Day of the Dragon King

Day of the Dragon King Jack and Annie set off to find an original copy of an ancient Chinese myth Armed only with their magic library cards they must take on a book burningemperor But with the help of a scholar and a silk

  • Title: Day of the Dragon King
  • Author: Mary Pope Osborne Salvatore Murdocca
  • ISBN: 9780679890515
  • Page: 105
  • Format: Paperback
  • Jack and Annie set off to find an original copy of an ancient Chinese myth.Armed only with their magic library cards, they must take on a book burningemperor But with the help of a scholar and a silk weaver, they triumph again.

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  • Mary Pope Osborne Salvatore Murdocca

    Mary Pope Osborne has channeled a lifelong love of exploration and travel into one of the most popular children s book series of the past two decades With her fantastic Magic Tree House series, Mary Pope Osborne keeps the good times rolling for kids all over the world.


  • This is also one of my favorites! It is so informative and I had learned a lot of things about Ancient China.

  • I didn't like this book because I don't like emperors. I enjoyed like this book because I liked the part when they got lost in a place filled with clay solders and the ancient story saved them.

  • This story is about a girl name Annie going on an adventure with her brother Jack ! It was early in the morning in till Annie was excited about the next adventure so she went in jacks room and woke hime up so Jack got up and pack all his stuff in his book page Jack and Annie both ran down stairs and said good by to their mother and father. They ran into the frog creek woods and found the tree house on the oak tree Morgan their friend push the ladder to let Jack and Annie climb it Jack first clim [...]

  • This book is about Jack and his sister Annie who use a Magic Tree house to travel to Ancient China to stop the Dragon King from burning all the books in China. They use a yellow thread to find their way out of the tomb and get home.It was a short book with some pictures. I didn't like the story because it was not believable. I wouldn't recommend it to my friends but probably little kids would like it.

  • Anna and her brother max go to china to get a book but the Dragon King wants to burn the library and they have to get their before it burns so the rush to the library but at the corner of annes eye she sees the dragon king standing in a palece and the start ataking them and anne and max get away.I recamend this book for easy and short books and adventure and action.

  • Read to/by our 7 year old. Here's her review: "This is a cute story. It is nice, too. It has pretty pictures and the story makes me wish I could go back in time, like Doctor Who, and see old China. I think other kids will love it, or maybe their teachers can read it to them."

  • *3.5 stars because of that thing called nostalgia. that thing that still makes you think fondly of old childhood favorites even though they aren't particularly amazing, more like childish yet fun.

  • "I liked this book because it was really exciting! The kids meet an emperor who burns books! That's crazy!" - Eva, 8 years old

  • These children have zero curiosity. Even after the previous book they do not check thier reference book for what the catastrophe is or when it happens - despite the last one nearly killing them.2nd book into this arc and no explination as to how Morgan has time to wait for them, hand them the book they need, and see them off but not time to just go herself. Is she that important and the children expendable? Nothing on why it is just one adventure at a time. One a day for rest of the children or [...]

  • This is a great book for learning about the history in China. Two siblings travel back in time to find a specific book for Morgan, the librarian who the treehouse belongs to who also travels through time and space. Jack and Annie go on a glorious journey to the great wall and meet a weaver and an emperor. Jack takes notes in his notebook throughout the adventure and although they encounter some danger while trying to rescue the book from the book burning, they make it back to the treehouse and b [...]

  • I didn't learn much I didn't already know with this one, though I liked learning the faces of the burial soldiers and horses were all different. I liked the scholar as part of the story and him thinking of paradise when they describe a place with libraries everywhere and people are sent to school to learn.

  • Awesome BookI would recommend this book to a friend. I liked the part about the Dragon King. I also like how Morgan tells them they did a good job and tells them lots of cool stuff at the end.

  • Beginning Reader: This book was short and sweet, but a great way to introduce kids into chapter books. I like that the story showed the importance of books, and that the kids thought it was so important to save the books from the fire.

  • I truly hope these books start gettung better because I am not liking them. hate the fact that its every 2 weeks and that they know where their going. I want the surprise back and the adventures. seems like their getting boring.

  • The magic tree house takes Jack and Annie back 2000 years to ancient China, where they must find the original copy of an old legend before the Imperial Library is burned down by the evil Dragon King.

  • Everything was pretty good.It was well described and gave you good information. The only problem was that it was too short.

  • Picture yourself in a room. You gaze around and notice this is the archetypal home in suburbia. You find yourself gazing into the sweet hazel eyes of your sister Amy. You are now Jack, and you are about to find yourself exploring a whole new and magical nation. She tells you to bring your secret library card, and you sprint out the door with excitement and a subtle undertone of anxiety. You close your eyes softly and gently, and you wish with all your heart’s desire to travel to china, while y [...]

  • I like this book because it talks about what happened in the past. I also like this book because it is about china, and china almost makes all the cool stuff we Americans use today. I know that this book talks about what happened in the past because in the book it states, The Dragon King forced many of his subjects to start building a wall to protect China from invaders. Later emperors made the wall even longer. Finally, it stretched 3,700 miles along the border. The Great Wall of China is the l [...]

  • 1) I picked this book because I love this series and I know from my own reading and experience that this series takes you through many cultures. The title grabbed my attention when I was looking for books and I was intrigued, wanting to find out more. I learned a lot about China and felt like I was there when reading this book. I enjoyed reading many of the customs that take place there. Jack and Annie are magically transformed into a different culture where they wear straw hats and baggy clothi [...]

  • I feel a little silly giving 5 stars to a children's book, but honestly this really was an amazing story!What I love about the good books in this series is what they have to say about books and how reading them can take you places and show you things that you might otherwise never get to see. And that's never been as well done as in this book (of the ones I've read yet, at least).From the prologue where it's made clear that the treehouse could take them places in the books, very clearly drawing [...]

  • In this book #14 of the Magic Tree House books the children are sent to China to rescue a book from the famous burning of the library. Ms Osborne opens up many doors for older readers to be able to do more research on their own on various things that she 'opens the door for' in this book. I started to label this book as a 3 star as at first the book wasn't going anywhere and was kind of loosing my special needs teenage son whom I read these to. But then it did start getting into the story and in [...]

  • Once again I learn from Mary Pope Osborne hahaI didn't know that the Terracotta Soldiers were so detailed they even tried to make their faces different!And I can't imagine how much work making a book out of bamboo strips could be. It's incredible how far we've come! Thank you, people who lo invited paper and the printer! haha :)I loved how Jack and Annie ' s mom encouraged their "play" and imagination. The ancient Chinese scholar thought their home was heavenly when they told him how many books [...]

  • Day of the Dragon King Review I read this book really enjoy and I have this book to series. I like this book and this story is very interesting to me, also my partner Preaw feel interested. When I got this book, I think it looks like easy because It was in elementary school library.( ES library ) But, it was not too easy, not too difficult, just right. I will introduce this book now. the Mary Pope Osborne written this book and she written another series of this book. And the story is like that, [...]

  • Beginning ReaderThis is a good beginning reader series because the series provides repetition. However, each book has a different story which helps children keep interest.

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