Dragons Will Fall

Dragons Will Fall From Award of Excellence finalist and Angie Award winner Susannah Scott comes a new ancient world series full of exiled magicians imperiled dragon shifters and steamy romance An outcast magician

  • Title: Dragons Will Fall
  • Author: SusanScott Susannah Scott
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  • Page: 441
  • Format: ebook
  • From Award of Excellence finalist and Angie Award winner, Susannah Scott, comes a new, ancient world series full of exiled magicians, imperiled dragon shifters, and steamy romance An outcast magician with lousy control Kas is a half light with the gift of invisibility and healing, but her sometimes deadly magic makes her distrusted by her own people In an effort to From Award of Excellence finalist and Angie Award winner, Susannah Scott, comes a new, ancient world series full of exiled magicians, imperiled dragon shifters, and steamy romance An outcast magician with lousy control Kas is a half light with the gift of invisibility and healing, but her sometimes deadly magic makes her distrusted by her own people In an effort to prove her worth and save her people from execution, she infiltrates an enemy castle on a spy mission, but is kidnapped by a powerful intruder When her only friend is taken hostage as well, Kas has no choice but to embrace her volatile magic and turn to her captor for help A dragon shifter king with an island in revolt Cullen is the most powerful dragon of his generation, but strength and cunning won t stop the mysterious scourge killing his kinsmen After he steals Kas away to heal them, he s incensed to find her magic is uncontrollable Despite her unpredictable powers and non existent fighting skills, he soon becomes convinced she holds the key to saving the dying dragon race He s willing to do anything to gain her cooperation Even if it means breaking all taboos and seducing the crafty little magician With a kingdom of enemies after them both, Kas and Cullen must learn to trust each other before their kingdoms are rendered extinct DRAGONS WILL FALL is a full length HEA, stand alone fantasy romance about a woman who doesn t trust anyone, not even herself, and the Dragon King who convinces her to examine her fears and desires The series may appeal to fans of Warprize, Throne of Glass, Radiance, and the Dragon Blood series Due to open door sexual content and dastardly dude comeuppance, this book is recommended for mature readers.

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    SusanScott Susannah Scott Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Dragons Will Fall book, this is one of the most wanted SusanScott Susannah Scott author readers around the world.


  • I really should read more fantasy books I always enjoy them. There is just something nice about slipping into a completely different world and it was just what I needed! Add in a little dragon love and well, that's a win win combination. This author has created a unique world comprised of dragons, magicians, half-breeds, and humans. The half-breeds are humans who have some magic but are not full magicians. They are considered outcasts and live in hiding and on the run from the humans that hunt t [...]

  • I wasn't quite sure how much I would like DRAGONS WILL FALL during the first couple of pages, but the book picked up nicely and the characters quickly start grabbing your attention. In DRAGONS WILL FALL we meet Kasima, a half-light. She and the other half-lights are in hiding from those that wish to harm them, but she is currently using her gift of invisibility to spy in the castle because someone has infiltrated their camp and is putting them in even more danger. I won't go much more into the p [...]

  • What a fantastic and wildly captivating start to Scott’s new series. She takes the fantasy world by storm, giving it a little bit of a shake and providing readers with a story that they won’t soon forget. I loved the mix of magic and dragons, humans and half-breeds. Everyone had their role in the world, even if they weren’t necessarily happy with it. The world building here is beyond compare, from locale to history to associated mythology, and everything in between. The tone & pace wit [...]

  • DRAGONS WILL FALL, BOOK 1 shows a lot of promise and has some really cool characters. Her people, the Half-Lights, were the by-blows of the full-blood Magicians and humans. As such, they were outcasts from both kingdoms. Their magic was too unpredictable for the magicians, and too magic - period - for the humans.DRAGONS WILL FALL, BOOK 1 by Susan Scott heralds the first book in Susan's new Kingdom Come series. If you follow my reviews, you know that I love tales featuring dragons and that I hav [...]

  • Kas is a half light - not fully human and not a full magician. Unfortunately she isn't accepted in either world. She doesn't have control of her powers of invisibility or healing and when she tries to use her invisibility to find out who is giving away the secrets to the half lights hidden camp everything that could go wrong does. She kills the King by accident, and is somehow seen by Cullen. He doesn't really see her, it is his dragon side that smells her and allows him to kidnap her. He does t [...]

  • I loved this one! Great start to an exciting new series. I already love Susannah's dragons but this one takes us into the world of dragonshifters, and magic, and what she has conjured is amazing. Kasima McClellan is a half-light who watched her family killed for not surrendering her to a murderous king who wished to wipe out all things magical. Her gift is one of invisibility, once she uses well as a spy in the human world. In an attempt to discover the identity of the spy infiltrating the Half- [...]

  • Despite Kas’ unpredictable powers, Cullen is convinced that the half-light that he has abducted holds the key to saving his kinsmen and he will do whatever it takes to gain her cooperation in this spellbinding fantasy romance.Trying to prove her worth and save her people, Kas infiltrates an enemy castle only to be kidnapped by an intruder and the reader can’t help but get drawn into the excitement as Cullen breaks all the taboos and seduces the crafty little magician. The chemistry between C [...]

  • Susan Scott brings us a wonderful fantasy romance - who can't love a dragon - especially a Dragon King!We first meet Kas - she is a half-light - (part magician, part human), she has the gift of invisibility and healing. However, they are all on the run and hiding from and evil King who is trying to rid the world of everything magic. After, watching her family butchered because of her and then accidentally killing another half-light she is trying to find her way into the good graces of her group [...]

  • As the first book in Susan Scott’s brand new fantasy romance series, Dragons Will Fall kept me on the edge of my seat with fantastic world building, a strong Alpha hero, and an intelligent, independent heroine. The enemies to lovers trope is one of my all time favorites, and Scott has delivered in another sensual and captivating fantasy romance.I was immediately hooked as Kas infiltrates the human castle to uncover the double-agent passing information about her half-light clan to the human kin [...]

  • DNFOK! So, Cullen says to Kas, “I can hear your heartbeat and smell your emotions. You’re lying.” And her answer is, “I wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire.” WTH? How much sense does that make? How did the author even come up with an answer like that? And that was only at about 7%. I had hoped that rest of the books conversations wouldn’t be that stupid. By 53% I really wasn’t crazy about this book but I decided to go on, because I’d already read the other 3 dragon books b [...]

  • I had the good fortune of receiving this book as an ARC for an honest review.I love dragons and I love reading about them. In this book there are a few with magicians, half-light humans and just plain old humans.You get to meet Kas (half-light with powers of invisibility and healing), her friend Muriel (half-light with powers over water) and of course Cullen (the dragon) and many more.In this book you get to see the struggles that they go through, that live isn't fair, good versus evil etc. But [...]

  • I received an ARC for an honest review. I do love dragons. and there were a lot in this story. I liked Kas and her discovering of her powers and of another world . there's good vs. evil, and you need to read this to find out. I think Muriel will also be an interesting character in a future book. sorry, no spoilers here :-)

  • I absolutely loved this book! I was hooked from the beginning and couldn't put it down. I would recommend this book it's a must read

  • Review Originally Posted at Ramblings From This ChickramblingsfromthischickspoKas is half Human and half Magician. So, to the other races of the realm (Human, Magician, and Dragon) she is considered an abomination. She has found a group of others like her hiding out in the wilderness trying to survive the hunt of their kind. Kas has two gifts, healing and invisibility. She tries to spy on the humans to help her people, but a strange visitor to the palace finds her even though she using her invis [...]

  • Posted on What I'm ReadingAll right, I received the chance to read Susan Scott's (also known as Susannah Scott) Dragons Will Fall. This is a little different from her Vegas dragons, which we enter a fantastical area where we see dragons, magic, and powerful kings. Basically, we are introduce to a magical kingdom. We meet Kas who is a half-light, which is a person born from a magician and human. They don't have the full power of a magician and they aren't quite human. The half-lights aren't accep [...]

  • Such a WONDERFUL story from start to finish! This book is a time period book, were humans, Half-lighters, Dragon-shifters and others come to life in this world!! This book starts at a easy pace that lets you get to know each character as the story flows, and each character comes to life under the creative writing of Mrs. Scott The creative way she describes the way a place looks, action fight, and the emotions that each character feels was just GREAT writing!! The main characters Half-lighter Ka [...]

  • As treachery surrounds them Cullen, a powerful dragon shifter king needs to find Kas, a half-light with the gift of healing. His dragons are dying and only she can save them. He captures her but finds that she is afraid to use her power. The last time she did things went very badly. Can these two help each other and defeat their enemy? Cullen is stubborn and unyielding. He is determined to accomplish his goal. Kas is his opposite. She's afraid. She has always been told that she's unworthy. Guilt [...]

  • I was provided a complimentary copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review.Half-Light Kas has decent control over her invisibility, but none over her healing power. Which is only part of why being kidnapped by a dragon king to save his people from a mysterious disease is problematic. The fact that she’s thinking as much about his ridiculously sexy abs as she is about escaping is another part. But when she sees the sick dragon people, she wants to help. Unfortunately, she hasn’t been [...]

  • Action Packed and Full of Intrigue and RomanceFantastic tale of dragons, magic users, and humans. Kas is a half human half magic user, shunned by the pure breeds. Her magical gifts of healing and invisibility work erratically if at all. She lives with other halflings who also despise her because of her inconsistent gifts. But she loves her people and puts her own life at risk to try to protect them from the humans, who want to eradicate the halfling abominations. Cullen is a black dragon, leader [...]

  • Magicians, humans, and dragon-shifters rule the three kingdoms. The half-lights are half-human and half-magicians and all three kingdoms hunt them and think they are an abomination. Kas is a half-light healer who can’t control her magic and is always in the wrong place at the wrong time. Cullen is the king of the dragon-shifters and he needs to Kas to heal his kind. Kas is hated everywhere she goes and with the dragons it is no different. She just wants to save her friend Muriel from the human [...]

  • A great beginning to a new series. Cullen's family members are dying, and as the leader of the dragons he needs to find a healer to cure the sickness even if he has to kidnap her.Ras is a half-light who possesses the power to become invisible and to heal the sick or injured. She has a hard time controlling her healing powers so she prefers to keep them a secret.As Cullen tries to help her build confidence in herself he opens his heart to emotions he never wanted. Can they find out what's killing [...]

  • I read this book as part of the anthology Edge of Never.I really enjoyed this book. It had an interesting story line that was intricate but not overly complex. The book definitely pulled me in. The characters were well-rounded and enjoyable to read about. One of my favorite parts: I found it funny in many places (I always love a book that can make me laugh out loud). I will definitely be looking to read other books in the Kingdom Come series by Scott! [Note: this could be read as a stand-alone.] [...]

  • I have stepped into a magical world where dragons and other types of magic are still alive. When people believed in dragons, magic, and kings. Dragons Will Fall is a breath of fresh air. Susan Scott's skill at storytelling has woven a world so realistic that the dynamic characters practically leap off the page.The full review can be found on the below URL:nightowlreviews/v5/ReDebACopyright Night Owl Reviews

  • Dragons Will Fall is the first book in Susannah Scott's new Kingdom Come series. What I enjoyed most was the uniqueness of this paranormal story. Susannah truly created a mystical world with the perfect mix of fantasy, magic, dragons, betrayal, love, royalty, battles, and passion. This quick read will keep you entertained from start to finish.

  • I love dragon shifters, and this was a really nice start to a new series by a new-to-me author. I loved Cullen, and Kas was a spunky heroine. Looking forward to reading the next book.

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