Lady Justice and the Vet

Lady Justice and the Vet Ben Singleton a Marine veteran had returned from a tour of duty in Afghanistan and was having difficulty adjusting to civilian life Fate coincidence or something else thrust him right into the hea

  • Title: Lady Justice and the Vet
  • Author: Robert Thornhill
  • ISBN: 9781493537976
  • Page: 387
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ben Singleton, a Marine veteran, had returned from a tour of duty in Afghanistan and was having difficulty adjusting to civilian life.Fate, coincidence, or something else thrust him right into the heart of some of Walt and Ox s most difficult cases.Our heroes find themselves knee deep in trouble as they go undercover in a nursing home to smoke out practitioners of MedicaidBen Singleton, a Marine veteran, had returned from a tour of duty in Afghanistan and was having difficulty adjusting to civilian life.Fate, coincidence, or something else thrust him right into the heart of some of Walt and Ox s most difficult cases.Our heroes find themselves knee deep in trouble as they go undercover in a nursing home to smoke out practitioners of Medicaid fraud, meanwhile, Islamic terrorists with ties to the Taliban are plotting to attack one of Kansas City s most cherished institutions.Join Walt and his band of senior sidekicks on another emotional roller coaster ride that will have you shedding tears of laughter one minute and sorrow the next.

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    Award winning author, Robert Thornhill, began writing at the age of sixty six and in eight short years has penned twenty nine novels in the Lady Justice mystery comedy series, the seven volume Rainbow Road series of chapter books for children, a cookbook and a mini autobiography.Lady Justice and the Sting, Lady Justice and Dr Death, Lady Justice and the Vigilante, Lady Justice and the Candidate, Lady Justice and the Book Club Murders, Lady Justice and the Cruise Ship Murders, Lady Justice and the Vet and Lady Justice and the Pharaoh s Curse won the Pinnacle Award for the best new mystery novels of Fall 2011, Winter 2012, Summer 2012, Fall 2012, Spring of 2013, Summer of 2013, Spring of 2014 and Fall of 2014 from the National Association of Book Entrepreneurs Fourteen volumes in the series reached 1 on in the past twelve months Many of Walt s adventures in the Lady Justice series are anecdotal and based on Robert s real life Although Robert holds a master s in psychology, he has never taken a course in writing and has never learned to type All 39of his published books were typed with one finger and a thumb His wit and insight come from his varied occupations, including thirty three years as a real estate broker He lives with his wife, Peg, in Independence, Missouri.Visit him on the Web at BooksByBob


  • Received on kindle as a gift from the Author Robert Thornhill, thank you.Just in time for Veterans Day and also November 10th, the Marine Birthday. Semper Fi to all our wonderful Marines, and thank you to all those that served and who are still serving.Being a Blue Star Family, I had to delve into this book right away. Not many folks write about the military family and the struggles they go threw. The long deployments, the returns, the funerals, and the PTSD. So kudos to the author for touching [...]

  • Just what is it about the Lady Justice mystery/comedy series that draws the reader back to the next adventure? Is it the fact that the protagonist, a senior citizen, retired real estate agent-turned cop, satisfies the Walter Mitty-like dreams we all share? Is it the cast of stereotypical supporting characters: Maggie, his real estate wife; Ox, his over-weight Kansas City police partner; John, the aging Lothario father he barely knew now living above him in his apartment building with Bernice, hi [...]

  • I enjoyed reading Lady Justice and the Vet; my first book by this author, Robert Thornhill. The first few chapters tell the story of an Afghanistan War Vet and the changes he experiences upon his return home. Nightmares, tremors and changes in his personality are the result of PTSD, a debilitating mental disorder that follows many vets home after the war. Some warriors are able to keep it at bay and go on with life, others aren't as fortunate and suffer greatly, often turning to alcohol and drug [...]

  • Lady Justice and the Vet (Lady Justice, #15) Robert ThornhillWalt Williams is back and he is on several assignments. He must go under cover and help disband a medicare scheme. Also a terrorist group comes to Kansas City , Walt and Ox are on the job. While taking on these cases he meets a Veteran back from Afghanistan who has PTSD and is fighting off his war demons.A fantastic story with some heartfelt photos, Mr. Thornhill really captures the spirit and traumas of deployed veterans. Left a lasti [...]

  • I got this book as a free download and I really enjoyed it. I have long been a fan of the Lady Justice series and Robert Thornhill did not disappoint with this one. I was touched by the photographs that were included in the book and it really struck a nerve with me. This book has the usual humor, friendship and action and it also shed the light on current events and our war Vets and all the struggles they face once they return home. Having worked in the medical field for a very long time I have [...]

  • I really like the Lady Justice series. Robert Thornhill has a true gift for telling a story. This series has it all: mystery, suspense, friendship, tears, loyalty, current events, and lots of laughs. I was reminded yet again how much I like Mary. A good story as usual!

  • Reviewed by Lee Ashford for Readers' Favorite.“Lady Justice and the Vet” by Robert Thornhill is a poignant, faithfully accurate story, which could have been taken from today’s headlines. Mr. Thornhill, with each new episode of the “Lady Justice” series, continues to surpass himself. Within the pages of “Lady Justice and the Vet”, Robert Thornhill has presented a better, more realistic dissertation on the plight of ALL combat veterans, to whom we as a nation owe our all, than any I [...]

  • Robert Thornhill has another hit. His books always make you stop and think about life but they are still filled with humor. This time he makes you think about all the veterans who have served our country and what it is like for them when they return to the USA. It is so sad what they have to go thru. They truly are heroes. Walt that guy has more lives than a cat. He has so many close calls and always manages to scrape by. I love Mary and her new love interest. Never a dull moment with Walt and t [...]

  • Another great read from Robert Thornhill. I love how he gives a bit of current events and historical information in his very entertaining stories of the two old cops, Walt and Ox. There is action, adventure and plenty of humor as you learn a little about current social problems and events.

  • Another great "Lady Justice" book. I am going to try to read all of them (about 10 or 11 to go) This one was a little darker than the others I nave read but was still funny and relevant to our modern problems.

  • Great readThis book is an enjoyable and easy read. This is my first time reading this author and I feel I will read all of the other books in the series.

  • Thornhill writes about a subject that is near to my heart, the issue of Post Traumatic Stress. One thing which the writer does not make clear is that there is a difference between PTS and PTSD; not all cases, indeed most, are not a permanent disorder, even though cases may appear hopeless for years. Still this book goes a long way in detailing some of the symptoms that a person may exhibit including the triggers that initiate the symptoms. Such symptoms are extremely troubling for not only the o [...]

  • I really enjoyed the characters themselves, especially some of the secondary characters who were so alive I could see them in my head. The use of an aging protagonist is unusual and done quite well. I understand the desire to pay tribute to all the veterans who've come home scarred, both mentally and physically, but the treatment of the subject seemed a bit too heavy handed and beating the reader over the head, although I understand that's sometimes necessary to make people pay attention to thin [...]

  • Semper fiI really enjoy the Lady Justice series. This installment was a little different than the others - but I was expecting that. There was still a little humor and some hijinks, of course - but this story had a purpose. The author wanted to shed light on our veterans and some of the things they go through upon returning home. I think a decent job was done in that regard. The story was a little scattered at times, but the good stuff was there. I'll look forward to reading more of these books! [...]

  • I've liked this series. As an older reader, I enjoy the 'senior citizen' characters, all of whom are well developed and interesting.This particular book resonated with me as I worked a number of years at a VA hospital on the psych ward, with (primarily) Viet Nam veterans dealing with PTSD and the related drug and alcohol issues. The author presents the trauma veterans can face with accuracy and a definite feel of reality.

  • What gives with references?So far I have enjoyed this series, but the way this book is put together is just aggravating as heck. The double asterisks and references in the middle of the page are highly annoying. It's like commercials on TV; there to advertise his other books? If the next I read has same issue, I won't bother getting any more of this series.

  • Seventy-year-old Walt and his eccentric pals come across as a team of Supermen, all in good fun. I appreciated that this story entertained while it shared the tragedy of so many our vets suffering PTSD, homelessness, and other ills after they make the sacrifices to serve for our freedom. The ending is a real tear-jerker, though.

  • This book is mixed with enough humor to make the hard facts within more palatable to most readers. This semi-sweet coating helps to bring out some just a few of the hardships our troops face when returning home from a war zone. The author also confronts Social Security fraud and home land terrorism. The story is well done to juggle all of these themes.

  • Walt and his group of senior citizen pals go undercover in a nursing home to expose Medicaid fraud. They also become embroiled in a plot by Taliban terrorists to target Kansas City. Good fast read with some humor. I rate this a 3.8.

  • Service with silver hair.Love the characters. Interesting that the author features older characters still productive and serving society.Would like the book to have been longer, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

  • Like Thornhill and his writing which may be a bit edgy for some readers. Always find myself chuckling as I go. Give series a try if you enjoy off beat reading. Received free e-book from author which does not influence my review.

  • FamilyThank you for including our military men and women in this wonderful book. Many of my family has and are now serving to protect. Your book let us know a little of what hell they come home with. Thank you

  • Funny dialogue, original tale & likeable cast. Like the series. Christian-based mystery. Clean but gory subject (author is prone to current controversies). TTS-enabled eBook. Recommended.

  • DeepThis is a serious topic and enjoyable read. Not my usual genre but I am a fan of Thornhill and Lady Justice. Keep 'em coming!

  • "When this is over, I'm getting a new partner." This is the 15th stand alone book in Robert Thornhill's superb tales about Walt, a retired estate agent and property developer, turned cop in his senior years. Each book is a joy as Walt relates his experiences both inside and out of the police force, full of colourful characters, great crime stories, ideas to ponder, and lots, I do mean lots, of comedic action and laughter.And, as always, George Kuch is the superb narrator, Walt, as he recounts hi [...]

  • Our favorite senior citizen cop is back with hair raising adventures and some very timely socioeconomic issues. One is zeroing in on a form of Medicare fraud in residential setting that nearly obliterates Walt in a garbage truck. Walt is also burdened with PTSD from an incident in a previous book and that leads in to the unending horrors trapped in the minds of former military who were deployed at one time and a small peek into the psychotherapy implemented by the VA. As we follow along while Wa [...]

  • Funny yet thought provoking. Walt and Ox can't seem to escape under cover assignments. My favorite in this installment is the nursing home. I don't know how he gets into the trouble but luckily some surprise saves his butt again. As in all of the books a controversial issue is addressed. In this installment it is the plight of veterans.

  • Once again Robert Thornhill and George Kuch deliver a wonderful audio book. Walt Williams and his crazy wonderful side kicks take on the Taliban terrorists. Robert also does a wonderful job of giving information about our veterans and what many of them go through. Another great book.

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