Evangeline, a Master For Tonight Companion Novel

Evangeline a Master For Tonight Companion Novel I know what you think of me I know the names you ve called me Psycho Insane Demented And worse so much worse But you don t know me You don t know anything about me All you know is what Julian told you

  • Title: Evangeline, a Master For Tonight Companion Novel
  • Author: Elaine Barris
  • ISBN: B0143XMMYG
  • Page: 232
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • I know what you think of me I know the names you ve called me Psycho Insane Demented And worse so much worse But you don t know me You don t know anything about me All you know is what Julian told you You don t know the extent of my tragedies EvangelineAfter being left to die in the rays of the morning light, Evangeline is rescued by her Maker Troubled, and I know what you think of me I know the names you ve called me Psycho Insane Demented And worse so much worse But you don t know me You don t know anything about me All you know is what Julian told you You don t know the extent of my tragedies EvangelineAfter being left to die in the rays of the morning light, Evangeline is rescued by her Maker Troubled, and facing demons of his own, he demands that she reconcile her torrid history and justify his saving her.Angry and terrified, but not alone, she unfurls her secrets for the ultimate judgement.After centuries of anguish, what would you become Would you be an angel Does Evangeline deserve to burn Evangeline is a companion to the Master For Tonight duet It can be read as a standalone, but it is not recommended, because throughout the book, references are made to scenes and characters from the Master For Tonight novels.M F, F F, Paranormal, Vampires

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    Elaine Barris is the author of erotic vampire romances She loves anything and everything vampire or paranormal When not working on her latest masterpiece, she sits in traffic on her way to or from work, thinking of stories, hanging out with her husband of over 20 years, when she s not planted in front of her PC, and always spoiling her fur baby rotten.


  • Five Stars Omfg I f'loved it I wanted to hate her in the MFT duets series but after reading her story Well let me just say this is one book you MUST read!! Love her or hate her This story delves into the how's and why's, an emotionally gripping story that is Evangeline.Grab your panties folks you're in for an wild ride.This is a companion novel and I would recommend reading Master For Tonight 1&2.

  • First, I've got to tell you, the first two chapters left me breathless, and that was just the begining! From there on out It was just raw emotions, any you can think of and some you never thought of The one who tricked Evangeline with words of love, lied to her, used her as a sex slave, abused and tortured her, not to mention the one who turned her and then abandoned her, drove her into a kind of a frenzy that made her search for someone that would love her, belong to her forever. Someone that w [...]

  • Jackpot! Elaine Barris has delivered yet another winner with Evangeline, and boy does she deliver in spades!!! She never fails to tease, tantalize and entertain her readers with her amazing skill, astounding imagination and perfect prose. We were first introduced to Evangeline in Master for Tonight 1 and 2, but this is Evangeline's story, from her point of view. After I read the last page, I just sat there for what seemed like an eternity - I was completely blown away. The story is well develope [...]

  • This story is so emotional. Evangeline is a villan but after reading this book you will see her in a new light. I hated her in book one and 2 but now I have a whole new insight on why she is so bad. She has been having her world torn apart piece at a time over and over exposed to so much grief beyond imagination. She has went through eternity with a burden that I can not even comprehend NO SPOILERS We all know life is a rollercoaster can you imagine having love and friends and you dreams ripped [...]

  • Arc reviewFirst and foremost this is a companion novel, you must read Master for Tonight Duet first. Evangaline, she the evil, nasty, vengeful vampire maker of the delicious Julian <3 - we don't always know why some characthers are just bad, but thanks to this companion novel you may just change your thoughts on Evangaline, then again you may not! Evangaline tells her story through the years, her trials and tribulations that mould her into the person we know in MFT, the were times I was like [...]

  • Wow, this was some read.For those who have read the master for tonight books, you will have already met Evangeline. This book tells her story, it describes in detail the events in her life that helped shape her into the sadistic monster she'd become.Love, lust, abuse, betrayal, revenge and murder, Evangeline has suffered it all. As the madness consumes her Evangeline's life hangs in the balance, can there be redemption for a vampire so twisted by hate and jealously? can her unbeating heart reall [...]

  • This was given as an ARC as long as I gave my honest review!!! I have been waiting for a book about Evangeline who was a character from Elaine's Master For Tonight I&II.This book was SO worth the wait.Evangeline was absolutely amazing. It was everything I had hoped for in a book. I had some questions in the other books about her background and Elaine answered them all.I don't ever give spoilers away and it's hard not too either, but what I can say is EVANGELINE IS WONDERFUL!!! ❤️ Thank y [...]

  • I was giving this book for an honest review:This was a wild ride of madness. In A Master for Tonight, you really hate Evangeline because of the evil things that she does. In this book you find out some of the reason behind her madness. I still love to hate her. I really enjoyed this book. Get ready for a wild ride.

  • Evangeline the companion novel to MFT duet by Elaine Barris. She was hated some despised her, they called her unholy names like bitch, evil, murderer and yes wanted her dead, only a chosen few loved her, but no one understood Evangeline like.rry no spoilers. I know who he/she is and you will have to read the book to find out.Elaine Barris weaves an erotic story like no other author I have read, you cling to every word every page waiting to read what is going to happen next. I felt like a fly cau [...]

  • After reading about Evangeline in the first two books, and how she treated Julian as his master, I really didn't like her very much. She appears to be the epitome of evil and doesn't possess many redeeming qualities. However, after reading her story and seeing where she came from and the loss she suffered, I completely changed my mind!This is a character with more depth and heartache than seems possible. Everyone and everything she has ever held dear has been taken from her. Forced into a life s [...]

  • What a life! Used before and after becoming a vampire. What a miserable life - to only have known love so rarely! Her treatment throughout her life would definitely be a reason to go mad.Great to read Evangeline's story. To finally understand how she became such an unhappy person. Talk about looking for love in all the wrong places.

  • Not at all what I expected - OMG. Amazing!Evangeline is Julian's maker. Their relationship, as described in Master From Tonight I & II, will be more detailed in this story. You will get to know the story behind Evangeline's twisted behavior. You will learn so much, you'll be on an emotional rollercoaster. You may not sleep from the time you begin reading until you reach the end.In this story, Evangeline comes face to face with two men from her very distant past - one she hates, the other she [...]

  • EvangelineEvangeline by Elaine Barris was a bittersweet conclusion to a character readers loved and loathed in the same instance. Finding love, only to lose it repeatedly and living a difficult and horrifying existence is something that many readers can unfortunately relate to. The revenge that many of us dare to even think of, Evangeline exacted with an often-heavy heart. Her hunger to be loved is what motivates most things and we were able to comprehend all of the emotions that Evangeline foug [...]

  • An intense story that explains the past of Evangeline. Find out why she became obsessed with Julian and why she became so heartless and cruel. Can she find redemption and live with what she has done?I highly suggest reading books one and two before reading this one. The story does have some violent scenes and some very sexual circumstances. Mature readers only. I voluntarily read and reviewed a copy of the book.

  • Yay I finally read Evangeline. I have to say this is a beautiful paperback and looks great with MFT/MFT2 this is a companion novel and technically you can read it as a stand alone but your really should read in order to get the whole background.I have a love/hate relationship with Evangeline. You love to hate her. She's a murderer. Done horrible things over time. She's for sure had made some horrible choice in life and is a tad crazy. So needless to say Evangeline is an all around bad a**Her bac [...]

  • I started Evangeline as soon as it arrived on my Kindle and loved every minute of it! All I can really say without giving the book away OMG! After reading her story, you will understand what drove Evangeline to madness and the terror she reined on not only Kate & Julian but mankind. You'll just have to read for yourself who and what brings Evangeline through her madness & does she survive!? I hope you love Evangeline as much as I did & come out with a different opinion of Evangeline. [...]

  • EvangelineI was so ready for this book. I hated her in the first 2 books, but getting to see what her life was like and all that she went through I felt really sorry for her. All she really wanted was someone to love and love her back just for being her. I still don't agree with what she did to Julian and Kate but now I have clarity. I wish it would have continued a little farther though with what happened after Timothy and Evangeline left. But overall it was a great book. Good job Elaine ready [...]

  • I wasn't sure what to expect in this book after reading about how much of a bitch she was in the first two books, but I loved how this book told her story. It made me what to pity her not hate her she had a horrible human life that made her the devilish vampire she became happy Elaine took the time to write this book!!

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