Kolymsky Heights

Kolymsky Heights The best thriller I ve ever read Philip PullmanKolymsky Heights A Siberian permafrost hell lost in endless night the perfect setting for an underground Russian research station It s a place so secret

  • Title: Kolymsky Heights
  • Author: Lionel Davidson Philip Pullman
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  • Page: 467
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The best thriller I ve ever read Philip PullmanKolymsky Heights A Siberian permafrost hell lost in endless night, the perfect setting for an underground Russian research station It s a place so secret it doesn t officially exist once there, the scientists are forbidden to leave But one scientist is desperate to get a message to the outside world So desperate, he se The best thriller I ve ever read Philip PullmanKolymsky Heights A Siberian permafrost hell lost in endless night, the perfect setting for an underground Russian research station It s a place so secret it doesn t officially exist once there, the scientists are forbidden to leave But one scientist is desperate to get a message to the outside world So desperate, he sends a plea across the wildness to the West in order to summon the one man alive capable of achieving the impossible Excellent Kolymsky Heights is up there with The Silence of the Lambs, Casino Royale and Smiley s People Toby Young, Spectator A breathless story of fear and courage Daily Telegraph

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    Aka David LineLionel Davidson was a three times winner of the Gold Dagger Award for The Night of Wenceslas, A Long Way to Shilo and The Chelsea Murders His thrillers and adventure novels have won him enormous international acclaim He also wrote children s books under the name of David Line.See also Obituary at telegraph news obitu this reference added 12 Aug 2013.


  • I have never reached the last page of a book, then started reading it from page one without missing a beat. But I came close with this book. A newspaper describes this as the best thriller these past 25 years.I think that what books like I Am Pilgrim fails to do, this book accomplishes and ticks every box. There is a lot of work that has gone into the book. And a lot of thought too. Kolymsky Heights is vivid and original.Thousands of years ago, the people from Siberia migrated through what is no [...]

  • There has been terrific hype about this novel recently, which is unusual for a book published more than twenty years ago. Various authors whose own works I have read and enjoyed, such as Philip Pullman and Charles Cumming, have been quoted as citing it as one of the finest thrillers they have ever read. Having just tried to read it myself I am left wondering whether they were talking about some other book, because it is difficult to reconcile their views with mine.To be fair, it did start rather [...]

  • Kolymsky Heights – A Masterpiece of a ThrillerKolymsky Heights from the late Lionel Davidson has just been re-released by Faber & Faber with an introduction from Philip Pullman with the testimonial that it was “The best thriller I’ve ever read.” I thought that this was a very big statement and would I be let down by the boast, and to be honest I think he undersold it! As someone who has enjoyed reading classic adventure thrillers from the inter war period of the 20s and 30s it remind [...]

  • If you are the type of person who while watching some blockbuster thriller thinks to themselves I am enjoying this hand to hand combat between the hero and the evil henchman on top of a gondola in the alps but I wonder how he got there in the first place, did he buy a return ticket? Did he ask for the ticket in English or did he ask for it in the local language, maybe he rented a car, I wonder if he put in on a credit card, than this is so the book for you.Finally at long last a thriller which r [...]

  • If you watch a Bond film thinking: well yes, all this excitement and adventure is all very well, but how does Bond book his plane tickets, and how many stops does he have along the way?THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU!There's a mad Russian scientist doing mad Sci-fi things in a top secret Russian military base in Russia and our hero has to go and infiltrate that base for REASONS. But the actual infiltration takes up about 30 pages of a 500 page novel. The rest is about getting him to the base, and boy do we [...]

  • This was Lionel Davidson's last book (he died in 2009). His son has recorded elsewhere the problems of its creation - it was rewritten three times.Having been an admirer of this author since the days of The Night of Wenceslas and Smith's Gazelle and others, it was a great joy to discover one last volume that had eluded my notice. I was not disappointed. At the centre of the adventure is a premise which takes some swallowing - though total disbelief was suspended while reading. But essentially th [...]

  • Once upon a time I went on a writing course. I say writing course- it was a morning in a library with an author who had agreed to come and do some creative writing things. I was there entiiiirely to make up the numbers. I remember very little of it, including who the author was, but I do recall her top tip was to make sure the tone was set early. If, she said (and I believe this is more or less verbatim), you want people to be able to walk through walls - then have something like that happen in [...]

  • Where do I start? There were so many things that annoyed me about this book.Firstly, this book took 250+ pages of irrelevant nonsense to get to the point! 100 or so of these pages, if not more, was spent going into an ridiculous amount of detail about the mechanics of a boat and the "hero's" voyage from Japan to Siberia. Who cares about that?! I thought it was supposed to be a thriller not educational.Secondly, it took far too long to get to the action which wasn't till the last 100 pages. The r [...]

  • This is a book I keep coming back to as it is a masterful story of an amazing resourceful but believable main character isolated in a cold and frozen land but somehow I warmed to him. The main reason for him being there sometimes becomes secondary to how he is going to achieve it but the author drives the plot on relentlessly, whilst stretching credulity a little at the end, still left me satisfied and wondering whether there was some mileage left for Johnny Porter. There may be,I haven't read a [...]

  • I was given a pile of books by my boyfriend's mother to read and this was one of them. I thought I better give one a go before I see her and she asks if I've read any. This one sounded pretty interesting with the promise of spies and secret Russian science plus Philip Pullman says it is one of the best books he has ever read, and I love Philip Pullman's books. Turns out Philip and I have VERY different taste in books I got over half way through this then had to give up. Life is too short for bor [...]

  • No book can live up to the hype Kolymsky Heights has suffered ("the best thriller ever") but this comes close. It's not particularly thrilling, until the final quarter--although then it makes up for it--but it's fascinating and absorbing throughout. In the detachment of its authorial viewpoint and the meticulous focus on practical problem-solving, it's reminiscent of Jack Vance and Patricia Highsmith. A very fine novel and congratulations to Faber to thinking to disinter it after over 20 years o [...]

  • If renown English author Philip Pullman thought that this was the best thriller he's ever read, then, with all due respect, he hasn't read many thrillers! I thought this book would be about a top-secret Russian laboratory deep in Siberia, and it turned out to be mostly about the perilous adventure to get in and out of the place. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but I was intrigued more about the destination - not the journey. There were places I could not stop reading, and there were o [...]

  • Oh what a great thriller that I just read it. Very entertaining book to read, easily to understand the story and a different thriller that I used to read, yet I enjoyed. From Japan to Siberia, you can catch the art of espionage that involves a secret military research base in Russia, and a scientist who is desperate to reveal a discovery that the military are equally desperate to keep hidden. There were "episodes" that weren't really necessary to include in it, but that's one of the few disadvan [...]

  • [SPOILERS]This looked like a perfect plane/beach/bath book (and I first spotted it at WH Smith at Heathrow). It's the last thriller by the British author Lionel Davidson (who died some years ago), who was compared to Le Carre and Greene in the 1960s, and wrote Kolymsky Heights after a long hiatus.Briefly, the plot is as follows. Professor Lazenby in Oxford receives a series of cryptic (but easily decipherable) messages which, with the help of government spooks, including CIA, he understands to h [...]

  • This is a 2015 re-publication of a solid thriller from the immediate post-Cold War period with a slightly breathless introduction by the children's fantasy writer Philip Pullman.The novel is more than competent. Excellently written and (mostly) a 'page turner', it is has all the vices and virtues of the genre - implausibilities set within a carapace of gritty realism.The implausibilities are manifold. The hero is capable of feats of toughness that really are 'in your dreams, mate' and we have ex [...]

  • Flawed, but oh so readable!The novel describes an improbable romp through north-east Siberia, by way of rarefied Oxford University, remote British Columbia, and Tokyo. Our hero is super-linguist and multiculturalist Johnny Porter (aka Raven aka Jean-Baptiste Porteur), a native of the Canadian Gitxsan tribe. He is also a dab hand at impersonations and can fabricate a jeep (fabulously called a Bobik - I SO want one!) out of spare parts in a freezing Siberian ice cave. On his own in three days.A my [...]

  • This is a deeply immersive thriller that I can only describe as 'Ice Road Truckers' meets 'The Spy Who Came In From The Cold'.I bought it because it kept winking at me from the front window of Waterstones (the trickster!) and it has that Philip Pullman quote saying it's "the best thriller he has ever read". Good enough for me!It's an old school cold war type thriller but with some hugely unique flavourings of it's own. For example the lead character is a Canadian native Indian and the setting is [...]

  • When Philip Pullman announces on the cover that this is the best thriller he's ever read, you know that you are almost certainly going to be disappointed. The bar has been raised too high. It starts well enough. The strange discovery in the Siberian perma frost at the start of the novel is promising. But the eventual discovery of what has been going on at the top secret, isolated, virtually impregnable Russian scientific research station is somewhat underwhelming and of little interest to the au [...]

  • 3.5 stars. I bought this book almost entirely due to the blurb on the jacket by Philip Pullman. I'm a big fan of Philip Pullman's books -- "The Ruby in the Smoke" and its sequels; the "His Dark Materials" trilogy -- so when I read that "Kolymsky Heights" was the best thriller he'd ever read, I snapped it up. Then I kept reading away, wondering when I would become so engaged with the protagonist that I could enter into the book. It didn't really happen, so I was left with a meditation on what mak [...]

  • Exceptional offbeat minimalist thriller, with an unlikely hero -- a "Native Canadian" linguistic anthropologist! (Actually, I think the proper term is "First Nations".)The book didn't quite suit my purposes at the time -- I was about to board a plane, so I wanted a relatively mindless airport novel -- but it generates its own peculiar level of excitement. It's closer in style to, say, George Smiley interviewing and re-interviewing retired Circus employees and shuffling through redacted reports - [...]

  • Good old thriller, not scary, not haunting and not very psychologic either, but packed with actions. It reminded me James Bond, but a tiny bit more clever. Also i liked setting very much - somewhere deep in Siberia. It conformed with my archetypical memories of Russia - altruistic, fiendishly clever scientists, evil and dangerous security services, hospitable people and the last but not least - devoted, loving and selfless women! Good, a bit naive, but very intelligent read within the genre.

  • Best espionage book ever. The hero is heroic in a very unconventional way; native Canadian Indian with a skill in languages to almost rival Richard Burton. Set in the hideous chill of Siberia, Johnny Porter goes reluctantly to retrieve some secret information, all the while fooling or hiding from Russian services, suspicious tribal folk, Japanese sailors and so forth. If you like thrillers or spy stories, you really must read this.

  • I bought this book years ago, thinking it was about the Kolyma camps of the gulag era. I started reading it because of a lack of anything else at the time. What a wonderful suprise it was! It has a very gripping story line, and the escape back of the main character is absolutely fascinating, I could not put the book down.Since I have read other books by the same author, and all of them were of the same high standard. Mr Davidson deserves to be better known.

  • This was recommended by Philip Pullman, who wrote the His Dark Materials trilogy. I found it completely gripping, a real page-turner. The atmosphere of cold and fear is brilliantly conveyed. This book is a one-off - Davidson hardly wrote anything else, and has since died.

  • The prologue is very fast paced. The main book, I skipped here and there.Something is going on Up North. Mysterious messages, delivered mysteriously. A not-by-the-book hero. A medical officer who is a lot more observant than she ought to be. A completely unnecessary bed partner, who seems to be there because James Bond (tm).A few car chases, a few daring escapes, a few deaths, and there are all the ingredients of a good thriller.

  • Yo diría que es más una novela de aventuras y espionaje que una novela negra como nos la presentan en la introducción.El primer tercio de la novela me enganchó, me creó expectativas, parecía original. Pero a medida que avanzaba me iba desinflando. Tantas peripecias, tantos datos, ocultan la trama y a los propios personajes. La historia de amor es poco creíble y el secreto escondido no está a la altura de lo esperado.544 páginasPuntuación: 6

  • A very well-written thriller, in which the main protagonist, Porter, takes on a mission to get information from a Russian research station in one of the remotest parts of Siberia that is so secret it does not officially exist. Porter is a language specialist, and apparently has a most unusual physique because he can convince Koreans he is a Korean, Evenks he is an Evenk, Chukchees he is a Chuckchee, and so on. His task is to get into the Siberian region, which is tolerably straightforward (at le [...]

  • I became aware of author Lionel Davidson Oct. 31, 2009, after reading his obituary in the New York Times. Often compared to contemporary Graham Greene, and his books also encompassed history, mystery, espionage, and adventure, which was certainly the case in Kolymsky Heights, the last of his eight novels for adults. He also wrote under the pen name David Line. I was absorbed from the book's prologoue: "How long, dear friend-how long? I await you with eagerness! So much has happened, so much I mu [...]

  • I came across Kolymsky Heights while searching 'top thriller books' for something new to read. Philip Pullman described it as 'the perfect thriller' and worthy of multiple reads, Author Lionel Davidson, who died in 2009, was lauded by the likes of Graham Greene and Frederick Forsyth. Kolymsky Heights tells the story of Johnny Porter, a First Nations Canadian anthropologist, linguist and CIA recruit, who is persuaded to travel to Siberia to find out what happened at a remote scientific research i [...]

  • I was a little disappointed by this book. It had received such a lot of hype, and held a lot of promise, but for me it didn't deliver. Philip Pullman praised the book for its great detail, but in part this is what put me off, as it slowed the pace a lot. Also the plot centred around a man creating intelligent apes in a secret place in Siberia, something so implausible that I found it intensely irritating.The book does have its strong points, though. The setting and the atmosphere are both excell [...]

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