Saved by Her

Saved by Her AUTHORS NOTE Saved By Her has been unpublished

  • Title: Saved by Her
  • Author: Michelle Heard (Horst)
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 186
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • AUTHORS NOTE Saved By Her has been unpublished

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      186 Michelle Heard (Horst)
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  • **༻Complimentary Copy༺** Provided by the author "Michelle Horst" in exchange for an honest reviewThank you!!TITLE: Saved By HerSERIES: (The Monster Series #1) AUTHOR: Michelle Horst GENRE: Contemporary RomanceRELEASE DATE: November 2nd 2015MY RATING: 5 STARS!!This book had my stomach curdling, my heart breaking, my head reeling and in no time at all I was falling in love with this book, it's gritty, sick and oh so goodBefore I was a Michelle Horst virgin now I am going to be stalking her ass [...]

  • 3 "It was okay" StarsFirstly, I would like to warn you about the topic of the book. "Saved by Her" deals with sexual slavery and its consequences on one's psychological well-being, a very serious and delicate subject. The blurb provided does not imply the existence of this issue in the book, so be aware in case you would like to read it. What I have to say, though, is that the author manages to present this heavy subject in a very skillful and smooth way. You get to understand the suffering of c [...]

  • When I first read his blurb, I thought up so many different stories. To my delight, slavery was my first thought, and I hit the nail on it's head. So to say my excitement was bubbling over, would be an understatement.We're given a more than epic and brutal start to this work of fiction (which we all know is so real in many places). Jack at eight years old, understands what it is to love, lose and hurt. His mother, a slave herself, was sold and then murdered by her master. Seeing his step-father [...]

  • Strong start that falls apart.Initial reactionThis story starts very heartbreaking & tragic for the MMC as a young boy watching his mother being murdered and discarded. He becomes a sex slave in an attempt to keep brother safe. The story fast-forwards to him as an adult and having endured almost twenty years of horrors we are not told the specifics of, but can certainly gather. The current scenes of sexual slavery are very sexually graphic. His initial one-track thoughts are very striking an [...]

  • 3.75 starsFrom the blurb alone, I had no idea what the book is all about except that is going to be a dark romance. Well, apparently the story underlying theme was the sex trade. If I were to know this earlier, maybe I wouldn't pick this book up. I'm sorta on a sabbatical on this subject matter for the moment. Not really eager to read another sex trade, sex cult or whatever sicko degrading sex act.Jack is a sex slave since he was eight. I love reading his POV. He had this naivety about him that [...]

  • Saved By Her is a very dark yet absolutely beautiful story about finding your wings and flying again after severe tragedy has been the whole of your life. It’s all you know, and when faced with simple everyday situations, it’s overwhelming to say the least. Jack grew up with a literal monster as a father figure, and the sorrow and pain he was put through is unquestionably evil in so many ways, and as you will see, he becomes a true fighter for life. Raised to be a sex slave, not knowing anyt [...]

  • Only Michell Horst can draw love from something so dark,sadistic evil and haunting. Seriously Michelle Horst is like the Stephen King of this genre her creatively is beyond bounds.Jack, a slave from the age of nine, used for sex surrounded by this dark evil world containing men and women with no morals or feeling for human beings.Beaten,used, degraded, abused but not broken. Jack is like a bulb in the earth kept in this dark world, fed watered but merely existing. River is his rescuer she become [...]

  • This was a short book, with a huge and an amazing story.You know, this is one of those books that you start reading them blindfolded. I mean, you read the blurb and you're expecting something but what? You're walking slowly to see how is going to be the book, to see if you're going to like it, to seeActually, please leave those expectations behind and go and submerge yourself in this book with open eyes. Is beautiful, is sad, is real and it's going to give you a lot to think.Jack's been hurted a [...]

  • When all you want to do is protect the one person you have left, to make sure they don't see the things you have, you do Anything you can to save them. Right ? Well that's what Jack does his young eyes sees the most painful thing they can & then for the next 18 yrs his life is the darkest they've ever been. This literally clawed at my heart reading the start of Jacks journey & how devastatingly brutal his life started out. River's first experience of of sex did not start out in the way i [...]

  • So sadThe prologue was rough to read about Jacks mother. I felt so bad for Jack, and what he dealt with his whole life. This was a great book.

  • Michelle writes fantasy. She writes the dark and twisted. And she writes romance. Saved by Her is in a whole other category all on its own! A combination of some of Michelle's darkest mixed with some of her most romantic ever. A beautiful clandestine love story so different from any other I've ever read. Jack is a shattered soul, a man living in captivity only for the love and safety of his brother. A sexual slave of his devious, masochistic stepfather. River is a woman trying to right the wrong [...]

  • I'm a HUGE fan of dark stories, and it saddens me to say that, in my opinion, this book has been badly categorized - it's neither dark, nor suspenseful. But I still read it and here are my thoughts.While the blurb is well written and it reminded me of "the Queen of Darkness" herself, Pepper Winters, the execution left a lot to be desired. Maybe my expectations were too high, but when an author tells me I'll be disturbed by some scenes in the book, I want to be disturbed, disgusted and left wonde [...]

  • Oh wow. Talk about starting the story off with a bang. The first few chapters threw me into the dark life of Jack when he was eight years old. My heart bled for him. When your life starts out so bad and there's badness all around you can you be saved??A promise to his mum left him doing things he didn't want to do. What happens when what you believed in all changed??I love the heroine in this story. River has fought to leave the past behind her. However is it really holding her back?? This is th [...]

  • I don't read a lot of dark stories but this was perfect,at the same time heart-wrenching and heartwarming, I couldn't stop reading it.The main characters,Jack and River, are both broken souls but thanks to each other they found the strength to overcome their dark pasts and go on living their lives at their best.I want to thank the author for giving me the chance to read an ARC. "Mistress Ryland's eyes are so warm I want to crawl into them - I want to find rest there."

  • This was amazing!I have never read a book like this in my life. It was so raw and so emotional, I think I sobbed through a good portion of it. River and Jack are extraordinary characters. What each of them had to endure in their life, it was amazing that they survived. I would definitely recommend this book to my friends.

  • 4 Car Accident StarsLove is like a car accident.This book is like a car accident. It's painful to watch but you can't turn away. You are sucked in. You can't stop. Jack has been held captive for years. Since his mother was killed. But he doesn't dream of escape. He dreams of a better life for his little brother. The brother he has sacrificed everything for. E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.So I cooperate. I promised to look after my baby brother and as long as it's in my power to keep that promise, I will.Ja [...]

  • Review by Susan on behalf of Ladies Living in Bookland I am officially hook on Michelle Horsts books! This one I think had to top all the books I have read to date by this author. It just clicked with me. As with all Michelle's stories (and truthful warnings!) her books are dark, contain graphic and disturbing scenes and are not for the easily offended. Jack has only known terror his entire life. A slave to serve others and their deluded and disturbing fantasies. With the aim being to break a sl [...]

  • This was my first book by Michelle. I was very intrigued by the blurb and I instantly was sucked into the book from the very beginning. I found myself not being able to stop once I started and I had to know more. More than once the characters pulled on my heartstrings. I felt so bad for them and I wanted nothing more than to pull them out and hold them. Even the secondary characters did the same to me.Jack has been through unspeakable things. I don’t even know where to begin to understand ever [...]

  • Jack watched his mom get burned by his step father. If that was you can all him he was a monster. He was only nine years old when he was put into slavery. Jack is now 27 and the only reason why he doesn't leave because he made a promise to his mother to always protect his little brother. River she has her own story that is just jaw dropping sad. She is now in her early thirties and had made it her life work to give back and save as many slaves as she can. She considers it as righting the wrongs [...]

  • Saved By Her. Wow. Where do I even begin? This was a beautiful, painful and downright amazing story. Jack and River were both paying for the sins of their fathers and honestly, I wanted to take their pain away and just give them the happiness they deserve. Jack. Poor Jack. He not only had to deal with the loss of his mother on his own, but he was forced to become a slave. He didn't deserve the card he was dealt and I felt every ounce of pain and suffering he endured. And that's why I was so ecst [...]

  • I received this book in exchange for an honest review. Michelle Horst has done a fantastic job with this story. Even though parts of the story are dark I still found the story easy to read. Michelle's characters made it easy for me to fall in love with them. Each had a unique character and personality which I adore. Jack the main character has been a slave for most of his life to a cruel stepfather. He endures torture, rape etc only to protect his younger brother. River comes into his life tryin [...]

  • Like the warning says, this is a very dark read, with a touching subject: sex slaves!But this is also a story about love and second chances in life.The Prologue is touching, cruel and heartbreaking. It give us an insight of what this story is about.Jack did it all for his brother, to save him from a live like his. Until the day he is bought all he had was pain; after that all he will have is freedom!He learns to live again, surrounded by one feeling he never had: LOVE!This is Jack's and River's [...]

  • Freaking Amazing Michelle Horst has simply blown my mind! Saved by Her is one of the best dark romances I have read in a long while It is a short read, but let me tell you there is not an ounce of down time in this story. Right from the very first page you are in the thick of things. I had tears welled up in my eyes before the Prologue was over. At he young age of eight everything Jack ever knew was taking from him including his innocents. He is forced in to sexual slavery. River is out to right [...]

  • Firstly I was lucky to receive this for my honest review. OMG this is the most beautiful love story that has gripped so many of my emotions, I haven't been able to put this down even through the darkness it keeps all hope alive and bright. I won't do spoilers but Jack has endured a horrendous life that would truly crush a person but when River comes into his life this story really explodes. River is beautiful from the inside out and she has seen things that haunt her and drive her to make a sanc [...]

  • Saved By Her is the new deep, dark and devastating novel from Michelle Horst. This book will shatter your heart, claw at your soul and leave you in a bundle of feels. The first part of this book is heart breaking and what Jack goes through is disturbing. My emotions were a mess as I read, feeling intense sorrow for Jack. The second part of this book though is uplifting, full of spirit and hope. Jack is safe and free from further harm, learning to find himself, the real him. Despite his story get [...]

  • This story was incredible. I cried so much! The author did an epic job with this storyline. I cannot even imagine what Jack went through. Jack is a man that has not been given the chance to learn or love. Everything he has done has been in the name of lies. River is an extraordinary woman. She lives her life simply and goes the extra mile to make amends for her families transgressions. The chemistry between Jack and River is slow burning. Both of these characters have been through terrible event [...]

  • What a beautiful story of pain, survival, and love. This book is dark but their is so much l Iove in it also. From the very beginning I wanted to take Jack in my arms and never let him go. The pain and suffering he endured was horrendous. But along came River!!!! I don't like to post spoilers in my reviews and it is very hard to write this without giving anything away. But these two are not the only ones that suffered from a awful life. No its so much more! I received a arc copy of this book for [...]

  • Oh my gosh, where do I begin? I don’t think I stopped to take a breath until I was finished this book! Michelle has taken us into an unbelievably tragic, heartbreaking, horrible, impossible situation and let us discover the love and redemption within it. This book is dark, and gritty… I found myself reading with one eye at times because I was afraid to look! I felt Jack shutting down and closing himself off, and then I felt when he found himself and rejoiced with him! River is every bit the [...]

  • This is an intense story of two people who are given a second chance with rescue. My heart broke for all that Jack suffered through and I loved both his childlike qualities with River as well as his more assertive alpha that comes out after he takes care of business. I adored River. A woman who took a nightmare and turned it into a sanctuary. She was so very sweet, but she too had her issues. And who wouldn't after the father she had. My heart broke for her as well. I loved that they found each [...]

  • Well. What to say. Not your average love story. This is a dark dark story about second chances. Jack is a sex slave abused by his father and sold daily to vile, sick couples and individuals, not ever knowing what love is. River and her best friend Adam buy and set free sex slaves. I absolutely fell in love with Jack, such a wonderful soul, and hot in the mix. A story of trust, love and second chances.

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