The Pilo Family Circus

The Pilo Family Circus You have two days to pass your audition You better pass it feller You re joining the circus Ain t that the best news you ever got Delivered by a trio of psychotic clowns this ultimatum plunges Jamie

  • Title: The Pilo Family Circus
  • Author: Will Elliott Katherine Dunn
  • ISBN: 9780980226027
  • Page: 135
  • Format: Paperback
  • You have two days to pass your audition You better pass it, feller You re joining the circus Ain t that the best news you ever got Delivered by a trio of psychotic clowns, this ultimatum plunges Jamie into the horrific alternate universe that is the centuries old Pilo Family Circus, a borderline world between Hell and Earth from which humankind s greatest tragedies ha You have two days to pass your audition You better pass it, feller You re joining the circus Ain t that the best news you ever got Delivered by a trio of psychotic clowns, this ultimatum plunges Jamie into the horrific alternate universe that is the centuries old Pilo Family Circus, a borderline world between Hell and Earth from which humankind s greatest tragedies have been perpetrated Yet in this place peopled by the gruesome, grotesque, and monstrous where violence and savagery are the norm, Jamie finds that his worst enemy is himself When he applies the white face paint, he is transformed into JJ, the most vicious clown of all And JJ wants Jamie dead

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    Will Elliott born 1979 is an Australian fiction writer who lives in Brisbane, Queensland.Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information.


  • A book about psychotic clowns? I couldn't resist that one!Jamie is pretty much an everyday guy. He lives with one stoner and grocery stealing friends in an apartment. Works a normal job. Then he starts seeing some clowns running around and one of them drops a bag of weird powder. Jamie takes that bagG MISTAKE!!The clowns get angry that Jamie has their bag and start paying him visits. Then they leave him a note.You have two days to pass your audition. You better pass it, Feller. You're joining th [...]

  • What a wicked, intoxicating combination of weird, creepy, horrific and funny; the last thing I expected when I picked up this book was to laugh my ass off in parts, doing so was such a bonus. So I can't say this book is going to be for everyone, but if you're looking for something truly different, that's well-written and a bit depraved, then this just might be for you. The setup: Jamie is a bit of a wanker -- a well-meaning guy, but without much ambition or direction in his life. Let's say he's [...]

  • I almost hate to recommend this book because what does that say about me?The Pilo Family Circus is both completely creepy and absolutely fascinating. If you like clowns, you might change your mind after this. If you already don't like them, you'll probably think I knew it!Jamie almost runs down an odd-looking clown and quickly finds his life changing forever. He has 48 hours to pass his "audition" and failing is not an option. With some creativity, he finds himself in a circus that's strange ev [...]

  • I don't know if I've ever read such an original story chock-full of so much weirdness, violence, and humor. Yes, humor. The Pilo Family Circus was written by a 19-year-old law school dropout from Australia who was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Will Elliott wrote the rough draft in three months, sometimes in sporadic bursts and sometimes in a single sitting resulting in ten thousand words. Pilo was written in times of sleep deprivation, using cabin fever as inspiration, and while he was coming do [...]

  • Nota real: 3.5 estrellas.Si tuviera que escoger una palabra para describir este libro sería sobrevalorado. Ojo, esto no quiere decir que no me haya gustado pero la verdad, después de que me dijeran que era una pieza maestra del horror y que me iba a causar pesadillas, tenía altas expectativas que ni de lejos llegaron a cumplirse.El libro tiene un inicio muy intenso. ¿Quién no moriría de miedo al ver a un puñado de payasos lunáticos en la noche, en la mitad de una carretera? Poco después [...]

  • Interesting take on the psycho clown genre. I would like to have seen some more background to a few of the characters. I was disappointed that the story ended, leaving me with some unanswered questions.

  • Now the Pilo Family Circus isn’t your usual slapstick circus affair and you don't find it intentionally, whether you're looking or not. And trust me when I say you really don't want to visit this place, every act has a purpose and it definitely isn't to entertain the Fuck out of you. Jamie, driving home from work late one night, almost runs down a pedestrian. No ordinary bystander this guy's dressed in clown getup right down to the white face and fake red nose. What he remembers most was the [...]

  • Back in 2010, my family and I were camping in my favorite province, Nova Scotia. We stopped at this little thrift shop. My sister and I went into this back room, and on the shelves, was something we never expected to see, something horrible, something terrifying, devastating, evil… over fifty porcelain clown dolls were on the shelves, staring back at us! You know those clown dolls that no matter where you are in the room, it always seems like they’re looking right at you? Yup, there they are [...]

  • Jamie is minding his own business when he spots some creepy clowns about town acting more than a wee bit strange. One drops a small bag containing some suspicious powder. When the coast is clear, Jamie picks it up and brings it home.Well, wouldn’t you?!This little incident of finders keepers brings the clown smack down upon Jamie and his roomie after the two accidentally ingest some of the clown powder. And there’s nothing funny about it. These clowns aren’t the happy go lucky, nose-honkin [...]

  • If I learned anything from "The Pilo Family Circus" by Will Elliott, it is that you cannot trust the Internet to tell you if a book is good. According to my research, this will be the first negative review of a book that won all sorts of weird Australian awards for fiction, and earned a blurb, through no fault of the author -- I understand -- likening this novel to the works of David Lynch and Chuck Palahniuk. I'm here to tell blurbologists that just because a writer smears feces on a wall doesn [...]

  • Re-read (May, 2015)This book is every bit as exciting as I remembered it being! The author's personal experiences were a strong influence in his writing of the personality changes between Jaimie, and JJ--his clown, alter-ego.Not much more to say on this one other than I will definitely be reading it again in the future!Highest recommendation!

  • This book was so insanely hyped up by my fellow horror aficionados, that it was almost impossible for it to have lived up to all that praise. It did. And then some.Pilo Family Circus is just so wild, crazy, imaginative, violent, darkly funny, disturbing, infinitely entertaining and more, it reads like an incredibly vivid bizarre dream/nightmare yet it's nearly impossible to put down.Great cover art too, the malevolent clown on the cover really sets you up for what's to come. Send in the clowns. [...]

  • This is an easy review - this book kicks ass. What a great world Elliott built, full of original characters, and brought to a satisfying, bloody head. Great setup, good execution, fun storytelling. Not the greatest writing in the world, but I'm not deducting much for that because I was too busy digging the story. Read it.

  • It's hard to rate this book. On the one hand, Elliot's technique isn't flawless. He makes mistakes that know-it-all literary types would scoff at, that the average reader could give two shits about. But at the same time, Elliot crafts a tale that is wildly imaginative and utterly enjoyable.So, I give him 4.5 stars, rounded up for the fact that the book is the author's debut novel. Any errors in his craft are minor and probably only caught my eye because I can't help but look for them. They certa [...]

  • Reading the Pilo Family Circus is like being invited to a family reunion with VERY distant relatives. You know the kind. So distant you don't want anyone knowing you ARE family. All you know going in is that some craziness is about to go down. And as much as you expect it, as much as you know it's coming, the insanity that ensues is far more alarming, (and entertaining), than anything you might have imagined.The novel has almost a stream-of-conscience approach to it, with characters moving throu [...]

  • This was quite good.Anytime I place a book on my to-read list, I make a concentrated effort to avoid knowing any details about the plot. With this one, I was expecting a grim, horrific ride into hell. Well, it wasn't quite that, but surprisingly there were a couple of genuine laugh-out-loud moments.This was mostly around the beginning of the story, and even though I had gone into this in the hopes of some October scares, it turned out I wanted more laughs as the story went on. Elliott has a grea [...]

  • A good horror novel with an interesting plot and plenty of macabre humour, The Pilo Family Circus mixes violence, slapstick, and a smidgen of H.P. Lovecraft together to good effect. In the story, Jaime is a perfectly normal, fairly meek twentysomething working as a concierge and spending his time daydreaming about hooking up with his beautiful co-worker. Then he meets "the clowns" and it all changes. Like a psychotic version of the Three Stooges in face paint, the clowns begin by terrorizing Jai [...]

  • I did not expect that ending. I expected the ending from the John Cusack/Ray Liotta movie, IDENTITY. This one started off devilishly good. Original, dark, funny-as-hell, nasty, twisted, and more words and stuff and things. I loved it. Every paragraph had me either disgusted, intrigued, or laughing my balls off.Then the scenery changed. We go from Brisbane to the Pilo Family Circus and, oddly enough, the book became boring for me. I found the day in and day out ritual rather banal. JJ's actions d [...]

  • I am not entirely sure how to review this one. The story idea was very unique and I thought many of the characterizations were quite excellent. It seemed to be flirting with brilliance, but *mild spoilers*The first few chapters of this started off great and I thought I was in for a brutal and violent clown horror-fest. Then I got to know the clowns a little bit more and they somehow left me wanting a bit. There were definitely a few parts that were laugh out loud funny, but I just couldn’t tel [...]

  • If nothing else, The Pilo Family Circus will be as original a horror novel as you will ever read. Sporting equal parts of Dante's Inferno and the Barnum & Bailey Circus, Will Elliott's surreal clown story will probably give you nightmares for a few nights. There has always been something dark about clowns and carnivals yet the author up the ante considerably on bad dreams and clown phobias. Part straight horror story and part hallucinogenic nightmare, this is a horror read that won't go away [...]

  • What the heck did I just read? I think I need to read this again because this was so out of the realmBut I liked it a lot. It was different and original. (Which is something sorely lacking, these days).Recommended, but be prepared to be confused and astounded!

  • These crazy clowns cause such a ruckus.It's not your average circus.They present false smiles,in painted faces.Trip you upwith knotted laces.They make strange noises,peeps and whines.This job ain't no joke.It's a real crime.Do what you're told, Don't make the Pilo's blue.Step on their toes,and it's the funhouse for you NikkiIt wasn't my mug of coffee. I didn't get the horror of it all. Yes, it had its psycho moments, but there was a lot of repetition. Boring day in and day out stuff. They put on [...]

  • No tengo palabras para describir este libro, así que lo haré lo mejor posible. Es tétrico, las escenas de asesinato son morbosas y alucinante, ver a este equipo de payasos martirizando y aterrorizando a un pobre adolescente es alucinante. El final sorprendente donde criaturas y mounstruos son los principales elementos del conflicto. Una novela escrita desde el alma de esquizofrenizo y se nota indiscutiblemente. Te atemorizan los parrafos, vuelves a generar una fobia a esta profesión de circo [...]

  • A fantastic read, completely imaginative and mesmerizing. So many of my friends on HA had hyped this one up that I broke down and bought the novel. Once again I was not let down.

  • This was an odd book for me -- while I was reading it I really enjoyed it, but when I wasn't reading it I didn't remember liking it and didn't want to pick it up again. For the most part, I did like the book, but there were some things that didn't really work for me. I didn't like the Jamie/JJ dichotomy, although it was a decent idea and made for some interesting problems for the characters to work out. The JJ character didn't seem as well developed as I would have liked, though -- I expected (a [...]

  • The Pilo Family Circus is one of those amazing reading experiences that, even if I forget the fine details in a few years, I will never forget the story and how much fun I had reading it. The book's description was almost enough to make me never want to give it a try since it sounded really, really stupid, but it is anything but. I can't blame whoever wrote the description I read though. I don't think I can explain it any better without making it sound just as bad or even worse. I can only say t [...]

  • An excellent debut. A pleasure to read throughout, although I did feel a bit sullied at times while reading it.

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