24 Hours

Hours Here today Dead tomorrow My best friend Emily is dead killed last night in a hotel fire But it was meant to be me Now I have hours to find my daughter Before he finds out I m still alive Hours

  • Title: 24 Hours
  • Author: Claire Seeber
  • ISBN: 9781910751565
  • Page: 382
  • Format: ebook
  • Here today Dead tomorrow My best friend, Emily, is dead killed last night in a hotel fire.But it was meant to be me.Now I have 24 hours to find my daughter.Before he finds out I m still alive.24 Hours is a fast paced, intelligent psychological thriller that will leave you breathless.What reviewers are saying about Claire Seeber A dark, twisting thriller that shows allHere today Dead tomorrow My best friend, Emily, is dead killed last night in a hotel fire.But it was meant to be me.Now I have 24 hours to find my daughter.Before he finds out I m still alive.24 Hours is a fast paced, intelligent psychological thriller that will leave you breathless.What reviewers are saying about Claire Seeber A dark, twisting thriller that shows all too well how you can never escape the sins of your past Simon Kernick I read a lot of books, but I can t remember the last time I was so involved in one why aren t thrillers so thrilling MyShelf Fans of crime writer Nicci French will enjoy this Closer Magazine An intense psychological thriller OK Magazine Fragile Lie is a good, tense read that will keep you guessing until the final pages Reviewing the Evidence An intense and surprising psychological thriller Fragile Minds kept me turning the pages late into the night Meg Gardiner

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    Claire Seeber Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the 24 Hours book, this is one of the most wanted Claire Seeber author readers around the world.


  • I was pretty excited to read this one, I mean, look at that title! 'An intense, suspenseful, psychological thriller' is added right after it it has to be, right?? Wrongough not from a lack of trying.The story unfolds with the protagonist Laurie, suddenly in a race to find her daughter after her friend is killed in a hotel fire. A fire she thinks was meant for here's on the run, in fear for her life as well as the well being of her daughter.What starts out as a strong premise, soon became mucked [...]

  • “24 Hours” by Claire Seeber,is a fast paced, psychological thriller, that is sure to please, because the action doesn’t stop, and you are on the edge of your seat drawn in by all the suspense.Here today. Dead tomorrow?My best friend, Emily, is dead – killed last night in a hotel fire.But it was meant to be me.Now I have 24 hours to find my daughter.Before he finds out I’m still alive.Laurie has escaped from a fire that has killed her best friend Emily. She believes that the fire was st [...]

  • Thanks Netgalley for my copy3.5 starsPros- This was a really quick read. Perfect for a beach trip! The story held my interest until the end and kept me turning the pages quickly. I love the cover art and the title- does it get any better?! I liked that the story is told through chapters beginning in the past and leading up to the present. I appreciated the effort made to throw off the reader with red herrings from knowing the "big reveal" too soon.Cons- Unfortunately, those red herrings didn't w [...]

  • 24 Hours ranks up amongst the best thrillers I've read in 2015 - and thats saying something because I've read a lot of them. Its been the year of the psychological thriller, some good, some terrible, some simply enjoyable then one or two that have been truly excellent because they offer something more for me as a reader than surface entertainment. 24 Hours is one of those.On the one hand, this is a page turning, tension inducing race against time - We spend 24 hours with Laurie as she races acro [...]

  • I decided to read this book after seeing many of my Goodread friends giving such favourable reviews. I had never heard of either the book or the author previously but having read the description I was interested to give it a try.The main character Laurie escapes from a fire that kills her best friend Emily. Thinking that the fire was started deliberately in an unsuccessful attempt to kill Laurie decides to go on the run while she tries to work out who she can trust. What follows is a 24 hour jou [...]

  • I have decided not to do a long review for this book. I read it quite quickly over the weekend and I was expecting an exciting pacey read. The premise of the mother having a deadline to find her child and feeling her life was under threat sounded promising. However I found it all a bit long winded and somewhat lacking. I found myself not really caring about the outcome. It was one of those books, where the reveal was a complete disappointment.

  • Loved this wonderfully tense, intensely fast paced, fabulous, edge of your seat thriller. I was hooked from the first beautiful words. what I loved about this book are the short, action filled chapters which, without losing pace fill you in on everything that has happened in the past and bring you right bang into the action, so you are on tenterhooks along with Laurie. Loved it. Will be reading all of Claire's other books.

  • I actually read this book back in early January but wanted to "sit" for a bit with it to see if my review might adjust at all. Not really. This book came with so much hype and sometimes I think that is not a good thing as you go in with super high expectations of near-perfection and there is only one way to go from there. The plot of this book really interested me and all in all it was a good one, the problem I had is that I was just well.d for most of it *ducks and hides*.I didn't want to be bu [...]

  • 24 Hours is marketed as an 'intense, suspenseful psychological thriller' and never has a stapline been so apt! I really deliberated on this one whether to choose it as a read or not. I had seen mixed viewpoints but decided to go with it. And I hope I don't cause any offence when I say this turned out to be one of those occasions where the read was much better than I was expecting.Laurie is a separated wife and mother and goes on a much needed break with her friend, Emily. The story starts off wi [...]

  • It starts with a fire in a hotel room. Emily is dead. Laurie wasn't in the room when it went up in flames. She believes that she should have been the one killed not her best friend in the whole world.Where is her daughter? Where is her mother? And who would want Laurie dead? Her soon to be ex-husband who was physically abusive? His new famous girlfriend? The new man in her life the man she really doesn't know very well? His ex-wife who comes across as anything except normal ?This psychologica [...]

  • My 1st finish for the year & I so wanted to like it, esp. as the author is a great Tweeter. But I fear that most readers will find Laurie's flight largely unnecessary, many of her fears groundless, & some of the incidents & characters she encounters along the way largely padding with 0 effect on the outcome. It was also difficult to believe she is supposed to be a therapist - Laurie is anything but tightly wrapped. Also villain seemed very unlikely to me, as did the villain's motivat [...]

  • Love the cover.Loved the blurb. But when I actually started to read it, it was pretty hard going. The premises of this book is great, but the back and forward and the different things that kept popping up left a reader like me confused where I just wanted to give upI didn't though, because I have a lot of respect for this author she writes really well and I have read one other book by her which I enjoyed, so I deemed it that I should give the benefit of the doubt and at least carry on.All in all [...]

  • Utterly unputdownable, read this brilliant book in 2 sittings, and that's only because I made the error of starting it before I went to bed. Had I not been tired, I would have read it front to back in one go. Laurie is fearful for her daughters life, she has no idea if she can get to her in time, but knows she has to try everything in her power to get back to her daughter, before whoever she believes is after her, gets to Polly. You see Laurie was believed to be dead after a fire, but it was rea [...]

  • SQUEEALLLL. Mucho excitement on Reading Room With A View when it was revealed that Claire Seeber is Bookouture's newest recruit - I read Claire's first book yeeeeeears ago and LOVED it, so I was super excited to be able to read 24 Hours ahead of publication date. It seems that Bookouture are snapping up the cream of the crop at the moment and building the most amazing portfolio of authors - and Claire is no exception to the rule. 24 Hours is an excellent, fast paced read that found me utterly ho [...]

  • 24 Hours is a fast paced bookLaurie has escaped from a fire that killed her best friend Emily but everybody thinks it was Laurie that died in the fire, was it supposed to be her that died is somebody trying to kill her?Polly Laurie's daughter is on her way home with her grandmother from a holiday and Laurie needs to get to them first before somebody else does.I liked the way the book alternates between past and presentA lot of suspects in the story but I never picked the right one a brilliant en [...]

  • 24 Hours is a gripping phychological thriller that centers around the main character Laurie. The chapters alternate between what is happening in the present time and a look back at Laurie's past. In the present story line Laurie has just escaped a fire at her hotel which has taken the life of her best friend Emily. Emily was mistakenly identified as Laurie and Laurie believes that the fire was meant to kill her. She panics and runs from the police and investigation to try to get to her mother wh [...]

  • This is a fast paced thriller, with suspenseful moments, all set as the title suggests, over a period of 24 hours. Laurie is convinced that her estranged husband is trying to kill her and faces a race against time to find their young daughter before he does and never being sure who she can trust. The chapters are short which I like – I’m a sucker for ‘just one more page….’!.I enjoyed this but not as much as I expected to. I think I would have preferred the story to be written in the th [...]

  • This is a "just one more chapter" book which turns into several hours of continuous reading before you realise you need to get up, feed the kids, speak to the other half! An action packed fast paced psychological thriller with lots of characters with dark secrets.

  • Wow! I'm still catching my breath after reading this psychological thriller. Full of twists and turns it contains all the ingredients for a fast paced read. I read it in just a few days as each time I tried to put the book down, I was tempted into reading just a few more pages. The switch between past and present is effortlessly conducted, as our protagonist unravels what is taking place. A thoroughly gripping read.

  • Posted in full reviewedthebook/2015 I was desperate to get my hands on 24 Hours after seeing the cover reveal and reading the synopsis. I seriously love the synopsis – it had my heart racing even before starting the book! The story inside the pages did not let me down and kept me guessing right until the very end – lapping up every detail and red herring to try and work out what was going on. 24 Hours was so difficult to put down as Claire drags you right into the story until you’ve no esc [...]

  • I love beautiful language and a thoughtful complex plot as much as anyone but I had been thinking recently that it has been a long time since I have been quite so engrossed in a book, turning the pages (well clicking the clicker) to find out what on earth is going to happen next, and reading in the moment. While that thought breezed through my brain little did I know that I had just such a book, sitting on my kindle ready to read and review; that book was 24 Hours.24 Hours is as you might expect [...]

  • I was very interested to hear that Claire Seeber had joined the publisher Bookouture, as they are publishing some amazing books and authors at the moment. I have read Claire's other books and really enjoyed them so was very pleased to get my hands on an ARC of 24 hours.Laurie has escaped from a fire that has killed her best friend Emily. She thinks the fire was started deliberately to kill her instead but she has no idea why or who is out to get rid of her. What follows is a race against time, a [...]

  • Laurie's life is falling apart: her marriage is over, her husband has a new and exotic girlfriend and worse of all, her best friend has just died in a fire and Laurie fears it was she who was the intended victim.Not knowing who is trying to kill her, she has only 24 hours to find her daughter and move to a safe place for both of them. She has no money, no car, no id. Who can she trust? Also, while in the beginning everybody thinks she died in the fire, it is soon found out it was not her, which [...]

  • I downloaded this book on the basis of all the good reviews on . But I think they must have been reading a different book. The writing was juvenile and bland - it read a bit like a silly romantic novel at times. The characterisation was poor and I did not feel any sympathy or liking for the characters. Laurie was a mess! The plot was dull and plodding and I had guessed the perpetrator about halfway through. I stuck with it to the end, as I don't like to not finish books, but now I wish I hadn't [...]

  • It’s ironic to start a book called 24 hours and finish it within that exact time frame. It wasn’t intentional, yet that’s precisely what happened. With such an intriguing opening and emotional trauma throughout, I found it impossible not to tear through the pages of this twisty thriller!After experiencing the aftermath of a separation from her unstable husband and famous artist, Sid, Laurie Smith was taking a much needed break with her best mate in Cornwall when all hell breaks loose.We fi [...]

  • Many thanks to Bookouture and Netgalley for my copy of this book.I'm (trying!!!) to participate in Bookouture Thriller week and 24 Hours is my second read out of the 8 books on the list!About the book: Here today. Dead tomorrow?My best friend, Emily, is dead – killed last night in a hotel fire.But it was meant to be me.Now I have 24 hours to find my daughter.Before he finds out I’m still alive.My thoughts:I've literally just finished reading 24 Hours so I needed to write the review ASAP! I'm [...]

  • 24 Hours is a fast paced psychological thriller that is hard to put down. It has twists and turns and the more I read the harder it was to figure out who killed Laurie's friend Emily and who is after Laurie as everyone could have done it. I thrive on trying to guess "the who done it" in all books but this kept me guessing and totally engrossed all the way through and even wondering at one point if there really was someone after her.The story opens with Laurie in hospital with smoke inhalation af [...]

  • I am giving this book 5 stars after reading it in one sitting the title is what it says it is, I am a Claire Seeber fan and this is definitely her best one yet.The story is set over 24 hours with Laurie racing against time to find her daughter. The chapters flick between the count up to the 24 hours and the past building up the story of what has happened and what is happening which is very cleverly done when the story comes to an whole at the end. this is what makes this story exciting and full [...]

  • Wow - 24 Hours is a fast-paced, intelligent psychological thriller that will leave you breathless,. This book was wonderfully intense and tense, fast paced and ultimately a fabulous, edge of your seat thriller, wonderful for a cold autumnal or winter day when you can wrap up warm in a blanket and envelop yourself in the story. The chapters are punchy and action packed. Seeber runs two stories at the same time, the past and the present and will keep you on tenterhooks right up to the end. I can n [...]

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