Already Gone: Why Your Kids Will Quit Church and What You Can Do to Stop It

Already Gone Why Your Kids Will Quit Church and What You Can Do to Stop It Nationwide polls and denominational reports are showing that the next generation is calling it quits on the traditional church And it s not just happening on the nominal fringe it s happening at the

  • Title: Already Gone: Why Your Kids Will Quit Church and What You Can Do to Stop It
  • Author: Ken Ham
  • ISBN: 9780890515297
  • Page: 311
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nationwide polls and denominational reports are showing that the4 next generation is calling it quits on the traditional church And it s not just happening on the nominal fringe it s happening at the core of the Faith What are the factors that could cause the next generation to be lost from the local church Ken Ham from Answers in Genesis commissioned Britt Beamer fromNationwide polls and denominational reports are showing that the4 next generation is calling it quits on the traditional church And it s not just happening on the nominal fringe it s happening at the core of the Faith What are the factors that could cause the next generation to be lost from the local church Ken Ham from Answers in Genesis commissioned Britt Beamer from America s Research Group to find out In the first scientific study of its kind, Beamer surveyed a thousand 20 30 year olds who used to go to Evangelical churches on a regular basis but have since left it behind The results are not just surprising, they are shocking Those who faithfully attended Sunday school are likely to leave the church than those who do not Those who regularly attended Sunday school are likely to believe that the Bible is less true Over half of those who faithfully attended church feel that the church is not relevant to real life today Statistic by statistic, Ham and Beamer blow the lid off basic assumptions and implications regarding faith, the age of the earth, the inerrancy of the Bible and the great disconnect that is taking place between our children and their church experience The trends are frightening, but Already Gone shows how to fight back in our families, our churches and our world We can make a difference today that will affect the statistics of tomorrow

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    Dr Ken Ham is the president of Answers in Genesis USA and is a well known speaker and author on the subject of Young Earth Creationism He received a bachelor degree in applied science emphasis on environmental biology from the Queensland Institute of Technology, and a Diploma of Education from the University of Queensland He has also received two honorary doctorates a Doctor of Divinity from Temple Baptist College, and a Doctor of Literature from Baptist Liberty University.He was a director of Creation Science Foundation CSF in Australia, an organization which he jointly founded with John Mackay In 1987 he moved to the United States, still maintaining his links with CSF.From 1987 to 1993, Ham worked for the Institute for Creation Research, and in 1994 set up what in 1995 became Answers in Genesis AiG , a creation ministry dedicated to upholding the authority of the Bible from the very first verse In 2008 Ham was described by well known atheist and evolutionary biologist PZ Myers as a Wackaloon for carrying out a prayer session with members of the Pentagon Ham responded regarding the validity of that prayer breakfastand that PZ Myers and other critics were intolerant of his position.


  • I recently realized that Answers In Genesis has some of it's books available to read online for FREE! Link for this one is at the bottom of the page, and if you are a Christian parent or involved in some sort of Christian ministry, READ THIS BOOK! It may step on your toes, it may challenge you, but I think Ham and Beemer have a lot of the keys here to why people are leaving the church and what we can do about it. Ken Ham and Brit Beemer share the results of a survey in this book - the people sur [...]

  • It’s been no secret that many teenagers leave the church completely shortly after entering into college. However, the shocking news is these teenagers have already left the faith long before they may have left the church. Its not colleges that our encouraging our teens to leave the church, it may be the church itself. Thus the premise of Already Gone by Ken Ham and Britt Beemer…Already Gone seeks to analyze the results of a survey conducted by Answers in Genesis and conducted by Britt Beemer [...]

  • 2 1/2 stars. I disagreed with quite a few of Ham's conclusions, and I think that he has made Genesis a foundation that cannot support the spiritual weight that he tries to throw on it. Our foundation should be Christ. We should start by being able to trust the Gospels and their witness of Jesus Christ and then work our way backwards to trust the integrity of all Scripture. image: I did find many of their findings very interesting, but I was floored by what questions they left out of their survey [...]

  • Already GoneBased on a survey of 1,000 kids who grew up in conservative Christian homes but subsequently abandoned their faith, this book explores what is causing our kids to leave. Many insights from the data are fascinating and very helpful. Unfortunately, the book also tended to be an exercise in data interpretation. Ham believes that our kids are leaving because we fail to teach them creation science. The data led me to conclusion that the issue is our families and our personal walk with God [...]

  • Well no wonder kids are leaving the church. I'm happy their statistics prove the exodus from this garbage. This book spews all the bigotry and hate-based "Christianity" that drove me away also.I keep searching for statistics and information that will help me support my youth in the love of God for everyone without the politics and backward thinking that pollutes so many who call themselves Christian, yet condemn others with a hatred Jesus spent his life rejecting.

  • In the front of this book are pictures of beautiful churches in England that have been transformed. They show a church in the United Kingdom turned into a rock climbing center, one in England turned into a night club, one a restaurant and still another a theater. The authors talk about a shift in society, “The decline of the Church has followed the plummeting spirituality of a nation that has lost its roots—its foundation. England, the country that was once a cornerstone of western Christian [...]

  • While my first response to this author was skepticism, I was pleasantly surprised by a few elements in this book. Ham (rightly, in my opinion) distills the data he collected into essentially two main reasons for young people leaving the church: interpersonal conflict of one form another (hypocrisy, politicking, legalism), and lost interest in or respect for the Scriptures. Those make perfect sense to me. He repeatedly calls on church leadership to recognize that their methods are not working, an [...]

  • Ken Ham makes the argument that young people aren’t just leaving church when they hit college—even as they attend Sunday School or youth group in their younger years, they are “already gone” due to the church’s failure to address essential issues. One interesting point made by Ham is that the church has relegated things in the “physical realm” (i.e. science) to the educational system and things in the “spiritual realm” to the church. Ham argues that this dichotomy should not ex [...]

  • Not my theology. Kids are leaving church because we aren't teaching them the literal truth of Genesis? And the "right answer" is that dinosaurs coexisted with people? I'm sorry, that is not a universal Christian belief.

  • Ken Ham and Britt Beamer hit on a topic that has been bugging me for a while now; the fact that young adults are leaving the church at a fast rate. Ham and Beemer ask the question "why?" and give a rousing call to action for Parents and Pastors alike.

  • Already Gone has it's strong points and weak points. The good:I appreciate the study/survey that was produced and that it was geared toward millennials with evangelical up bringing. The questions that were asked were mostly good and in many cases the results were shockinge conclusions were mostly good. I appreciate the recognition that we have relied too heavily on Sunday Schools to disciple children and that they have largely been a failure. I also think Ken Ham is correct that our teaching is [...]

  • I grew up going to private school and attending church. I noticed when my peers stopped going to church. Why is it that I keep coming back to church while others don’t? When my kids were old enough to start noticing the same thing, I wondered why I as a parent placed value on my family going to church while other parents might let their kids skip? I kept asking myself these questions and looking for answers.Already Gone was being talked about on social media, but was often in the light of “w [...]

  • Finished reading "Already Gone" by Ken Ham, Britt Beemer, and Todd Hillard. The book is pretty much divided into two sections. The first one is the details of the stats that were gathered and the interpretation of them. The other half is, in light of the interpretation, what can be done and some possible reasons for the outcome (seem to mostly come from Ken Ham's perspective).The survey focused on age 20ish people (about 1,000) to determine why they left church, if they planned on coming back, a [...]

  • Ken Ham has teamed up with a Britt Beemer, a survey research specialist. Working together they have surveyed a cross-section of conservative evangelical young adults. After analyzing the results they present the case that our young adults are leaving the church at an epidemic level. However t he most surprising discovery is that the vast majority left the church prior to high school graduation. The youth had questions and challenges for the Christian worldview that were not answered satisfactori [...]

  • This was truly a sobering look at what's happened in England - with their rich history of evangelism and preaching (John Wesley, George Whitefield, Charles Spurgeon) and doctrinal clarity (the Westminster divines, et al.) - and the similar consequences that could soon be clearly visible in America. The authors especially hit it home the way they open and close the book (not going to spoil it).Ordinarily I tend to be very skeptical of "statistics" and the way people use them, but when Brit Beemer [...]

  • It is said that 90% of churches in the US are either in decline (80%) or have plateaued (10%). Already Gonewas not written to be a text on how to grow your church. It does address, in part, the decline in conservative churches. Written by Ken Ham and Britt Beemer, it seems to be a well researched book, full of shocking yet "user friendly" statistics that address in large part the exodus of younger people from conservative Bible-believing churches. One might question the validity of the statistic [...]

  • This is a fantastic book.For the Irish Bible Institute I am doing some work on understandings of discipleship and how that affects whether people stay in church or leave.The thesis here is that a lack of belief in the Bible. Ken Ham is the leader of Answers in Genesis, and as such believes in the literal interpretation of Genesis For a little while it meant I was taking some of his conclusions with a pinch of salt, as belief in the literal interpretation was a factor in his studies, however, I t [...]

  • ONE-MINUTE REVIEW:A necessary wake-up call to whomever calls themselves a Christian and has even the slightest desire to pass those values on to the next generation and beyond! The biggest problem facing the Christian world today is the attack on the authority of the Bible, and the inevitable slide to irrelevancy once that foundation has been destroyed. From the very first chapter of Genesis, our post-Christian society doubts the Bible's history and Christians have not done a good job of correct [...]

  • Ham, Ken and Britt Beemer: Already Gone: why your kids will quit church and what you can do to stop it (ok) (166pgs) Some good insight in this book, but seems to oversimplify some problems. It seems their answer to the problem was to have answers for critics of Genesis and not much beyond that. I believe we need to have answers but the Bible is not mainly a science book. Where it teaches science we can trust it fully but it is about God, creation, man, sin, Christ as redeemer, and his return to [...]

  • Already Gone looks at why children are leaving the church in rapid numbers by the time they are young adults. The book was a great read and is apart of a specific subject that I find myself increasingly reading more and more. Creationism just isn't taught in our churches as much and as the book mentions, we as the church seem to think that we need to leave the subject to the schools. What it comes down to is the fact that we are lacking in Biblical authority as a church and we as the church seem [...]

  • I wholeheartedly agree with the importance the author places on the authority of Scripture. I really liked the way his applications for parents, Christian educators, youth pastors, and pastors all had one call: Defend the Word; Live the Word. However I strongly disagree with his basic premise that defending the Word means teaching one narrow interpretation of Genesis 1, i.e. 6-day creation a few thousand years ago. The author accuses those of us who teach that God may have used evolution over mi [...]

  • This was an eye-opening book. It is not an easy read. It was full of statistics and analyses of the most common reasons young people give for leaving the church as young adults--and why they have no intention of coming back.Basically, we have failed to make the Christian faith believable or relevant to them--especially in face of the onslaught against the Bible through secular humanistic science to which they are exposed constantly through the media and public education, while receiving Bible-ba [...]

  • The study contrasts the effectiveness of Sunday School, in which kids learn "stories" from the Bible for perhaps a couple of hours per week, with public school, in which they learn facts about the real world for several hours each school day. It notes the influences these respective sources have on the formation of a child's worldview and that when there is a conflict, it is very likely that the information under the "real world" heading will be believed.Interestingly, it found that those who ha [...]

  • Ken Ham makes the case that most people who leave the church begin the process as early as middle school way up through high school. The reasons given for these departures are that students fail to see the relevance of either the Bible or the Church to reality and their day-to-day lives. Based on this, Ham calls the Church back to making the Bible the center focus and authority for life and ministry and to actively seek to wrestle with tough questions regarding the Bible.Overall, the analysis of [...]

  • Very insightful book. I've seen enough of the problem they describe to allow me to take the premise as stated and skip over the pages and pages of statistics and proofs to get to the meat of the solution. I am so grateful for thoughtful people who are willing to take the time and trouble to work through these difficult issues and come down to the biblical root of the matter: are we willing to take God at His word, to live lives based on the Bible in more than a superficial "only spiritual with n [...]

  • Reading this book should be done by every Christian. Meditating on this book should be done be every Christian. And acting upon what is learned in this book should be done by every Christian. We must keep our children by all cost. This book should be a parenting book for everyone who has children or want children or who have children in their family. Everyone one who says they love their Church should spend time in this book and put to use all they learn because if children keep leaving the Chur [...]

  • I wish I could've just bought the research study. This book makes it clear that we are losing kids in Sunday School, not college. In a nutshell, Ham believes that teaching a literal, young-earth creation is the only way to bring kids back to church. There is more depth to it than that, they make a good case that we really lose kids in middle school because Sunday School is really just a glorified babysitter program in many churches, and youth ministry does more to fuel the cultural concept of ad [...]

  • Wow talk about sobering up!, this is a book for all parents and Bible teachers, If you plan on sending your children off to Higher Education please prepare them way before they leave, This book suggests many things but the one that sticks out the most to me is this, Convince you students/children that Christianity is logical, reasonable and it just makes sense. Many young Christians are leaving their faith once they have arrived on the University scene, why? they were never convinced of their fa [...]

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