Gimme Cracked Corn & I Will Share

Gimme Cracked Corn I Will Share One night Chicken had a dream about buried treasure a treasure trove of corn And the corn is always sweeter on the other farm or at least that s what Chicken thinks His friend George agrees Hopefully

  • Title: Gimme Cracked Corn & I Will Share
  • Author: Kevin O'Malley
  • ISBN: 9780802796844
  • Page: 170
  • Format: Hardcover
  • One night Chicken had a dream about buried treasure a treasure trove of corn.And the corn is always sweeter on the other farm or at least that s what Chicken thinks His friend George agrees Hopefully they can find it once they cross the road Will Chicken s corny treasure be all it s cracked up to be

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  • It's one cornball joke after another when Chicken and his punny friend George set out to find a treasure trove of cracked corn Chicken saw in a dream. His eye-rolling expressions in the detailed digitally-colored ink drawings hilariously complement George's bad puns. Some of the jokes may fly over the heads of the very young, but there's enough humor they'll understand to keep them turning pages. For a fun vocabulary lesson have students define words from George's puns and follow-up with discuss [...]

  • Summary: A chicken has a dream about an overabundant supply of corn. The chicken decides to follow is dream. He goes on a journey, searching for a beautiful barn and a great pink pig. He finds the pig, but it refuses to move so that the chicken can search for the supply of corn. The chicken goes home and that's where his finds the enormous supply of corn.Uses: read aloud to roughly third and fourth graders, independent reading for transitional or fluent readers, recommend to students who can ide [...]

  • How do I know "Jimmy Crack Corn" or "Blue Tail Fly?" Bugs Bunny used to sing the song in those classic Warner Bros shorts. I knew all of the words, or at least Bugs's version of the song, as a child.Here, O'Malley sends up the song as a chicken senses there must be better corn at the beautiful barn of the big pink pig. And for this venturing forth, O'Malley's book gets the designation of a Hero's Journey Possibility Book.Plenty of riddles, one-liners, and groaners in this text (as with Animal Cr [...]

  • This book is so funny and dare I say it? Corny! A chicken dreams of everlasting cracked corn; later he and his buddy, two chickens, cross the road to seek out the reality behind the dream. Among the puns, inside jokes, and comical illustrations, readers may even find out the real reason a chicken crosses a road. There may be too much happening in this book for it to appeal to a very young story time audience but the pre-school and K-2 set will love it!CIP Summary:None. From the book jacket: "The [...]

  • Linguistically clever. A little too clever for the majority of the audience of picture books. As much as I and one of my young sons enjoy acknowledging the play of language masterfully done within this book, neglect was made in the story itself. Words aside, the book was a bit of a dud. The real downfall, however, was the unwarranted use of the word DIVORCE in the book. It didn't belong and seems callous to throw in the word (I'm not even sure why. To rhyme maybe?) with such a young audience who [...]

  • This is a "punny" book (also heard it on NPR) and looks great. Shannon, you must check it out for Anna, its supposed to be aimed at her age or a bit younger, all about exploring language and the "pun" opportunities.Here's an sample: One night, Chicken had a dream. He dreamed that in a beautiful barn, buried under a great pink pig, was a treasure of cracked corn — all the corn that any chicken could ever want." When he tells his friend George, George says, "You must be yolking," and "What are y [...]

  • This is a humorous story about a chicken who goes on an adventure to find a treasure of corn, based on a dream he had. The narrative is very funny and silly and is filled with bad puns and lots of age-old phrases that many children will likely not understand without explanatation. I recommend this book for older children who can appreciate the word play and jokes. The illustrations are fun, and this book reminds me of another book by Kevin O'Malley, Animal Crackers Fly the Coop.

  • This book is by far the funniest book I have read in a long time. It tells every chicken joke in the book, not to mention, every pun. I was laughing out loud at the different jokes and how they played into the plot. I am not sure that the younger ages will get this book. I would shoot for maybe 2nd and above?

  • In this book, a chicken has dreams of treasure and sets out on a journey to find it. When really all of it's treasures were at home all along. I enjoyed this book because of its great imagination and figurative language used. It was easy for me to put myself in the book and really feel what the chicken felt, so im pretty sure children won't hve a problem.

  • This is one of those O'Malley books that would make my wife groan. The humor is "corny" as O'Malley would say. It's all basically word play. That works for me. Kids have a harder time with it, somply because they don't always catch the joke on their own. If you need to explain the joke, it's wasted.

  • This book was terrible, but still kind of enjoyable in the same awful way that puns make you kind of laugh even while groaning in horror. It is a strange and sort of unpleasant book, not egg-cellent, but not quite egg-regious enough to hate.

  • Oh the puns in this book!So cheesy and so fun!Chicken and his buddy George go on a search for all the yummy cracked corn that he dreamed of one night and the two of them find themselves on a crazy adventure! You go Chicken and George!

  • Talk about corny! O'Malley takes a traditional folk tale and adds plenty of puns (some of which may go over the heads of kids, but their parents will relish.) Great fun!

  • The children may not have picked up on all of the "corny" jokes, but they did laugh when the chicken is asked if he is chicken (meaning scared) but states "As a matter of fact, yes."

  • the basic story is that of "the alchemist" but with more chicken puns than you can shake a stick at! way over most childrens' heads but fun for adults - til you have to eggsplain each one! ;o)

  • A fun, pun-filled book with wonderful illustrations. Not destined to be a classic, but still, one adults and little ones will enjoy.

  • My Little One enjoyed this far more than I thought she would. Every page is popping with corny humor, like, "You must be yolk-ing." ehhhClever and cute.

  • Funny, but in a sophisticated pun-based sense that most preschoolers will not find humorous. Would give it to Jeanne Causey, though!

  • George's and Chicken's adventure to visit the pink pig was worth crossing the road. A bit corny in places but overall -- eggsellent!

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