Worm An introverted teenage girl with an unconventional superpower Taylor goes out in costume to find escape from a deeply unhappy and frustrated civilian life Her first attempt at taking down a supervill

  • Title: Worm
  • Author: Wildbow
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  • Page: 220
  • Format: ebook
  • An introverted teenage girl with an unconventional superpower, Taylor goes out in costume to find escape from a deeply unhappy and frustrated civilian life Her first attempt at taking down a supervillain sees her mistaken for one, thrusting her into the midst of the local cape scene s politics, unwritten rules, and ambiguous morals As she risks life and limb, Taylor faAn introverted teenage girl with an unconventional superpower, Taylor goes out in costume to find escape from a deeply unhappy and frustrated civilian life Her first attempt at taking down a supervillain sees her mistaken for one, thrusting her into the midst of the local cape scene s politics, unwritten rules, and ambiguous morals As she risks life and limb, Taylor faces the dilemma of having to do the wrong things for the right reasons.The story, titled Worm, takes the form of a web serial, posted in bite sized reads in much the same way that authors such as Mark Twain would release their works one chapter at a time in the days before full fledged novels Worm started in June 2011, updating twice a week, and finished in late November, 2013 It totals roughly 1,750,000 words roughly 26 typical novels in length or 10 11 very thick novels.

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    Wildbow real name John C McCrae, born in 1984 , is a Canadian writer of Web Serial Novels.His works include Worm Pact Twig Ward sequel to Worm From tvtropes pmwiki pmwikip


  • This book was 1.7 million words long, it took me 13 days to read, during which time I pretty much didn't put my laptop down. For those of you unsure, that is long, that's almost 1/2 of The Wheel of Time series, or all of ASOIAF, including Dance with Dragons.In just under 2 weeks, that should tell you just how into this I got. In fact, when (not if, when) he gets a decent editor and publishes this as a set, I will buy it, and I will most likely read it again. Not sure if that's going to be any ti [...]

  • Finally. I can finally sleep. That’s the trouble when you’re reading a book this engrossing that insists on ending almost every chapter with a cliffhanger.I originally wrote a quite short review, but at 1.7 million words I think Worm deserves a bit more effort on my behalf. Review contains spoilers for the first 4 chapters of the 300 or so chapter story.Worm follows the story of Taylor, a teenage girl who has recently lost her mother and is suddenly finding herself bullied in school. Stick w [...]

  • Worm (Table of Contents/official summary/TvTropes/Reddit/post-interview) is addictive superhero SF posing as fantasy; it is long, of consistently high quality, and features a huge amount of imaginative powers with equally imaginative applications & combos (the protagonist usage of bugs, as impressive as it is, is only one of many possible examples, although I particularly like the Regent & Shadow Stalker incident as an example of social-engineering/hacking); the setting excellently ratio [...]

  • Christ.An endeavor like that merits a proper review. I'll do it once finals are over with.I would highly suggest all of you read this series. It'll take a good amount of productivity away from you because it's 1,500,000+ words long, but it's definitely worth it.-----------------------------------------------------------------------Alright. What to say.Worm is an adult novel told in installments on the Worm webserial page. It's the story of young adult Taylor Hebert's coming-of-age, set in a seem [...]

  • What a crazy, crazy adventure. This is one of the most "epic" books I've ever read-- and I mean epic in the literal sense of the word, not the buzzword it's become. I want Worm 2 right now. This book had a kind of scale I haven't really seen in any other kind of book. There were certain chapters certain arcs where I went "Oh, shit, this is one of the most intense things I've ever read". It's such an intense story. Full of emotional parts. It's on par with A Song of Ice and Fire, with the Stormli [...]

  • So tough to rate. The inventiveness and insight are top drawer, 5 star level. The ability to track hundreds of characters and plot threads was super-human.It was inspirational too. The protagonist just kept transcending her own limits, again and again, to a galactic level, plausibly, just by thinking outside and above the box. I LIKE that. That's exactly the kind of thing I want to read.It is my first web serial, and I very much enjoyed seeing the process, as readers enthusiastically commented a [...]

  • I like the story, i really do, but the lack of realism in all the fights made me stop reading at volume 6. It seems extremely silly that everyone is not running around with guns to supplement their powers. Its like the story was supposedly to be gritty but ended up as YA, where no one ever dies.Whats everyone’s deal with non-lethal this and non-lethal that. The supposed “villains” seem so scared of killing someone, and the heroes throw captured “villains” in an easy to escape jail so t [...]

  • If it wasn't so good, I'd have probably kicked the person that recommended it to me.I don't know how this was possible, and how hard was it to write, but this is a million word book that doesn't slow down. There's almost no rest, it's hard to put down, and you can't just do what is usually done with most such books - to just skip one night of sleep and finish it - because it's huge, and interesting, and still huge, and you want finish this chapter, then the next, and the next, and it's morning a [...]

  • That was good. I truly enjoyed this book. It really is probably the main reason that I didn't get quite as many books read last year as I would have liked, but now that I have finished it

  • You know how when your watching a great action adventure movie, you kinda want to get up during or right after the fight scenes and do some karate moves?That's Worm, but for books.At about 1.75 million words (about 22 conventional books) it's a long, long read but there isn't a single dry moment. The first two or so arcs are just "okay" with our wannabe hero Taylor Herbert finding herself amongst the company of villains instead but the story steamrolls through a fantastically rich world of blurr [...]

  • Like most people who made it through the 1.68M words of Worm, I loved it. It's a fresh take on a superhero story, and one that I certainly haven't seen before in long form fiction. The "heroes" (and villains) we meet are real people with real issues, and although we are in our main POV characters head for the majority of the story, the interludes between acts allow us to see events from the perspective of a large number of side characters. And speaking of side characters - Worm does this better [...]

  • Update Again.Well that happened. I finished reading Worm for the third time in three months. I'm even working on some fanart now. I'm still conflicted on the ending, but I don't hate it anymore. I still can't leave worm behind. I used to have a life, now I just have Worm. Maybe I can finally let myself move on to pact and twig now? Maybe? Also this reread was the first time I reallyread any of the comments, which are pretty much pure gold.Update:So I just reread Worm and punched a hole in my hea [...]

  • I'd like to think that someday in the future, Worm will be considered a classic of fiction. Unfortunately it's not in printed form, and admittedly a few chapters aren't polished (but I mean, the guy was doing a NaNoWriMo every month for like 2 years?). So I fear many won't consider it a "real, proper book". But it's the best fiction I've ever read. Dark, intelligent and serious on a grand scale. It's not something you read on the Internet and forget. Not a story with some theme that you can't re [...]

  • Talented writer. Consistent and logical vision of the world. Author wasn't afraid to explore both positive and negative consequences of superpowers. Dialogues are witty and all sides are smart and creative in use of their resources. Unfortunately majority of book is filler - fight gets dull after a reading few of them - it is obvious how they will end, no sacrifices and hard decisions will be made (for most part of the book only meaningless character die). Even worse, main character progress is [...]

  • Worm is long. It is of epic proportions. It is bigger than The Bible and The Lord of the Rings (with Hobbit, Silmarilion and Unfinished tales) combined! After reading book that big you expect to have nice, meaningful and complete story. Unfortunately, Worm doesn't leave you warm and fuzzy on the inside. It leaves you chewed out like having run a marathon, only to get to run another marathon and at the end you get a sign: "Sorry, no bus to take you back, sit here for a while". The story is not co [...]

  • I can move on with my life now. Probably.Worm was pretty amazing. Fast-paced, engaging, mind-blowing at times, provocative even. And it had perspective. A lot of it, at such a scale I like perspective.So much sleep was sacrificed because of Worm. At nearly 7000 pages, I was a slave of the story for quite a while.It was all worth it. Go ahead and lose yourself in it if you dare.Just be ready.

  • Well, this sure was something. It's hard I think to really talk about this thing. It starts off very impressive and then veers off course somewhere in the second quarter. By the halfway mark, though, it finds its stride again and is an intense ride all the way through the end.Honestly my major gripe with this is wilbow's prose. It's Clunky, for the entire duration. Some odd phrasing choices. Can't say I fault the guy, but it makes for awkward reading at times. And when something is as long as Wo [...]

  • The good: This is a superhero story in which the main character has kind of a mediocre superpower that she uses to great effect through sheer cleverness. I love stories where underdogs think their way out of difficult situations and this story is chock full of that stuff.The bad: If you are looking for beautiful descriptions, ruminations on the art of writing, or deep symbolism, this is not the story for you. Go read some Gene Wolfe or Borges or something.The in-between: This is a first draft. W [...]

  • Worm has a lot of fans. The author is clearly good at writing dialogue and telling a long story. However, I don’t think his STORY is very good. Reviews suggest I am in the minority with this opinion, but I suspect the people who don’t like the story aren’t willing to grind through 1.6 million words and then leave a review. I used my Christmas Break to do this, despite not enjoying the story, and liking it less as it continues. I will not blame the length as an issue, web serials are meant [...]

  • Where do I begin.This is my all-time favourite novel (if you can call it a novel). The characters are so well-constructed that my brain finds the concept of them not being real people weirder than the notion of them becoming real. Worm is what all other superhero fictions should aspire to be, and other genres could learn a lot, too. It's rife with moral ambiguity and difficult decisions. The characters are very three dimensional, and the protagonist, a young girl named Taylor, is one of my all-t [...]

  • Wow. Okay. This was a LONG long read, filled with superheroes, destruction, angst, destruction, supervillains, gore, drama, destruction, humor and fun. Long story short:Girl is bullied :(Girl gets powersGirl wants to be a heroGets to be a villain insteadFinds out the world is endingAnd to save it she must walk a very fragile thread between good and badYay!- God THE WORLDBUILDING! It's so MASSIVE! So DENSE! So very detailed! From all the different cape classifications to the detailed descriptions [...]

  • Worm started off as something I simply loved. It was a realistic look at how super powers would affect the world. We were given a main character who's power seemed weak, but creative use of her power let her keep up with the heavy hitters. wildbow is amazing at world building. Unfortunately, his beautiful world is full of absolute fuck-wits.I have no desire to care for any of the main characters. The story can be summed up as Taylor doing the wrong things for the right reasons, but after a while [...]

  • Oh my! Worm is not your basic empowerment fantasy superhero story. It's also not an ignorant grimdark world of pain. It is thoughtful and aware. It is fell and wonderous. It worms its way from crisis to crisis to crisis of a different kind. From a world-ending threat to a character-ending threat, which is more scary. You keep hoping that things will get better, but they don't. And even when you're sure that this is how the story goes, you keep hoping that Taylor ends up alright. Yet it keeps alw [...]

  • I started reading this about six months ago, and it's a journey I am sorry to see end. Simply put, it was one of the best books (if you can call it that) that I have ever read. Worm is an online serial that anyone can - and most definitely should - read (parahumans.wordpress). It follows the journey of an unconventional superhero throughout many twists and turns.The story is littered with bonus chapters that follow different characters as well. At first I was skeptical and just wanted to 'get ba [...]

  • Absolutely fantastic on so many levels, I'd need The Numbers Man to keep track.I never need to read a comic again, as worm is the ultimate of superhero fiction. Seriously drop everything and read this.What you have here is a complete, multi-book epic all in one shot. Sure, it needs a little tweaking, but overall it is fantastic from start to finish. Once Worm starts, it's a pretty intense push to the end. At no point in the estimated 4000 pages or so of text did I ever feel like I needed a break [...]

  • This took a while. I was hesitant to start, knowing how long I had to go. I might have faltered even before I started. But I didn't, and I am incredibly glad I began reading it, because once I did, there was no stopping. It took me a solid 6 weeks (while working full-time), but every hour spent reading about these phenomenally well-developed characters with realistic emotions and earth-shattering powers was pure joy. If you enjoy fantasy in any form, you'll find it hard to dislike this.

  • As a web serial, Worm is brilliant! TV show or movie franchises would do well to call dibs on it ASAP! The Worm can equal, if not surpass, Marvel or DC. The sheer number of superhumans, the variety of powers, the action sequences, and the main storyline with subplots (with potential for hundreds of other subplots) would make a superhero-nerd's mouth froth with delight.That said, as a singular work of fiction, Worm could've been edited better. There are innumerable action sequences(understandable [...]

  • Review from June 15, 2016----Review from November 06, 2014 to May 06, 2015How do you review a novel that is essentially 10 books in one long series? I have no idea, but I'll give it a shot.First off, this is an amazing book. And it's free on the internet (it's a webseries) so definitely check it out if you're at all interested in superheroes, villains, powers, robots, murder, mayhem, gigantic beasts wreaking havoc and a doomsday prophecy!That all said, none of that actually does the tale justice [...]

  • TLDR: This book is going to satisfy your superhero fantasy craving like no Marvel Comics movie has ever done before. Do yourself a favour and read it if you want to know what superhero fantasy really feels like.Worm was the first superhero fantasy novel that I read. Before Worm I have had brief but entertaining encounters with popular superhero movies. So when I began reading Worm, I was not expecting anything particularly out-of-this-world. Simply because I did not know what I could expect from [...]

  • ow! It's been a hell of a ride.For all it's failings - frequently stretched battle sequences, weird jumps in the timeline, the varying quality of each arc and fairly average beginning I think it was one of the most epic reading experiences that I've had an honor of enjoying.It's not just that the writing is top-notch - it's that the story itself is very dark, bullshit-and-butterflies-free and in places incredibly emotional.It's been frequently said in other reviews, but I want to emphatize it on [...]

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