The Tide

The Tide Captain Dominic Holland leads a crew of skilled covert operatives and talented scientific personnel He s taken them to all corners of the earth to protect the United States from biological and chemica

  • Title: The Tide
  • Author: Anthony J. Melchiorri
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 204
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Captain Dominic Holland leads a crew of skilled covert operatives and talented scientific personnel He s taken them to all corners of the earth to protect the United States from biological and chemical warfare When his CIA handler, Meredith Webb, gives him a mission to investigate a disturbing lead on a laboratory based out of an abandoned oil rig, they discover the mostCaptain Dominic Holland leads a crew of skilled covert operatives and talented scientific personnel He s taken them to all corners of the earth to protect the United States from biological and chemical warfare When his CIA handler, Meredith Webb, gives him a mission to investigate a disturbing lead on a laboratory based out of an abandoned oil rig, they discover the most terrifying threat to mankind they ve ever faced a genetically engineered biological weapon called the Oni Agent Back in the United States, Meredith discovers a frightening connection between the CIA and the Oni Agent But her investigations are short lived when the Agent spreads and brings mankind to its knees Cities burn as it turns humans into warped creatures hell bent on destruction Dominic and Meredith vow to do everything they can to combat the Agent and find a cure But will their efforts be enough to turn the tide or is humanity s fate already sealed

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      204 Anthony J. Melchiorri
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    Anthony J Melchiorri is a writer and biomedical engineer living in Maryland He spends most of his time developing cardiovascular devices for tissue engineering to treat children with congenital heart defects when he isn t writing or reading.Read at anthonyjmelchiorri and sign up for his mailing list at bit ajmlist to hear about his latest releases and news.


  • This is probably the creepiest Anthony Melchiorri book I've read yet - and I've read all of them except two. It's pretty much a biomedical twist on a zombie / pre-dystopian theme. I have to say I really enjoyed it; it was well-written and almost scarily believable. It looks like it's the first in a series, based on the ending, so I'll be gleefully looking forward to the next installment to find out what happens next.A free advance copy was provided to me by the author in exchange for an honest r [...]

  • My original The Tide audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.It started in 1944 with Japanese Unit 731 and came to life in the present. (If you don’t know what Unit 731 is look it up. It was a real unit in the Japanese military.)Dom Holland and his Hunters were a private dark ops. unit. They were hired by Meridith Webb to discover if there was a bio threat on an oil platform in the North Atlantic. Meridith worked at the CIA. It was her duty to investigate bio-tech t [...]

  • Darn! Another pretty good zombie type series to get caught up in. A different approach to the zombie/end of the world. I was slowing down on zombie books (other than the Arisen series) but the cover and book description caught my eye and I was hooked. Nice and creep and deadly. I am looking forward to the 2nd book in this series.

  • I can't even articulate how caught up I got in this book! It's like there is no breathing room for these characters! It's Go Go Go! I'm thankful to know book #2 is being prepared for release.Thanks Nicholas Sansbury Smith for the heads up on this!

  • I have read The Extinction Cycle-books by Nicholas Sansbury Smith, and that somewhat ruined the reading experience for me. The Tide is really well written, and if I had read Melchiorri before Sansbury Smith, it would easily have gotten four stars from me. They are so similar! Zombie-like apocalypse and the heroes are soldiers. The zombies, Skulls, as they call them, are hyper active, does not give up, runs like hell to get hold of its prey and kill it. It looks as if there is no hope at all for [...]

  • This book has it all: history/science/horror/apocalypse----loved it! You don't know a lot about the characters going in, you sort of get to know a bit here and there as you go along-which is fine because there is so much action going on on several fronts that it keeps your mind busy. The worst thing about it is that I don't have book #2 ready to go and now that I'm finished with #1, I can't wait to see what happens next!

  • A fun read, one that was more intelligent than your average zombie genre book. I appreciated the fleshed our side characters and the pacing.

  • I got this through the Kindle lending library and bought the audio book to listen on my Echo, so I chip away at it a bit at a time, while cooking or whatever. I remember very little about this book, couldn't even name a character. The plot a little I suppose. It starts of on an interesting note, scientists in Imperial Japan develop a superbug at the end of WWII to anticipate the invasion of their island. They don't have a big part but man, are they bitter. So bitter. Clang to present day, becaus [...]

  • The Tide is a story of courage, strength and determination against an unbelievable odds. The Tide explores the trials of Captain Dominic Holland and his team, Ex CIA Meredith Webb and others as they face the most horrifying biological agent known to man.I really enjoyed this story as the storyline was fast paced, the chacters were well written and the monsters were scary. Just the way I like my zombie type books. The writing was gripping and had me devouring the book post haste. Overall I am giv [...]

  • I liked that we were given the origins for the virus and the very creepy reasons for it being developed. It led really well into the main body of the story.A twisted take on the usual zombies with the bony plating, making them a formidable enemy. Pretty much non-stop action along with medical situations as they try to find a solution. The characters are all well thought out and believable, with the children giving the story a little extra reality.Great read and more than worth the price.Disclaim [...]

  • Very exciting book 1. I've been desperate for another sci-fi, military, zombie, end of the world series since finishing the Joe Ledger books and I'm so happy to have found this author. Doubly happy that it was great and that women play as big a part kicking ass as the men.

  • 3.5 out of 4.I'll certainly read the sequel.So many military horror things are obviously written by people with little to no idea of military procedure.This is not one of them.Either loads of research or some experience is obvious.

  • I listen to fiction at the gym as i cant take notes. Zombies?!? Not sure what i was thinking. Muzak is more interesting.

  • I've always been a fan of Post Apocalyptic novels, not so much zombie novels. Now that the market is flooded with books about zombies, it must be difficult for an author to come up with anything original or that stands out from the crowd. The Tide is a variation on a theme, a covert ops team is sent to a remote oil rig where biological weapons research has gone wrong. It is then up to them to find a cure and save the world. The story is told by several characters to give more than one perspectiv [...]

  • After the initial setup, this book was a thrill ride till the final page! The author did a good job of setting the pace and setting up the breakdown of the society to a biological outbreak that turned regular, everyday people into feral and ravenous monsters. I guess my only complaint was that only the main characters were really memorable and that was because they were on most of the pages. More in-depth descriptions would have helped me remember them all. At one point I had even forgotten that [...]

  • This is the first book in what is currently a five book series. I started this series on a recommendation and I wasn't disappointed by any means.So far the plot is following the standard bio weapon got out and the world is screwed. The historical linkage between WWII and the present day outbreak is interesting. I find the makeup of the convert operations team, known as the Hunters, to be to my liking and looks to have a lot potential for the series.I'm already into book two and still enjoying th [...]

  • Better than thought it would be!I have to be honest and say that I did not have high expectations for this book… I was very pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be an interesting and captivating read . while I am not planning on passing out the Pulitzer Prize to this author I do think the writing is well done and the story keeps you wanting more.

  • Fast-paced, easy readA decent thriller! It was a fast-paced, easy read. It's pretty much all action, though I appreciate that the characters stop to think about what they're doing. And the characters are very likable.

  • I enjoyed this book. A unique and original dystopian horror. Fast pace, interesting viewpoint and well developed characters. The fact the Melchiorri is a scientist with a PhD in biochemistry creates a story that feels real, the possibility is nightmarish. An excellent Must Read story

  • Page Turner!Great read! I was up all night so I could finish. I can't wait to start the next book in the series.

  • A solid, fast-paced thriller with decent characters and some lovely sci-fi action. If you like stories of Science Gone Wrong, this is a good book for you.

  • Must read for fall.Thank you Anthony J. Melchiorri for a must read series for fall. This series debut starts me wanting more. A new fan.

  • A good readOne of the better books of this genre that I have read. Very high hopes for the rest of the series, which I have already purchased.

  • I thought that this was one thing, a techo-thriller when perhaps it is morphing into something else entirely. Definitely an interesting read and going to see what comes up next.

  • Nice, fast paced, straight to the point apocalypse novel. Not as detailed re:military jargon etc, but sufficient. Don't know if I'll go for the next

  • The Tide Review book 1Kept my interest all the way thru.Anxious to continue to Book 2. Sincerely hope as good as the 1st book and glad it seems to and hope the same characters.

  • Pretty good! A different take on the zombie apocalypse craze. And a more scary one. A few small quiches but those are easily ignored.

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