The Seeker's Keys

The Seeker s Keys Where is The Wall I asked my father one night while he brushed my hair Somewhere east And you re going to find it one day I know you are I hear he whispered there s an underground passageway that l

  • Title: The Seeker's Keys
  • Author: Christina L. Rozelle
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  • Page: 430
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  • Where is The Wall I asked my father one night while he brushed my hair Somewhere east And you re going to find it one day, I know you are I hear, he whispered, there s an underground passageway that leads straight there Joy Montgomery s life has never been as it seems She knows this now Her tragic journey has been a complex mirage of dreams and illusions Where is The Wall I asked my father one night while he brushed my hair Somewhere east And you re going to find it one day, I know you are I hear, he whispered, there s an underground passageway that leads straight there Joy Montgomery s life has never been as it seems She knows this now Her tragic journey has been a complex mirage of dreams and illusions set in place by her ancestors secrets and driven by the calculated genius of her late father, Zephyr the Magnificent In the Greenleigh Tree Factory, under the wretched rule of the Superiors, he d prepared her for this future as if he d already known the outcome He d instilled into her the quest for truth, freedom, and love, and had given her the strength to guard with her life those she now protects, some of whom she must risk her life to save.Now, the treemakers and the saltminers are split over Bygonne They must acquire the Seeker s Keys with the help of Zephyr s clues, which also must be found along the way Stakes are high, war is coming, and now, Joy has everything to lose Will they be triumphant, like Cheyenne said they d be, and grasp the promised victory Or will they face defeat at the hands of Lord Daumier, and lose the future waiting for them on the other side of The Wall What did you see in me That you re a hero You re my hero I m no hero, Joy Don t ever forget this, okay You re the light in the dark You re the love that conquers fear and evil You re the hero, Joy You always have been, and you always will be.

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    Christina L Rozelle is the author of the bestselling YA Dystopian Scifi series, The Treemakers Trilogy, which includes her groundbreaking debut, The Treemakers, and its sequels, The Soultakers, and The Seeker s Keys Hailed for its strong, believable, and relatable characters, original and complex plotting, and phenomenal world building, The Treemakers Trilogy appeals to lovers of dystopian literature who are looking for something refreshing and new Christina also writes adult post apocalyptic dystopian under the nom de plume C.L Zelle, with The End Saga formerly The Night Blind Saga as her first foray into the adult world Rozelle s writing roots sprouted with poetry and prose in countless journals in her early years, continuing through her tumultuous teenage years, and well into her turbulent young adult life Though her younger self dreamed of scribing non fiction and poetry someday, when she discovered the magic in creating fiction she never looked back Overcoming countless obstacles of her own, the wisdom gained along her personal path through healing breathes life into her beautifully dark, yet hopeful tales of triumph Filled with an array of emotional triggers, not many topics are off limits in her works Rozelle s exceptional storytelling dives deep into the survival and growth journeys of diverse, broken characters and unlikely heroes Authentic, gritty, intricate, and wildly imaginative, her stories also offer hope a light in the dark as her characters discover their own inner strengths and worth in the midst of debilitating adversity Though her wanderlust calls her to a nomadic life of traveling the world in planes, trains, ships, and RVs, Christina happily resides in a small town in Texas, USA, with her four wonderful children, three rescue kitties, and a rescue puppy, where she s blessed to be able to do what she loves every day.If you d like to stay in touch, and get up to date info on new releases, as well as giveaways and promotions, sign up for her mailing lists Adult works C.L Zelle s Dark Army bit CLZellesDarkArmy YA works The Rozelle Army bit RozelleArmyIf you ve enjoyed any of her books, please hug Christina by leaving an honest review of any length on bit CLRoZelleonFor information, check out the links below Website christinalrozelle Rozelle s YA Reader Fan Group bit RozellesYAReadersChristina L Rozelle s Facebook Page bit CLRozelleFBpageC.L Zelle s Reader Lounge bit CLZellesReaderLoungeC.L Zelle s Facebook Page bit CLZellesFBpageTwitter bit CLRTweetInstagram christina.lzelleSpotify bit CLRoZelleonSpotify


  • What a perfect ending for the Treemaker's journey! I've grown so attached to these characters over the last three books that this book was an emotional roller coaster. Though it's set in a dystopian future, Joy's journey and troubles are heartbreakingly real, and she won't get to the end of this without loss. The guidance from her father, Zephyr the Magnificent, comes full circle in a magical way. Aside from Joy, though, the other characters have grown on me and pulled on my heartstrings as well [...]

  • What a fantastic ending!I can’t believe this series is over. This book really tied everything together, and while I ran the gamut of emotions throughout this last installation, it was worth every moment. Joy never changes, not the whole trilogy long. She was a strong character with the will to drive this journey to its end. In this book we get some new points of view, which was refreshing and I loved hearing Jax, and Smudge, who both fight for top tier as characters as it is, but their take on [...]

  • This trilogy is absolutely amazing. If the main characters were not teenagers, this would most likely not have billed as Young Adult fiction. It will appeal to readers ages 16 and up who love dystopian fiction.Someone asked me today what it was that I thought made for a great dystopian book. I did not have to go far to look for answers, Those answers came directly from THE TREEMAKER’S TRILOGY and from this final installment; THE SEEKER’S KEYS. I believe that the main factor in a good dystopi [...]

  • "Children are like titanzium - they can withstand so much before their spirits break" (Rozelle, 10). The Seeker's Keys is the third and final novel in The Treemakers trilogy, ending the wonderful, intriguing, and frightening adventure of Joy Montgomery and her family of children. The story opens up with the beginning of the last leg of their adventure. After escaping the clutches of Lord Daumier at the end of the last book, they are going back for their beloved Jax - and Vila - and to destroy [...]

  • Wow!I loved this series! Christina Rozelle has a talent for creating real characters who make you love them, fear them, and hate them. In the previous two books, she used only one point of view. In this book, she wrote from Joy's, Jax's, Zee's, and Smudge's points of view. It was a bit confusing at first; probably because I wasn't used to that with the previous two. However, she did an excellent job. The journey was long & arduous, full of small triumphs & tragedies, but they finally att [...]

  • The Seekers Keys is definitely a fitting end to an incredible story. The journey of Joy, Jax, & so many other characters I've come to know & love is riddled with sadness and grief. It is also filled with love, life, and happiness. But, the one aspect that stands out about this series is the fact that there are also life lessons peppered throughout the entire thing. The Seekers Keys is no exception, it's a story that opens your eyes to soak in the wisdom that burrows into your soul. I wee [...]

  • I just finished the last words and can't believe that it's over's finally over. This have been such a long, arduant journey. One of sorrow, joy, loss, hope, anxiety, abuse But mostly LOVE!I feel both bereft and elated! I'm experiencing major book hangover. The author, Christina L. Rozelle is a superb storyteller.Her characters have such life to them I felt as though I journeyed through this story along with them. And the world building is so colorful and detailed. I really can't express at this [...]

  • Third book was wonderfulThe first book caught me and made me want the second book. I had some concerns with the second book dragging and interest dropped some, but I wanted to see how this story ended. Now the third book was wonderful even with the emotional ups and downs, it was very well written.

  • Wow A great 3rd book read. The series was very good. I plan toread them again where I have all three. I hate having to waitfor the books. I forget so much. Will there be a sequel againto see what the characters are up to? I sure do hope so.

  • This book and series was amazing, you grow to love these characters, you hurt when they hurt. You rejoice with them in their victories. Saying good bye to the characters and story you've come to love is never easy, especially in this dead end world, but there is always hope.

  • Final book in the series did not diassapointThis may have been my favorite of the trilogy. There was so much emotion that I don't even know where to start. The series in total is amazing but this book in particular will take you on an amazing journey you will never forget.

  • Great bookI really enjoyed this book. Book one and two were great as well. This author has a very creative imagination.

  • Joy and JaxEnjoyed their adventure to the final paradise. And what an adventure it was Got a little lost at times with so many characters. But enjoyed the story.

  • Never has a series made me angry, made me love, made me gasp, made me feel joy, or made me feel loss like this series. I plowed through the Treemakers, the Soultakers, and the Seeker’s Keys in just a few days because I couldn’t put them down. Fantastically written and imagined. Christina L. Rozelle shares the darkness and the light in a way that is heart wrenchingly real and addictive. The Seeker’s Keys the third and final installment of the Treemakers and does not disappoint. Book two int [...]

  • ***** 4 Cranky Stars *****This one is a difficult review to write for several reasons: one, I didn’t want the series to end; two: it’s hard to say goodbye to such great characters I’ve grown so fond of; and three: I wasn’t entirely happy with the path the final book had taken.This review might contain some spoilers. So please stop reading if you’d rather not read about them. I’ve sat on my thoughts for a few days and finally made a decision.The story followed the second book straight [...]

  • The Seeker’s Keys is the concluding part of the Treemaker’s Trilogy and my word what a conclusion! Sadly real life got in the way of me being able to read this story in a really good session and I had to take snatches of time where i could, which prevented me getting as immersed as I would have liked, but the impact and story telling remained immense.We begin back in the refuge, still recovering from the escape from Alzenai. The weight of Smudge’ admission in relation to hormone manipulati [...]

  • This has got to be one of the hardest reviews I've had to write this year. It isn't because the series was bad but it is because I will miss these characters terribly. It is hard to spend so much time with them to then have to say goodbye. It breaks my heart but I will get to my goodbye shortly.First this series is so beautifully written. It captures love and darkness in one gorgeously covered series. It has just enough science to explain most things and a little bit of luck and magic to explain [...]

  • Joy Montgomery, along with her band of children, are nearly at their journey’s end. All they need to do is find a set of keys to unlock the wall and get to paradise, but one man stands in their way: Lord Daumier. Will the clues left behind by Joy’s father: Zephyr the Magnificent, be enough to find the keys or will Daumier beat them to the punch and destroy everything that is good in the world?After a long break from reading books one and two, this book was a bit difficult to settle into as t [...]

  • Hope and love will get you through anything This series was hard to read (and I'm not talking about the editing, that was perfect!) because of all the feels associated with the beloved characters in these books. To go through as much as these people did and still managed to keep their hope and let love guide their way. To finally find their happiness even considering their sorrow, revives my hope for the future for us. That even in the worst of times, there is always a reason to hope and to keep [...]

  • New BeginningsWARNING: Themes prevalent in this story are as follows: child abuse; mental, emotional and psychical abuse, suicide, and climate deterioration.The Seeker's Key begins a day after the events occurring at the end of The Soultakers. As character's are given the benefits of the Full Health Treatment at the Refuge, Rozelle gives readers a chance to catch up on past events by touching on key points and allowing both readers and character's a chance to settle before they're thrust into wa [...]

  • “Our memories serve a purpose – even the painful ones… and we hope to help history move forward.” A dark dystopia akin and aligned to the thoughts and feelings of today, there is a lot of parallel between today’s current affairs. Rozelle makes history herself by delivering to us a wholly satisfying narrative, one I would recommend to fans of sci-fi, horror, dystopian fantasy, and to all readers who are looking for a deep and rewarding read. Rozelle closes her Treemakers trilogy with [...]

  • What a conclusion! Reading the first 2 books was heart wrenching. The things these poor kids have had to experience and live through, well that was just scratching the surface. In the Seekers Keys, we get a fantastically well laid out reminder of everything that went down already in the first two books. It never feels repetitive, but perfectly weaved into the story to help lead you where you need to go.We really get to the heart of the story here. All the deep dark secrets reveal themselves, and [...]

  • This book creates a fitting end to an amazing dystopian series. I hope you've read books one and two, but if not don't worry! I prefer not to use spoilers. That sort of thing ruins lives. Instead, I'll tell you a little bit about my experience with The Seeker's Keys.Joy and her friends and family have come a long way. So much hurt, blood, and death lay behind them it would be easy to see where all the light in the eyes of the children would be gone forever. Instead, the author pulls the reader t [...]

  • I know we have all waited pretty impatiently for the final book in this amazing series and now that I have read it I am sad that it is over, I will miss the character who I have struggled alongside with. I will miss the deepest darkness and the brightest of lights, the parts that make me laugh out loud like a crazy loon and the parts that make me weep uncontrollably and had my husband sitting up in the middle of the night to make sure I am ok! I have been left with one the most massive book hang [...]

  • It's hard to put into words how emotional this book made me. I have felt like part of the family to these characters since book one. This book is the ending to what is one of the best story-lines I have ever read. It's full of tears, laughter, love, action, adventure, and a new beginning. I ugly cried and happy cried throughout most of this book. Christina Rozelle has a way of bringing her words to life. She captures every scene perfectly, and makes you feel as though you are a part of it. She h [...]

  • Like others I have found this book difficult to review, purely because it has been such an emotional journey that Joy and the tree makers, her family, have gone through. This, the last in the trilogy, was truly outstanding and reflects Ms Rozelle's growth as an author alongside her creation.I ran the gamut of emotions reading this story. It is often harrowing, reading of the evil that the children have lived with in their short lives, though that is tempered by hope and love that is interwoven t [...]

  • My heart cracked with each chapter as I watched the end of this trilogy come closer. I have anticipated this final installment with equal parts excitement and dread. Watching the characters develop on the pages and in my psyche, I have grown to love them all.This book was different in that we were given three narratives. This gave more knowledge to the occurrences within the storyline and let us truly meet Jax and Smudge as they join Joy in telling us their stories.I cannot wait to see what lies [...]

  • Wow. just wow. Christina Rozelle continues to grow her talent, and it is amazing to see how that talent has grown over the series. The conclusion to the trilogy was full of adrenaline, excitement, sadness, and most of all . . . love. I adore this story beginning to end and am very pleased with the execution of the Seeker's Keys. It's looonnnggggg, and worth every word. Savor every drop because before you know it, it's two a.mthe ride is done, and you don't want it to be over. Jump in to the seri [...]

  • The journey is finally over and let me tell you, it's been one hell of a ride! With Christina's captivating word weaving, I was able to laugh, cry, grieve, and celebrate right alongside each character through every tragedy and triumph. Never have I ever felt so profoundly connected to a group. There are books you can enjoy and then there are books that completely take over all of your senses and consume your mind, fully. This entire series falls into the latter category. I'm going to miss this r [...]

  • The journeyThe journey is finally over and let me tell you, it's been one hell of a ride! With Christina's captivating word weaving, I was able to laugh, cry, grieve, and celebrate right alongside each character through every tragedy and triumph. Never have I ever felt so profoundly connected to a group. There are books you can enjoy and then there are books that completely take over all of your senses and consume your mind, fully. This entire series falls into the latter category. I'm going to [...]

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