The Book of Ivy

The Book of Ivy Au nom de quoi seriez vous pr t tuer la suite d une guerre nucl aire d vastatrice la population des tats Unis s est retrouv e d cim e Un groupe de survivants a fini par se former mais en son sein s

  • Title: The Book of Ivy
  • Author: Amy Engel
  • ISBN: 9782371020351
  • Page: 485
  • Format: Paperback
  • Au nom de quoi seriez vous pr t tuer la suite d une guerre nucl aire d vastatrice, la population des tats Unis s est retrouv e d cim e Un groupe de survivants a fini par se former, mais en son sein s est jou une lutte de pouvoir entre deux familles pour la pr sidence de la petite nation Les Westfall ont perdu Cinquante ans plus tard, les fils et les filles des aAu nom de quoi seriez vous pr t tuer la suite d une guerre nucl aire d vastatrice, la population des tats Unis s est retrouv e d cim e Un groupe de survivants a fini par se former, mais en son sein s est jou une lutte de pouvoir entre deux familles pour la pr sidence de la petite nation Les Westfall ont perdu Cinquante ans plus tard, les fils et les filles des adversaires d autrefois sont contraints de s pouser, chaque ann e, dans une c r monie cens e assurer l unit du peuple Cette ann e, mon tour est venu Je m appelle Ivy Westfall, et je n ai qu une seule et unique mission dans la vie tuer le fils du pr sident que je suis destin e pouser L objectif, c est la r volution, et le retour au pouvoir des miens Peu importe qu un c ur de chair et de sang batte dans sa poitrine, peu importe qu un innocent soit sacrifi pour des raisons politiques Peu importe qu en apprenant le conna tre, je fasse une rencontre qui change ma vie Mon destin est scell depuis l enfance Bishop doit mourir Et je serai celle qui le tuera N e pour trahir et faite pour tuer Sera t elle la hauteur Book of Ivy est le premier roman d Amy Engel, la fois suspense insoutenable, dystopie cruelle et histoire d amour tortur e.

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    Amy Engel is the author of THE BOOK OF IVY young adult series A former criminal defense attorney, she lives in Missouri with her family THE ROANOKE GIRLS March 7, 2017 , is her first novel for adults.


  • "A boy who doesn't want to lie, married to a girl who can't tell the truth."“You’re easy to read, Ivy, but the whole book of you is complicated.”Wow, this is the first book that I loved the main characters(Ivy and Bishop❤) and no one else That's first!!! Except for the two of them I hated everyone else! I was suspicious about everything and everyone! I was right! And then, the ending ruined me!! Why????-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [...]

  • My name is Ivy Westfall, and my mission is simple: to kill the president’s son—my soon-to-be husband—and return the Westfall family to power.So the premise is grandiose. AMAZING. I didn’t want to expect much from this book, but how could I not, with that enticing blurb and beautiful cover? In fact, it all screamed KICKASS! And a kickass dystopian book is always welcome. Always. But this book barely contained any action. There was secrecy and plotting, of course, but no real and convincin [...]

  • YES! DAT ENDING DOE.Okay, I was totally prepared to give this, like, 3.5 or 4 stars. It was enjoyable, but there wasn't much going on storywise. And then somewhere nearing the end things went exactly in the direction I wanted it to go, and the ending--even though it's a cliffhanger--still left me really really fucking satisfied. I thought this book was good before, but after finishing it, I can honestly say I would stamp "AWESOME" onto the cover.Also, side note; before I read this book, I joking [...]

  • "A boy who doesn't want to lie, married to a girl who can't tell the truth."The moment I saw this stunning cover, I've made up my mind whatever happened, I'll read it. Because, c'mon! Isn't it eye-catching?-Her white backless dress indicated her early wedding.-The knife held behind her back meant the very purpose she needed to get close to him.-The silhouette of the city resembled where the story took place, including Westfall(West) and Lattimer(East) sides of it.This is a story about arranged m [...]

  • Είμαι θυμωμένη!Είμαι ΕΞΑΛΛΗ και θέλω να βρίσω, αφού δεν μπορώ να μπω μέσα στο βιβλίο για να ξεριζώσω μαλλιά και να σπάσω μύτες και κεφάλια, αλλά κρατιέμαι γιατί το έχω χέσει (ουπς) με τις βρισιές. Αλλά θα σκάσω αν δεν το πω!!!Έχω μισήσει σκύλες και σκύλες. Πρώτη και καλύτερη την [...]

  • 3.5 starsLately, I have been a bit weary of hype. Hype can be a great thing because it enables you to find books you would otherwise never have picked up. However, it can also take the fun out of reading because you practically already know everything about a book before you’ve even read the first page. This is why I decided to pick up The Book of Ivy, which I really hadn’t heard that much about previously. In this case, the decision paid of. I really enjoyed this novel; it was a very short, [...]

  • THIS BOOK WAS AMAZING!!!!You guys, you NEED to read this! I couldn't put it down! I read it in 2 sittings which never happens! I loved everything about this book, the pacing was perfect, the characters were amazing, the love story was one of the best I've seen, not rushed, it was just perfect! Bishop is now one of my new book boyfriends for sure!Its going to be a struggle waiting for the next book! I NEED to know what happens with Ivy!!!!!!This book was sent to me for review by Entangled Teen fo [...]

  • Well, that felt underwhelming. (I'm sorryI really thought I'd like this one!) I have read a whole ton of dystopians though, so I blame that for making me feel like I'd "heard this all before". It was a lot like Matched meets Uglies. Like combine those two plots and: BOOM -- I knew exactly what was going to happen.Plus it suffered from "strong heroine" syndrome. "Why is that bad, Cait?" you ask. "Why don't you like heroines who are tough and strong?" OKAY, LEMME EXPLAIN: I do. But I don't. I find [...]

  • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! This book has shattered my heart into a million pieces and I'll never be the same againI HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!! VIDEO REVIEW:youtu/0W55NkH4cfM BLOG REVIEW:thebookvagrant/20

  • My thoughts on The Book of Ivy are quite simple: I loved it.It's been awhile since I have picked up a straight young adult dystopian book and I have to say that the experience was refreshing. This book is a testament to the idea that less can be WAY more. There is nothing complicated or overly complex about the book and honestly, it is part of what made is so enjoyable.Amy Engel was able to capture something familiar yet enticing with her balance between politics and romance. The Book of Ivy, at [...]

  • You can also read my review HERE."My mission is not to make him happy and bear his children and be his wife. My mission is to kill him" Never mind that I have to wait for a year to read the sequel. This book! This awesome and fantastic and brilliant book kept me up all night an I'm not even complaining! I remember saying ‘Okay, just the first chapter' then BAM! After almost 5 hours, I'm still in the same position, I've forgotten my hunger and bladder and yes, I was bit of a mess. Amy Engel, yo [...]

  • [4.5 Stars]Loved almost everything about this! I cried twice. I had to take off a half star because Ivy's actions for the last 100 pages or so were very frustrating for me to read. Highly recommend!!!

  • readathon 17 : 31. βιβλίο με όνομα χαρακτήρα στον τίτλο (γυναίκα συγγραφέας 17)λοιπόν, Μαρίες (Μαρία και Μαρέιρα), η Εβαντζελίν είναι σκέτη γλύκα μπροστά στην Callie, μη σου πω και η Λεβάνα ακόμαάντε καλά το παρατραβάω, η Λεβάνα παραμένει κορυφή κακιασμένης τύπισσας (χμμ άντε καλά ξέρω κ [...]

  • 4.5* With politics, assassination plots, secrets and romance, The Book of Ivy is without a doubt one of the most enjoyable dystopians I have read in years. I had no idea what to expect going in to this but I definitely don't expect to love it so much. It had me totally engrossed from the first page until the last. I adored the characters, (Bishop officially has a place in my heart) and the relationship dynamics were addictive and layered. I absolutely fell in love with the romance. Oh the romanc [...]

  • 4,5/5 Presque aussi bon que tout le monde le dit à un détail près : il ne se passe vraiment pas grand chose, finalement, dans ce livre. Par contre, c'est en effet très intéressant au niveau psychologique et idéologique ! Aussi, la fin me semble un peu bancale. Ivy prend une décision très courageuse. Mais en voulant garder ce fameux secret, elle prend finalement le risque de voir son sacrifice vain parce que la personne en question n'est pas plus en sécurité à présent.Mais j'ai hâte [...]

  • Μικρό σχετικά βιβλίο, αλλά ολοκληρωμένο. Βασίζεται κυρίως στην ψυχολογία της ηρωίδας, στα διλλήματα και στις εσωτερικές διακυμάνσεις που βιώνει. Σε κάποια σημεία μπορώ να πω ότι με εκνεύρισε, αν και παραδέχομαι ότι από την στιγμή που η συγγραφέας βασίστηκε στην αληθοφάνει [...]

  • gamzeninkitapdunyasi. "Neden benim için çabalamayı bırakmadın?" Kendime eğer uyuyorsa, bir daha sormayacağımı söyledim. Uyumamıştı. "Ne demek istiyorsun?" Nefesi ensemdeki saçları gıdıkladı. "Doğruluk mu, cesaret mi oynadığımız o akşam. Bir süre sonra annenin sevgisini kazanmak için çabalamayı bıraktığını söylemiştin." Durdum. "Neden benim için de pes etmedin?" "Nedenini biliyorsun," dedi sessizce. Gözlerimi kapattım. Biliyordum ama duymak için hazır oldu [...]

  • Review also available at:edwardsghostengine.wordpress.This book, especially the ending, gave me feels. The author did a really good job here of developing her characters, building her plot and writing in a beautiful, suspenseful style.Let me start with Ivy, she was a really well thought out character whom I could emphasise with throughout the book (even though the way she never ratted on her family frustrated me). She was constantly under pressure from society and her family to perform in differ [...]

  • This book was so addicting! I had to stay up until 3:30AM to finish it because I had to know what happened. Bishop may also be my new book boyfriend. ;) All silliness aside this book was dark and provided an interesting perspective on women's rights and a society without democracy, and had me feeling very grateful for my own life. While the beginning of the book was a bit predictable, the ending certainly was not. I want the next book, but I've heard mixed things. We'll seeI don't think I can go [...]

  • This review is also posted on my blog, Anatea's Bookshelf.Every time I see a dystopia book, I'm kind of skeptic to read it because they all have so similar concept and I can't help but feel that I've already read something alike. I'm happy to say that it wasn't the case with The Book of Ivy. I was actually pleasantly surprised with its concept and its originality, even though it had some dystopia stereotypes. I ended up LOVING the book! Though, I think that a lot of my doubts were because of the [...]

  • 1,5/5 sanırım??Bir diğer yorumlara bakıyorum bir de okuduğum kitaba da, biz aynı kitabı mı okuduk yahu :')Distopya yönü o kadar zayıftı ki anlatamam. Nükleer savaşımsı bir şey olmuş, ufak bir topluluk kalmış, çit var bir tane, kimse o çitin dışında ne var bilmiyor vs E ayrıntı biraz? Dünya hakkında hiçbir şey öğrenemedik. Temeli çok kötü kitabın :<Hiçbir karakteri sevmedim. Ivy 16 yaşında olmasına rağmen inanılmaz iradeli, mantıklı, fedakar Çocuk [...]

  • I started this last night and finished by lunch today. SO GOOD! That cliffhanger was a doozy though, aaaaah!

  • ***4.5/5 Stars***Our story was written long ago, and it does not have a happy ending.The Book of Ivy was so much fun, and I quickly devoured it in two sittings! It's just one of those books that you can step right into and easily enjoy it from the first page on. The characters, the world building, the way the story progressed, it was all so effortless to connect with. And yes, I'm definitely kicking myself for not picking up this book sooner!Once I’m safely out of range, I realize this is the [...]

  • Original Review at: awesomebooknutsWhat a GREAT book! I knew I wanted to read it but wasn't sure how I would enjoy it. Let me tell you how much I loved this bookI started it at 8:30ish in the evening and didn't put it down till after 2 in the freaking morning! AHHHH so good, in fact so good that I tweeted the author telling her how upset I am that I have to WAIT for book 2! GAH!This book is engaging, entertaining, unputdownable, sweet, exciting, and devastating!The story follows a society where [...]

  • Κεντρικός πυρήνας της ιστορίας η Άιβι και η δανεική δίψα της για εκδίκηση . Η πένα της Amy Engel όμως επιφυλάσσει μεγάλη συμπάθεια (ίσως και περισσότερη) για τον σύζυγό της , τον Μπίσοπ. Πλένει, μαγειρεύει, δανείζει βιβλία, ντύνεται σένια, σέβεται (σίγμα τελικό έγινε στον καναπέ), [...]

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