The Malice

The Malice Following Peter Newman s brilliant debut THE VAGRANT This is the much anticipated sequel THE MALICE In the south the Breach stirs Gamma s sword the Malice wakes calling to be taken to battle onc

  • Title: The Malice
  • Author: PeterNewman
  • ISBN: 9780007593163
  • Page: 321
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Following Peter Newman s brilliant debut, THE VAGRANT This is the much anticipated sequel, THE MALICE.In the south, the Breach stirs.Gamma s sword, the Malice, wakes, calling to be taken to battle once .But the Vagrant has found a home now, made a life and so he turns his back, ignoring its call.The sword cries out, frustrated, until another answers.Her name is VesperFollowing Peter Newman s brilliant debut, THE VAGRANT This is the much anticipated sequel, THE MALICE.In the south, the Breach stirs.Gamma s sword, the Malice, wakes, calling to be taken to battle once .But the Vagrant has found a home now, made a life and so he turns his back, ignoring its call.The sword cries out, frustrated, until another answers.Her name is Vesper.

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    Peter Newman co writes the Hugo nominated and Alfie Award winning Tea and Jeopardy podcast and is also the voice of the butler, Latimer He writes for Fantasy MMO Albion Online, including the tie in novel LANDFALL His debut novel, THE VAGRANT, was published by Harper Voyager and won the David Gemmell Morningstar Award for best newcomer in 2016 Book two, THE MALICE, is out this year , with book three, THE SEVEN due in 2017.There are also two shorter stories set in the same world, available as ebooks THE HAMMER AND THE GOAT which is set parallel to THE VAGRANT and THE VAGRANT AND THE CITY, which is set between books 2 and 3 coming early 2017 THE MALICE will be released in March 2017 in the US


  • I don't know what it was about this book, but it really hit all the right spots for me. What really blew me away the most was the absolutely gorgeous and disturbing descriptions of hoards of demons both friendly, neutral, and evil that roam the world. Truly mind-blowing. This is an epic fantasy without hoards of heroes. This is a quest novel featuring a girl, her baby goat, and a couple of broken knights that guard her and the one sword that is anathema to all demons. Whereas the first novel wit [...]

  • Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths.My rating is 3.5 stars.The Vagrant was a revelation in 2015. Peter Newman perfectly blending fantasy, sci-fi, and post-apocalyptic themes into a page turning affair. The advanced technology and sky ships, guns and sentient swords, demons and god-like beings, knights and goats thrilling lovers of this type of speculative fiction. All of it told in a lyrical style which caused The Vagrant to bring to mind the ancient myth whispered around the campfires by Homer-l [...]

  • This has the same amazing weird and wonderful world that was just as fascinating this time round as the first. This sequel was still good but not as good as The Vagrant. I love the author's spare writing style but Vesper is not the intriguing and iconic figure that the Vagrant is. The baby goat steals the show.

  • Deff not a bad sequel, but it didnt captivate me enough. Vesper as the headcharacter in this book was an epic idea but it didnt deliver. Loved the Kid though xD and Duet~ I guess I was more interested in the other characters. The beginning started off strong, the rest was just the story developing for book 3? Or so I hope and will find out soon enough~

  • Book 1: 4.25*Book 2: 3*This Sci-fi, Dystopian and fantasy blended story was consistent with book one reading like a video game epic quest with heroes, villains, demons, twists and different eccentric characters that don't fit the stereotypes. The second half of this book was much better but it still wasn't nearly as good as the first book. Some of the quirky things about the world and the characters weren't as fresh this time around and the story arc seemed to take forever to get some traction. [...]

  • „Yes.“ Posle ogromnog uživanja čitajući prvi deo ove trilogije, koja je na ramenima nemog protagoniste stvarno bila nešto posebno i potpuno drugačije, bojao sam se da uzmem drugi deo u ruke, odlagao ga i odlagao, jer (činilo mi se apokaliptičnim) glavni lik više nije pomenuti Vagrant, već Vesper, klinkica koja, kao i manjeviše svi ostali, ume da priča. To je to, mislio sam, ode sve niz vodu, sve ono što je činilo prvu knjigu toliko upečatljivom. E, ali Njuman se zainatio, a ja [...]

  • Good sequelA good sequel. Set in the same world, it focuses on the Vagrant's 'daughter' who was a baby in the first book. It is similar in style, which I enjoyed, and has the same fast pace. It also reveals a bit more about the world before the demons invaded. I hope there will be a third book.

  • Although I liked The Vagrant better than Vesper, I still enjoyed this book very much! Interesting new characters and surprising turning of events.

  • 4 Stars Malice, the second book in The Vagrant series by Peter Newman is a good read in a great world. This book could not possibly live up to the excellence of book one, and unfortunately, it did not. That is not to say that this is not a successful book, it is, as well as enjoyable. Book one shined because of the characters, and in this one Vesper cannot match the magic of the mute Vagrant and his goat. The world is fantastic and it reminded me of one of my favorites The Gone Away World by Nic [...]

  • This is another inspired and distinctive tale. It takes the boundaries of traditional fantasy that were already stretched by "The Vagrant" and pushes them further but in new directions.The central character is no longer the mute warrior with the singing sword. Instead the story is carried by (and carries) Vesper the baby from The Vagrant who has grown into a child. She takes up the sword - The Malice - for a journey to try and complete the task of Gamma, champion of the Empire of the Winged Eye. [...]

  • "Together they sing. Together they fall. A wordless song of woe, of loss, of anger."The beginning of Malice was a bit awkward. Didnt have the instant warmth of Vagrant. Maybe it was the new cast of characters. But after I tuned in, enthusiasm landed again. The dystopic world Newman has created is awesome. Its so unique and interesting. Εverything, from the land to the ppl, reflects the ongoing struggle between the old, honorable, but deep in vanity human Empire and the invading, highly adaptabl [...]

  • I didn't enjoy this book quite as much as the first but it was still an interesting book. The thing is, the story could be boring as hell and I would still read it out of love for the characters and the totally adorable goatling.The Vagrant and Harm are only in this book briefly and it's almost entirely about Vesper taking up the sword and going off to help people and heal the world. She's sweet, optimistic, and very kind. Plus she takes great care of the kid, which is the most important part.In [...]

  • i wish would let you click a half star instead of full stars when you want to give a book .5 stars. Anyways i'm totally going with an unpopular opinion here and rating this 2.5 stars.This book just didn't do it for me, which is ugh so sad. One of my biggest problems was that at a point everything was just so anti climatic. Look, You spend chunks of the book just travelling with Vesper and you get just one chapter, one measly chapter (I'm really not kidding) of Vesper finally at the breach and h [...]

  • I'm not entirely sure wether or not I liked The Malice. Let's see if writing a review will clear that up for me ?World-buildingThe Malice continues the excellent world-building from The Vagrant and boy does it do a good job. We have intermittent flashbacks to a, very interesting, POV from before the Breach which provides a nice backstory about the Empire of the Winged Eye. We learn more about different cities and their relationships and how the landscape has changed after the Usurper was defeate [...]

  • You can also find my review on my blog: thetattooedbookgeek.wordpress4.5 stars.Looks like I'm one of the first to review this book on , oh the pressure!I received a free copy of this book courtesy of the publisher in exchange for an honest review.The Malice is the sequel to last year's The Vagrant.The Malice takes place a number of years after the conclusion of the first book. Vesper, the baby from The Vagrant is now a young girl and is the central main character in The Malice. Without going int [...]

  • The Vagrant was one of the best fantasy novels of 2015, but The Malice I could not finish. The fabulous group of characters from the first volume are gone, the new ones are completely uninteresting and the world brings nothing new.

  • Just wasnt for me. Didnt really like the protagonist Vesper. Maybe its the sparse writing style as well. Probably wont continue on to the 3rd book

  • 3.5 starsRemember Fatty Bolger from The Lord of the Rings? Or Seamus from Harry Potter? Maybe you do and maybe you don’t – they’re not all that prominent compared to other characters. Now imagine if Fatty replaced Frodo in The Two Towers or Seamus replaced Harry in The Chamber of Secrets. Wouldn’t that be a gamble on the part of the author? Wouldn’t it disrupt the flow of the story after you fell in love with a certain character and they just got thrown out in an experimental fashion?T [...]

  • Certainly not an easy read. The style and setting are quite unusual. Set in a dark future fantasy world with some remnants of earlier technology and a world ravaged by Demons and some very unusual heros.The odd style can make it difficult to get into and the main character from book 1 takes a firm back seat so the brain really needs to adjust to the whole thing at the start of the book. The nightmare setting and nasty events can make it a difficult book as well.But for all that its worth it. So [...]

  • DNFI've been trying to read this book for weeks and I just am not picking it up. I loved the first book, but I can't get into this. I'll hopefully come back to it, but this just didn't have the WOW of the first. Which sucks.

  • Really liked this book.When i finished the Vagrant and heard book 2 was coming out, I thought yippee, can't wait for Main character- The Vagrant again.But he is not really in it much, more of daughter and own goat and bodyguard.Brilliant story, but not feeling this one as much as 1st book.Tried really hard to fall for characters , but could not quite get there.I am hoping for more from the Vagrant next, especially after the word in final line. Wow.That one word made the book for me.

  • Fantastic atmosphere and worldbuilding plus very well displayed characters and species. Sadly some issues with the pacing and the story itself developed without any climaxes in my perception. But definitely going for book three when it comes out.

  • This begins and ends with goats, which is almost metaphorical. Despite all the carnage around, life still goes on. The goat is fabulous and entertains while being cute.Goats aside, we're plunged back into action with this follow up to The Vagrant and without knowing the characters, I found it difficult to get involved. That changed around the 100 page mark and it was a roller-coaster ride til the close. Some characters are reprised from the previous book and new ones abound. Duet is particularly [...]

  • The Malice is the sequel to Peter Newman’s 2015 debut The Vagrant, which I absolutely loved. It made me coin the term lyrical grim, a description I still stand by, and it set the bar high for this sequel. A height the book easily clears, as it is a wonderful read, featuring more of Newman's lovely prose style. The Malice takes the reader forward in time about a decade and presents them with an entirely new set of main characters, relegating the ones from The Vagrant somewhat to the background [...]

  • It’s exam season for me, and that means that it takes me even longer (I’m a slow reader at the best of times) to finish a book. The Malice is the third story I’ve read from Peter Newman, the first two being The Vagrant and one of his short stories, The Hammer and the Goat, both of which I enjoyed immensely. If I get the “I didn’t enjoy it as much as The Vagrant” part out of the way first it will enable me to sing The Malice’s praises. For me it was the characters, in the interest o [...]

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