Ashes in the Wind

Ashes in the Wind DEA Agent Greg Jennings is dead and now they re saying he was dirty on the take His widow Sara hiding out in the Witness Protection program after an attempt on her life refuses to believe it thou

  • Title: Ashes in the Wind
  • Author: Peggy Levesque
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 196
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • DEA Agent Greg Jennings is dead and now they re saying he was dirty, on the take His widow, Sara, hiding out in the Witness Protection program after an attempt on her life, refuses to believe it, though everyone else seems to have accepted it as truth Everyone, that is, except Drug Enforcement Administration Agent James Mac MacIntyre, Greg s best friend When yet anothDEA Agent Greg Jennings is dead and now they re saying he was dirty, on the take His widow, Sara, hiding out in the Witness Protection program after an attempt on her life, refuses to believe it, though everyone else seems to have accepted it as truth Everyone, that is, except Drug Enforcement Administration Agent James Mac MacIntyre, Greg s best friend When yet another attempt on Sara s life drives her out of the Wit Sec program and back home to Phoenix, Mac makes it his personal mission to protect Sara and, in the process, to clear her late husband s and his best friend s name With a ruthless drug cartel hot on their heels and a mole in the agency undermining their every move, Mac and Sara find themselves literally running for their lives even as romance tugs at their hearts Will they unearth the truth and outrun the danger in time to carve out a future for themselves

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  • Stunning!! Raw, Real, drug infested, yet clean Christian romantic suspense that will leave you reeling!!Sara Jennings identifies her DEA husband, Greg's, body, only to find he is suspected of being a dirty cop. Somehow, though, Greg's death engenders danger for Sara and Sara must enter the witness protection program, leaving Phoenix. Only her Uncle Ben and Greg's friend James MacIntyre, both part of the DEA, are left to investigate Greg's death.Still in Philadelphia, trouble finds Sara, and Sara [...]

  • Hang on tight! This book gets off to a fast start from page one.Greg Jennings, a DEA agent is shot and killed. Who would kill him and why??? Then his wife, Sara is found to be a target.Sara is put into protective custody but found. Sara returns home using the theory that she is tired of running and Changing her whole life. Upon her return Sara discovers that her dead husband has been accused of being a dirty cop. Who is behind these accusation? And more important who can she trust?The book flows [...]

  • I picked this book up on a spur of the moment impulse when I saw a friend recommend it on Facebook. If you enjoy police (or associated, in this case DEA/FBI) procedural suspense with a little bit of romance in the mix, then you’ll probably enjoy it too. It becomes obvious early on who the corrupt agent is, but even so, the tension remains strong throughout, and there’s plenty of danger and action (although there were a couple of times when the heroine brought it on herself by making some unw [...]

  • For lovers of suspense, this is a good one. A debut book but reads like a much more mature writer. Loved how the Christian elements woven in and Sara's journey of faith. An author to watch. Also excellent side characters - Rosa and Selina, from a range of cultural and social backgrounds.

  • I’m thankful for the review copy of a book that took me on a suspenseful, heart-felt journey and introduced me to a new author. I was hooked from the start, “Numbness crept across Sara Jennings’ skin. Her breathing quickened, drawing in more of the pungent formaldehyde. She rubbed her palms – damp even in the chill of the autopsy room.”Did that get your attention? I found myself reading this book every chance I could got. Main character Sara Jennings had to face the truth, her husband [...]

  • It is hard for this reader to believe that Ashes in the Wind is the debut novel of Peggy Levesque - this gripping adventure looks as if she is a very seasoned author! It captured this reader’s attention at the very beginning, and kept it through the very last page. It was almost impossible to put down at night to sleep!Sara, the widow of DEA agent Greg Jennings, had been in Witness Protection since her husband’s murder two years before, when an attempt was made on her life immediately after [...]

  • If you are looking for an action packed thrill ride in your next book, Ashes in the Wind would be a great choice! This book kept me on edge throughout most of the story. To top it off, this is a debut novel. A very well-written debut novel.Sara Jennings, a widow of DEA agent Greg Jennings, is the main female character in the book. Her husband was murdered and she finds herself to be a target as well. The hero of the novel is James (Mac) MacIntyre, also a DEA agent and the former best friend to G [...]

  • This is a debut novel by Peggy Levesque and I couldn't tell that this was her first novel. In fact, I didn't know it until I was almost finished with the book. This is a fast paced Christian romantic suspense book that is a page turner. I started this on a Saturday and finished it Sunday afternoon. If I hadn't had to leave the house for some things I would have read it in one sitting.Sara's husband was killed and then accused of being a dirty DEA agent. Sara knew her husband was acting different [...]

  • Ashes In The Wind**** E-book by Peggy LevesqueAshes In The Wind is a story full of suspense that keeps you on the edge of your seat. DEA agent Greg Jennings has been murdered. They are saying he was “on the take”. His wife, Sara, does not believe it. However, her own life is in danger and she leaves Phoenix and family to enter the Witness Protection program with a new identity. But even with the new identity they have found her and make another attempt on her life, so she decides to return t [...]

  • This is the debut novel by Peggy Levesque. After reading Ashes in the Wind, I know there will be many more books from her. Levesque keeps your attention throughout the whole story. The characters were interesting and great to get to know. I was on the edge of my seat several times wondering what was going to happen next. Ashes in the Wind is full of twists and turns you don’t see coming. Levesque gives you many different points of view helping you understand why the characters were doing what [...]

  • Peggy, if this is your debut as an author, I hope you are sitting down right now and have started writing your next novel. This story was terrific. It kept me on the edge of my seat with action, suspense, tragedy, danger, forgiveness, romance and faith along with a "Who Dun It". It is well written and has well developed characters. Peggy also gives us information about the DEA and FBI and the dangers they face.Sara Jennings was placed in witness protection after her husband Greg Jennings a DEA a [...]

  • Wow!Sara Jennings is placed in Witness Protection after her husband's death. Greg Jennings, Sara's husband was a DEA agent. They'd been married for 4 years. Theirs was a wonderful marriage until some months before Greg's death, when he had suddenly become vert withdrawn and secretive. His death brought no closure as to why he had changed. However, it did bring another change to Sara when there was an attempt on her life. James "Mac" MacIntyre was Greg's best friend. He will do anything to protec [...]

  • The gorgeous cover of “Ashes in the Wind” opens into a suspense-filled story that begins with a bang and continues full throttle until the very end. I found the book to be very well written for a first novel and I was held captive until I read the last word.Sara Jennings, widow of a DEA agent, has been living under protection for two years after an attempt on her life shortly after her husband’s death. When her location is discovered, Sara decides to go back to her home and face the threat [...]

  • Sara Jennings' is facing all the smells, feelings and surprisingly a fascination as she watches the body bag being unzipped, exposing only the face of her dear hubby DEA Special Agent Greg Jennings. Reality hits. And then the why? who?Married only a little more than 4 years, it had been a fairy tale life until he forgot his 4th anniversary. This was so not like Greg, and things continued to go downhill from there, with many changes, silence replacing lively conversations, and being shut out, eve [...]

  • “Hold your breath” excitementThis is one of those stories that draws you in quickly and keeps you reading page after page. I spent most of my time holding my breath, waiting to see how the story would unfold. I also stayed up way too late on too many nights because I just couldn’t stop reading! The main character, Sara, is very likeable and so brave as she learns to live back in her “real” world after spending time in the witness protection program. She doesn’t shy away from living h [...]

  • Sara Jennings' life is turned upside down when her husband is murdered and she must go into protective custody. When she is still threatened, she is ready to return 'home' she is tired of living 'someone else's' life. Against the desire of her best friend, Mac, she returns home. When she returns, however, her nightmare just intensifies. Will she be able to prove her husbands innocence? Who is trying to kill her, and for what? Has everyone given up on proving her husband was not a corrupt cop, ev [...]

  • This was such a good story. When an attempt is made on her life, Sarah Jennings' is put into witness protection. Sarah's husband, a DEA agent, was killed most likely by the cartel. What she doesn't know is that her husband had a notebook and picture that the cartel wanted and they thought she had it. This was a fast paced story with the FBI, Drug Enforcement Task Forces, the cartel and then there are family members who are not always who they seem to be Lots of excitement! You will find danger, [...]

  • Sara’s DEA husband Greg is dead and someone is trying to kill Sara. She goes into Witness Protection, but another attempt on her life sends her back to own life. When she learns they are claiming Greg was dirty, she is determined to prove him innocent. Greg’s best friend Mac is also determined – both to prove Greg innocent and to keep Sara safe. Mac has learned turned it all over to God. Can he help Sara learn to trust God with her life again? Are the feelings he is beginning to feel for h [...]

  • I really enjoyed this book, and was pleasantly surprised to learn that this was a debut novel by the author, as it was one of those suspenseful stories that made it hard to put down. The author made this an easy read with uncomplicated characters that made the storyline easy to follow and not have to stop and figure out who was who. Although the story centered on a wife, who had recently lost her husband through a murder, and we followed her movements constantly, it did not shy away from her con [...]

  • Ashes in the Wind is an excellent, edge of your seat read! I prefer a suspense novel that keeps you guessing and this fit the bill. From the first pages being under attack, to that same person now a witness under federal protection not being safe, you can’t stop reading. Levesque does a great job weaving the interactions of the characters building their back stories, yet keeping the action happening. I found myself unsure who was involved in the cover up, while I was trying to figure out if th [...]

  • Riveting! Dive into the world of the Drug Enforcement Administration. A model taskforce was established to bring cities together in Arizona; cooperation proving highly effective. A mole playing both sides entrenches causing havoc and setting sights on Sara, a new widow whose husband, Greg, died on assignment with the taskforce. When Greg is fingered as dirty by the agency, James MacIntyre, Greg’s best friend, and Sara can’t rest until proving Greg loyal. Problem being the mole is onto their [...]

  • Wow, what a great book! I couldn't quit reading - lots of late nights. This is Peggy Levesque's debut novel. I hope she writes a sequel to this story.Greg Jennings, a DEA agent, is dead. Some people believe he may have been a dirty cop, but his wife, Sara Jennings, doesn't believe it. Someone is trying to kill Sara, so she is put in the Witness Protection Program.James MacIntyre is Greg Jennings' best friend. He tries to protect Sara and find out who the mole is in their agency. It is hard to kn [...]

  • Ashes in the Wind is a first novel by Peggy Levesque and what a whirlwind novel it is. It kept my interest from the first page to the last. Intrigue, murder, drug running, witness protection and romance are all woven together to give readers a thrilling story. The characters are well developed and believable. Sara the young widow of a DEA agent, running for her life and trying to clear her husband's name befriends Selina, a youngster with an imaginary dog named Gabriel. Mac, best friends with Sa [...]

  • This is a terrific book by Peggy Levesque. It is about Sara, whose husband, Greg, was killed while on duty with the Drug Enforcement Agency. He died under suspicion, but Sara believes he was innocent. Sara is under the witness protection program, but another attempt on her life gives her the excuse to go back home and pick up the pieces of her shattered life. Sara and Greg's best friend in the DEA, Mac, are trying to clear Greg's name. A mole in the agency makes things difficult as he wants Mac [...]

  • Great suspenseful novel! Sara Jennings lost her husband two years ago and when her life was threatened, she was moved into the witness protection program. But, someone has found her now and wants her dead – but why? Her husband was a DEA agent but she doesn’t know why anyone would want her dead. Can she trust anyone and can she find what the enemy wants before they get her? Sara has her late husband’s friend Mac to help her but is that enough? For the reader, the author switches viewpoints [...]

  • This book has everything I love in a novel: likeable characters, great, nerve-wracking suspense and a tad of clean romance. The widow of a DEA agent is hunted by the drug cartel, and her husband's best friend wants to protect her and clear her dead husband's tarnished reputation. Great image of the DEA agent " until God tells me different, this is where I belong, fighting an endless battle against a hidden enemy in hopes I can help prevent the ruin of some lives." Definitely a tale of good vs. e [...]

  • Sara’s life was turned upside down when her husband, a DEA agent, was killed. She was placed in witness protection, but that did not work, as someone tried to shoot her. With a myriad of other actions aimed at her and her late-husband, Sara did not know who to trust.This is a suspenseful, action-packed book that was very hard for me to put down. Peggy Levesque, the author of Ashes in the Wind, is a talented writer and I look forward to anything else that she may write. I recommend this book hi [...]

  • What a great read! the author held my attention right from the beginning when Sara hesitantly opens the blue polyethylene bag that holds the body of her husband. With many twists and turns, the story follows Sara through witness protection, fires, explosions, gunshots, the FBI, DEA and drug trafficking. How does one know who you can really trust? This was a life or death problem for Sara. Was her husband on the payroll of the Mexican drug cartel? What did they want from her?Be prepared to sit on [...]

  • Action packed mystery thriller!What a fantastic debut novel. It is packed full of action, mystery, suspense, and just a touch of romance. If you enjoy mystery suspense novels with the FBI and Drug Enforcement Task Forces, you should love this book. The action continues practically through the last page and I was constantly on the edge of my seat. I really enjoyed the characters of Mac and Sarah, as well as the supporting characters in the book. Very well done and thoughtfully researched. I highl [...]

  • I really liked this novel. It is well crafted. The characters are well developed and realistic. Sara is a gutsy woman. I admired her effort to clear her dead husband of rumors of being a turned DEA Agent. I liked Mac too. He tries his best to protect Sara while trying to flush out the mole in the agency. There is great suspense, especially at the end. I recommend this book to those who like FBI investigative novels. This is a good one.See my complete review at bit/1GR4eRq.I received a compliment [...]

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