Overdosed: Fury's Storm MC

Overdosed Fury s Storm MC I M ADDICTED TO HER AND I WON T STOP UNTIL I GET MY FIX When a little girl shows up on the front stoop of the Fury s Storm HQ I tell her the obvious truth You re at the wrong place hon But then she

  • Title: Overdosed: Fury's Storm MC
  • Author: Zoey Parker
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 325
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • I M ADDICTED TO HER, AND I WON T STOP UNTIL I GET MY FIX When a little girl shows up on the front stoop of the Fury s Storm HQ, I tell her the obvious truth You re at the wrong place, hon But then she hands me a note that flips my world upside down It says she s my daughter I m the last man on this earth who should be caring for a child The only women in my life arI M ADDICTED TO HER, AND I WON T STOP UNTIL I GET MY FIX When a little girl shows up on the front stoop of the Fury s Storm HQ, I tell her the obvious truth You re at the wrong place, hon But then she hands me a note that flips my world upside down It says she s my daughter I m the last man on this earth who should be caring for a child The only women in my life are the rotating cast of scantily clad groupies who keep my bed warm at night So what the hell am I supposed to do with a daughter I tell my men to find a way to get Gigi back to her mother But they come back and tell me the girl s mom has disappeared without a trace Now what Just then, a woman knocks at the clubhouse door I open it and freeze Jamie is a knockout to say the least She s pretty, but she doesn t know it Sexy, but she hasn t been made to feel it Eager, if only the right man were there to stoke her fires That s where I come in Jamie is Gigi s teacher and she s desperate to keep her favorite student safe But as clues to Gigi s mom s disappearance crop up in new and unexpected places, the two of us clash and mesh with wild intensity I ve never felt like this about a woman before I want her I need her I crave her And I m going to take her, again and again Until I overdose OVERDOSED is a full length, standalone romance novel with steamy hot sex, strong language, a happily ever after ending, and NO CLIFFHANGERS Contains dark and disturbing themes, and over the top sexiness that may be uncomfortable for some readers Perfect for fans of Alexa Riley, Chiah Wilder, L Wilder, Sabrina Paige, Lauren Landish, Vanessa Waltz, Jordan Marie, and Nicole Snow For a limited time, contains a free bonus novel, TROUBLE, plus a sneak peek at my sexy MC romance, BOUNTY.

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      325 Zoey Parker
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    Zoey Parker grew up in Long Island, New York After deciding she was sick of the winters, she moved to Los Angeles, California, where she now lives with her husband and their golden doodle, Bun B.Follow the link below to stay up to date with news and new releases eepurl bPXe75


  • I would like to read one biker book where the effing president doesn't fall in love in 2.5 days!What happened to them being hard outlaws? And not some puppy chasing saps?This whole novella was all over the place, and needs a big EDIT!For example, Lance is ready to lay down, he has taken his kute and shirt off, in walks the teacher and he is taking his shirt off again?There is sooo many errors with the"time" that it didn't make sense.I'm just disappointed that these hot guys are all over the cove [...]

  • Jamie has taken a special interest in her student Gigi, she knows her home life is poor and when she misses a week of school she decides to investigate. Jamie ends up at Fury's Storm MC where she finds Gigi and her newly found father.Lance never expected to be a father, when Gigi is literally dropped off at his doorstep he is left reeling. He is trying to find her mother but never expects her teacher to show up and refuse to leave without her. Lance makes a deal with her, she stays with him at c [...]

  • A better story than the first in the series, Bounty. However, too many pieces of this story had elements of the first book. That bothered me a bit. I wanted this book to feel completely different. I appreciate the fact that this author leaves the club whores, cheating, over kill cussing, and the P word out of her stories. Bravo to that! I also like how the women who do 'work' at the clubhouse are nice, sweet, and genuinely good to the heroine- in both books of this series. I loved Jamie- and how [...]

  • Enjoyable Read. Lance is the President of The Fury' s Storm MC and is used to living a life of riding free, drinking hard liquor and having countless women moving through his bedroom doors. Then in the space of one week EVERYTHING changes. With new people around him , his old life and his future collide and he discovers the new woman he would like to have in his bed is nothing like his usual type.The chemistry is hot. The plot moves quickly. Dual pov. It was maybe a bit too instalove for me but [...]

  • OverdosedZoey Parker4 starsSo I found this book on Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets blog and it was a gem. I loved it. Talk about an entertaining and easy read that was GOOD. There is the key word. This book also hit home for about two seconds because the guy no but the situation yes. (Im a Kindergarten teacher.) And you worry about your students when they are absent for a length of time. This is how the story begins. Jamie is worried about one of her star students Gigi. She knows her mother [...]

  • I really liked the blurb for this book, but sadly that's where the liking ended. So many things were wrong with this book I barely know where to start so I'm just going to batter out a list- An over-involved teacher who is WAY too attached and possessive of one of her students.- A self-righteous, know-it-all, leading lady aka Miss Over-Involved Teacher.- Gigi's mother I'm leaving this right here without elaborating to avoid a major spoiler.- Severe lack of chemistry between Mr. MC President and [...]

  • I love waking up and seeing a Zoey Parker ARC email, and can never wait to dig in. I thank the author for providing one for me to review. In Overdosed, we meet straight-laced, somewhat inexperienced at life Jamie Hollis. Jamie finds that a student, GiGi, whom she goes above and beyond for due to her difficult home life, hasn't been coming to school. Jamie decides to start looking. This brings us to the doorstep of the Fury's Storm MC, and their snarky, player, bad-boy president Lance Richmond. H [...]

  • Okay.This is a different approach to the MC genre. These characters seem to question their feelings and their positions quite a bit I prefer a much more alpha male that is sure of his feelings and more assertive about the decisions that need to be made. It was almost at the end before they acknowledge their feelings. Also, the continuous internal dialog was repetitious and boring.quite easy to skip. In addition, I did not care for the author's continued references to "those" people referring to [...]

  • Phenomenal!Each story I read by this author just keeps getting better and better and grittier.Superbly written characters, an easy to follow storyline, packed with punches and twists and turns and some eye openers for sure. Very climatic and in more ways then one. This could fall under light erotica, and romantic suspense. Well done.

  • Gigi is a really, sweet girl who has been dealt a difficult set of cards in family but when she meets her father is a ray of sunshine in the dark and then there is Jamie she is so freaking protective of Gigi.I love that fire there is between Lance and Jamie but also the protectiveness he has towards Gigi. The girls of the house are also portraited as sweet girls that is nice for a change.

  • Okay, let me just tell you what is wrong with this story becaue there is bascially just one thing that I liked and that's gonna come at the end.So, first, our MCs' first kiss is non-consent.Second, a teacher should be supposed to report incidents when they see that a child is being neglected. Neglect is a form of child abuse. Gigi wasn't fed for days, probably weeks or months. Just one meal a day? That's just not enough and our teacher who is praised by everyone in this novel should have acted.I [...]

  • Jamie is a teacher, she loves all her students, but she has a soft spot for Gigi, she loves her and worries about her, so when she fails to go to school she goes looking for her, only to find her in an MC clubhouse. ​ Lance never expected to find a little girl in his doorstep, even less to find out she is his daughter, he remembers her mother, but he never suspected that she was pregnant and he doesn't understand why she never told him about her, and even less why she left the girl with him on [...]

  • Overdosed, Fury Storm's MC by Zoey Parker is a standalone and my first book by Parker.I liked the premise of the story as well as the characters. The story was endearing and captivating.Lance Carter, Fury Storm MC Prez, was a gorgeous playboy whose only care in the world was associated with running his club. Until one day Gigi, a seven year old daughter that he didn't know existed, showed up on his doorstep. Her beautiful teacher wasn't far behind. Jamie Hollis is the conservative, sheltered, be [...]

  • I received this book as an ARC for a honest review! I think it is a great book!Jamie is a teacher! She as all teachers do, has a favorite student, Gigi! Gigi is seven and is very intelligent but her Mother is a single parent ans struggles with addiction. Jamie loves Gigi and wants to help her out. But Gigi disappears one day for a week and Jamie feels she has to find an answer to where Gigi is. She finds her in the place she lease expected. But she is with her Father. Lance is the President of F [...]

  • Jamie is worried when one of her students is absent for over a week. Her mother is a junkie, and Jamie is worried something could have happened to Gigi. She goes to their house only to find it empty. One of the neighbors informs her that Gigi's father is the president of a local MC, and the mother seemed spooked and commented that she was dropping her off at his clubhouse. Jamie knows Gigi hasn't met her father, and obviously a MC president isn't father material. She plans to go to his club and [...]

  • A lighthearted MC story - Full of suspense and danger, but a smart-mouth sassy 7 year old steals the show! Jamie is a striking and intelligent young woman who happens to also be a very good teacher. One who cares about her students; her favourite? Gigi, a beautiful 7 year old girl who shows so much potential. One day, Gigi fails to show up to school and Jamie is determined to find out what has happened. Lance Carter is the President of Fury Storm MC Club. He is stunned when he opens his door one [...]

  • Sweet MC story. No nasty club-hoes, no cheating, no ow/om drama.Lance is the president of an MC, one day a little girl is dropped off at the club with a note telling him she's his. One look and he knows she is, Gigi is 7. Five days later Jamie, her teacher tracks her down to the club, concerned. She wants to take Gigi but Lance tells her he wants to find her mother Rae, to find out what kind of trouble she's in that she would give Gigi to him after all these years. He tells Jamie she can stay th [...]

  • Well, what can i say! I am really ambivalent about this book.On the one site you have:Great characters and a good plot. The storyline was really refreshing and a brilliant idea.On the other site:It was poorly implemented in my opinion.The two protagonists were totally opposites. The idea of a lovers approach due to fighting and scratching is a good one, but again poorly implemented. There was no constant rise in tension, not emotionally nor sexually during those occasions leading to the much exp [...]

  • My favourite book by Zoey yetI loved this book so much. Not only do you have a goody goody teacher and hot alpha biker you have the most adorable little girl that will steal your heart. Gigi is left on the steps on a motorcycle club, with a note telling the president of the motorcycle club she is his daughter. Lance has no idea how to look after a child let alone a little girl. After missing school all week gigi teacher Jamie starts to worry as she knows gigi doesn't have the best mom, so she go [...]

  • Another goody from Ms Parker! I love how she showed the vulnerability of teaching and how the lines can blur and make you start to question whether what is right or wrong. Absolutely what Jamie was doing for Gigi was right, regardless of what her superiors would say or do. I rooted for her from the beginning. Than poor Lance, waking up one day to find this poor child on his door step with just a note and terrifying her to death to boot. But with the few instincts he has and help from members he [...]

  • Another great read! This book is about a young girl named Gigi, who had a shitty mom who use drugs. Jamie is her teacher whom from the first day of school new Gigi was special girl but had a sad look in her eyes. Jamie instantly felt the need to protect her. Lance was the president of his motorcycle club. Bachelor's loved his life as is. One day a kid arrived at his motorcycle club entrance, giving him a note that she was his daughter. Gigis mom never told Lance she was pregnant. Jamie went to t [...]

  • I received an arc of this book in exchange for an honest review. Each Zoey Parker book I read just gets better and better. She did an amazing job letting you know the characters and get to know their background. It was fast pace but still have you the information you needed.Jamie loves her job as a teacher, and has a special soft spot for one student, Gigi. When she doesn't show for a couple of days, Jamie goes to look for her and finds her with her father, Lance leader of the MC Fury's Storm. J [...]

  • Wow!I really enjoyed Overdosed. Our main character is, Jaime, a grade school teacher who notices one of her students, Gigi, has been missing class a lot, which while strange, isn't something new. Jaime goes in search of Gigi only to find out that her mother left her with her father, the leader of a an MC.Sometimes with these MC novels i get lost in the tornado of action and romance and don't even question how the a strong leading female character can just fall in love with someone completely her [...]

  • Book 1 in a M/C story . Hero is Lance . Heroine is Jamie . This is a fast pace but very detailed romance story . What happens when the president of a M/C finds out a surprise . He's a dad . He's child Gigi is left outside the clubhouse by her Mother . Lance didn't know he was a dad . He hasn't seen the mother since before Gigi was born . The mother left Gigi outside the clubhouse with just a note . Jamie is Gigi teacher . Jamie goes looking for Gigi and some people pointed Jamie to Lance and the [...]

  • Great story, some bits got a bit confusing but overall it was entertaining. Teachers aren't supposed to have favorites but for Jamie Hollis, he favorite was Gigi. A daughter is a 'clean' heroine addict, heavy emphasised on clean, she relapses before the story is done and the damage she cause hadn't been inflicted. Lance, MC President, start his week with a strange woman in his bed and a two day worth of a hangover, that will be the day he went from single to old to party guy to a father of a 7 y [...]

  • *******given an ARC for an honest review*****I have read a few books written by Zoey Parker and Overdose has been my favorite. The male lead character deals with finding out he is a father. As he deals with this a know it all teacher comes into the picture threatening to take the child, claiming she could do a much better job. It was a great story. However, I feel the author should have researched before writing it. The teacher could have called cps in but she herself would have never been legal [...]

  • Two For The Price Of OneBoth stories were fierce. In the beginning I didn't like Lance and Gabriel. They were rude and snarky. But as the stories went on they kind of grew on you. Jamie was kind of stuck up in the beginning of the story but as she got to know Lance she became mellow and she became a fighter. Kat on the other hand I thought she was naive and hard headed, looking for her sister in a bar among a motorcycle club. She was lucky they didn't do anything bad to her. She loves her sister [...]

  • I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.This is the second book from Zoey Parker ive read and was not disappointed.This book kept you guessing until the end as to whats really happening. Jamie: Is a teacher and has become close to student Gigi, whos mother Rae who has a drink problem. Gigi misses a whole week of school. Jamie worries why and goes to try and find out why.Lance: Runs motorcycle club Furys Storm finds out hes Gigi father.Sparks fly when Jamie a [...]

  • I received and ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.Wow I loved this book. Lance is the president of the Fury’s Story MC, and Jamie is his daughter Gigi’s teacher. When these two meet there is an instant and intense chemistry. As with all MC reads there is drama, violence, and hot, protective alpha males. Zoey has written a wonderful book, and I found that I was enthralled right from the start. Cannot wait to read more of her work, and I highly recommend this read to everyone [...]

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