Dream On

Dream On Things seem to be going well for Liv Silver she s adjusting to her new home in London she has a burgeoning romance with Henry Harper one of the cutest boys in school and the girl who s been turning h

  • Title: Dream On
  • Author: Kerstin Gier Anthea Bell
  • ISBN: 9781627790796
  • Page: 284
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Things seem to be going well for Liv Silver she s adjusting to her new home in London she has a burgeoning romance with Henry Harper, one of the cutest boys in school and the girl who s been turning her dreams into nightmares, Anabel, is now locked up But serenity doesn t last for long.It seems that Liv s troubles are far from over in fact, suddenly they re piling up.Things seem to be going well for Liv Silver she s adjusting to her new home in London she has a burgeoning romance with Henry Harper, one of the cutest boys in school and the girl who s been turning her dreams into nightmares, Anabel, is now locked up But serenity doesn t last for long.It seems that Liv s troubles are far from over in fact, suddenly they re piling up School gossip blogger Secrecy knows all of Liv s most intimate secrets, Henry might be hiding something from her, and at night Liv senses a dark presence following her through the corridors of the dream world Does someone have a score to settle with Liv

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      284 Kerstin Gier Anthea Bell
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    Kerstin Gier is the bestselling author of the Ruby Red trilogy, as well as several popular novels for adults uscmillan author kersti


  • I am SO angry that there keep on being insinuations about a possible romantic relationship between Liv and Grayson, from both outside sources and Liv and Grayson displaying attraction towards each other themselves. JUST KISS ALREADY! You know, I'm already pretty sure that Henry and Liv is endgame, but just give me one kiss scene between these two and I will die a happy woman.___June 26th June 26th . June 26th

  • ***Review posted on The Eater of Books! blog***Dream On by Kerstin GierBook Two of the Silver TrilogyPublisher: Henry Holt and Co. (BYR) Publication Date: May 3, 2016Rating: 4 starsSource: ARC sent by the publisherSummary (from ):Things seem to be going well for Liv Silver: she's adjusting to her new home (and her new family) in London; she has a burgeoning romance with Henry Harper, one of the cutest boys in school; and the girl who's been turning her dreams into nightmares, Anabel, is now lock [...]

  • Anlatımı böylesine tatlı olan kitaplara bayılıyorum cidden! En az ilk kitap kadar akıcı ve en az onun kadar eğlenceliydi. İlk kitapta merak konusu olan şeylerin bazılarını öğrendik falan ama yazar birçok şeyi -özellikle de en önemlilerini- üçüncü kitaba saklamış. Eğer hala bu seriye başlamamışsanız lütfen daha fazla gecikmeden okuyun. Rüya kapıları koridoru ve rüya yolculuğunda vaktin nasıl geçtiğini anlamayacaksınız bile! ( çünkü ben ne ara son sayfa [...]

  • This book was just as good as the first one and a great second part of the trilogy! It was once again a very quick read and this time I also started to really connect to the characters! I'm excited to see how this series will end and decided to give this book 4 out of 5 stars!

  • This series is fascinating to me. I really like this author! Short review because I need to start the third right away to get some reading done before bed!

  • 4.5 or smthI JUST WANT LIV AND GRAYSON TO BE TOGETHERIS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK(Also I think I'm out if that reading slump induced by Throne of Glass and the fact that after reorganising it, my bookshelf looks magnificent but doesn't really leave any space for more. *cough* I THINK I'm out of it )------------------------THERE IS A COVER (nobody edited it yet, but there is)THIS COLOR I CAN'T EVENomg"dream on"omg------------------------------June? June is fine. I'm okay with June. *eye twitch* I can [...]

  • Bu kadının anlatımındaki tatlılığa gerçekten bayılıyorum. Okurken akıp gidiyor sayfalar.Yine çok keyif alarak okudum ama bu kitapta pek olay olmadığı için 1 puan kırdım. Olay olmaması beni sıkmadı ama her şey son kitapta peş peşe ve hızlı hızlı olacak diye korkmama sebep oldu. O yüzden bu kitapta daha fazla bir şeyler görmeyi beklerdim. Yinede dediğim gibi çok güzeldi.Üçüncü kitabı aşırı merak ediyorum. Sanırım aksiyonu en bol kitap o olacak :')

  • I really, really want to love this series, as I am a HUGE fan of Kerstin Gier’s other work. However, this just got a bit too…cliché YA. It could be sweet at times, but it lacked the originality and charms from her other series.I was feeling the romance in the 1st book, but nope, I’m done here. Henry was just bringing too much of the cliché romance from other YAs I’ve read. Too much secrecy, bad communication, and nonsensical angst.In general, most of the females who were present in thi [...]

  • 4.5 stars rounded up because I really thoroughly enjoyed this! This book takes place a couple months after book 1 left off and I felt that the time jump didn't impact the series in a good way. In fact, I think it was actually really well done. I felt like the character progressions where fine the way they were and that relationships didn't suffer or feel too advanced.Plot wise, I liked the overall theme of this one better than book 1, but I didn't like individual plot points. The Mr. Snuggles pl [...]

  • I've really enjoyed al of Kerstin's books, so I was beyond eager to get my greedy hands on this one. As always, I love Liv and Mia. Their relationship is filled with banter. Liv is a snark machine and being in her head is a lot of fun. This entire cast of characters makes the story interesting. The downside to the second book in a trilogy is that it's sometimes seems useless. And while I did enjoy this story, I don't feel like any of it was necessary. Sure, we did find a few things out, but most [...]

  • Ich weiß gar nicht, was ich groß zum Buch sagen soll -_- Ich fand es in erster Linie sterbenslangweilig! Ich meine, bis knapp S. 360 passiert einfach NICHTS (zumindest in meinen Augen lesenswertes). Liv war mir sehr unsympathisch und ich halte sie nun für ziemlich dumm (Die Sache mit Arthur und Emily schockt doch nun wirklich niemanden!!!) und das Einzige, was ich mochte war Grayson, weil der einfach toll ist. Kein einziges Mal habe ich gelacht und für mich ist einfach die Luft rauselleicht [...]

  • 9 out of 10 ревью на русском/review in russianSilber Trilogie (Трилогия сновидений):— Silber: Das erste Buch der Träume (Зильбер. Первая книга сновидений) #1/3— Silber: Das zweite Buch der Träume (Зильбер. Вторая книга сновидений) #2/3— Silber: Das dritte Buch der Träume (Зильбер. Третья книга сновидений) #3/3

  • Milé, pútavé, vtipné. Zbožňujem knihy Kestin Gierovej, hoci sa toho mohlo udiať viac. Recenzia na blogu: the-bookland/2015/Btw, bol tam Benedict Cumberbatch ako Sherlock! :3

  • Un libro que gusta pero no tanto como el primeroSiento que se perdió mucha de la esencia y de las cosas interesantes que nos ofrecía el primero: ese misticismo, los asuntos demoniacos, el misterio Y nos fue reemplazado por otras cosas no tan interesantes como los chismes, dramas personales y personajes de relleno.Me gusta la participación de Mía en este libro, tiene más protagonismo y juega un papel importante; sus aportes son graciosos (incluso a veces son DEMASIADO y cortan el tono del li [...]

  • Meine Gedanken zum Buch:Müsste ich das Buch mit einem Wort beschreiben, komme ich immer wieder auf -> enttäuschend. Ich hatte normale Erwartungen an das Buch, da ich die Geschichte auch schon im ersten Teil etwas flach fand, aber hatte gehofft, dass es nun besser wird – ähnlich wie bei der Edelsteintrilogie. Aber nichts davon – es wird sogar alles zusammen noch banaler und die Träume kommen zwar immer wieder vor, aber nicht als Hauptstory, um darin etwas Wichtiges zu entdecken oder au [...]

  • E io che ero preoccupata. Dalle recensioni pensavo che questo secondo libro avrebbe rovinato tutte le mie aspettative, e inveceL'ho amato, ancora una volta.Stavolta abbiamo un mezzo "vecchio" nemico e la sua sete di vendetta a contrapporsi a Liv, Henry e sí, anche Grayson finalmente. Tutti e tre sono così carini e coccolosi insieme! Peccato che manchi Jasper, spero che nel terzo libro torni a casa (torna Jaspeeer, lascia stare la Francia!).Questi, in più, sono libri parecchio complicati da le [...]

  • Just as unique and amazing as the first one! I highly recommend this one! Especially if you like books like Robijnrood, Finding Sky and other girly books with magic. The world is very unique, the main character is very likeable, and the boys are very cute and sweet. What's not to like hihi!PS this is what good readathons are made of, and good sundays! Started this book this morning hihi #missioncompleted

  • Päivässä tuli tämäkin ensimmäisen osan tapaan luettua. Vala ei kuitenkaan mielestäni yltänyt Lupauksen tasolle. Vaikka kirja toki on tuttuun Gierin tyyliin hauska, en nauranut yhtä paljon kuin ensimmäistä osaa lukiessa. Myös ihmissuhdedraama (sitä kai on aina pakko toiseen osaan tunkea) ärsytti, vaikka Henry onkin aika söpö. Unimaailmakonsepti on kuitenkin edelleen hieno ja ehdottoman toimiva. Tiivistelmänä: Parhautta olivat Mr. Snuggles ja Benedict Cumberbatch. Kökköä oli d [...]

  • Wat een geweldig boek weer, al vond ik het eerste boek leuker! In het begin kwam ik er niet zo goed door heen en had ik steeds geen zin om verder te lezen. Uiteindelijk werd het wel super leuk én spannend en ik kan niet wachten totdat het derde boek vertaald is! Ik wil zo graag weten hoe dit alles afloopt.

  • 3.5 Con un humor y un tono ligero (en la línea de Silber I) es divertido y rápido de leer. Pero le falta trama, me parece que es un libro "puente" entre Silber I y Silber III, sin apenas historia en sí mismo.

  • Den Band fand ich leider etwas schwächer als den ersten. Trotzdem mag ich den Schreibstil und was aus dem Band gemacht wurde. Ist halt ein typischer 2. Teil. Deswegen 4 Sterne.

  • Ja som to dočítala! Konečne som to FAKT dočítala!!! 8_) Po mojej extrémnej neaktívnosti na poli čítania som za jeden deň prečítala 150 strán. Keď sa človek oslobodí od vonkajšieho sveta a prestane sa (aspoň dočasne) zaujímať o prácu, školu a všetky povinnosti, čo ho čakajú, tak sa pocit z čítania kvalitnej knihy znásobí!Kerstin Gier píše skvelé knihy. 1. diel tejto série sa mi páčil. Tento 2. diel je rovnako dobrý. Pozorujem len menšie odchýlky, napr. auto [...]

  • What would you do if you could visit someone in their dreams?'Silber: Das zweite Buch der Träume' is second book about dream adventures of Liv Silver. While sleeping she and her friends Grayson, Henri, Jasper, Anabel and Arthur (ok maybe not all of them are friends) can walk between people's dreams through special doors. In this book, besides her night troubles, Liv has to face twins grandmother, troubles with her boyfriend, beeing embaressed by Secrecy and hated by whole school, her sister's s [...]

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