Funny Cide

Funny Cide They had no business being there They were up against million dollar horses owned by patricians oilmen Arab sheiks and Hollywood producers They were ten regular guys and all they wanted was to win

  • Title: Funny Cide
  • Author: Funny Cide Team Sally Jenkins Barry Moser
  • ISBN: 9780425200308
  • Page: 425
  • Format: Paperback
  • They had no business being there They were up against million dollar horses owned by patricians, oilmen, Arab sheiks, and Hollywood producers They were ten regular guys, and all they wanted was to win a race Instead, they won the hearts of America.In 2003, a three year old with the unlikely name of Funny Cide became the people s horse, the unheralded New York bred gelThey had no business being there They were up against million dollar horses owned by patricians, oilmen, Arab sheiks, and Hollywood producers They were ten regular guys, and all they wanted was to win a race Instead, they won the hearts of America.In 2003, a three year old with the unlikely name of Funny Cide became the people s horse, the unheralded New York bred gelding who in a time of war and economic jitters inspired a nation by knocking off the champions and their millionaire owners and sweeping to the brink of the Triple Crown.Trained by a journeyman who d spent over 30 years looking for the one, ridden by a jockey fighting to come back after years of injuries and hard knocks, and owned by a band of high school buddies from Sackets Harbor, N.Y Funny Cide became a hero and media sensation.Now, Sally Jenkins, award winning co author of Lance Armstrong s 1 bestseller It s Not About the Bike, tells the inside story of the Funny Cide team s ups and downs against overwhelming odds, illness, and even scandal, to capture the imagination of millions It s a new American classic for the underdog in all of us.

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    Funny Cide Team Sally Jenkins Barry Moser Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Funny Cide book, this is one of the most wanted Funny Cide Team Sally Jenkins Barry Moser author readers around the world.


  • How can you not like a story like this -- a bunch of middle class guys pool their resources to buy a racehorse. They're not rich, they're not used to the finer things in life, they just want the thrill of betting on their own horse, and maybe winning a buck or two while they're at it. Add to the mix a trainer and jockey who both have come near but not quite made it to the top in long careers, and a horse with mediocre breeding and a few medical issues, and you've got the stuff of legend.Funny Ci [...]

  • Funny Cide won the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness in 2003. He was the first gelding and NY-bred horse to win. He was owned by a group of friends from Sackets Harbor, NY who arrived at the Derby in a yellow school bus. He was considered a 'people's horse' with a middle of the road thoroughbred pedigree and working men owners. The book provides background on the owners, trainer, and jockey and follows Funny Cide from the stable where he was born and the farm where he was broke to his purchase by [...]

  • So many characters to meet, I couldn't keep track except for a couple key ones. This book got me interested in the sport of horse racing, something I had never previously given much thought, and a lot of respect for Triple Crown winners. Go Sakatoga Stable - for sharing the joy of your success with so many others (the masses) in a way that is rare. The writing was fine, the 4th star was for the characters and Funny Cide himself. Keep doing things the way you think is the right way and stick to t [...]

  • I enjoyed this "feel good" tale about a group of ordinary guys taking a chance, pooling their savings and buying a unknown gelding by the name of Funny Cide. Little did they know the adventure this horse would take them on in the days to come. It's a story not only about the horse but the humans that he touched. Funny and heartwarming! Note: This was a book that I received from a member atBookcrossing

  • This book blew up out of nowhere, much like the horse whose story it was telling! The title is cumbersome, but it's what grabbed my attention at the library. The story is ANYTHING but cumbersomeIt's not sentimental drivel. It's not the fairy-tale stuff you might think of when you read a race horse story.It's a story of how all the pieces fell together, with all the right people and all the right circumstances, with the right animal at the right time. An unlikely bunch of hard working guys who di [...]

  • Take that you oil-wealthy sheiks! In the same spirit as Seabiscuit, Funny Cide is the story of a horse that had all the odds against him, but came close to being the first Triple Crown winner in 25 years. The common working man could relate to the trainer, the jockey, the owners and the horse: all were not considered “classic caliber” in the thoroughbred racing world. I mean the owners arrived for the Derby in a yellow school bus all tanked up on beer and Bloody Marys they’d been swigging [...]

  • Not a fabulous read, but interesting enough to finish. I couldn't really get a handle on the personality of the horse, other than he liked to run. Sometimes described as patient, then mentioned as nipping everyone around him, then cooperating or not cooperating - the author is not clear. The reader does get a background of Funny Cide's younger years, and of the group of people who worked with him throughout his training. She does well by them, I think. I wish I'd have paid more attention to the [...]

  • Not gonna lie, this book isn't for everyone. You probably need to have at least some interest in horse racing if you're going to read it, or it's just going to be a slog. For me though, I absolutely loved this book. I've loved horses and horse racing nearly my whole life, and I can remember screaming at the top of my lungs at the TV screen when Funny Cide was running the Belmont (I also remember the devastating heartbreak I felt afterward). There are slow parts in the book - most of them happen [...]

  • Even if you have no interest in horse racing or horses, this is a good read because Sally Jenkins writes so well and the story is really about middle class America showing up in the middle of the 1% and winning. Funny Cide is a thoroughbred with everything against him - a gelding (only stallions make the real money), bred in New York, small and owned by a bunch of high school classmates from a town no one has heard of. That he goes on to win the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness in 2003 is just a [...]

  • I was not sure that the author's attempt to create an "us against them" plot in this book was necessary. From what I read and saw during Funny Cide's moments of glory, the established trainers and jockeys were not "mean" to the owners of the horse. That one trainer was rude should not be grounds to condemn them all. However, there may have been things which happened "out of sight" which could have slanted the owners to encourage this approach. In any event, the training and running of Funny Cide [...]

  • Again, my current local library's audio book selection is abysmal. Hell, the whole county is apparently barely literate. So this is one of the things that seemed partially interesting.It ended up being a pretty good listen. The way the story was framed turned it into a lot more than just an underdog (underhorse?) tale. It went into the background of not only the horse, but the owners, jockey, trainers, and how the horse would end up with such a fan base. I wish it would have gone a bit more into [...]

  • The true story of how an unlikely little thoroughbred raced to victory in the 129th Kentucky Derby is told through chronological narrative and lovely, detailed watercolor illustrations. Funny Cide’s journey from dark horse to crowd favorite is interesting, but the paintings will keep readers turning pages. Moser’s effective use of light and shadow adds realistic depth that makes his figures spring to life. Although curriculum use may be limited, horse lovers will enjoy the beauty of this tit [...]

  • Provided a lot of background into the trainer, jockey, owners, and Funny Cide himself. I particularly found interest of the stories of Barclay and his family beagle (and being asked to give up his stalls for the Budweiser Clydesdales!), Funny Cide's mucous troubles, and the whole Sackets Harbor crew. Excellent biography, although I hope they update it to include his life through retirement and transition into becoming a lead pony.

  • I was very surprised at the book. I picked it up at a Walgreens in florida, just looking for something to read. I didn't expect it to hold my interest. I like the derby and all that surrounds it, but I thought it might be a little boring given the subject matter. Boy was I surprised! I couldn't put it down! It's really a great story. If you like to see the underdog come out on top, you'll love this story.

  • This was an enjoyable read. If you liked Seabiscut you'll like Funny Cide. They are very similar tales but 70 years apart. The big difference is the owners, Funny Cide's owners were a conglomeration of everyday joes. If I had one complaint it would be that the writing of the actual races lack the punch that Seabiscut had in describing the races.

  • Originally rated G by Julie FranksA good nonfiction book/biography about a horse. A good story to use for the old saying- never give up/there is always hope. The main character - a horse - is an underdog that proves he is a winner- he beats the odds/his circumstances. The text also shows what it takes to be a racehorse. Students who like horse books should be led to this book.

  • It's a cute little book. If you enjoy horses and the racing industry, this is a nice insiders look. It starts out a little preachy and defensive of blue collar workers and Vietnam vets. Bear with it and when it gets to the horse - enjoy.

  • 3.5 stars. Great story about the little guy triumphing over all the big money with some luck, skill and timing. I remembered the name Funny Cide from watching the KY Derby but didn't know the backstory and so glad I do.

  • The storyline about this horse and his trainer make your heart sing. It is so refreshing to hear/read a story about folks putting the animal's welfare above profit in current times. I hope a movie is made of this wonderful tale that will rival the story of Seabiscuit.

  • Seeking a non-existant audible book about dressage, i bought this out of desperation. It has been a delightful surprise. Great character development and pacing. I have really enjoyed the book, and recommend it for people who love a good yarn with character and heart.

  • A great yarn about ordinary people earning their brush with greatness. I learned about all that could possibly go wrong with a racehorse and what qualities make a thoroughbred stand out from the rest of the herd. It's not just speed! The story reminded me of how much I miss riding

  • Really interesting story about how ordinary people got involved in horse racing. When I was at the Kentucky Horse Park in October, I got to see Funny Cide in person!

  • A cute story about Horse racing, High School friends and a funny little horse that no one thought had a chance. This is geared for the younger reader but was a fun story.

  • Loved that the beer-drinking common folk and gelding horse triumphed! What's not to like about that kind of story.

  • if you didn't have a subscription to The Blood Horse as Funny Cide rose to prominence and chased the Triple Crown, here's the streamlined and lively account of the tale.

  • I'm not that much of a horse person so I don't really know anything about them but this was an okay readI think there may have been some objectionable content but I really cna't remember!

  • This is a heart warming book about the trainer, jockey and group of high school buddies who owned Funny Cide. It is really a fun read, especially if you like horse racing.

  • Definitely a feel-good story about a 'small-town' horse that 'makes good' (and the people involved with him).

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