The Life Engineered

The Life Engineered JF Dubeau s debut novel The Life Engineered begins in the year where humanity is little than a memory a legend of the distant past destined to reappear Capeks a race of artificial creatures o

  • Title: The Life Engineered
  • Author: J-F Dubeau
  • ISBN: 9781941758595
  • Page: 100
  • Format: Paperback
  • JF Dubeau s debut novel, The Life Engineered, begins in the year 3594, where humanity is little than a memory a legend of the distant past destined to reappear Capeks, a race of artificial creatures originally created by humans, have inherited the galaxy and formed a utopian civilization built on the shared goal of tirelessly working to prepare for their makers returJF Dubeau s debut novel, The Life Engineered, begins in the year 3594, where humanity is little than a memory a legend of the distant past destined to reappear Capeks, a race of artificial creatures originally created by humans, have inherited the galaxy and formed a utopian civilization built on the shared goal of tirelessly working to prepare for their makers return.One moment a cop dying in the line of duty in Boston, the next reborn as a Capek, Dagir must find her place in this intricate society That vaguely remembered death was but the last of hundreds of simulated lives, distilling her current personality A robot built for rescue and repair, she finds her abilities tested immediately after her awakening when the large, sentient facility that created her is destroyed, marking the only instance of murder the peaceful Capeks have ever known For the first time in their history, conflicting philosophies clash, setting off a violent civil war that could lay waste to the stars themselves.Dagir sets off on a quest to find the killers, and finds much than she sought As the layers of the Capeks past peel away to reveal their early origins, centuries old truths come to light And the resulting revelations may tear humanity s children apart and destroy all remnants of humankind.

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    I love stories I love consuming them and telling them Whether as books or comics or movies or interactive role playing games or even on stage doing improv, I just love stories.I currently work as a graphic designer where I get to tell other people s stories in images and brands In my spare time I write and illustrate a web comic called The Eldritch Age.I have a fascination for science, both as it is right now and for the possibilities it opens up in the technological sense but also the philosophical one.This is where the ideas for my books come from the clash of thought and science and where, in the long run, it can lead us as a species.


  • What a surprise this book was. I saw some reviews on it, thought it sounded interesting, and am glad I decided to read it. This isn't a perfect book, but Mr. Dubeau has skills and is a name I'll be looking out for on the science fiction scene.More than anything, I found this novel to be unique. The main characters are all robots (known as Capeks) who have been left in charge of the galaxy by humanity after their creators went into hiding for unknown reasons. But they aren't your typical, emotion [...]

  • Full Disclosure: I know the author personally - we share a publisher and a place on the Sword & Laser Shelf. I was so relieved that I liked this book. It's never easy to read a colleague's stuff and have to choke it down. I'm predominantly a fantasy reader - but I've earned my spurs reading Asimov, Heinlein, Herbert, McCaffrey, Clarke, etc. - I'm no stranger to space and robots. Let there be no doubt - this is some A+ crunchy nerd stuff here.The world building in this book is, quite frankly, [...]

  • I am a sci fi purist. Some might be inclined to use the word 'snob'; I'm in no position to disagree. I like my classics. My Asimov, my Bradbury, my Wells. I have little patience for overly complicated pseudoscience or great space epics. It has been my experience that modern science fiction writing, as a whole, had little to offer me.Enter 'The Life Engineered'.I'm not entirely sure what I expected. Stories in which the artificial intelligences have taken over are not exactly a new thing. This bo [...]

  • I was given a signed numbered limited edition copy of this book. But because I prefer eBooks it sat on my shelf for almost a year. But something about the cover and the jacket flap wright up kept causing it to come it mind. So I eventually picked up the eBook, and ripped through it over 2 days in three sittings. For a debut novel this book really impressed me. It reminded me of the classic science fiction I enjoyed as a child, Heinlein, Herbert, and Betser. The story is compelling and the pace i [...]

  • (I received an advance Kindle copy of this book from NetGalley for review purposes. This review is essentially the same as the one I posted there.)A clever, unique, and well-polished scifi. I usually tend more toward the fantasy end of the scifi-fantasy spectrum, but the gorgeous cover* and intriguing description of this one really caught my attention, and the contents didn't disappoint.The story itself is pretty simple; a murder mystery with robots. What makes it so good is the insane amount of [...]

  • Rating: 2/5Genre: Sci-FiRecommended Age: 16+ (some slight mature content, death, violence, robots (if you have a fear do not read!)JF Dubeau’s debut novel, The Life Engineered begins in the year 3594, where humanity is little more than a memory―a legend of the distant past destined to reappear. Capeks, a race of artificial creatures originally created by humans, have inherited the galaxy and formed a utopian civilization built on the shared goal of tirelessly working to prepare for their mak [...]

  • It takes courage-and perhaps audacity-to come out swinging, and I'd say JF Dubeau's debut novel, The Life Engineered, throws a few powerful punches that make his a book worth giving your undivided attention. In many ways, The Life Engineered is archetypical, but in other ways, it represents a novel approach to a classic medium: robot-focused science fiction.The Life Engineered, one of the Inkshares / Sword and Laser contest winners, is available today, at the end of a long and interesting road. [...]

  • JF Dubeau doesn't want to be a writer - the man wants to WRITE. He wants to create worlds, or in this case galaxies, for his imagination to explore unimpeded. He has an overwhelming need to create something worthy of his science fiction heroes while still being entertaining.With The Life Engineered, he does that and he does it well. Dare I say amazingly? I dare.The Life Engineered, at its core, is a story about love. Don't confuse what I mean; there's no making out and holding hands here. It cou [...]

  • I thoroughly enjoyed this book, despite the few quirks it had that, for me, made the reading of it not as immersive as I would have liked. This is an intricate world portrayed in this story, teeming with many different robotic life-forms. The characters are likable and their tale is an intriguing one, and the science-geek in me danced with joy at the technological aspects scattered throughout the story.But.I wanted to be able to connect with the characters, I really did. There's a fine line one [...]

  • My son (adult) son really liked this book, and gifted it to me. I didn't share his opinion. I think if I were 40 years younger, when I was in my I, Robot phase, I probably would have given it 3 stars. A young, single policewoman is shot during a hostage standoff, leaving a young son. Fast forward to the distant future. Humans are in stasis, being watched over by artificial intelligent Capeks, whose sole purpose is to protect humans until a habitable world can be created for them. A young 3rd gen [...]

  • If you've ever heard of Inkshares (a crowd-funded publishing company) you've heard of The Life Engineered. I've heard it recommended so many times that I was glad to pick it up, just by the strength of the good things I had heard. This book was really good! Dubeau did a really good job of getting the reader to empathize with artificial intelligence, and the different classes of robots were explained well enough that I could keep track of all of them. I love books that describe a world that I am [...]

  • If I only had two words to describe The Life Engineered, it would be these: Trope Defying.With this book, J-F threads on the other side of the coin for various tropes of the science-fiction genre, the most prominent one being that robots are present but not against humanity.The one trouble I know some might have is with the names. Each character bears a name from one of the various mythos (A bold decision), making some names extremely hard to pronounce. (Proioxis is a good, early example of this [...]

  • I really enjoyed this book. I didn't know how I was going to like the protagonist being non-human, I've never read a book with that kind of protag yet, but I ended up really enjoying it. The universe the author has created is very unique and I'm interested to find out more about that universe. There are a lot of the authors own creations in the book and thankfully there is a handy glossary at the back of the book to help parse out the differences. The author also does a good job of explaining th [...]

  • My first story I have read from Mr. Dubeau and all in all was a great read. Looking forward to seeing him grow as an author and to see where he goes in the near future with his story telling. ***Update to the original rating. Got the final version (book form) this past week and have to say reading it a second time as increased the stars to 4. Reminds me of a movie that you see once and after you see it for a second time you pick up or see things that were not there the first time making it that [...]

  • I really enjoyed The Life Engineered. The world is fascinating and has a unique take on the sci-fi genre. It also poses some interesting question on what it means to be human or where the line is between human and machine. I really enjoyed the blending of ancient mythology with futuristic machines, even if in name only. It left a very strong human influence on the Capeks. Our creation stories have given our civilizations such a rich foundation, it would make sense that we would give that same fo [...]

  • I found The Life Engineered to be a solid read. It is unique and interesting, while playing with some heavy ideas: reincarnation, what makes someone human (no small feat in a book populated completely with robots), and what a completely robotic civilization might look like. Some of these were introduced without giving them their due - the reincarnation aspect of the Capeks living many lives over and over in the Nursery is just accepted without much thought beyond saying the personalities were "p [...]

  • Life Engineered is as original and thought provoking as any bit of Sci-Fi literature could be. The concept of a galaxy filled with synthetic beings is wholly interesting. Unfortunately, I never really became attached to any one particular character. Dagir is perfectly good protagonist, but I never really connected with her despite my generally positive perception of the character. There are tons of cool concepts though, and I think where this book thrives is as an entry point into a brave new un [...]

  • I love when I can pick up a book with no preconceived notions and then be so thoroughly surprised at how good it is. This was one of those books. The story and characters were very well crafted and kept me hooked and invested. I can't wait to read more.

  • Amazing Ride Through Space!I really enjoyed the flow of this novel. Being able to walk beside and almost touch this culture, well worth the time taken to immerse yourself in. If you love Sci-Fi and robots, please consider picking this book up!

  • I have no idea why I didn't read this sooner. It was every bit as androidilicious as I had been told and then some. I have pre-ordered the sequel and can't wait for it! Highly recommended!

  • I really, really wanted to love The Life Engineered by JF Dubeau. The back cover sounded exactly like my kind of thing— a posthuman mystery in which the a long-dead police officer finds herself resurrected in the body of a first responder robot; humans have long since disappeared from the galaxy and she is soon thrust into a shadowy war between factions with very different ideas about what humanity's legacy will be.And the cover art is gorgeous.About two-thirds of the way through the book, I r [...]

  • Ok, while I am an experienced and avid reader, I am quite new to the Sci-Fi genre, so this review is to be taken, as all things are, with a grain of salt.I'm hesitating between a 3 and a 4-stars, so I'll settle for a 3.5 rating. I really enjoyed the writing and the story. However, maybe it is because novellas aren't my thing, but I wish the book as a whole had been longer. Or rather, that it had taken more its time with the plot and character development? The author glosses over certain aspects [...]

  • I received an ARC of this book from the Publisher, via Netgalley, this does not affect my opinion of this book or the content of my review.It has been a very strange year. I guess by now it is obvious that my reviewing rate has significantly slowed. Not much help for it, but for those I am late getting to I sincerely apologize.I requested this months ago on a science fiction kick because the premise sounded interesting. Kind of iRobot meets AI. Unfortunately, it didn't work out so well as those [...]

  • Before I start reviewing, let me just exclaim that J F Dubeau’s debut novel is brilliant. It has been a while since I had the energy to engage myself in a proper Sci Fi novel, and Dubea’s “The Life Engineered” was exactly what I needed.Most of the book is set at AD 3594, a time where the humans have long left the galaxy. But they did not leave without a legacy… Capeks, a race of AI robots originally created by humans, have inherited the galaxy and formed a civilization built on the sha [...]

  • Disclosure: I got a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.The Life Engineered has several unique elements which I love reading:- It has a non-standard main character/perspective. This novel takes place several thousand years into the future. Mankind has gone into a hibernation of sorts and left their AI children to safeguard the galaxy.- It allows the story to be as long as it needs to be. The books isn't 300 or 400 pages simply because that is how long Novels are Sup [...]

  • The Life Engineered by J-F Dubeau is a powerful and awesome sci-fi book that should be a movie! I am an old woman and have been reading sci-fi since I was a small child and have been a sci-fi geek since. I read hundreds of books a year and this book is in the top 10 books I have ever read in the sci-fi category. I loved it! I won this book from and I am so glad I did, and it is a real book, no ebook! The setting is far in the future where Earth was going to be inhabitable so humans planned to g [...]

  • The Life Engineered is the most marvelous and innovative science fiction novel that I've read in quite some time.  Imagine a world where your nature, your evolved self determines the form your body takes and the abilities it has.  Imagine a world of creation, free of conflict.  This is the world inherited by the capeks, a race of sentient artificial beings.  This is the world that Dagir (Day) is born into, moments before her creator/mother Yggdrasil is destroyed - an unprecedented act of mur [...]

  • Love it. This is the first finished Inkshares production I have read in its finished form.The story was engaging and I could really involve myself in the difficulties of the non-human characters, partly because their characters were in fact so utterly human.The concept is not a million miles away from one I have recently explored in a short story, although the story, the execution and the quality of the world is far better developed.The plot is engaging and very credible. I loved the use of name [...]

  • koeur.wordpress/2015/12/2Publisher: InksharesPublishing Date: March 2016ISBN:9781941758595Genre: SciFiRating: 3.2/5 Publishers Description: JF Dubeau’s debut novel, The Life Engineered begins in the year 3594, where humanity is little more than a memory—a legend of the distant past destined to reappear. Capeks, a race of artificial creatures originally created by humans, have inherited the galaxy and formed a utopian civilization built on the shared goal of tirelessly working to prepare for [...]

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