Whiskey and Wry

Whiskey and Wry He was dead And it was murder most foul If erasing a man s existence could even be called murder When Damien Mitchell wakes he finds himself without a life or a name The Montana asylum s doctors tell

  • Title: Whiskey and Wry
  • Author: Rhys Ford
  • ISBN: 9781627980784
  • Page: 194
  • Format: Paperback
  • He was dead And it was murder most foul If erasing a man s existence could even be called murder.When Damien Mitchell wakes, he finds himself without a life or a name The Montana asylum s doctors tell him he s delusional and his memories are all lies he s really Stephen Thompson, and he d gone over the edge, obsessing about a rock star who died in a fiery crash His chHe was dead And it was murder most foul If erasing a man s existence could even be called murder.When Damien Mitchell wakes, he finds himself without a life or a name The Montana asylum s doctors tell him he s delusional and his memories are all lies he s really Stephen Thompson, and he d gone over the edge, obsessing about a rock star who died in a fiery crash His chance to escape back to his own life comes when his prison burns, but a gunman is waiting for him, determined that neither Stephen Thompson nor Damien Mitchell will escape.With the assassin on his tail, Damien flees to the City by the Bay, but keeping a low profile is the only way he ll survive as he searches San Francisco for his best friend, Miki St John Falling back on what kept him fed before he made it big, Damien sings for his supper outside Finnegan s, an Irish pub on the pier, and he soon falls in with the owner, Sionn Murphy Damien doesn t need a complication like Sionn, and to make matters worse, the gunman who doesn t mind going through Sionn or anyone else if that s what it takes kill Damien shows up to finish what he started.

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    Rhys Ford is an award winning author with several long running LGBT mystery, thriller, paranormal, and urban fantasy series and was a 2016 LAMBDA finalist with her novel, Murder and Mayhem She is published by Dreamspinner Press and DSP Publications.She s also quite skeptical about bios without a dash of something personal and really, who doesn t mention their cats, dog and cars in a bio She shares the house with Yoshi, a grumpy tuxedo cat and Tam, a diabetic black pygmy panther, as well as a ginger cairn terrorist named Gus Rhys is also enslaved to the upkeep a 1979 Pontiac Firebird and enjoys murdering make believe people.


  • My interview with Rhys Ford as she discusses "Whiskey and Wry" over at The Blog of Sid Love: sidlove.wordpress/2013/08/You know what I really like about Rhys Ford books? I know what I’m going to get. Great MC’s (usually 1 really likable and 1 that takes some warming to), tons of side characters (like, A LOT), a zany mystery (that usually is impossible to guess because it comes from left field – but the answer is always the least important part of the book!), hot sex, and a sprinkling of me [...]

  • Posted at Hearts on Fire Reviews 4.5 starsEven though I didn’t totally love Sinner's Gin, the ending was such a surprise that I was on pins and needles awaiting the next story. Damien Mitchell, guitarist, and one of three band members who died in a car crash, is actually alive and well. Well, not totally well. He’s shut up in a mental institution, pumped up full of drugs, and with no memory of that strange couple that calls themselves his parents. His memories are just starting to return, an [...]

  • Written December 17, 20143.8 Stars - Devastating captivating and thrillingBook #2The first book Sinner's Gin was a well enough good start to this second M/M series ("Sinners") by Rhys Ford I picked up this fall. (I really enjoyed her other romantic crime series: "Cole McGinnis". All over 4 stars) An 8:40 hrs audiobook narrated, with strong expression and big emotions, in an unforgettable style by Tristan James.I'm another amused fan for these adorable 'Sinners'.********************************** [...]

  • Like this more from listening to the audio.Audio is good, but warning the gore seems worse somehow for listening to the descriptions than reading them. Also what's with the accent switching? Damie 'Californian with a hint of British' varies from American to strong Irish to English. Even Donal that chunk of Irish rock at one point turns English - made it confusing who was talking in some places.------The writing/editing felt smoother than in the previous book. The plot is frankly ridiculous with [...]

  • Someone is out to make Damien believe he's not who the thinks he is. He can't remember anyone but his best friend Miki so maybe he is crazy. Throw in a killer who needs Damien dead and he doesn't know what to do except run. Until he finds Sionn.This was another great addition to the Sinners series. I am loving these books. I didn't like it as much as the first one. Something was missing though I'm not sure what. However, I loved both characters and all the side characters. I love Ford's writing [...]

  • 3.5 StarsThe second part of the Sinners series did not disappoint. You have Damien who's desperately trying to piece together his fractured memories. He's not sure what's real, only that he needs to find his best friend Miki who will help unravel the answers he so desperately wants. Scared and paranoid, that feat isn't so easy to achieve. Barely scraping by, he meets up with pub owner Sionn and of course, sparks fly. The danger Damien is in escalates as those he cares about get hurt or end up de [...]

  • I'll be honest, when I first started reading this book I was disappointed. I thought it was going to be more about Miki and the delicious man who had him, Kane.What I got, though, wasn't what I expected. Two new characters (well, one was mostly new) and their story. I continued reading because I love Rhys Ford's work. What did I find?1) The new main character was sexy as hell.2) The new love interest was neck and neck as sexy as Kane.3) I love Donal, the clan leader of the Morgan family.4) Rhys [...]

  • So many things should have caused me to lose my mind while reading this and I will admit a few things almost pushed me over the edge but I think I liked it. The Morgans are kind of adorable and Damien and Miki were also adorable. I know I said I'd pretend about where the Morgan's were from and I totally did. For the most part. But Sionn?And boyo? I mean really? Boyo? "The taste of you is better than any pint I've ever had on my lips."But Sionn issues aside I really did like Damien and Sionn toge [...]

  • This great, unbelievable family brings a smile to my face. To enjoy this you have to set aside the non credible things like the melodrama and the family abounding with gays, or the cosmic event sex.If you are in the mood to set these aside and just enjoy the flow then go for it, it’s fun. I was in the mood and I enjoyed it eventhough my eyes rolled a bit, not worries, part of the festive season. And I'm willing to try more with Ingela -

  • This is my second time around reading this book and this time I decided to use the audiobook to enhance the reading experience. OH wow! It was awesome. The guy who does the voices was amazing. It made the book so much cooler to actually hear the characters speaking aloud. And I have to say that the mystery made more sense to me this time too. I'm upping my rating to a solid 5 stars.

  • AudibleEven more gruesome, the second book in the series has started off very well and kept me going for a half of it in one sitting. Then the pace had slowed down and I got slightly bored, even with the very sick killer on the heels of our boys. The best moment of the book that tugged at my heart and left me sniffing was the reunion of M and D. I could see them so clearly in that crashing hug, rejoicing and grieving at the same time. That moment alone was worth reading the sequel.There's one co [...]

  • A broken man who desperately wants his life backA bloodthirsty, sadistic and sick-in-the-head contract killer who tries with all his might to prevent this from happeningTwo lost souls who eventually find true love and happiness after all they have been throughAnd a touching reunion of two best friends presumed to be dead (well, at least one of them)All of this should have set the stage for a solid 5-star-read for me, but somehow it took me kind of forever to finish this book. Don't get me wrong, [...]

  • Overall book rating: 4.5Audio Book: Tristan James 4.5 Great Stars!Book Cover: 3There are distinct parts of these books I DON"T LIKE AT ALL. In fact I actually skipped over those in some places. I don't like having a step by step manual on how to dissect someone's body. If I read this, and not listened to the audio that aspect would have most probably made me not pick up the rest of the series.But thenTHERE ARE PARTS THAT I LOVE!!! And so those and Mr James made me push through. Again, I LOVE the [...]

  • 5 Stars - KAPOW!A "Live Your Life, Buy The Book" ReviewThe long-awaited “Whiskey and Wry” is the second novel in the four-part series by Rhys Ford, author of The Cole McGinnis Mysteries and again, this new book calls to me: It’s got chilling suspense, mystery, another hot rocker guy and a hot Irishman. Good gosh, what’s not to like? If you like fast and furious plots, with main characters you will love, along with a mystery that keeps readers guessing to the last pages, this book is for [...]

  • Oh boy, Rhys Ford proved to me that a second in a series could be better than the first. I knew I would love this, but never thought I would love it more than the first Sinners Gin.Damien Mitchell knows somewhere in the back of his mind that he is not Stephen Thompson, but all pieces of the puzzle refuse to go together. All he knows is he must find Miki for his life to make any kind of sense. He makes his was to the City by the Bay, searching for the piece that will make everything come together [...]

  • 3.5 stars. Review may contain some spoilers for the first book. A good follow up to Sinner's Gin, the presumed dead Damien is the focus of this story. When we left Damien, he was being held in a mental institution and doubting his existence. This book picks up where we left off, and after fleeing the institution, Damien sets off to find his best friend Miki. The problem is he is still suffering memory loss and is not sure where to find him (although, a plot problem I had was that it should have [...]

  • This book was every bit as good as Sinner's Gin, if not better. The character development is once again exemplary - and we get new characters to fall in love with! Damien we of course know of, but we get to know him completely, along with his love interest, Sionnwho I don't have adequate enough words to describe. Kind, smart, loyal, loving, SEXY AS HELL - to name a few. The story is fast-paced and exciting - it wouldn't be Rhys Ford if it wasn't - and the villian is the creepiest, most jaw-dropp [...]

  • Fractured nonsense short AF review coming in 3 2 1Gah. This was amazing. I loved Damien so much. The reunion with Miki was worth the wait and Sionn is fucking swoony! I want to sit with him and have a talk over a cup of dark Finnegan brew… sigh. This was such a freaking fracking exciting story. I loved the mystery even while I was filled with angst and dread wanting to know who the fuck was doing this shit to Damien and WHY. I admit to even digging the extra POV because he was one sick fucker [...]

  • This was as gruesome and sadistic than the previous installment. I was hoping for a good romance as I love reading about musicians but this was mushy and exaggerated and an exact mirror image of the one in the first book. Also I'm getting a bit annoyed by all the males on a family turning out to be gay! There must be another way to connect the books in a series!

  • Originally posted at Rarely Dusty BooksGenre & Keywords: Contemporary Romance, M/M, Suspense, Serial Killer, Musician, Abusive Youth~~~~~Rating: 3.5 out of 5 starsHeat level: 2 out of 3 flames~~~~~I had been looking forward to this second book in Ford's Sinners series. Very much so. Maybe that's why I'm a bit disappointed by it. It's probably a classic case of my own too high expectations, but I wasn't as overwhelmed and amazed by it as I was with the first book, Sinner's Gin, and the books [...]

  • It's hard for me to wrap my head around me not liking this. I didn't like the story, and I did not see Damien this way in my head. I can't comprehend on why he seemed like someone else to me when I haven't read it, but I never connected with him, the story, and the plot. I liked Sionn, he's my favorite thing about the story. I did want to know more on him and hist backstory. I feel like I understood bits and pieces surrounding his pass job, but it was like talking in circles about it. I'm going [...]

  • Full review can be found at On Top Down Under Book Reviews. Sinner's Gin was my first Rhys Ford book and I was immediately hooked on her writing. I have since gone on to read Cole and Jae's series and I become a bigger fan with each book I read. After the cliffhanger at the end of Sinner's Gin, I was eagerly awaiting Whiskey and Wry. I wondered if there was any way that Damien and Sionn's story could compare to Miki and Kane's. I needn't have worried. It was an excellent book. The author brings [...]

  • Ford can tell a fun story, has lovable characters, and makes fantastic use of San Francisco. I was caught up and wanted to know what was going to happen, but this veered too far into soap opera territory for me. I guess I'm just not ready for a contemporary with an amnesiac hero who's universally believed dead, a monstrous villain right out of a slasher flick, an Irish patriarch who should be nominated for a sainthood, and cops/bodyguards who sit around talking about their feelings like a teen g [...]

  • Still 4.5 stars rounding up to 5 because second time around and loved it every bit as much as the first so Yeah for the 'Sinners' and Tristan James it's a match.More happy place with the SinnersYeah, I won't even try and pretend that I didn't press the play button on this one as soon as 'Sinner's Gin' was done because that's totally what I did and it's been a repeat of the first book loved the story, loved the narration and I'm still in that happy place.So here's the link to my first review and [...]

  • smexybooks/2013/08/22355mlIn book one, Sinner’s Gin, Ms. Ford left us with a deliciously heartbreaking cliffhanger that had me hooked and hungry for this book. Because of that, it is impossible for me to write this without a bit of book one spoilers.In Sinner’s Gin, we met Miki St. John, lead singer of the band, Sinner’s Gin. Miki was in a bad place as he grieved the loss of his band mates due to a horrific accident following an awards show. Alone and missing his best friend, Damien, Miki [...]

  • I am in love with one Rhys Ford! Now I have to wait months to get my next book in this series. ☹ I think I may cry! I’m so in love with the boys of Sinner’s Gin and Damien is no exception. I’ve been itching to find out what happened to that poor boy after the teaser at the end of the last book. I was not disappointed.Damien Mitchell, well if that really is his name, so many people are trying to tell him it isn’t true. Stuck in an asylum deep in the Montana mountains being told repeated [...]

  • Book 2 of Rhys Ford's 'Sinners' Series is just as bloody good as the first, 'Sinner's Gin'. I absolutely loved Sinner's Gin and meeting Miki St John and Kane Morgan.I mean, who wouldn't want to meet such hot guys, who just have this scorching sexual chemistry between them and make your world spin with their passion, all set amongst the incredibly rich and diverse background of the music worldwith vivid descriptions, richly fleshed out characters, angst, conflict, danger, and thrillsOh wait, I'm [...]

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