Road To Paradise

Road To Paradise Meet Shelby and Gina Eighteen years old fresh out of high school and once best friends When Shelby gets a bright yellow Mustang for a graduation gift she decides to drive across America to find her

  • Title: Road To Paradise
  • Author: Paullina Simons
  • ISBN: 9780007241590
  • Page: 158
  • Format: Paperback
  • Meet Shelby and Gina Eighteen years old, fresh out of high school, and once best friends When Shelby gets a bright yellow Mustang for a graduation gift, she decides to drive across America to find her missing mother, who walked out years before Gina invites herself along for the ride, in a hurry to get to California to stop her wayward boyfriend from marrying someone elMeet Shelby and Gina Eighteen years old, fresh out of high school, and once best friends When Shelby gets a bright yellow Mustang for a graduation gift, she decides to drive across America to find her missing mother, who walked out years before Gina invites herself along for the ride, in a hurry to get to California to stop her wayward boyfriend from marrying someone else What begins as a journey of big dreams and high spirits quickly changes when the girls pick up a young hitchhiker named Candy Haunted by a mysterious past, she s got reasons of her own to get to California as quickly as possible The three girls, uneasy and unlikely companions, find themselves on America s darkest backroads, pursued by fear and betrayal, and slowly learn they cannot count on anything but each other The Road to Paradise, a story of intense friendship, fierce loyalty, and love, will take them to the last place they expected to be.

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    Paullina Simons was born in Leningrad, USSR, in 1963 At the age of ten her family immigrated to the United States Growing up in Russia Paullina dreamt of someday becoming a writer Her dream was put on hold as she learned English and overcame the shock of a new culture After graduating from university and after various jobs including working as a financial journalist and as a translator Paullina wrote her first novel Tully Through word of mouth that book was welcomed by readers all over the world She continued with novels, including Red Leaves, Eleven Hours, The Bronze Horseman, The Bridge to Holy Cross also known as Tatiana and Alexander , The Summer Garden and The Girl in Times Square also known as Lily Many of Paullina s novels have reached international bestseller lists Apart from her novels, Paullina has also written a cookbook, Tatiana s Table, which is a collection of recipes, short stories and recollections from her best selling trilogy of novels, The Bronze Horseman, The Bridge to Holy Cross, also known as Tatiana and Alexander and The Summer Garden.


  • It took me longer than usual to finish this particular book because I started it before we moved house and then put it aside to pack and move. It ended up in a random box and I only found it yesterday.Oh yes, and there was the fact that I hated it.I’ve read a couple of Paullina Simons books before and I’ve enjoyed them a lot, so I thought this would be quite an engrossing read. The blurb on the back of the book sounded interesting, especially as I’m a bit of a road trip fan and what the tw [...]

  • Tough book to process:Road to Paradise is nothing like The Bronze Horseman Trilogy by this author- LOVED those books- and can't really be compared to her other books either. The book is all about dialogue- both internal and external.Road To Paradise centers around Shelby Sloane- a young woman unsure of who she is and unsure of who she Shall Be. So she decides to take a road trip across the states in her mint condition canary yellow mustang, given to her by the woman who raised her. The same woma [...]

  • Well. Where to begin? I have just finished this book after struggling through it for what felt like years. I must admit, I had to skim read the final quarter as it was just SO. BORING. I absolutely LOVE the Bronze Horseman trilogy, but since those have found a lot of her books largely self-indulgent and rambling. This was no exception. If the irritating main characters aren't enough to put you off, the pages and pages of religious preaching should be. The plot is almost non-existent, and what li [...]

  • Oh dear, I'm sorry Paullina I am such a HUGE fan of yours but I struggled SO hard with this book and I really didn't like it. In fact, you can tell how much of a fan I am because I am very apologetic about not liking this book when really I feel like you owe me an apology since I suffered weeks, going on months, with these characters. I actually was starting to feel claustrophobic shut up in that damn car with these girls by the end of it. It's definitely turned me off the idea of a road trip an [...]

  • ***I listened to the audio, so I'm expecting to love the paperback so much more. Can't wait for that reading experience.***What can I say about this book without spoiling? Very little. I thought it was going to be a light, fun road trip story. Thelma & Louise straight out of high school is more like it, because it wasn't as superficial as I'd expected. All of the sudden I'm reading with a new understanding on life and I've fallen in love with (to my knowledge) Paullina's most damaged charact [...]

  • I read this book in India when I found it on a random bookshelf, and it drew me in because the only Paullina Simons books I have read are the ones following The Bronze Horseman (which I loved) - so I gave it a go. There were many aspects I found interesting about the book, maybe Paullina herself more so The fact that she actually traveled around America herself to write this shows for sure - you can see that she did more than go on Google Images and imagine what a place was like - you could tell [...]

  • I am a fan of Paullina Simons but this is definitely my least favourite of her books thus far. The plot is interesting enough, the characters aren't that bad, but although I can't quite put my finger on what it lacks, it was an effort to finish this book. I actually skipped to the end to see what happened, which is not something I ever do. I found the dialogue pertaining to Christianity incredibly tedious, and despite trucking through it, I still had to agree with the character of Gina when she [...]

  • I just don't know what to say about this book. I have been thinking about it for several days. The subject matter is what I think disturbs me the most; young woman making really bad mistakes. Much of the book is dialog between the young woman and a lot of it didn't ring true for me. I'm still undecided as to wether this was a 2 star book or a 4 star book.

  • Well this took me a long time to read and for a Paullina Simons book that it unusual. To be honest at times it became a bit dull, the middle chunk of the story dragged a little. But as ever she pulled it right around at the end and it's left me thinking about it for days since it finished. Overall I still adore her writing, it's just she's set the bar so high with her other books.

  • Shelby never knew her mother or her father. The latter she knows is dead but the former ran off not long after Shelby was born, sending just a postcard as a clue to her whereabouts. Now, newly graduated and with drivers license and new car in hand, Shelby is off to see if she can find her missing mother. With careful planning, she thinks she can get to Mendocino and back in just under two weeks. But her plan is immediately off to a rocky start when an ex best friend decides to tag along. And whe [...]

  • I have loved all her books I have read, I don't even care what it's about, I know it is going to be good.While this wasn't the best book I'd read from Paullina Simons, I still enjoyed it. I am still trying to analyze why I liked it as much as I did. I think in many ways I identified with the main character - how she got swept up in the situation, was probably not like I would be, but I admired her compassion. I had read some reviews on this book while I was still reading it, and then I slowed do [...]

  • I don't read these kind of books very often any more, but this was a pretty slow read. The content scared me almost as much as "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" did (it was less graphic though). Mostly, I just found it hard to empathise with the characters, so though the circumstances were sad, I continuously found myself annoyed with Gina, and then Shelby for making the decisions they did. The characters didn't really develop well, if at all. However I did manage to finish it, just because I ca [...]

  • this book is driving me mad's so boring but I can't not finish iten my next thought is life is too short to read bad booksok I've finished it. very tragic I think but not tragic enough to warrant anyone reading it. def don't recommend

  • This book is definately disappointing. The whole time I spent reading it expecting something to happen and invariably nothing did. I struggled through to the end and wondered how somebody who had wrote The Bronze Horseman could have come up with this.

  • I loved this book but it is very slow to start I find it odd how many one star reviews it got but I would highly recommend it

  • One thing this author does really well, is female protagonists looking to escape their lives. I really enjoyed this story, it's sense of adventure, and the depth that is always in P.S.'s characters.

  • This book just dragged on, too much religious rubbish, and nothing interesting really happens - pointless.

  • Favorite Quotes:If people ask, I say I'm a Christian because Christianity is the one religion where you don't have to do anything to still be a member. I like that, and since I don't want to say I'm nothing, I call myself a Christian.Aunty Betty was waiting for us out on the dirt driveway. She was tall and thin, with watchful, perpetually moist brown platters for eyes. Her mouth was slightly ajar, as if she was about to say something, yet didn't. 'Sloane,' Gina said to me quietly, 'honestly, don [...]

  • Shelby Sloane has received the best present a graduating high school senior in 1981 could receive – a 1966 yellow Shelby Mustang. She has lived a sad life wondering what had happened to her mother after she was abandoned as a child. She decides to take the yellow Mustang on a road trip west after graduation to California to try to find her Mom. Her ex-best friend Gina finds out about the road trip and asks to tag along to meet her boyfriend in California. Shelby has everything meticulously pla [...]

  • A girl starts out wanting to find her birth mother with plans set and a yellow stang in hand. She gets a companion who used to be her best friend. Starts out and makes the first wrong decision she promised she wouldn't do, picked up a hitchhiker. With every subsequent page, she tries to rescue Candy even though her situation is unsalvageable. I felt like flinging the book across the room with every bad decision she makes. It took me ages to finish the book because I was postponing knowing how fa [...]

  • If you want to read a book with three teens bickering on a road trip for over 300 pages this is for you.The protagonist made some of the worst decisions I've ever seen, she is summed up in the beginning of the book by her aunt as preposterous and ungrateful But there is one character worst then Shelby and that's Gina, if you look up user in the dictionary there should be a picture of her.As for Candy I feel like she was the plot device of the whole book and had every bad thing imaginable thrown [...]

  • Read this over a few months, for it took some time for me to get into it, though managed to finish it! Would I pick this book up again to read it?Hmm possible !

  • I read this book as a part of our 2016 Reading Challenge - you can find out more here: areadersheaven.wordpress/Meet Shelby and Gina. Eighteen years old, fresh out of high school, and once best friends. When Shelby gets a bright yellow Mustang for a graduation gift, she decides to drive across America to find her missing mother, who walked out years before. Gina invites herself along for the ride, in a hurry to get to California to stop her wayward boyfriend from marrying someone else. What begi [...]

  • I make the same confession as many other reviewers: I skimmed. There is a great little 280 page book here, but it is buried in 520 pages. Even bloated as the story is, I liked it. Candy is one of the most compelling characters I've come across in light reading. Shelby, Gina, Emma - I found all of them believable - and if I don't like exactly what they're doing, life is like that, too. Unlike some reviewers, I didn't think the end felt rushed maybe the epilogue a tad, but the epilogue was not t [...]

  • Road to Paradise by Paullina Simons is a novel about teenage girls on a cross-country road trip in 1981.After graduating from high school and before she heads off to college in the fall, Shelby Sloane plans to drive across country from Mamaroneck, NY, to Mendocino, CA. Her mother, whom she hasn't seen since she was a young child, supposedly lives in Mendocino. Her father died years earlier. Emma has taken care of Shelby. Emma also gives Shelby a classic bright yellow 1966 Shelby Mustang as a gra [...]

  • Best way to describe this book would be, a bunch of strangers each wrote a chapter and then they edited it to make one single book. The plot was so disconnected, that I kept thinking I missed chapters, or was struck with amnesia at some point and could not remember what I had previously read. I have yet to read a book where the author was this reluctant to reveal her characters. The introduction to the 3 main characters was so miserly that by the time she started the unraveling, I could not care [...]

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