Children's Literature, Briefly

Children s Literature Briefly Are you looking for a brief introduction to children s literature genres that leaves time to read actual works of children s literature This new significantly revised and streamlined edition of Child

  • Title: Children's Literature, Briefly
  • Author: Michael O. Tunnell James S. Jacobs
  • ISBN: 9780131734906
  • Page: 434
  • Format: Paperback
  • Are you looking for a brief introduction to children s literature genres that leaves time to read actual works of children s literature This new, significantly revised and streamlined edition of Children s Literature, Briefly introduces the reader to the essential foundations of each children s literature genre, supported by practical features and tools to suggest qualityAre you looking for a brief introduction to children s literature genres that leaves time to read actual works of children s literature This new, significantly revised and streamlined edition of Children s Literature, Briefly introduces the reader to the essential foundations of each children s literature genre, supported by practical features and tools to suggest quality books and activities to advance literacy in the classroom As new teachers build their classroom library, the brevity of this affordable new edition ensures readers have the resources to purchase and time to read actual children s literature The goal of this text, then, is to provide a practical overview of children s books, offering a framework and background information while keeping the spotlight on the books themselves.

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    Michael O. Tunnell James S. Jacobs Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Children's Literature, Briefly book, this is one of the most wanted Michael O. Tunnell James S. Jacobs author readers around the world.


  • I ended up really liking this book, but you can find the recommended reading lists online, and that is the most valuable part of the book. I started looking into taking a Children's Literature class this summer at some of the nearby universities. When I looked at the syllabus for this class at BYU, I discovered that the main focus of this course was to read lots of children's books and write up what was read. No papers, no essays, no tests. Since I don't need the credits for a degree, I ordered [...]

  • Easily one of my favorite texts of my whole SLMS program. This book is perfect for teachers and librarians. Easy to read, filled with tons of great suggestions and lessons. I will keep this one on my desk for reference throughout the school year.

  • Children's Literature Briefly has been an incredibly helpful textbook. The book is written in a way that is so relatable that you almost forget it's assigned reading. It reads like a long conversation with a knowledgable teacher. This book includes many lists of good books for the classroom and for yourself, by genre and topic. I genuinely wish I had purchased this book instead of renting it, because it would be a real asset in the classroom. It is nearly impossible for a teacher to keep up with [...]

  • # well formed web urls automatically get turned into links# link: my link text# link to book: use the "add book/author" link or Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone# link to author: use the "add book/author" link or J.K. Rowling# image:(Width must be 0-400, Height must be 0-1000, alt is a description of the image. All three are optional, but recommended.)# bold text: # italic text: # underline text: # strike text: # indent text: # blockquote: # paragraph: # spoiler: (view spoiler)[ (hide spoile [...]

  • I enjoyed listening to this book. The book is about a young girl named Hannah who is Jewish and she goes on this adventure. It is a little hard to explain without giving too much away, but basically she is transported from present day New York to the time during the Holocaust. Even though this wasn't my favorite book in the world I think it was defiantly worth reading. There was something about the way it wasn't written. I enjoyed the book mainly for the perceptive it was written in. The idea to [...]

  • I was initally put off by the book Children's Literature, Briefly as I couldn't imagine how a study of children's book genres could possibly be new or interesting information. However, the information provided in this book was well summarized and ideal for a librarian or teacher interested in teaching students about literature. The sections are both short and practical and include pertinent research studies such as why children state they dislike poetry, how folklore and fairy tales have been su [...]

  • As an aspiring elementary school teacher, this book was a very helpful and applicable read. It did a great job summarizing children’s literature as a whole- something that is not easily accomplished. The book examines the importance of literature and reading, as well as the different genres of children’s literature. The book also manages to cover different categories of literature, such as multicultural literature and controversial literature. Throughout the entire book, the author includes [...]

  • WOW. I loved this textbook! I would recommend it to all parents, teachers and the like. At the beginning it has a chapter on why read and how to choose a well-written book. These are great to use in the classroom because many children say “why should I read?” “how will this benefit me?” Well now I have many answers to that question. Each chapter addresses a different genre of books from picture books to information books. It informs you on what types of these genre books children seem to [...]

  • This book was a good read a loud for me. It's a great example of using time travel to teach a lesson. The protagonist, Hannah, is sent to the past to walk in her ancestors’ shoes. I like this book, because it shows the horrors of the concentration camps. I already had a good perspective of what the Holocaust was, but this book taught me more. I learned that they were gassed before they were sent to infurmary. Hannah has a strong voice and she compels you to keep reading. Despite the horrible t [...]

  • I would have never had the opportunity to read a text book that captured my attention as well as this one did without my 307 class. This textbook provided a large variety of information that I had no knowledge on when it comes to children's literature. The amount I learned from this text book and actually enjoyed was an immense amount. This text book would be really easy to include in an English class that focuses on literature and children's education. This book is user friendly and provides a [...]

  • This is the text I've used most recently for children's literature. It's very readable and has lots of good lists and ideas. Personally, I prefer the texts with LOTS and LOTS of information and double columns on each page, but I've got the sneaking suspicion that most students don't read it! This text presents the essential information without overwhelming a reader with detail, thus allowing more focus to be put on the books themselves. I'd definitely rather have LESS textbook reading and MORE r [...]

  • My library science professor promised we would actually like reading this textbook, and she certainly is not wrong. Tunnell writes in a very easy, natural way without being overly simplistic. The information provided in the book is useful and can be applied immediately.[return][return]For instance, I just the suggestions of the "favorites" at the end of nearly every chapter to create reading lists for the teachers.[return][return]I will indeed continue to use this book throughout my career as a [...]

  • Briefly is the key word in this title. The information was brief but concise when it spoke about the different types of genres, history of, and the different authors that write children's literature. It was short (well, shorter then the one other children's literature textbook I read called Through the Eyes of a Child by Donna E. Norton and Saundra Norton), sweet and to the point. The downside is that it does not give you the depth of topic that is required to learn more about children's literat [...]

  • This is a great resource for anyone who teaches literacy K-12. It does not read like a textbook at all and has great book lists for all genres and ages as well as many online resources. There are also a variety of strategies to use in the classroom. Some information may be repetitive to a veteran teacher, but there's still plenty of good stuff to make it worth having in your professional library.

  • A very thorough book for teachers and preservice teachers. I learned more from this textbook than any other. The CD-ROM was helpful and something that I hope to use in order to make my booklists. It's easy- I just wish the program could be updated online or something so that I could get the new Caldecott and Newbery's on my CD-ROM. I recommend it to any teacher at all.

  • Children's Literature Briefly provides a nice, readable introduction to children's lit, genres, formats and even information on publishing history. I'd recommend this book for teachers, librarians, homeschooling parents and even beginner writers needing a better understanding of the children's lit world.

  • This is the only textbook I've put on hereI think. If you teach reading or are interested in Children's Literature, this book is wonderful! The chapters are short and informative. They give lots and lots of examples and cover all the genres. They also include a CD that gives you this huge database of literature. It's rare that I read a textbook that is as engaging as this one.

  • This book was recommended to me as a easy read intro to children's literature. I totally agree. Don't get me wrong, it is a textbook, but each chapter is to the point and also contains nice lengthy annotated book lists. This book is a great resource for teachers or librarians who want a quick reminder of the basics of kiddie lit.

  • What I like most about this book is that it gives lists of good children's literature to use in the classroom. I love all of the options that I have to read to my students, and will use this book for years to come.

  • This book has a ton of great information about children's books. It has sections about what to look for in a good book, and then it has lists of good books to try. I think there is alot of great information in this book, especially for an elementary education teacher. =)

  • This book captures a perspective of the holocaust in the most unexpected way. You're never quite sure if you're reading fiction or history. The language is easy enough for kids to follow but exciting enough to keep an adult's attention

  • The book Devil's Arithmetic. It was outside of my reading scope, and dealt with the perspective of someone in the Holocaust. In 6th grade, I didn't even know what the Holocaust was unfortunately. I was too young to understand the tragedy of it all.

  • This companion to children's literature is informative and easy to read. I didn't feel like the database CD was all that great. You had to know exactly what you were searching for, and it ends in 2006. Maybe the next edition will have a searchable website.

  • It's a textbook about Children Literature. The writing makes in engaging, easy to read and it moves fast. It gives lists of books for each topic covered in the chapter at the end in case interested to read.

  • Meh. It was a textbook. About children's literature. I skimmed a lot, to be fair, but there was some good info in spots. As an English major, now teacher, I knew a lot of what was in there.

  • Great summaries of different literature genres and the most popular books under each genre. Clear reasoning for why we students need to read these genres and what they will get out of each one.

  • I need to write down about why i like to read ? and The book about Children's Literature, Briefly (4th Edition). essay due today need to finish homework by tuesday.

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