The Reluctant Sacrifice

The Reluctant Sacrifice Centuries ago sibling rivalry tore Aramith apart As punishment the losers were stripped of their immortal birthright and banished to Earth There they wasted away from old age and diseases However

  • Title: The Reluctant Sacrifice
  • Author: Kerr-Ann Dempster
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 341
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Centuries ago, sibling rivalry tore Aramith apart As punishment, the losers were stripped of their immortal birthright and banished to Earth There, they wasted away from old age and diseases However, there is hope If a Shaw child, born on the 12th day of the 12th month offers her soul in a public sacrifice, then the exiles will be forgiven and welcomed home to Aramith.Centuries ago, sibling rivalry tore Aramith apart As punishment, the losers were stripped of their immortal birthright and banished to Earth There, they wasted away from old age and diseases However, there is hope If a Shaw child, born on the 12th day of the 12th month offers her soul in a public sacrifice, then the exiles will be forgiven and welcomed home to Aramith Aubrey Shaw is that child, but dying for the exiles is not on her to do list Using her gift as a Jumper, Aubrey leaps between bodies to escape relentless shape shifting hunters Only, shedding her skin is not enough Not when Joshua, her best friend turned hunter, is hell bent on dragging her to the altar Will Aubrey s love for Joshua change his mind Or, will she have to trust the scarred stranger who shows up out of the blue cloaked in lies and secrets Doing so means giving up on Joshua But betting on Joshua s love could do than break her heart It could kill her.

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    Kerr Ann Dempster lives in Michigan where she is often found with her nose in a book, her toes in the sand snow, and online fan girling over fictional characters and fellow authors She is a graduate of Loyola University, Chicago where she graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor s Degree in Business Administration After working in Visual Communications and as a Flight Attendant, Kerr Ann decided that life was best spent being happy With that in mind, she published her first novel, Beneath Scarlett Valley, in August 2014 She then published her second novel, The Reluctant Sacrifice, in August 2015 To learn about Kerr Ann, connect with her on Facebook Kerr Ann , Instagram authorrr , Twitter annk3rr , or via her website You may also find her in line at Moomers purchasing homemade ice cream.


  • This book is 5 stars to me because it made me cry.I have felt so attached to Aubrey, and crazily enough relate to her so much. She went through so much in the course of this novel yet still was strong. I commend her for being herself and sticking to her beliefs. Kerr Ann Dempster is a master of weaving magic into a story of love and family. Thank you Kerr, this book it was just wonderful.The ending was so beautiful, gah I'm crying againSTOP MAKING ME CRY!

  • Thanks to Ink City Books & Kerr-Ann Dempster for my copy of the ARC in exchange for an honest review.Oh my god, I LOVED THIS BOOK!!! Seriously I couldn't put it down it was that good I read it in a few hours wanting to stay lost in it longer. When I noticed I was at 90% of the book I started taking heart palpitations as I didn't want it to end.Aubrey Shaw is a jumper, she jumps from body to body trying to escape from being hunted by our hawk shapeshifters for a ritual that has to be performe [...]

  • I'm just going to leave these 5 stars hereI received this for free through NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewThis may be the best thing I have requested off NetGalley.There are so many things about this book that I want rave about but I can't contain my thoughts. This book starts right in the thick of it and sets the best tone for the rest of the book as everything is go-go-go from the beginning. I felt my heart skip a beat a few times when I thought shit was about to hit the fan because [...]

  • The book kicked off mid action with this great pace that meant I then flew through the book and now want more!Aubrey was a great character (I actually really like that name too, so it was a great start) and her power of jumping (bodies) was great because of the way that it wasn't just a case of being able to do so, she lost a part of herself which made the magic here quite moralistic. Then you have the hunters with their shape-shifting abilities that for me were so visual and a great way to pres [...]

  • I have quite a lot of mixed feelings when it comes to The Reluctant Sacrifice, so I'll try and discuss them as best I can. I'm going to break the book into stages - talking about the beginning, middle, end, and then lastly, the romance. So. The beginning. It took me quite a while to get into this book, and that was mostly because I wasn't really feeling it in the beginning. I liked the main character and the story itself wasn't too bad. It was a bit jumpy and because we were suddenly thrown into [...]

  • Aside from the love triangle, I really enjoyed this one. Aubrey isn't my favorite heroine, but she redeemed herself by the end. Excuse me whilst I fangirl over Coy. *Full review to come*UpdateOriginally posted HEREI really enjoyed this book! Aside from that pesky love triangle that seemed to not want to go anywhere, I didn’t want it to end. I dare I say that I have found, yet another, book boyfriend. Yes, yes, it happens. Sue me. Coy will have you swooning from the moment he enters the story u [...]

  • Holy moly this book! Honestly, I was not expecting to love it as much as I did. This book is full of fantastic world building, and amazing supernatual elements. It's written from the point of view of a Jumper - someone who can make her soul jump from body to body. That on it's own is a great idea! Then, she's being seen as the "sacrifice", someone who will save the world once she's killed. Funnily enough, she's not super keen on letting herself be caught. So, of course, she's being chased. Not b [...]

  • 3.5*Copy provided by author*I love fantasy and I love to discover books written by black authors, so when Kerr-Ann Dempster contacted me to review her urban fantasy novel The Reluctant Sacrifice, I was overjoyed. However, the truth needs to be told: I was wary. Very wary. Books that I’ve received in this way have leaned toward the bad and disappointing. Therefore, I opened The Reluctant Sacrifice with high hopes but very little expectation.Thanks to Dempster’s writing skills, my worries fade [...]

  • This book was AMAZING!!! I loved every page, every character, all the tension and suspense. The only thing was the slight love triangle I felt it could have ended quicker and just been Aub and Coy instead of Josh tagging along. Anyway the part of the book that would have to be my favourite would actually have to be the epilogue, which is rare for me. However, in this case it was just what the book needed and just tugged on the heart strings. Then again Coy's character fullstop managed to achieve [...]

  • Originally posted on Daydreaming Books.*I received a digital copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.*I'M IN LOVE. . . WITH COY! THIS BOOK WAS HELLISHLY FREAKISHLY AWSOOOOME! JUST LEARNED THAT TWO MORE BOOKS WILL COME OUT AND IT'S NOT GOING TO BE A STANDALONE!! I'M SOOOO EXITED! I REALLY, REALLY WANT MORE!! HANDS DOWN PEOPLE, YOU NEED TO PICK THIS UP RIGHT NOW, LIKE RIGHT NOW! LIKE SERIOUSLY, ONE OF THE BEST READS OF 2015 SO FAR.Yeah, that caps lock was really necessar [...]

  • *I received a copy of this book in exchange of an honest review*Actural rating: 3.75 stars. First off, I will say I genuinely enjoyed reading this book. It was a light YA Paranormal novel and exactly what I was in the mood for. I quickly fell into the story with ease and couldn’t put it down. This wasn’t your typical Paranormal novel about vampires or werewolves. It is something unique and still so intriguing. After every chapter, I was craving more. Dempster’s writing flowed quite effortl [...]

  • *Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review*This was the first book I've read by Kerr-Ann and I was pleased for the most part. The chapters were short which made it easier to get through and something kept me flipping the pages even when I was supposed to stop for the day. I loved the premise of this story. I don't think I've read about about a character that can Jump into different bodies before which made me appreciate it. But that's where things go sour for me, they felt anticli [...]

  • This was bitter-sweet for me.The concept of this was great! I loved it! It was refreshing, new, different I feel as though it almost stops there. I liked this one, I did, I wanted to like it a little bit more though.To me this was another story about survival and trust just with different twist and turns. Aubrey could not turn to anyone, she really didn't know who to trust at times. Her best friend turned against her, trying to bring her in for sacrifice, ok I get it. BUT should you really, comp [...]

  • I happened across The Reluctant Sacrifice while scrolling though NetGalley and thought it sounded interesting. It was a quick read and had a solidly built story to keep me flipping the pages.The story revolves around Aubrey Shaw who is linked to a prophecy that essentially requires her to sacrifice herself for her people. If you can’t tell from the title, Aubrey isn’t down with that and with her ability as a jumper, she has been able to evade the people who most want to find her…her father [...]

  • The fantasy novel is interesting, at best. The author creates a magic world shrouded in deceit and confusion. The details and word choices are beautiful and captivating. The characters are easy to relate to and the use of metaphors to draw the images of human connectivity are accurate. However, the build-up of the plot is awkward. The author jumps between chapters making it increasingly more difficult for the reader to follow the story line. Sometimes it felt like things were missing from the pl [...]

  • Fun. Funny. Fantastic.The author used real life emotions to drive certain characters. Though frustrating at times, I did find myself unable to stop reading. The plot twist towards the end definitely pulls you in. The epilogue is marvelous. I would recommend it.

  • Recieved copy from the author in exchange of an honest review. I loved it! push aside Aubrey then it is perfect. Full Booktalk + Interview in my blog. ☺

  • *I received an eBook copy from For Love of a Book in exchange for an honest review.*Now this book is such an amazing read! It has the action and thrill from the very first page of the book up to the last. It is so indulging and the story is quite unique. Though the beginning was a bit confusing because there was no discreet introduction of characters or the situation or anything, the story just flowed. But it’s not that hard to catch up on the story.Aubrey is a unique character. She’s brave [...]

  • Review originally posted on The Book Adventures of Annelise Lestrange :)I received this copy from the author in exchange for an honest review. Let's go :DThe Story - BlurbCenturies ago, sibling rivalry tore Aramith apart. As punishment, the losers were stripped of their immortal birthright and banished to Earth. There, they wasted away from old age and diseases. However, there is hope…If a Shaw child, born on the 12th day of the 12th month offers her soul in a public sacrifice, then the exile [...]

  • 5*sReview posted here - bookpassionforlifeI am so glad that I took a chance on reviewing this book because it was fab!As the synopsis states; Aubrey Shaw is meant to sacrifice her life for her people so that they can become immortal once more and return to the place of their ancestors. Aubrey's mother knew that something was up and ran with her daughter, which they have been doing ever since. When Aubrey and her mother ran, they left behind a husband/father, a daughter/sister and Aubrey's best f [...]

  • The Reluctant Sacrifice is full of drama and action mixed with light-hearted and funny moments between the characters. Aubrey is part of a race of beings – who are usually immortal – called Aramithians who have been exiled to Earth and had their immortality stripped away. Even though they have been exiled from their home world, each Aramithian still exhibits varying kinds of powers. I thought it was really interesting that they didn’t all have the same powers, and that instead they could b [...]

  • Below, my book review of The Reluctant Sacrifice: The Aramithians (Book 1) by Kerr-Ann Dempster. I would like to thank my fellow Booklover, Instagrammer and Blogger Sandra of sandrathebookworm for organizing the read along in which we read The Reluctant Sacrifice. Also Author Kerr-Ann for being there answering our questions and sharing her experience writing the book and all the other readers that took part on the read along. I had so much fun and Im glad I got to read this book, to know about A [...]

  • Original review @ sandrathebookwormThe author was kind enough to send my a copy of her book in exchange for an honest review.This amazing book left me craving for a sequel, please tell me the story continues! I need more Aubrey and Coy in my life as well as Joshua and Tessa! Aubrey has been on the run from her father since she was named the sacrifice that is going to save her people and restore their immortality, but Aubrey is not ready to die. Aubrey is able to jump her soul through bodies and [...]

  • I received this book through net-galley in exchange for an honest review.I went into this book unsure I had heard good things but still was a bit wary. It started off quite slow took me a good while til I got hooked into the story. This book literally starts off in the middle of the action with Aubrey on the run with her mum. Catch is they can both jump bodies and the shape shifting hunters are after them. There is a lot of mythology that unfolds as you read along so I won't go too much into it [...]

  • First of all, I really enjoyed the concept of this book. It was different from the books I have read and reviewed lately so it held my interest. Immortals forced to be mortal all because of the rivalry that dates back to forever and stuck in the mess is Aubrey, a Jumper who can possess any body she desires. The hunters are shape shifters, which come after her as well as the entire world itself are vividly explained. The author did a fantastic job drawing one into the world and I will definitely [...]

  • Well who knows where my original review went so forgive me if this makes little sense as it's hard to remember all the details from it now.3.5 StarsThis turned out to be a lot better than i had expected. The world building drew me in and it was quite an original idea. Apart from the needless 'love triangle' the storyline kept me interested and Oh boy who doesn't love Coy. *Swoons* Aubrey could be a bit wishy washy for me, which is why my rating isn't higher.

  • I enjoyed this book very much. Yes, in a way it was another vampire book, but it too has a little bit of a different spin on things. I love to read what all these authors come up with to change things up a bit. The main character, Aubrey, in a way reminded me of Kate Daniels in the Ilona Andrews series. If you like the Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews, you should try this book. * I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*

  • UPDATE 1/5/2016I received a digital copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.Read it here

  • Thank you very much to the author for offering me a free copy of her lovely book to review. This hidden YA gem gets 3.5 stars from me (and 4 stars on websites that don’t allow half-stars).The PlotI have to say the concept was really interesting and the author’s approach reminded me a bit of the book I am currently reading: Wild Seed (nothing more awesome than being compared to Octavia E. Butler, right?). Of course, these are completely different concepts and stories, but they both deal with [...]

  • Title: The Reluctant SacrificeAuthor: Kerr-Ann DempsterGenre: Young Adult, Paranormal, Romance, SuspenseSeries or Standalone: StandaloneRating: ★★★★★ReviewThis book took me by surprise. As a fan of paranormal and fantasy reads, I figured that I would enjoy this story, but I also know that with those genres comes a lot of description, something that demands that you spend the time on it so that you can fully follow along. This book had that element but was told in such a way that it rea [...]

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