The Greene Murder Case

The Greene Murder Case This carefully crafted ebook THE GREENE MURDER CASE Mystery Classic is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents The Greene Murder Case focuses on the murders one by

  • Title: The Greene Murder Case
  • Author: S.S. Van Dine
  • ISBN: 2940013595903
  • Page: 118
  • Format: Nook
  • This carefully crafted ebook THE GREENE MURDER CASE Mystery Classic is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents.The Greene Murder Case focuses on the murders, one by one, of members of the wealthy and contentious Greene family The family comprises two sons and three daughters under the rule of their mother, a bedridden invalid who sThis carefully crafted ebook THE GREENE MURDER CASE Mystery Classic is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents.The Greene Murder Case focuses on the murders, one by one, of members of the wealthy and contentious Greene family The family comprises two sons and three daughters under the rule of their mother, a bedridden invalid who spends her days feeling sorry for herself and cursing her ungrateful children The family is required to live in the Greene mansion under the terms of their father s will Philo Vance takes a hand when, one evening, a daughter of the Greene family is shot to death and another one is wounded.S S Van Dine is the pseudonym used by American art critic Willard Huntington Wright when he wrote detective novels He was an important figure in avant garde cultural circles in pre WWI New York, and under the pseudonym he created the immensely popular fictional detective Philo Vance.

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    S.S. Van Dine Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Greene Murder Case book, this is one of the most wanted S.S. Van Dine author readers around the world.


  • Una sontuosa dimora di stampo antico in piena Manhattan; una delle famiglie più importanti della città, i Greene, pervasa da odi e antichi rancori; un omicidio… E poi un altro e un altro ancora. La serie sembra non finire mai. Gli ingredienti per costruire un ottimo giallo classico ci sono tutti. Non manca il più importante: un investigatore dilettante d'eccezione, Philo Vance. L'investigatore snob, coltissimo, amante del lusso e dell'arte creato da S.S. Van Dine nel 1926, torna in questo r [...]

  • A little longer than it probably needed to be, but it kept my interest piqued to the end. Lots of older books mentioned and used in the storyline. Good solid mystery. Not any really 'likable' characters for me.

  • Very old school. Had to keep a dictionary handy -lots off words and phrases no longer in use. A fairly unpleasant set of characters and I found it hard to be charmed by Philo Vance or his shadow, the author. A period piece.

  • These are not overly imaginative detective thrillers. I enjoy them because Van Dine was evidently a very well-read and -traveled man. I learn plenty about art, literature, and foreign words and phrases, which makes the books enjoyable. The actual cases are okay. This one was a bit like Agatha Christie, in that people kept dying and the pool of possible perpetrators kept shrinking. What's interesting it's that these books are not detective stories, etc. Sure, there are plenty of clues (or "clews, [...]

  • Okay, I can understand when the first victim is killed yeah, it's a tragedy, but no reason to move out of the house. But when the second person is killed, that's when someone with just an ounce of common sense should have been saying "I need to get out of here!" But nooooooooo. These stupid people just stay and stay, therefore they just die and die. Therefore, the murderer was doing the world a favor by eliminating these useless people.

  • This book reminded me of the old 1930-1940's black & white detective films that have given great pleasure on the years. I definitely plan to read the remaining books S.S. Van Dime wrote in this wonderful series Philo Vance ( think William Powell). Highly recommend!

  • Имах чувството, че няма да му видя края на това книжле. Толкова разтакаване, излишни подробности и куп нещица, които натоварват процеса на четене. Добра история, но можеше по-добра реализация. Така че съм щедър за това крими 2.5 към 3.

  • Our very own American version of Sherlock Holmes, but this time with intelligence comes a charming disposition in which heiresses are taken weak in the knees and even the hardiest of frauen purr like kittens in his presence. He's handsome, independently wealthy, and lives the life of a 1920's bachelor. He's Philo Vance and just as Sherlock had Watson, our stories are brought to us from the recounts of sidekick S. S. Van Dine.Philo Vance has found his way into the mysterious murder of the ancient [...]

  • Very disappointing. Van Dine's Philo Vance books were financially successful and influenced a number of other mystery writers not least of whom was Ellery Queen. The first two books in the Vance series were rather stiff and self-aware but that is not surprising. This book, the third, lacks any good excuse for its shortcomings. SPOILER WARNING:The only reason the first murder was not committed within hours of its taking place was due to the fact the police did almost nothing. The simplest aspects [...]

  • When a series of murders take place in a rich family's home, Philo Vance is on the case! This book has the biggest body count, by far, of the Philo Vance stories. But as with most books at that time (1929) all murders take place off screen, so to speak. Each member of the family hates the others and none are particularly fond of Vance and the police. There were a couple of good twists in this story. The resolution I thought would happen proved to be a red herring. I was actually surprised the bo [...]

  • I discovered the author when I was reading "Mission to Paris." The protagonist in Mission was reading one of S. S. Van Dine's mysteries, so I thought I'd check to see if I could still find his books. Well, they are now being republished and I enjoyed the Greene mystery on my Kindle. I found it to be a well-written 'who done it' and one's interest could easily be held without the addition of f bombs and gratuitous sex. How refreshing is that! Maybe an astute reader can figure out the culprit---th [...]

  • 3rd in the Philo Vance mystery series set in November/December, 1928. Vance, an independently wealthy college educated, amateur detective, uses his deductive skills and psychological knowledge to help his New York City District Attorney friend to unravel the murders of members of the wealthy Greene family. It is a case which appears to defy reason with no serious leads. Vance's methods are unconventional and go against the more rigid police investigative methods and lawyer legal requirements, bu [...]

  • This book seems quite derivative, drawing heavily on other mysteries. The narrator is very Watson-like & the main character, Philo Vance, is Oxford-educated and speaks like Lord Peter Wimsey. However, if you get past the rather tedious first 40 pages (and skip the lengthy German footnotes toward the end), it is a really good mystery. Philo Vance stories were made into movies several times--most notably with William Powell in the starring role.

  • I'm not particularly fond of Philo Vance, but these puzzles are rather interesting. Here a most unlikable family becomes the victim of a string of murders. I guessed some of the answers, but not the whodunit. Vance is Lord Peter Wimsey at his most obnoxious multiplied. While there are some fair- play clues, many others are held by the detective until the final reveal. Another case where "justice" takes unusual steps.

  • I've given it three stars because it was readable but Vance is subdued, there isn't a green carnation in sight (except by very close scrutiny of the subtext), the info dumps are notable, the identity of the murderer is obvious from the start, Mrs. Greene is beyond belief, and the promised frissons fail to materialise. How the author could have continued writing until the unsurprising denouement is beyond me.

  • The old Greene mansion, lived in by the late Tobias Greene's family, is a creepy old house, and Tobias' adult children start being murdered, one by one. Philo Vance and his best friend, the New York County District Attorney, John F.-X. Markham, take up the investigation, which leads them into a nasty family haunted by its past. Set in New York City in the early 1920's, they struggle to make sense out of all the contradictory events and clues that keep happening.

  • When members of the dysfunctional but wealthy Greene family start to die off by violence, Philo Vance enters the case, sensing that it is something deeper than it seems. Certainly there are aspects to the crimes that seem impossible--yet they happened. While I have a fondness for these books amounting to a weakness, I kept thinking while reading it how much better the young Ellery Queen handled similar material.

  • The third book in the series set in 1928 New York. Philo Vance is a wealthy aristocrat who assists his friend District Attorney Markham solve murder mysteries. The Greene Murder Case is about a wealthy family where the members are murdered one by one in their old mansion until Philo Vance solves the case. An interesting whodunnit that leaves you guessing up until the end.

  • Dated but not a bad read. I do hope the New York police department was more efficient than it is portrayed in this mystery!

  • A great classic crime novel - great detail and use of flamboyant English makes this must read for any lover of mystery's.

  • Not too bad a bit of a deviation for me I particularly enjoyed the atmosphere and social commentary of 1927. Must have had an awful lot of ashtrays in those times.

  • Philo Vance is a bit like an American version of Lord Peter Wimsey. Some people find him annoying. I think he's terrific. A fine example of a golden age murder mystery. Published in 1928

  • Without this, Tragedy of Y by Barnaby Ross (Ellery Queen) should be not. And several other novels, among which, for example, "The Death in the Dark" by Stacey Bishop (the musician George Antheil).

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