School of Fortune

School of Fortune A fun fresh frolic of a novel starring a spoiled but lovable Texas heiress out to reclaim her fortunePippa Walker s wedding was to be huge Texas huge complete with twelve bridesmaids under contract f

  • Title: School of Fortune
  • Author: Amanda Brown Janice Weber
  • ISBN: 9780312366735
  • Page: 177
  • Format: Paperback
  • A fun, fresh frolic of a novel starring a spoiled but lovable Texas heiress out to reclaim her fortunePippa Walker s wedding was to be huge Texas huge complete with twelve bridesmaids under contract from Pippa s mother to stay lean and long haired, gondolas flown in from Venice, A and B guest lists But when Pippa finds out her handsome husband to be isn t what she thougA fun, fresh frolic of a novel starring a spoiled but lovable Texas heiress out to reclaim her fortunePippa Walker s wedding was to be huge Texas huge complete with twelve bridesmaids under contract from Pippa s mother to stay lean and long haired, gondolas flown in from Venice, A and B guest lists But when Pippa finds out her handsome husband to be isn t what she thought, she bolts from her own wedding, shocking society and getting herself disinherited The only way she can get a piece of the family fortune back is to earn a degree from a school Any school It s a tough assignment for a girl who dropped out of SMU after pledging Kappa Kappa Gamma and shopping at Neiman s for a year.But Pippa is nothing if not up for a challenge Attracting one hilarious misadventure after another, she tries to earn her sheepskin at driving school, matchmaking school, even a circus academy It s only when she hits rock bottom The Mountbatten Savoy School of Household Management that things begin to look up But can she really be falling in love with a valet

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    About " Amanda Brown Janice Weber "

  • Amanda Brown Janice Weber

    There is than one author with this nameBorn to parents who were both successful lawyers, Amanda graduated from Arizona State University in 1993 She then proceeded to study at Stanford Law School, where she compiled funny letters and stories based on her experiences into a first manuscript that would become Legally Blonde.Since the success of the 2001 movie, she has released her second book, Family Trust, which has also been optioned for a film Currently she lives with her husband and daughter in San Francisco Amanda s novel School of Fortune is currently being optioned for a film starring Ashley Tisdale, Julie Andrews and Justin Long 1


  • Though I went through my "chick lit" phase a couple of years ago, I picked this book up on an impulse. The author also wrote the "Legally Blonde" books and though I've never read them, I love the movies. So I thought I'd give it a try. The story starts off a day before the wedding of a Texas heiress, Pippa Walker. Her psychotic mother is planning the event of the century, right down to bridesmaids who had to audition for the part and a televised broadcast on E!. But at the last minute, the weddi [...]

  • Pippa Walker is an oil-heiress whose mother is planning the wedding of the century. Unfortunately for Pippa, the wedding backfires and she is cast out of the family. Now she must complete a degree in order to receive her trust fund, but this is easier said than done. Full of zany antics and over-the-top characters, School of Fortune is a fun chick-lit read. I bought the book in the airport on the way from Los Angeles to London, and was able to stay entertained for the 12 hour flight. It may be c [...]

  • For me, this book is a guilty pleasure. There is no real reason why I should like it, but I do nonetheless. It's not original. It's not deep. It's just silly fun.

  • Pippa Walker's mother, Thayne, is planning the wedding of the century for Pippa's wedding to Lance Henderson. Lance is the newest quarter back for the Dallas Cowboy's and the only son of Rosimund. Both Mother's go a bit overboard in trying to out impress each other and their friends at the wedding. Just as Pippa is about to walk up the aisle though something is reveled and the wedding is called off. Lance is sent off to seclusion, Pippa is disinherited by Thayne, and Pippa's grandfather has a he [...]

  • I am a sucker for funny romances, and have a weakness for rich protagonists. But I like it even bettter when stuck-up rich people get the quill stuck into their supposed superiority—and especially when the whole is done with a charming, witty voice, an exact eye, and a sense of grace and compassion. Mean funny is easier to do than sympathetic funny; these authors achieve the second one as they follow the adventures of Pippa Walker, daughter of the Texas Walker millions, who is slated in the We [...]

  • Genre: lives of the rich and spoiled, different schoolsSummary: Pippa Walker walks out of the Texan wedding of the century. Disowned by her mother, and a stipulation in her grandfather's will, Pippa must attend a school and get some type of degree before she can inherit. Dodging paparazzi and media attention, Pippa bounces from traffic school, matchmaking school, clown school and majordomo school to earn her diploma and earn her inheritance.Response: This was a book that I remembered reading yea [...]

  • I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Yes, it is quite unrealistic in places, and yes, it's rather shallow. But if you're a fan of over-the-top chick-lit then you will enjoy this. Although I found myself thinking in places "This would never happen in real life" I was laughing out loud constantly (and reminding myself that, well, this is set in the USA and maybe this situation *is* possible) and quite frankly, I think the world needs more books that have us giggling every few pages! I hope that Amanda [...]

  • This is the silliest book I've ever read. Pippa is a ludicrously rich, insanely beautiful & terribly immature girl - like Paris, but with a heart of gold. She has to earn a degree (ANY degree) to get her inheritance. She stumbles through a series of absurd events and fashion faux paus to finally find her degree, her man and even herself. I laughed SO hard. My favorite part of this book was that one of my sisters read it first, signed her name, sent it to anther sister, then another, then sen [...]

  • Just a fun read nad highly unlikely. Pippa disgraces her family, really her mother, after running away from a huge, over the top Texas wedding (12 bridesmaids huge). Pippa needs some sort of degree, from any type of school to inherit her fortune. So of course Pippa screws up every chance she gets. So when when is thinking about getting a degree, usually college comes to mind or some sort of tecnical school. Not for Pippa. Pippa's choices include the circus, driving school, and matching-making, t [...]

  • Hmmm totally silly, girly reading. A far fetched story of a burnt bride, Pippa (she has the worst mother, EVER!) and her attempts to reinvent herself. Written by the same author of Legally Blonde. I'm not in love with this story but it's an easy read for me right now.--------------------------------------------------------------------I just finished this one up this afternoon, its dropped from a 2 star to a 1 star became so silly and absuredI followed through because I enjoyed reading about Pipp [...]

  • Huge disappointment - skimmed through most of the last quarter of the book. The first part is like a bad sitcom full of stock characters. Was hoping it would be more like Janice Weber's "The Secret Life of Eva Hathaway" or "Customs Violations", but it was basically drivel. I really couldn't have cared less what happened to any of the characters and only finished it in hopes something Eva-ish would crop up luck. The part about the circus wasn't bad, butoverall, seriously meh.

  • Pippa Walkers is having the biggest wedding ever. However, because her husband wasn't all that she thought he would be, she leaves her own wedding. This being a disgrace to her family, she gets disinherited. The only way Pippa could get a part of the family fortune is to earn a degree and graudate from any school. Speaking of ANY school, she faces her challenges with love and trying to fight for a chance to get her part of the family fortune.

  • A quick, fun read by the same author of Legally Blonde. This book is about a Texas socialite (Pippa) about to be married to another Texan of high social standing. The moms are nightmares, taking over everything. Something goes wrong and Pippa has to fend for herself from there on outunless she can get some sort of diploma. The majority of the book is her adventures in trying to obtain a diploma. Not a favorite book of mine, but I did enjoy it.

  • School of Fortune: by Amanda Brown and Janice Weber. This too was a chicklit book and stereotypically so. The plot was just ridiculously out of control. One wonders where they came up with this stuff? The characters are shallow and petty. The plot is bizarre at points and inexplicable at others. The end comes so quickly and I don’t know that I believe any of it.

  • This book was so disappointing! It started out really fun and I was loving it. Then it just got ridiculous and the story just repeated itself over and over, getting more unbelievable each time. It had the potential to really be fun but just ended up being stupid. I stopped reading it halfway through.

  • This book is by the author of Legally Blonde. It is a silly book about a rich heiress who decides to not go through with her wedding when she gets to the alter. Inheiriting loads of money is on the line and is dependant upon receiving a diploma. This is a cute, silly book with some unpredictable moments.

  • I am torn between 2 1/2 and 3 stars on this one. At times the story was disjointed and tedious but other times it was a lot of fun. I don't know if the two authors took turns with chapters and one is not good or if it could have used a better editor. It should not have taken as long to read as it did.

  • It took me a while to read this book, at no fault of the books. The beginning took awhile to get through, after about the first couple of chapters (the end of the wedding) things start to pick up take place and get interesting. It has great, witty, funny, and sometimes downright so stupid it's funny humor. It is a great summertime read and I will read it again in a few years from now.

  • I laughed and laughed as I read this book. The main character has to complete a college degree of any form to gain her inheritance. The situations that she goes through are hilarious. My sister currently has my copy of this book, but it's worth reading. It would make a great summer read by the pool/beach.

  • Another book that reads like it was written specifically to be a b rate romcom starring Cameron Diaz. I think the characters are supposed to be written as smart and independent but really they just read as overindulged shallow twits that cast real women in a bad light.

  • I borrowed this one from my niece Julia while on our NC Vacation. It was predictable and trite. Not much value in it. So of coarse I loved it. A Great fun and pointless read. Enjoyed taking the wild ride with Pippa. Thanks to Ticia and Julie for giving me hours of delightful reading.

  • Way more entertaining than it had any right to be. The shifting POV was unusual but the plot was just outlandish enough to be hilarious and the characters were wonderful. One of those great little stories where all of the chaos works itself out in the end.

  • The overall story was funny and would make a good movie, but the book itself was hard to read. I felt like it went on forever and ever. It was funny yet unrealistic. Most parts seemed to be too long and drawn out.

  • I love this book. It's laugh out loud funny. Although utterly absurd and far-fetched at times, it's so much fun that I didn't want it to end. I really hope these authors write another book together!

  • While the writing itself is pretty good, the storyline of this book is incredibly dumb. I laughed at a lot of it because it's preposterous, but it's still not smart humor. If you want to find a completely far-fetched almost-chick-lit book, here you go.

  • I enjoyed this book. It was a nice, light read. Obviously don't expect Pulitzer Prize winning writing/story line, but this is above-average chick lit. Pippa is not the typical annoying, spoiled rich girl that is the "heroine" in so much chick lit and for that reason I was grateful.

  • Pretty entertaining. The South + Meet the Parents + that movie where the gay best friend is the baby daddy slash My Best Friend's Wedding + Twelfth Night. It's a complicated formula, but a nice long laugh-out-loud read. Enjoyed this a lot more than "Family Trust."

  • This book was a laugh out loud, over the top, chick lit romp. I could have done without the stint in clown college, but overall it was a fun escape. If nothing else, the reader can laugh at the names Pippa uses throughout her 'education'.

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