darei anche piu' di 3, ma se un capolavoro della letteratura al massimo prende 5 stelle, qui oltre al 3 per l'intrattenimento non si puo' andare. Comunque, Bello!

  • I enjoyed the monster/horror/thriller story in this book, but thought the back-story of each main character was a bit too stretched out. I understand that it was all about resolution and blah blah blah, but it was a bit excessive for my taste. Still, everything else was a fine read.

  • Though this story had aspects of lawlessness I enjoyed it because of the bit of earth science involved as well as the creatures from the deep. In fact I would love to see more stories involving the grandmother and grandson who work for the DOD.

  • A good page turner that makes you want to not get out in the ocean or visit any deserted islands with a a ship graveyard around it.

  • A highly entertaining read! You ever hear an eerie melody out in the middle of the ocean, youg et the hell out of there! ;)

  • So I'm enjoying this book about smugglers and pirates and an FBI sting operation at sea, when, apparently, I forget the preview I read on the back cover of the book.

  • Wow! What a ride.Full of action and imagination! The characters are well developed and the storyline full and complex. All in all a great read!

  • This was a very good read! I really enjoyed it. The author develops his characters well and describes the scenes with the imagination of a gifted wordcrafter. I highly recommend it.

  • Absolute non stop action. Not the type of book I usually read, but good not have enjoyed it more. Totally not what I expected. Prepare to have your heart beat faster.

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