Family Trust

Family Trust Firmly planted on the Wall Street fast track to success Becca Reinhart has no desire to marry and raise a family Ditto Edward Kirkland a charming playboy who has never known what it means to work fo

  • Title: Family Trust
  • Author: Amanda Brown
  • ISBN: 9780452285538
  • Page: 477
  • Format: Paperback
  • Firmly planted on the Wall Street fast track to success, Becca Reinhart has no desire to marry and raise a family Ditto Edward Kirkland, a charming playboy who has never known what it means to work for a living, and hopes never to find out Enter Emily, who becomes Becca and Edward s common denominator when a quirk of fate gives them joint custody of the precocious littleFirmly planted on the Wall Street fast track to success, Becca Reinhart has no desire to marry and raise a family Ditto Edward Kirkland, a charming playboy who has never known what it means to work for a living, and hopes never to find out Enter Emily, who becomes Becca and Edward s common denominator when a quirk of fate gives them joint custody of the precocious little girl Suddenly, two people who have never met find themselves sharing the trials and tribulations of domestic life as they navigate the rocky shoals of parenthood, from naptime to play dates to pre school admissions And amid the daily demands of raising a young child, Becca and Edward discover something else They re made for each other.

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      477 Amanda Brown
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    There is than one author with this nameBorn to parents who were both successful lawyers, Amanda graduated from Arizona State University in 1993 She then proceeded to study at Stanford Law School, where she compiled funny letters and stories based on her experiences into a first manuscript that would become Legally Blonde.Since the success of the 2001 movie, she has released her second book, Family Trust, which has also been optioned for a film Currently she lives with her husband and daughter in San Francisco Amanda s novel School of Fortune is currently being optioned for a film starring Ashley Tisdale, Julie Andrews and Justin Long 1


  • This booked sparked my interest and I picked it up because it is from the same author as Legally Blond and while I have not read the book yet, I lovedlovedloved the movie. Yeah, I don't know what is wrong with this author and this book didn't make me want to read Legally Blond AT ALL. The execution was all wrong. The girl and the dude getting together in the end like totally came out of nowhere and made no sense. There was no build up at all. I think because maybe it was written in third person [...]

  • I really loved this book. I thought it was fun and an easy read. I loved the interaction between Rebecca and Edward. It seemed like a nice twist on people from different backgrounds coming together and not bickering. The little girl is obviously adorable and there is the tragedy that brought this "family" together which is almost swept under the rug, which might annoy some people.A great summer book.

  • This book is about Becca Reinhart a Wall Street workaholic and Edward Kirkland a playboy who doesn't work more than running the family trust and attending charity functions. Becca and Edward are brought together when they are joinly named as guardian of Emily, the rambunctious 5 year old, daughter of old friends for each of them. Emily's parents never got married and each named a different guardian for Emily, so now the courts have to figure out who get's Emily. While they wait for the decision [...]

  • If I could give 2.5 stars, I would have. 3 is a little too much for this book. The story was horribly predictable and didn't have much imagination. It was rooted in unrealistic circumstance - two people so close to a child that they were both named guardian but never met? Did this kid not have birthday parties? The preschool application project was too long of a distraction, as was the engagement proceedings. The editing on this book was awful. You have to assume a lot of actions have taken plac [...]

  • I can't really say too many good things about this book. It got a good review in some magazine I read so I added it to my must read list but it did not live up to the hype. There was absolutely NO chemistry between Becca and Edward. I was more than halfway through the book and Becca never even gave him a second glance. Needless to say, I would not recommend this book. It left too many things up in the air. I wanted more closure.

  • I got about halfway into this book and am not really motivated to read the rest. It was a good way to spend an afternoon by the pool with my child, but the story is taking way too long to develop and I disliked the main character from the first page. The whole time I was reading I kept thinking, "I could have written and edited something far more awesome than this"

  • the only reason i didn't give this book 1 star is because i finished it, and i believe 1 star books should be the kind you couldn't bear to read.terrible writing, terribly predictable, no character developmentn't bother reading it.

  • Technically, I did finish this book, but I shouldn't have. Unrealistic even for a romance, with a "hero" who could only be more passive if he were dead. The author kept stating all his supposed good qualities, but only showed him being wishy-washy and pushed around.

  • WOW! First of all, I cannot believe I actually finished this book. I kept hoping it would get better, and it didn't. It was so incredibly unrealistic, shallow and farcical! I feel bad that I inflicted it on some unsuspecting person on the flight after me.

  • The plot behind this one seemed cute, but it moved really slow and was pretty boringd kind of weird too. I would not recommend it as I think most people would find it a waste of several hours of their life.

  • I picked up this book because it is the same author as Legally Blonde. This book is about Becca Reinhart a wall street workaholic and Edward Kirkland a playboy who doesn't work more than running the family trust and attending charity functions. Becca and Edward are brought together when they are jointly named as Emily's guardian, the rambunctious 5 year old daughter of old friends for each of them. Emily's parents never married and named a different guardian for Emily, so now the courts have to [...]

  • Das Buch habe ich mal getauscht, weil es mich ein bisschen an den Film „So spielt das Leben“ mit Katherine Heigl und Josh Duhamel erinnerte. Leider, wirklich leider, gibt es nur EINE Gemeinsamkeit: zwei Singles werden Vormünder eines verwaisten Kindes.Becca und Edward sind sind mir fehlen die Worte. Ihr könnt euch kaum vorstellen, wie langweilig dieses Buch ist.Es beginnt in den ersten zwei Kapiteln damit, dass das typische Leben von sowohl Becca als auch Edward gezeigt wird. Becca, ganz K [...]

  • I want to love the protagonist for something other than her beauty, Ms. Brown. I think you’ve tried that one already, see her last novel Legally Blonde. You learn later that Becca is accomplished, super accomplished in an antithesis of Elle Woods-style accomplished. But male protagonist is not. He is rich, cultured, and utterly at ease doing nothing other than his social obligations that are resultant of the first two attributes. He’s the Elle Woods of the novel. And, of course, they fall in [...]

  • To describe this book in one word, it would be beige. There was just nothing striking or amazing about it. The story began describing the two main characters - Edward and Becca. Edward is a high society type who spends as much time as he can at the Racquet club and jet setting around the world. Becca is a work-a-holic laywer who is on the fast track. After a tragic accident their lives are turned upside down when a judge grants them both joint custody of six year old Emily.-I don't normally like [...]

  • I am slightly embarrassed, because I liked it. Anyway, I am not blind, and the book is far from perfect. The most glaring flaw – POV is jumping between characters sometimes several times in the same scene – which is very annoying, even if I wasn’t trained by now to pick it up. Occasionally I had to come back and read a sentence again to figure out whose POV it is now. You get the picture. Then, the author occasionally goes overboard with descriptions and expositions, but I have to note, th [...]

  • This is a cute story. I didn't love it, but I did enjoy it. I think it may have worked better with a faster character development, a little dumbed-down writing and a transfer to the juvenile section. If this were a pre-teen book rather than an adult book, I don't think anyone would care how shallow the male protagonist is, or how unlikely the whole plot line is. I don't think it would bother pre-teen readers too much to see how quickly four-year-old Emily gets over the death of her parents. She [...]

  • I was a big chick-lit fan when I was about thirteen (after I - thankfully - left my horror phase behind) and ate up every chick-lit novel which was in my local library or on my mum's shelves. One of these books was 'Legally Blonde,' which I still enjoy after all these years. So it was because of my soft-spot for that book that I picked up another of Amanda Brown's novels, despite having left my chick-lit phase behind years before 2007. I didn't like the main characters to begin with; they both r [...]

  • Genre: high powered career women, lifestyles of the rich and famous, unusual familiesSummary: Becca is on the Wall Street fast track. Edward is old money playboy. They meet when their best friends name them co-guardians in the event of their demise. They come together to raise Emily, their precocious four year old. Together, they navigate the rocky shoals of Ivy-League preschools and jam-packed days full of lessons and playdates etc. Even though they are worlds apart, Becca and Eddie become to d [...]

  • I would have given this book four stars, but I didn't particularly enjoy the ending. I thought that it was left in the air a little bit and could have used an epilogue to show what happened to all the characters. The story was interesting, and not ENTIRELY predictable, though there was a lot of "waffle" from the authour. At one point in the book, as an experiment, I skipped five or so pages, and ended up in exactly the same place that I left off. The characters I loved, especially Emily (so CUTE [...]

  • I took this on vacation to have as a beach read and although it should have been a simple read, there are so many odd names and tidbits thrown at you that it takes a while to slog through. And I think the characters are needlessly uber-wealthy/successful. Would be much more interesting if these were average Joe and Jane thrown into the situation. Still wondering at what I think was a dropped story branch where a note was made that Emily's parents didn't marry for some reason related to her fathe [...]

  • An enjoyable, quick and somewhat predictable member of the chick-lit genre, Family Trust throws workaholic Becca in with happy-go-lucky, trust-fund son Edward, to become co-guardians of four year old Emily after the tragic death of her parents. Includes a scathing, satire on the parents of upwardly mobile toddlers as Manhattan parents fight to get their tots into the best of the private preschools as well as a more typical romance for an overall fun read (though I wished the ending had been just [...]

  • After the first few chapters, I was skeptical of this book. The main characters seemed like a snobby rich boy and a workaholic girl. I almost gave up on it. Then little Emily entered the picture. The little girl changes their lives, bringing them together. Watching them transform into responsible, loving parents made you fall in love with Becca and Edward. And I really hated the "evil witch" Bunny. This story reminded me of the movie "Life As We Know It" with Katherine Heigl.

  • becca and edward are both given co guardianship of emily when her parents pass away. they both quickly love the girl. bunny tricks edward into getting married which would cause sole guardianship to fall to eddie. becca won't let bunny ship emily off to zurich so she crashes the pre-wedding part to take emily. she schedule an emergency court hearing to get custody but instead eddy comes and proposes to becca. some thoughts are not fully developed but it's overall good.

  • Funny quick-paced chick lit I actually think I should read Legally Blonde for the heck of it!Though I do find the idea unbelievable - that of a single career-driven woman so easily making the shift to full-time-mother so easily, and without losing her temper either! And the child seems too good to be true. Ahh well, escapism at its best! :)

  • Two single, crazy busy New Yorkers suddendly find themselves the joint guardians of a young girl whose parents just died. The new guardians, both best friends of the young girls parents, do not know each other, and are suddenly rearranging their corporate schedules to include baby ballet and other preschool musts for the affluent NYC society. Cute story, funny, but nothing serious.

  • I enjoyed the story line of this book but got lost in all the talk about designers and life styles of the rich and famous. The book had a heart warming story I just wish it had more of the relationships and less about cloths and stuff rich people do. I also found that the book dragged for the first 3/4 and the last 1/4 missed too much info.

  • I believe the author has never traveled to Hong Kong herself, what a shamee she had Japanese and Chinese cultures mixed up. Kimono, is the traditional Japanese costume, not Chinese. Chi-Pao (Qi Pao) is the name for traditional Chinese costumes. If she wished to put kimonos into the book, have Becca and Emily travel to Tokyo already!

  • A cross between the '80s movie Baby Boom (with Diane Keaton as an exec who inherits a toddler & moves to Vermont) and the book The Ivy Chronicles. The characters are totally unlikeable in their introductory chapters, but once the book gets going they grow on you. The ending is a bit predictable, but the author keeps you interested wondering just *how* she is going to get there.

  • I read this book in about 4 hours one Saturday, so I guess that means I enjoyed it. It was a quick read, but I also really liked the story. I chose it because it was written by the author of Legally Blond, and though I haven't read that book, I really like the movie. After the last book I read, which I hated, I really needed a book I could really get into this book was that.

  • Becca, a high powered businesswoman, suddenly gains custody of a 4-year-old girl when her college friend and husband die. Edward, an ultra rich New Yorker, also gains custody of the girl when his high school and college friend and wife die. Edward almost marries the evil conniving Bunny, but realizes he loves Becca, whom he just met while co-parenting the little girl. Cute story.

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