Fatal Desires (Fatal Cross Live! #1)

Fatal Desires Fatal Cross Live Fatal Desires Fatal Cross Live Book For years I have worked behind the scenes for my cousin s band living my life as simply as possible Running the inner workings of a rock band is the only thing I

  • Title: Fatal Desires (Fatal Cross Live! #1)
  • Author: Theresa Hissong
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 473
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Fatal Desires Fatal Cross Live Book 1For years, I have worked behind the scenes for my cousin s band, living my life as simply as possible Running the inner workings of a rock band is the only thing I know to do My only saving grace is a long vacation soaking up the sun in some exotic locations around the world between tours One steamy night on an island with Taylor VauFatal Desires Fatal Cross Live Book 1For years, I have worked behind the scenes for my cousin s band, living my life as simply as possible Running the inner workings of a rock band is the only thing I know to do My only saving grace is a long vacation soaking up the sun in some exotic locations around the world between tours One steamy night on an island with Taylor Vaughn, the guitarist for the rock band Fatal Cross, and my world is turned upside down When he doesn t return my calls, I end up going through hell alone Little do I know, he s fighting his own personal demons.When he fills in on my cousin s tour for a few weeks, I am forced to work with the man who stole my heart months before on a private island It isn t easy being around him, but I am determined to keep my head low and pray this tour ends soon, but does anything ever go as planned

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    Theresa is a mother of two and the wife of a retired Air Force Master Sergeant After seventeen years traveling the country, moving from base to base, the family has settled their roots back in Theresa s home town of Olive Branch, MS where she enjoys her time with old friends and family.After almost three years of managing a retail bookstore, Theresa has gone behind the scenes to write romantic stories with flare Theresa daydreams of the perfect love affair and takes those ideas to paper.Find Theresa s Fan Page on Facebook facebook authortheresahissong


  • I'm a sucker for a rock star romance, especially when they're done well, and I wasn't disappointed by this one. I really loved the characters of Cora and Taylor and I appreciated that while the sexy fun times were pretty hot, the book wasn't all sexy fun times. They have some issues and how they deal with those separately, and together, was what really made the story for me. I would have maybe appreciated more back story but overall a good read. In fact, I read the whole thing in about 6 hours, [...]

  • The premise of this book is whatdrew me into reading it. For me,if the premise would have played out a little bit better,this would have got a higherrating for me.I liked both Taylor and Cora, andI liked them together. Taylor seemed really sincere in hisfeelings toward Cora. I wouldhave liked for them to have beenintroduced to me from the beginningof them meeting, not cominginto the relationship and thengetting the back story. I saw that this is the first in a series.But I am wondering if there [...]

  • I loved this book! The author's take on the rock and roll scene has a fresh feel. These are basically good guys that play music. They aren't partying twenty four seven. They take their careers seriously. There is also a family vibe about them. The story is hot, the guys are hotter, and the female lead in the book is a feisty gal that knows her stuff. All the way to the perfect match for the cover model on the book. This book is just great.Coraline has been on the road with her cousin's band sinc [...]

  • Cora Maddox is tour manager and roadie extraordinaire for her cousin’s band Glory Days and has been since she was a kid.She is tiny but mighty and no one knows how to get shit done for a band better than her. Her only problem now is Taylor Vaughn, guitarist for Fatal Cross Live. The little island fling they had while she was on vacation showed her how much she really liked him, but when she tried to contact him for months afterwards he wouldn't take or return her calls and that showed her that [...]

  • Loved it!!! I met this author at a convention this year but I had never read anything by her and I couldn't wait to get my hands on something of hers to read.This book had a few triggers but was it so worth the crying!! I was shocked right out of the gate at the beginning not expecting that to happen, but it was an eye opener! Cora went threw so many things that a lot of people can't deal with or handle as well as she did. Things happened to Cora that I feel made her stronger and helped her beco [...]

  • Alpha rock stars and independent women: need I say more??!!! This was Taylor and Cora's story. Cora is the manager for her cousins band and meets Taylor while working but it would be wring to start a relationship. They do however see each other while on vacation and things get good!!!! However, life happens and they have to go their separate ways. They meet again later when Taylor has to fill in for a member of her cousins band and things just keep getting difficult. There is a lot happening in [...]

  • This is the second book in the space of a week that I've read from this author and it didn't disappoint. I love the author's writing style and the way she grips you from the first page. I really connected with both the main characters of Taylor and Cora and loved how their story played out. Although this is book 1, it is a complete story with an ending. The pace is fast, there's plenty of action and some suspense moments too. I loved the build up with Cora and all she had to go through to finall [...]

  • I love this book, I couldn't put it down! The story held me captive until I read the last word. There were plenty of twists that kept me guessing I was on the edge of my seat wanting - no, needing to know what was going to happen next. I laughed, and I cried, and I wanted to shake some sense into a few of the characters. I really enjoy this author's writing style, I look forward to reading more in this series. I have a new favorite author!

  • First time I've read this authors work and first in this series. It didn't disappointHoly batmans balls what a great read. I literally picked it up and could not stop reading this bad boy!! Loved the story of Taylor and coralline a touch of angst, a smidge of heart break and a boat load of 'FEELS' throw in a dash or 3 of excitement and BOOMa fantastic book!!I'm off to read some more by this author because DAMMMMM it was good!!

  • omg another awesome book you wrote! loved it! its about a woman who spends a night with a rock star. he hasnt called her since. now she feels like one of his one night stands. plus she is keeping a secret from him. will he ever find out? read to find out what happens. thanks for giving me a chance to read this book!

  • Can I get a rock god?I loved this story! There were parts that had me teary eyed but I love the connection that Taylor and Cora ended up having in the end. The development between the other band mates was enough to have me wanting more from the hot rockers of Fatal Cross. Bravo Theresa Hissong!

  • First let me say that I love Theresa and her work. I really enjoyed Fatal Desires and loved the characters. My only problem at first was all the crap Cora ended up in. I appreciate what happened to her though because it's reality. I loved Taylor's character and how he was dedicated but battling his own demons at the same time. Overall, this is a great read and I would recommend it to others.

  • You have to love rock bandsIt was heart breaking at times reading this story. But live/will always over come everything. Can she over come her heartache and forgive. Or will she not even talking to him. Read the book to find out what happens

  • Loved this book. It was my first rocker novel and was an awesome story of second chances and romance. Theresa Hissong has started a wonderful series. I can't wait to read the second book!!EditDelete

  • Enjoyed this book and Looking forward to the next one. Taylor and cora's story full of regrets and emotions. Liked the take on cora's roll with in the rock band. Was glad of the HEA after a dramatic event towards the End

  • This is great read!!This story was well written. Taylor and Cora are well suited for each other. I am glad I took a chance on this book. If you like rock stars and HEA then gives this a chance.

  • I love This book. Cora and Taylor story was written with so much feeling and love, Theresa is amzing writer and I high;y recommend this book.

  • Sexy second chance rock star romanceA sexy second chance rock star romance that will pull at your heart and make you want to read the story's from the members of both bands!!!

  • Good bookI couldn't connect with the characters. The writing is really good and there's some excitement. I just didn't feel the chemistry Cora and Taylor was supposed to have.

  • Rockstars! Need I say more! Cora is a strong female character. Love that about this book. Taylor and Cora are a fantastic couple! I definitely can't wait to see what's next for this series!

  • It was a great read. It had great characters and a story line that will keep you reading. It has drama, twist and lots of action. Rated very good

  • Great readIf you like rocker romance you will love this one. Even though their relationship starts out rough it turns into a wonderful love story

  • If you haven't read Taylor and Cora's story yet, do so. I LOVED everything about this book. Who doesn't love a story about a hot rock star? Before the first chapter was finished I knew that the outside world would have to wait until the last page was turned. Taylor and Cora's story touched my heart. The author's writing style pulled me into the story in such a way that at times I felt like I was beside the characters experiencing their joys and pain. Throughout the book as the author introduced [...]

  • The Bigger They Are, The Harder We Fall!Rock stars live in the moment and make us love them. They live hard, party hard, and usually screw up even harder. Taylor is no exception even after trying to get his life back on the right track. When they finally fall, it will usually be messy and make us fall right along with them. He had no idea what he was up against in a tiny, little tornado named Coraline Maddox. I absolutely adored everything about her. She was ready to take on the world and forget [...]

  • Coraline is a roadie and the tour manager for her cousin's band, Glory Days. That's how she met Taylor Vaughn, the guitarist for the rock band Fatal Cross. His band toured with her cousin's band and that's when her world was turned upside down. She fell hard into lust for Taylor. So much happens in this book that there's no way to really say anything without telling something. It starts out hard and fast and never slows down. I cried several times, I yelled and I smiled a couple of times. If you [...]

  • It's okI read the sample and the reviews before buying this book and I was really excited to find a new author. The story was good but it felt like there was something missing. Cora I thought was a little to stubborn at times but at the same time not, if that makes any sense. It felt like there wasn't enough depth to the characters for me to actually connect to the story and get sucked in. Overall it was a ok read. Will I read the other books? probably not but that's just me

  • Rocking Great!A great way to spend the day. Really enjoyed this book. Kept me entertained. Read it in 2 days. I'd like to see these books on a TV series. We all Love our Rock Stars. Lots of action and adventure. Some very steamy love scenes. Get your copy today. From a Fan Pam James.

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