A Light in the Window

A Light in the Window Readers will enjoy a story from the popular series packaged bestseller Includes new Reader s Guide for group discussion or personal reflection

  • Title: A Light in the Window
  • Author: Jan Karon
  • ISBN: 9781589190634
  • Page: 389
  • Format: Paperback
  • Readers will enjoy a story from the popular series packaged bestseller Includes new Reader s Guide for group discussion or personal reflection

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    Born Janice Meredith Wilson in 1937, Jan Karon was raised on a farm near Lenoir, North Carolina Karon knew at a very early age that she wanted to be a writer She penned her first novel when she was 10 years old, the same year she won a short story contest organized by the local high school Karon married as a teenager and had a daughter, Candace At 18, Karon began working as a receptionist for a Charlotte, N.C advertising agency She advanced in the company after leaving samples of her writing on the desk of her boss, who eventually noticed her talent Karon went on to have a highly successful career in the field, winning awards for ad agencies from Charlotte to San Francisco In time, she became a creative vice president at the high profile McKinney Silver, in Raleigh While there, she won the prestigious Stephen Kelly Award, with which the Magazine Publishers of America honor the year s best print campaign During her years in advertising, Karon kept alive her childhood ambition to be an author At the age of 50, she left her career in advertising and moved to Blowing Rock, North Carolina, to pursue that dream After struggling and failing to get a novel underway, Karon awoke one night with a mental image of an Episcopal priest walking down a village street She grew curious about him, and started writing Soon, Karon was publishing weekly installments about Father Tim in her local newspaper, The Blowing Rocket, which saw its circulation double as a result It certainly worked for Mr Dickens , says Karon The Father Tim stories became Karon s first Mitford novel, At Home in Mitford That book has since been nominated three times 1996, 1997, and 1998 for an ABBY American Booksellers Book of the Year Award , which honors titles that bookstore owners most enjoy recommending to customers, and the only book ever nominated for three consecutive years The fourth Mitford novel, A New Song, won both the Christy and Gold Medallion awards for outstanding contemporary fiction in 2000 A Common Life, In This Mountain, and Shepherd s Abiding have also won Gold Medallion awards Out to Canaan was the first Mitford novel to hit the New York Times bestseller list subsequent novels have debuted on the New York Times list, often landing the 1 spot Karon has also published two Christmas themed books based on the Mitford series, The Mitford Snowmen and Esther s Gift, as well as Jan Karon s Mitford Cookbook and Kitchen Reader Other Mitford books include Patches of Godlight Father Tim s Favorite Quotes, a compilation of wit and wisdom, and A Continual Feast Words of Comfort and Celebration, Collected by Father Tim In addition, Karon has written two children s books, Miss Fannie s Hat and Jeremy The Tale of an Honest Bunny, and an illustrated book for all ages, The Trellis and the Seed Karon says her character driven work seeks to give readers a large, extended family they can call their own Though Light From Heaven is officially the final novel in the series, there s yet another Mitford book in this prolific author Karon urges her millions of ardent fans to look for the Mitford Bedside Companion, releasing in the Fall of 2006 It has everything in it but the kitchen sink , says Karon.


  • While I have no doubt that I am not going to read the whole series, I picked up two when I was at the library and the second dutifully begins where the first leaves off. Someone commented that these are the types of books which little old ladies read when they feel like they can put their collective noses into other people's affairs. If one hasn't read these books, that's a pretty good assessment, which is to say that it is totally incorrect. While Jan Karon has a huge following, no doubt compos [...]

  • Had you asked me I would never have thought I'd be reading a series of books like this one. (Not macho, you know). This is the story of a middle aged (maybe late middle-age?) clergyman in a small town. Again I came over these when i was listening to books and reading whatever I could get my hands on it seemed and I was surprised how involving these were. I hate soap operas and these books (except possibly for the "Wedding Book" which i couldn't get through) don't "slump" into soap opera mode. I [...]

  • "I so enjoyed this book. Although its main character is an Episcopalian priest named Father Tim, it is never preachy about religion. There's no heavy drama, no shocking twists, no explosive ending. But it's every bit as charming and engrossing as all . I so enjoyed this book. Although its main character is an Episcopalian priest named Father Tim, it is never preachy about religion. There's no heavy drama, no shocking twists, no explosive ending. But it's every bit as charming and engrossing as a [...]

  • This one is my least favorite of the Mitford books (at least the original nine), although I still adore it. It just feels less like coming home and more like a stop on the way. That is not a bad thing, at all! I still absolutely recommend this seriesd this bookis particular installment simply feels a little bit melodramatic at times. That may simply be my opinion, however. The third one is one of my all-time favorite books, so I can't wait to get to that one!

  • I'm going to write the same thing for the entire series. It's a syrupy sweet old fashioned read which does not demand anything of the reader. Many find the series feel good, and there are some sparkles of true conflict here and there, but mostly it's about the mundane daily plight of a vicar who finds love later in life and saves people - emotionally and physically. If you like the first in the series, keep reading because you will be comforted by the characters and will want to see who is added [...]

  • You have to read this whole series The characters are so funny and become your friends. Father Tim is so awesome and Cynthia an absolute doll. The whole time I was reading this, I just kept thinking in the back of my mind, "which celebrities would I cast as these two main characters/" I just kept thinking Carroll O'Conner (Archie Bunker) and Laura Bush as Cynthia. I tried to listen to these books again on tape, and write all of the characters down, but there are so many I just couldn't. Oh, by t [...]

  • John McDonough is Father Tim. He has narrated all of the Mitford series books and is a treasure. As many know, quite often the scenes center on his fictional church or the choir. A veteran of the Glimmerglass Opera Company, he sings the hymns himself which is an extra treat for listeners. When one voice actor has read all of the titles in a series, that performer has created a strong connection to listeners. Thus, just as listening to another story of Mitford is enhanced by its familiarity so he [...]

  • What I learned from this book: It's me, not you. I am the one who is impatient. I am the one who is unable to find any sort of humor in innocent misunderstandings or mistaken identities. (This also explains why I'm not a fan of French farce.) I have proven to myself this year that I am indeed capable of enjoying stories that don't involve other-worldly creatures or kick-butt crime-solving or alternate realities (those would be the Maisie Dobbs books and The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie [...]

  • Another charming read. It was good to reconnect with the characters in this quaint town. It's a good holiday read because it is not overwhelming, sad or depressing. I would love to visit a town like this if it in fact exists, with knowing each and every person's history, supporting each other and the town parties and festivities that everyone has to play a role in. I like how the characters' stories continue to wind together and new relations are discovered plus the inclusion of one of two outsi [...]

  • I just finished my third reading of this wonderful book. Jan Karon's 'Mitford ' series of books are some of the best in the planet. Never do they fail to inspire and console me, not to mention a thorough blessing! 'Lord, take this fear and dash it. Rebuke the enemy who is the creator of all fear, and give me the grace to be the man you've called me to be, no matter what lies in store.'Would that I could have the heart of Father Tim!Treasures, these books are, pure and simple!

  • Truthfully it deserves 3.5 stars in my opinion. It's true, these books don't have a ground-shaking plot. However, they are sweet, charming, and hilarious. Father Tim is one of my very favorite fictional characters ever created. He is so much like me. I'm so glad he finally ended up with what he deserved.Good book and lovely writing!

  • Library copy. Have looked forward to reading this since finishing At Home in Mitford. Do you find yourself smiling when you read this series? I do. Now that's a good read :-) This second in the Mitford series by Jan Karon did not disappoint. Ready to jump into book three! There's really nothing to say about the book, other than I highly recommend that you read it, if you haven't already. Even if you have, as a number of people have told me, it's time to read them again.Small town life, real life [...]

  • In the second book of the Father Tim series, Father Tim is returning from a summer in Sligo. Upon his return he sees that he really has not missed much as far the life in Mitford goes. Father Tim meets Edith Mallory, a very wealthy widow, who is trying to catch him with her wonderful cooking ability. But, Father TIm is only interested in Cynthia, his neighbor.Add to this mix, his cousin Meg who decides to move into the rectory and again Father Tim finds himself pastoring others. But, instead of [...]

  • I had a really hard time getting into this book. I think part of the problem was that I started by listening to the audio CDs while I was driving. The way Jan Karon writes doesn't lend itself to distractions. You end up missing the essence of the story. So, I started reading the paperback and quickly got back into the story.I enjoyed Timothy and Cynthia's letters. I was a little disappointed that book had been leading up to some large events, and then the events were covered briefly. I will defi [...]

  • ok so i totally slammed the first book in this series. the 3 books that followed were gifts, so i continued to read them as i really had nothing else to read and was too lazy to go to the library and too cheap to go to the bookstore. i've also decided to read the books that i actually own before checking out anymore. this second book was pretty good- easy easy reading- and if you are a praying/bible reading person, and slack off in the daily devotional department, the mitford books have a great [...]

  • A very sweet, very quiet and peaceful read, with great plot and character development -- just no drama or scintillating romance.

  • Second book. Nicely done. Feel like they’re family. The cousin visit is a hoot. Father Tim’s hesitation in not committing is great insite into how a man’s mind works. Going for all four and gonna make the marmalade cake. There’s even a cookbook !!

  • Another prize catch in the book fair :-) Although the language is kind of different with old english but i got used to it after few pages! This book takes you back to the old world which is something i definitely miss now. The entire story is set-up in a small town( Mitford) which has a set of characters who keep us engaged all through the book in between various incidents happening around their lives. The events are small and big, happy and tensed but all unique and interesting in their own way [...]

  • I didn't like this one as much as I liked the first. That isn't to say I didn't like it at all, I just struggled through the love letters section of this one. Still uplifting and plenty of good bits of wisdom just as the last one.

  • I probably should have read the first book prior to reading this, because during the first 150 pages I was trying to piece together what all those background stories were and it seemed a bit muddled. I also had a hard time getting into the book. But the characters were endearing and their witty comments and stories made me smile, so I give an extra star for them.

  • • 2nd in “The Mitford Years” “Father Tim” series I read this one but since I'm on book 5, It's difficult what was in each actual book. I will have to review this one once I listen to it on audio. Looking forward to it. After listening to the first on dramatized audio, I would have loved to listen to this one dramatized by haven't found it. just found in abridged and unabridged. 12/08/08 - I am listening to audio on this second go-round of book 2 --Father Tim is back from Ireland and so [...]

  • This is the second book in Jan Karon's delightful 'Mitford' series set in a small village in the South of the USA. Father Tim and his neighbour Cynthia enjoy each other's company and are attracted to each other. But Cynthia has to spend several months in New York, and Father Tim is followed by a pushy widow, and plays host to an Irish cousin who eats anything she finds meanwhile he continues to deal with his diabetes, counsels friends and parishioners, and tries to find what his heart holds.No t [...]

  • I read the first book in this series many years ago but the characters are so rich with life that they all come back. Father Tim is the Episcopal priest in the town of Mitford. It's a town peopled with real people in all their glorious oddities. In this book Tim, a bachelor in his early 60s, has to contend with the fact that he's just fallen in love and what does that mean at his age? The object of his affection, Cynthia Coppersmith, feels even more strongly about it and knows exactly what she w [...]

  • This is the second book in what I like to think is the most gentle, comforting read. Sometimes it seems a little too simple and comforting as the lives of the people in small town Mitford are brought out. The innocence of a place where an aging rector courts his neighbor as he struggles with a scripture listening dog, a foster child who is slowly capturing his heart, and the visit from a long lost relative from Ireland. The most scandelous event that takes place may be the plight of poor father [...]

  • This story builds on the previous one, showing the progress of Father Tim's relationship with his neighbor. Again, this series is character-driven so it is slower paced, but the reader gets to know the town and the townspeople and care about their daily lives. If Mitford, NC weren't fictional, I'd live there. If you're action-driven, this series isn't for you. If you can read just about anything, then I recommend this series (9 books if I'm not mistaken), perhaps between more adventurous books. [...]

  • Father Tim is the rector of Mitford, a small town packed with personality. The recently widowed Edith Mallory has got her sights set on him, confirmed bachelor that he is, as her next conquest. Meanwhile, his attempts at a relationship with his lovely neighbor Cynthia seem to be slowly gaining ground. And that's just his personal life! He's got his 12-year-old foster child, Dooley, to look after, a church building project, parishioners to counsel, and of course, the weekly sermon to write. Karon [...]

  • I also ended up listening to this on cd. I love when he is interacting with the locals. The whole hair trim episode was hilarious. The slightly refined Dooly Barlow is always funny. I was a lttle bored by the love story and some of his conversations with the older folks in town get a little bit hokey. I hope later in the series they add a few young characters to shke things up a bit. Maybe a bratty teenager, or dooly's choir friend can get hopped up on Hawaiian Punch and toilet paper some trees [...]

  • I have delayed reading this series until I retired and that was back in 2011 but I have been ill and not able to get out to the library for more reading materials so I looked at my emergency reading supply and decided now is the time to read this series. I wanted to savor this series and not be limited to how fast can i read this series so I have taken my time reading the second book in this series and it has been a delightful read and the time was well spent visiting Mitford! I loved the story [...]

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