Fractured Kyla shouldn t be able to remember anything But she can and she s beginning to realize that there are a lot of dark secrets locked away in her memories When a mysterious man from her past comes back i

  • Title: Fractured
  • Author: Teri Terry
  • ISBN: 9781408319482
  • Page: 277
  • Format: Paperback
  • Kyla shouldn t be able to remember anything But she can and she s beginning to realize that there are a lot of dark secrets locked away in her memories When a mysterious man from her past comes back into her life, she thinks she s on her way to finding the truth But the she learns about her history, the confusing her future becomes.

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    Teri has lived in France, Canada, Australia and England at addresses than she can count, acquiring three degrees, a selection of passports and a silly name along the way Past careers have included scientist, lawyer, optometrist, and, in England, various jobs in schools, libraries and an audiobook charity The footpaths and canal ways of the Buckinghamshire Chilterns where she now lives inspired much of the setting of Slated She hates broccoli, likes cats, and has finally worked out what she wants to do when she grows up.Facebook fan page facebook TeriTerryAuthorNotes from the Slushpile group blog on writing for children notesfromtheslushpile IMPORTANT Please do not message me on with requests for review copies, swag, interviews, or anything else See the contact section of my website for that Messages on may and probably will go unanswered


  • 5 Words: Control, revenge, punishment, memories, strength.This book is not just as good as the first book, it's better! This series is going from strength to strength.There was a hint in the first book about the whole Slated process, and how it wasn't just criminals but also people who elected to be Slated, and I'm a little disappointed that it wasn't followed up in this book. Fingers crossed for the next?This book started to delve deeper into the the characters and open up your eyes to who they [...]

  • Fractured doesn’t suffer from the dreaded middle book syndrome, not in the least. If anything, the stakes are higher, the plot more complicated and the characters better developed. It is a tense read, a thrill ride from start to finish. There were times when I was genuinely afraid for Kyla, even though the rational part of me insisted that nothing too terrible could happen to her. Most of the anxiety I experienced was caused by Nico, an important person from Kyla’s past. Even when she didn [...]

  • "With what I did yesterday, I should be dead: zapped by the chip they put in my brain when I was Slated."A sequel that packs just as much punch as its predecessor, Fractured does not disappoint!Fractured picks up where Slated left off. As wisps of Kyla's memories start coming back to her she struggles with her identity; between who she is now, who she was before being Slated, and her younger self.One of the many things that grabbed me about Fractured was Terry's simplistic yet engaging writing s [...]

  • 3.5 stars - I liked the first book enough but wasn't too impressed - mostly because it started out too slow, but the end was pretty exciting so I was eager to find out what was going to happen next.On one hand, there wasn't as much action as I thought there was going to be, so I wasn't ripping through the pages because I was dying to find out what was going to happen next. Instead, it was more of frustrated curiosity that kept me going - more or less the same thing I felt about the first one: th [...]

  • Gosto quando um livro é um grande criminoso Quando é culpado por me tirar horas de sono, culpado por me fazer chegar ao trabalho cheio de sono, culpado por me fazer querer ficar mais um minuto na cama Fracturada é o segundo volume da trilogia Slated, começa mesmo após os últimos acontecimentos do primeiro livro. Kyla, uma menina que se sente perdida e anda à procura do seu lugar no mundo, enfrenta uma nova etapa na sua vida. Cheia de recordações, recordações essas todas desfragmentada [...]

  • Actual rating - 2.5Fractured was a disappointment.Although the first installment, Slated, had a slow pace, i really enjoyed it. This installment, was slower, and a lot less enjoyable.The time i started enjoying it, the book ended. Having to read 400 pages before a book gets interesting, is not great. Not only was it slow, but it was very jumpy too. I've read a few books like that this week, so it got annoying, very fast.Overall, Jumpy, Slow, Disappointing.

  • 3.5 StarsI have been debating a lot what to rate this. There were just so many things going on with this book, it was really hard to pin down.The first 60% or so of the book was beyond frustrating for me. We get introduced to Nico finally, Free UK, 2 completely new important characters and some other ones. There was a lot to process with this book. Even though Kyla has started to get most of her memories back, she still doesn't know the full story, and that was the frustrating part. There were a [...]

  • In a world full of danger; who can you trust?Caught in a tug of war between Lorder oppression and the fight for freedom, her past and present race towards a collision she may not surivive. A charismatic but dangerous figure from her past forces Kyla to choose her own path in this tense and gripping sequel to the absolutely amazing, jaw dropping, drool worthy, absolutely dazzling book also known as Fractured by Teri Terry.This book is like some massive rollercoaster ride. Seriously. It’s like t [...]

  • never expected Fractured to be better than Slated, but it was and so much more. I literally could not put it down. It's fast paced, action packed and completely addictive. It's like a drug!

  • *4.5 Stars*'Fractured', just like, 'Slated', was FANTASTIC.It continues on from the last scene in the first book, and it is such a wild ride. There is just enough action to keep you interested, just enough suspense to keep you on edge, and just the right amount of secrets to make sure you don't put the book down. I found this book really interesting in that, Kyla, as a person has so much character development. I mean obviously she does, she basically turned into another person. And that was the [...]

  • See the whole review on my blogYou see, there aren't many books in this world that can keep you at the edge of your seart through the whole story. And when I say the whole story, yes, I mean the whole book. I thought Slated was fantastic and amazing, but Teri Terry managed to bring the serie to an even higher level, because Fractured was absolutely phenomenal. Kyla. Or I should say Rain? Or even Lucy? Nonetheless, our favourite heroine of the first instalment is back full force. She isn't scared [...]

  • 3 Stars!I'm not sure if I liked this or not I enjoyed some parts of it but I was so annoyed throughout the whole book. There was way too many plot twists for it to be enjoyable. I love plot twists, mostly everyone does but I don't enjoy it when there is a plot twist every couple chapters. It's making me confused because I don't know what is happening in the story anymore. I used to love how I couldn't trust any character but it's getting annoying now because I just want to like a character but I [...]

  • 3.5Leider konnte mich Teil 2 nicht ganz so begeistern wie der erste Band.Es war immer noch sehr spannend und interessant, aber hat für mich leider nicht das Spannungslevel von Teil 1 erreicht. Ich würde dieses Buch als typischen Zwischenband bezeichnen, der nur wenige Fragen beantwortet und neue aufwirft, wozu auch einige neue Charaktere beigetragen haben.Kylas Verhalten hat mich in einigen Momenten sehr irritiert, da sie für ihre Situation doch zu vertrauensselig agiert hat.Insgesamt hat mic [...]

  • Fracturée n'est pas une suite à la hauteur, l'aspect transition du tome se fait trop ressentir puisque l'auteure n'amène rien de véritablement croustillant, même si plusieurs pistes nouvelles sont sympathiques. La fin justement amène ce petit plus qui peut rendre le dernier tome intéressant, mais avec ce qui est amené dans ce tome 2, j'en attends beaucoup.Mon avis complet : bloggalleane/2018

  • This review was also posted on my blog, thisisjustabookblog.tumblr I wasn't originally planning on reading this book; I'd read the first and not enjoyed it much, so I didn't see any reason to start this one. However, I came across it in the library, and as it was there, I thought 'why not?'. You can find my review of Slated here. (Also, don't read this review if you haven't read Slated, because there will be spoilers here.)Unfortunately, this book was not an improvement on the last. I was just s [...]

  • Review also posted at Ja čitam, a ti? With all middle books or second books in series I've noticed some pattern, but mostly this happens in dystopians. While in the first book the whole idea is presented and you need to wrap your mind around something, second books leaves you to connect all the smaller things and mostly to get to know the main character and other characters too. This one follows that patter. While in the first book you get the whole idea of Slated was nicely presented in the fi [...]

  • Nerg! The frustrated sounds of a reader waiting for the third book. You know those books that make you reach the last page and your fingers want to keep turning to find out more? Yeah this is THAT book.I read the first book a few days ago, and was highly impressed. No story line entirely dependent on romance, no insta love, great world building and fantastic characters. Then I found the second book was already available and picked up a copy at a local KMart. Happy days! I was so engrossed in thi [...]

  • I really loved this book, maybe even more than I loved the first one, especially the end (more action packed). The book starts with a little flashback that reminds us of what happened on the first book. Then there is no action whatsoever in the first chapters, just her usual routine and things like that. BUT, once the action does start, it doesn't stop until the end of the book.There's a bit of everything in this book: Love. Drama. Family Drama. Suspense. Betrayal. Lies. We don’t know who to t [...]

  • It's been quite some time since I have read SLATED - the first book in this series, but I remember how blown away I've been with this thriller in YA genre. It was so different and original to other book series in this genre. Unfortunately, I had some other stories to read, so it took me quite some time to get back to this series. But I have finally decided to finish off some book series I started off earlier and Slated is on the list. At the start, I found it quite hard to remember the previous [...]

  • RESEÑA COMPLETA EN EL BLOG(pincha aquí)He dudado pero bah, un 5 por la forma en que ha logrado introducirme en la historia, en hacer una narración lenta y aún así perfecta, que me mantenga en tensión pero que me cuente cosas.Muy disfrutable. Le tengo altas expectativas al siguiente.

  • Teil 1 war ziemlich ruhig, das war bei Teil 2 nicht der Fall, richtig gute Reihe, ich freu mich auf Teil 3!

  • Kaum kann ich glauben wie spannend der zweite Band gegen Ende geworden ist! Freu mich schon sehr auf den letzten Teil der Reihe!

  • "Rain. It has some other uses, some other meaning, but it trickles and runs through my mind like rivulets down my body. It is gone."Rating after my gut feeling, Fractured is an absolute 5! It is a couple of weeks since I actually read it, and I still can't stop thinking about it. The thing that enters my mind most often is the relationship between Kyla/Rain and Nico. Stockholm Syndrome anyone?It reminds me a little of a P!nk song I really like, called I'm Not Dead. Not the entire song exactly, b [...]

  • (Source: I own a copy of this book.)Kyla is confused about everything, and knows only that she needs answers.Who was Kyla before she was slated? Why was she slated? And can she ever regain her memories?This story did have some interesting moments, and did move the story onwards a bit, but overall I found it quite confusing and dull.I have to say that I found it quite hard to remember where book 1 left off in this series, and even with a recap I still had troubles; from reading my review for book [...]

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