Bloodroot It s just another day at the dentist s office for Victoria Trumbull when fellow patient wealthy Mrs Wilmington dies It s an unfortunate though seemingly not murderous incident but the receptionist

  • Title: Bloodroot
  • Author: Cynthia Riggs
  • ISBN: 9781250058683
  • Page: 498
  • Format: Hardcover
  • It s just another day at the dentist s office for Victoria Trumbull when fellow patient, wealthy Mrs Wilmington, dies It s an unfortunate, though seemingly not murderous incident, but the receptionist is hysterical, so one of the dental assistants offers to drive her home But after making a quick pit stop, he finds her body floating in the harbor.With the police shorthaIt s just another day at the dentist s office for Victoria Trumbull when fellow patient, wealthy Mrs Wilmington, dies It s an unfortunate, though seemingly not murderous incident, but the receptionist is hysterical, so one of the dental assistants offers to drive her home But after making a quick pit stop, he finds her body floating in the harbor.With the police shorthanded due to an upcoming presidential visit, it s up to Victoria to take on the case As she wrestles with her ex son in law, a 3 million will, and a deadly dental clinic, Mrs Trumbull discovers that nothing in the case is quite what it seems.

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    Cynthia Riggs, a tall gray haired and imposing figure, is a 13th generation Islander, the mother of five and daughter of author and poet Dionis Coffin Riggs and school principal and printmaker Sidney N Riggs.With a degree in geology, her own remarkable resum writing for the National Geographic Society and Smithsonian she spent two months in Antarctica , working in public relations for the American Petroleum Institute, operating boat charters she lived on a 44 foot houseboat for 12 years , running the Chesapeake Bay Ferry Boat Company, and being a rigger at Martha s Vineyard Shipyard After enrolling six years ago in the Master of Fine Arts creative writing program at Vermont College, Riggs found yet another calling She has become a successful mystery writer.All her mysteries take place on the Vineyard, and all draw from local scenes and fictionalized composites of Island characters She knows them all well, having been a two time candidate for West Tisbury selectman No, I don t think I ll do that again , a commissioner on the Martha s Vineyard Commission, a member of what is now the Martha s Vineyard Arts Council, and an active Island voice in both politics and human rights causes.


  • Cynthia Riggs, what have you done with Victoria Trumbull, and who is this doddering imposter?Although perennially 92 years old, Victoria Trumbull — renowned poet, avid gardener, sage, and West Tisbury’s oldest police deputy — has never been naïve – until now. In Bloodroot, the 12th novel in this usually excellent series, Victoria, a Martha’s Vineyard native, has gone soft — whether it’s in the head readers can decide. Heretofore perspicacious and cantankerous, suddenly, Victoria T [...]

  • Victoria is at the dentist when an unpopular, wealthy woman dies in the next room. Is is a heart attack or something else? Later that same day a worker from the same office drowns. Is it suicide, an accident, or something worse? Are the deaths connected? Victoria takes it upon herself to investigate.As always in this series, the writing is solid but you have to pay attention. There are a lot of characters and the point of view changes several times. While I liked the book overall, I have to say [...]

  • The cover caught my eye as this plant has always intrigued me. I was delighted to find this book part of a series that I have been wanting to read. An unpleasant wealthy woman dies in the dentist chair. The office receptionist is later found dead on the edge of the sea. Mrs. Wilmington heirs are all present when she dies. Victoria Trumball is also present. The police are busy with a president's visit and high society's wedding on the Island. Victoria investigates the case. her ex-in-son-law turn [...]

  • A fun mystery book with lots of potential suspects & case solved by 92 y.o. amateur detective Victoria Trumbull. I have been to Martha's Vineyard twice, and my mother spent time there as a child. I enjoy the book more because of it's setting on the Vineyard! Cynthia Riggs actually owns a home there she runs as a bed & breakfast for poets & writers. I think my son, Steven, the writer, poet & photographer, might enjoy going there. I know I would enjoy meeting this amazing author.

  • The book was okay. My first read of this series, maybe I'm mising something not having read previous ones. But not draw into the characters, Victoria being 92 yrs old seems all that walking not realistic. But one thing that bothered me not really pretentent to the story was having a 2 yr old playing outside unsupervised! Nanny and/or mom were always inside.

  • Good series. I love Victoria Trumbull, 92 and still a poet and detective with an active life. Setting in Martha's Vineyard. At least 13 books which can be read independently, though I prefer to read series in order.

  • Victoria Trumbull must go to the dentist to have a wisdom tooth removed. The fact this woman is a grandmother, is beside the point. She has dreaded this visit and each tiny thing connected to the appointment is making her uncomfortable.When there is suddenly screaming and terrible sounds of someone becoming very ill, Victoria and everyone in the dental clinic come running out to see what is happening.A patient has been very ill, she is rushed out on a stretcher. The patients all choose to go hom [...]

  • Bloodroot by Cynthia Riggs is the twelfth book in the Martha's Vineyard Mysteries. Victoria Trumbull has a painful wisdom tooth and needs to have it pulled. Victoria is waiting at Island Dental Clinic when there is a commotion. Mildred Wilmington, a patient, is dead. The West Tisbury police are called out. The receptionist, Vivian Parsons is very upset over the death and unable to drive home. A co-worker agrees to take her, but he makes a pit stop (for alcohol) along the way. Vivian waits in the [...]

  • Title: Bloodroot - Martha's Vineyard Mystery Book 12 Author: Cynthia Riggs Published: 5-3-2016 Publisher: Minotaur Books/St. Martin's Press Pages: 296 Genre: Mystery, Thrillers & Suspense Sub Genre: Women Sleuths; Cozy Mystery ISBN: 13: 9781250058683 ASIN: B016I7ZP58 Reviewer: DelAnne Reviewed For: NetGalleyRating: 4.25 Stars I received a copy of "Bloodroot" from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for my honest review.Description From the Publisher:It's just [...]

  • Initially I almost gave up reading this book because the story telling was pretty dry at the beginning, and there were more than twenty some characters in the first fifteen pages of the book I didn’t know about, since this is the first book in the series I read. It didn’t help that more than half of the characters are not only likeable but the kind of people you wouldn’t want to have anything to do with (Three self-centered grandchildren, who don’t have any redeemable qualities and who c [...]

  • I enjoyed parts of this mystery featuring Victoria Trumbull and I honestly could not figure out who the murderer was. Martha's Vineyard is busy with an upcoming presidential visit so when wealthy Mrs. Wilmington dies unexpectedly, Casey leaves the solving to Victoria. There were not many likeable characters in this one from Mrs. Wilmington's greedy grandchildren to Dr. Mann's dental office staff where the murder takes place. Most disturbing was the reappearance of Elizabeth's abusive ex-husband, [...]

  • My favorite 93 year old sleuth is back in the latest Victoria Trumbull, Martha's Vineyard mystery.When Victoria goes to the dentist to have a wisdom tooth pulled, she does not expect to be present at the death of a wealthy fellow resident of the island. She has been murdered and Victoria dives into the mystery of who killed her. When later the same day, the dental office receptionist is found dead, floating in the bay, the mystery gets even more perplexing. The author supplies us with enough cha [...]

  • If you enjoy snuggling with a cozy mystery book, Bloodroot is for you. It is part of Cynthia Riggs' Martha's Vineyard mystery series and takes place in West Tisbury, Massachusetts.The poet-sleuth, Victoria Trumbull, is 92 years old, but clearly has not slowed down. The murder happens in a dentist office, behind closed doors with many characters suspected for the crime. Several threads are in the story, though I had no trouble following them.I was sufficiently surprised by the ending to enjoy the [...]

  • Just because Victoria Trumbull is 92 doesn't mean she's learned to like going to the dentist! She likes it even less when Mrs. Wilmington dies in the next cubicle. The shaken dentists and dental assistants are sure it's a heart attack, but Victoria's police contacts--she knows everyone on Martha's Vineyard--lets her know it was arsenic. The police are busy with security for a presidential visit, so Victoria, who's considered a deputy, decides to investigate both the relationships at the dental o [...]

  • Victoria is elderly, a life-time resident of her small island and an honorary deputy. She is at the dentist when the woman in the next room screams and collapses. The patient is a difficult, old, wealthy woman and has four adult grandchildren. One has stayed and take care of (or put up with) the old lady for twenty years. The others got out as soon as possible, but all are in desperate need of money. Did one of them find a way to kill her for their inheritance? Or is someone at the dental clinic [...]

  • This is the twelfth novel featuring the intelligent, fiercely independent poet/police deputy, Victoria Trumbull. Now 92, she is well respected and well known on Martha's Vineyard where she has lived all her life. All of this is important as she solves two murders single-handedly while the police concentrate on security for the impending summer vacation of the President and his family.I enjoy this series because of the Martha's Vineyard setting; the plots, however, are a bit of a reach and charac [...]

  • I love the Victoria Trumbull series, but this one seemed slightly off. Victoria, at 92, is usually hearty and ahead of everyone else; maybe it was her wisdom tooth. In this book she seems to have forgotten that Elizabeth was terrorized by her ex-husband and tries to give him the benefit of the doubt. Fortunately she used her walking stick to good advantage, got rides all over the island, and solved the murders in the end.

  • I always enjoy Cynthia Riggs' novels, both for the plot and how beautifully she describes the Vineyard. I feel her love for the island through her detailed descriptions. I found this novel engaging as always but I truly disliked Ms. Trumbull's take on her granddaughter's ex-husband. I don't think it is inline with her character and her normal perception of people. I think that part of the storyline is weak, at best.

  • I've gotten used to the quirkiness of this series - after all, the main character is 92 and a native Vineyarder. but this book almost seemed to combine 2 short stories into one novel and both did not fit well together. it was a bit unusual but eventually tied things together near the end.

  • Enjoyed it very much and want to read the previous ones. But got a bigger kick out of the child's name as other than my middle name have never see or read of a Davina anywhere else.

  • This was GOOD! The ending left a "lot to be desired" though, too many threads left un-ended and not to be used in the futureI think maybe the author had had enough of some of the characters.

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