The Only Thing Worse Than Me Is You

The Only Thing Worse Than Me Is You Trixie Watson has two very important goals for senior year to finally save enough to buy the set of Doctor Who figurines at the local comic books store and to place third in her class and knock Ben W

  • Title: The Only Thing Worse Than Me Is You
  • Author: LilyAnderson
  • ISBN: 9781250079091
  • Page: 444
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Trixie Watson has two very important goals for senior year to finally save enough to buy the set of Doctor Who figurines at the local comic books store, and to place third in her class and knock Ben West and his horrendous new mustache that he spent all summer growing down to number four.Trixie will do anything to get her name ranked over Ben s, including give up sleepTrixie Watson has two very important goals for senior year to finally save enough to buy the set of Doctor Who figurines at the local comic books store, and to place third in her class and knock Ben West and his horrendous new mustache that he spent all summer growing down to number four.Trixie will do anything to get her name ranked over Ben s, including give up sleep and comic books well, maybe not comic books but definitely sleep After all, the war of Watson v West is as vicious as the Doctor v Daleks and Browncoats v Alliance combined, and it goes all the way back to the infamous monkey bars incident in the first grade Over a decade later, it s time to declare a champion once and for all.The war is Trixie s for the winning, until her best friend starts dating Ben s best friend and the two are unceremoniously dumped together and told to play nice Finding common ground is odious and tooth pullingly painful, but Trixie and Ben s cautious truce slowly transforms into a fandom based tentative friendship When Trixie s best friend gets expelled for cheating and Trixie cries foul play, however, they have to choose who to believe and which side they re on and they might not pick the same side.

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    Lily Anderson is a school librarian and Melvil Dewey fangirl with an ever growing collection of musical theater tattoos and Harry Potter ephemera She lives in Northern California, far from her mortal enemy the snow.


  • This was SO FRAKKING CUTE. I adored every single page of this damn book. My heart is so happy.

  • OMG! I COULDN'T PUT THIS BOOK DOWN! and it cracked me up. Well a lot of it did, there are some serious stuff and some love stuff which was all done soooooooooooo very nicely! **SOME SPOILERS**The book is about three best friends, Trixie, Meg and Harper. They go to Messina Academy for the Gifted - Mess for short :-) It's a school for nerds and geeks and I want to be one and hang with them! But I'm not smart like they are and I love that they love comics and graphic novels and all the cool tv show [...]

  • This was the book I needed and I didn’t even know it until I started reading it. This was all kinds of nerd heaven. Just try to imagine what kind of trouble genius kids who are all competing for rankings in their private school could get into… and slip it into a retelling of Much Ado About Nothing add in a contentious relationship and you’ve got The Only Thing Worse Than Me Is You.Trixie is currently ranked fourth… she wants to be number 3 by the end of the school year and she wants to b [...]

  • Between the Doctor Who reference in the synopsis and comparison of MAAN meets Ten Things I Hate About You, my expectations were quite high going into this book. I loved Trixie and Ben. Like an irrational sort of obsessive kind of love. They're smart and snarky and the banter is unbelievable. The entire cast of characters were awesome. And Trixie's parents were hilarious. Everything from the overall plot to the epilogue and all of the stuff in between was nerd filled perfection. I loved every sin [...]

  • 4.5 starsMy little fangirl heart is soooo happy =) Numerous mentions of Doctor Who, Firefly, Joss Whedon, numerous superheroese nerd in me is squealing =DAn added bonusis is a Much Ado About Nothing retelling. If you are a fan of any of the above, you will love this. ------------The description mentioned Firefly and Doctor WhoAnd this is a Much Ado About Nothing retellingSOLD

  • Copy received courtesy of NetGalleyI loved this book. It has one of my favorite tropes ever, the couple who begin loathing each other and who banter their way toward love. Add in a Shakespearean substrate (and shout-outs galore) and I was glued to the pages.Only-child Trixie has two best friends, and doesn’t need any more friends. She certainly doesn’t need a boyfriend. She wants no distractions from moving up the rankings at the school for very bright kids that she attends, but the thorn in [...]

  • I received an Advance Reader Copy from the publisher via NetGalley. This in no way impacted on my view.I first read this book way back in January, after I finished my exams, and devoured the whole thing in less than a day. Afterwards, life seemed to get in the way, and I kept putting off writing my review that I realised I needed to reread the book in order to remember what happened. After rereading only the first few chapters, everything came back to me, and I remembered just why I loved the bo [...]

  • THIS BOOK IS PURE PERFECTION!!! *-*Okay, vielleicht würde ich sonst für das Ende einen minikleinen Abzug geben, aber das kann ich einfach nicht, dafür hat dieses Buch viel zu viel Spaß gemacht. Trixie ist zum Beispiel ein Whovian, unter anderem, und ich kenne kein Buch, in dem Doctor Who so oft erwähnt wird wie hier. =D Oder jede Menge andere nerdige Anspielungen. Lily Anderson hat auf ihrer Seite eine Liste der Anspielungen. Dann die Hassliebe. Es gibt eine Hassliebe! Ich bin eh immer ein [...]

  • This review was originally posted on Andi's ABCsI was told by a lot of people to read The Only Thing Worse Than Me is You. Gail actually told me to read it so much that I bought the book one day when I was with her. But then the book just sat and sat. Finally I just decided to pick it up and I'm so happy I did. It was cute and adorable and nerdy and fun. The Only Thing is about a group of students that go to the super smart kid school. They are all nerdy geniuses that could test out of high scho [...]

  • I raced through the arc of this fast paced, smart, funny high school mystery inspired by Much Ado About Nothing! Trixie Watson's senior year at her high school for the gifted and talented goes wildly awry. First, her lifelong nemesis has a surprising change of heart about her and second, a cheating scandal involves one of her closest friends. Trixie's evolving romance was pitch perfect and the mystery of the cheating kept me hooked until the last page. This is a sweet, intelligent and clever sto [...]

  • 3-3.5 starsI probably would have liked this more if hate-to-love romances were more my thing. There was just a little too much hate/meanness going on for me in the beginning to enjoy the romance fully. However, the ending was pretty perfect, I adored the whole group dynamic and most of the nerdiness, and shipping Trix and Ben got a whole lot easier when they weren't insulting each other so harshly. I'll definitely be reading more from this author!

  • “School for geniuses, all crammed together. Hormones and broken relationships and everybody’s limbic system growing too quickly to keep up with their prefrontal cortexes.”Esa frase resume todo el libro y sí, es tan genial como parece. LO BUENO:⚫Los personajes y la forma en que son nerds y geeks en partes iguales. Sí, van a una escuela para genios y tienen conversaciones acerca de su coeficiente intelectual y escriben ensayos de la economía africana pero también leen cómics y compran [...]

  • 3.5 / 5 FangsI had a hard time getting into this book in the beginning. I couldn't really connect with the main character, Trixie. I understood that she was suppose to be snarky, but I felt like she just came off as mean. I didn't find her "snark" particularly funny. She insulted others in a cruel way and she thought she is better than everyone else because she was "nerdy". I had a hard time connecting to her due to that because being a nerd doesn't mean you have the right to make fun on "non-ne [...]

  • This was a super fun retelling of Much Ado! I absolutely loved the voice in this book and the banter was A+++++. Trixie goes to a school for geniuses and Anderson really nails the quirky and genuine facets of all her characters. The hate-to-love storyline was well done and fresh. For me, this book is a great example of a lovable unlikeable heroine. Trixie, in the beginning is a little harsh, a little brash, a little set in her ways. But as she starts to soften toward Ben and her loyalty for her [...]

  • when you want to die because a book is just so perfect??????full review to come, but i adored this book. SO, SO CUTE. My stomach got *the butterflies*

  • I'd describe the overall vibe of The Only Thing Worse Than Me is You as John Green (group of genius kids who spend most of their time engaging in witty nerdish banter) meets Rainbow Rowell (the whole fandom thing) with a touch of maybe Big Bang Theory.The Only Thing Worse Than Me is You is also a loose retelling of Much Ado About Nothing, one that involves a heated school competition over class rank and a very mild mystery. I wasn't sure it was all going to work, but it did in the end.I really [...]

  • My love of snark is well-documented. There are few things I adore more in a book than a main character with a whip-smart sense of humor who knows her way around sarcasm. I knew within the first page of THE ONLY THING WORSE THAN ME IS YOU that I had found my spirit animal in Trixie Watson, the book’s protagonist and beating heart. She’s no stranger to lobbing quick-witted insults and always has a well-timed jab at the ready, especially for her nemesis, Ben West. But what I love most about Tri [...]

  • Ahhhhh I absolutely loved this! I feel like I forget how much I love contemporaries until I read an amazing one like this. The Only Thing Worse Than Me Is You was everything I hope for in a good book. Hilarious and lovable characters, great writing style, fun and entertaining storyline. Our main character Beatrice, but don't call her that call her Trixie, is nothing short of a role model. She is not afraid to be who she really is. She wears her love for comics, studying/school and wardrobe proud [...]

  • I don't know what I was expecting with this book but it was way better than I ever could have anticipated. I did have a few problems with the main character but I loved the concept of the book. The writing was so great and flowed perfectly. I actually read this book in one day because I couldn't put it down. I did find Trixie to be annoying a lot of the time. There was this one part towards the beginning of the book that hit me wrong and I couldn't shake it. She made a comment that because her f [...]

  • 4.5 starsWell that was some adorable, geeky, shippy goodness. ♥ Seriously, there have been a lot of these YA contemporary romances recently with a geek angle - but this is by far the best one till now. Like, the characters are in a super elite prep school, they've all got crazy high IQs, their lives are homework and geek fandom.This is it.This book is like basically me in high school/college? I adored all the fandom references because I caught like all of them, and you could just tell that it' [...]

  • The Only Thing Worse Than Me Is You is the latest addition to my shelf of all time favorite books. I knew that this would definitely be an Angie book when Morgan recommended it to me, but I was not prepared for how quickly it would steal my heart.The characterization in this novel is just amazing. Trixie's voice was immediately engaging, and had me snort laughing during the very first sentence. This character you guys. I cannot ever fully express what she means to me. She is me - especially as I [...]

  • I am apparently in the minority in not being blown away by the sly and snarky retelling of “Much Ado About Nothing” that is “The Only Thing Worse Than Me Is You.” Before you throw the infamous rotting fruit of The Globe at me, please allow me to explain.The characters of Trixie, Ben, and their friends were likable enough and well-developed. They all had a good backstory and fit well within the Shakespearean framework. The school was interesting and the mystery aspect of the plot was intr [...]

  • 4.25 stars. I picked this up because the blurb was all "Teens who love comics! And Doctor Who!", and I was automatically sold. I had no idea that it was a retelling of Much Ado About Nothing, so that was an unexpected but incredibly welcome surprise. Trix is kind of a grating character to begin with, but to be perfectly honest? Beatrice is exactly the same at the beginning of MAAN. Ben is a pain in the arse at the beginning of the book. But Benedick is exactly the same. They grow and change toge [...]

  • One of the best Shakespeare retellings to hit the YA world. If Ten Things I Hate About You were to have a baby with fandoms like Dr. Who + Sherlock & Watson + the great comic debate of Marvel vs. DC + Star Wars, you'd still need to add in guffaw out loud wit before you got close to THE ONLY THING WORSE THAN ME IS YOU. I could not turn the pages fast enough and stayed up laughing well into the night. A whip-smart new voice in YA, I will be buying anything Lily Anderson writes forever. If you' [...]

  • I love this book with 100% of my geeky little heart. Shakespeare meets an awesome, smart heroine who actually makes mistakes and grows, plus a hero that looks like David Tennant, and I'm SOLD. Can't wait for this book to be out and all manner of geeks can find references to their fandom!

  • Trixie Watson will do whatever it takes to make sure she gets Ben West dethroned from the third spot in their senior year ranking.For her, she deserves the number three rank, right after her two friends who are at the number 1&2 spots respectively. Her annoyance with Ben has been going on for ten years, and it's now time to make him pay. Forget about sleep. What matters is Ben gets down and she takes the cake."I'd like to keep my salad down and West's insults have been superlame today. I thi [...]

  • To be honest, I heard minimal word of this book before picking it up at the bookstore beforehand. It just seemed really cute with the fandom references for me and OF COURSE the whole Much Ado About Nothing vibes. I'M SO GLAD I PICKED IT UP. I repeat, I AM SO GLAD I PICKED THIS WONDERFUL BOOK UP. Because yeah, in essence it's a fun and light contemporary with wicked funny banter (seriously I was giggling aloud the whole time), but it also delivers some truths about school that sometimes I find th [...]

  • Oh my, this one was REALLY good! It is essentially the story of Ben and Trixie, two high school seniors who have been fighting with each other since childhood. Now, they are numbers three and four in the highly esteemed ranking of their high school and Trixie is DETERMINED to make sure that she graduates ahead of Ben, even if that means that she will have to use some of her comic book reading time for extra studying. When Trixie learns a secret about Ben, everything starts to change and they rea [...]

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