The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 1: The Official Illustrated Movie Companion

The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part The Official Illustrated Movie Companion A companion to the film illustrated with full color photos

  • Title: The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 1: The Official Illustrated Movie Companion
  • Author: Mark Cotta Vaz
  • ISBN: 9780316134118
  • Page: 358
  • Format: Paperback
  • A companion to the film, illustrated with full color photos.

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    Mark Cotta Vaz is the author of over twenty one books, including four New York Times bestsellers His recent works include Mythic Vision The Making of Eragon, The Spirit The Movie Visual Companion, and the biography Living Dangerously The Adventures of Merian C Cooper, Creator of King Kong, which was a Los Angeles Times bestseller.


  • In Twilight breaking dawn Bella and Edward gets married. Bella then had to decide if she wants to be human or she wants to be a vampire. She decides to be a vampire. Her and Edward then go on their honeymoon. While they're on their honeymoon Bella gets pregnant. She was scared to tell her dad so she played it off as if they were visiting somewhere else. They were really at Edwards sister house. The baby was making Bella really weak. She was so weak that you could see her ribs popping out of her [...]

  • This book was kind of what I expected - pretty pictures with some insight into the movie. The pictures were great - especially ones that were from deleted scenes. I really wish they would have shown more during the pregnancy in the movie. The pictures between Bella, Rosalie, and a despondent Edward were intriguing.I liked the latter half of the book better. Going behind the scenes on the birthing process earned a lot of respect from me. There were a few things that I was bothered by during the f [...]

  • Sometimes you have to think would you be human and marry a vampire or be a vampire and marry another vampire.Well that's the situation Bella is in.As Bella was to get ready for her wedding Jacob her friend that was a wolf had met up with her.Bella had to choose if she wanted to be a warm blooded human or a cold blooded vampire she had a chance to have a baby but a good chance she could also die. I think a connection between the book and another book would be twilight the first book because in bo [...]

  • Full with beautiful photos, illustrations, information, interviews and details about how the story got transferred from the page to the big screen! It brought to me the exact same feelings that I had while I was reading the book and I was watching the movie for the first time. Twilight Saga is a book series that will stay in my heart forever, there is no doubt about that. If you are a fan of the books and the movies, this is a must have.

  • Great companion book to the movie, there are some excellent pictures in there, never before seen such as kristen stewart getting made up for her pregnancy scenes and showing her stand in which was a full sized doll of her looking terrible.Interview with Stephenie Meyer is also in there along with, tid bits from directors, producers and other people.

  • I loved this book! Before reading this, I saw Breaking Dawn in the theaters twice and when I went to see it for the third time with my mom, I found myself noticing special effects I learned from the book! I've collected all the other three movie companions and thoroughly enjoyed each one of them. It was interesting to learn how the makeup effects worked to make Bella look as gaunt and weak as she did in the movie when the baby was consuming all of Bella's essential nutrients. Props to everyone t [...]

  • Bella and Edward have and the next morning she found out she was pregnant and at the end she had the child but she died the child was ok but after a day or more she woke up as a vampire

  • This companion guide was chalk full of tidbits about Breaking Dawn Pt.1’s production. It gave me insight into how its pre-production, production and post production unfolded and the stories that fell between each of these levels. I learned that they made a life size puppet of Kristen Stewart for Bella’s emaciated sequences and that Tippet productions has created every wolf for each film. In addition, I learned that a hurricane stopped their production in Brazil and the cast and crew were for [...]

  • Clearly explains about how the filming was done and how each section of locations and pictures were planned and why each actor and actress were chosen for the film and makes you feel like your more involved with the film I brought all the books for all the films and they are really perfectly detailed.

  • me gusto mucho y me gusto como salvaron su amor,enfrentaron a las personas que les hacian mucho daño y le doy un 10 y gracias a la creadora, de los libros por hacer relfexionar hacer de los libros

  • I was very disappointed about this book however I still love the writer and I certainly can't wait to get into another book of hers. I honestly prefer the other books written by this author. As much as I loved the series I wish truly that I had not read it.

  • It is amazing it is so good that I read it over and over again if you see this book you should totally get it!!

  • Bought mostly for the glossy pictures, but it astounds me every time I read one of these books just how much effort and problem solving, and how many people, go into making any film!

  • Můj pohled na čtvrtý díl ságy byl už dosti skeptický a to se odrazilo i na vnímání filmového průvodce.

  • Es un libro facil de digerir por su redacción sencilla, va dirigido a los y las chucas adolecentes de entre 15 a 20 años, la trama es interesante y no piedes dejar de leerlo

  • Altro capitolo del backstage dei film della saga, anche questo non poteva mancarmi e mi dispiace che non esista quello relativo all’ultimo film della serie, almeno io non ne ho notizia. Dettagli interessanti che non sapevo hanno reso la lettura stimolante e a un’appassionata della saga non posso che consigliarlo.

  • If you like romantic adventures mixed with the supernatural, then you should read the fourth novel of The Twilight Saga("Breaking Dawn part 1") written by Stephenie Meyer and narrated by Bella Swan and Jacob Black.This adventure will take you to another world and you will not want to leave there. In my opinion, this book is really good and different from other books I have read.When you're reading, in your mind you create and live things that you wont live in reality, you can feel those things a [...]

  • Even more than the other two books, I just love the pictures! They are beautiful and well taken. The angles are good. Some of my favorites are: the wedding, while Bellas' pregnant and Edward and Carlisle are by her side, and the pictures showing how they made Bella look skinny and sickly. Really I just love them all! I really enjoyed reading Stephenie Meyers' (the author) views on the movie and what it was like being a part of it all. I really hope she writes more for the Twilight Saga one day. [...]

  • When i saw this book at wal mart the other day, i knew i had to pick it up and sit on the garden swings they has displayed and read it. This book was the closest thing to the movie (since i had not seen the movie at that time. And it was AMAZING!!!! By far, the best twilight saga companion book ever! So basically, in this book, just like the other twilight companion books, they showed everything. From the wedding, to the honey moon, to the birth, even to the fight scene between the werewolves an [...]

  • this book was about when this girl named Bella got married to a guy named Edward. Bella loved him and a other guy named Jacob. Jacob was really jealous when Bella got married because he loved her. they went on there honeymoon and one morning Bella woke up and ate bloody chicken and somehow got pergnect. so they left there honeymoone theme on this book was when a vampire eats bloody chicken they get pergnect aparntly. a theme about this book is that vampires are not real. also that when they wher [...]

  • I always really enjoy the companions. The amount of work and thought on the movies amazes me and makes me want to watch the movies again. Honestly though sometimes it seems crazy how much money and effort goes into entertainment, but anyway. It can be tricky getting through the technical pre-viz and construction parts but still I think it would a lot of fun to work behind the scenes. In the case of Breaking Dawn, the story is in two movies that were filmed simultaneously, so many references are [...]

  • This book was a romantic and filled with drama. This book is about a vampire(Edward) and a human(Bella) that have just gotten married and when they go to their honeymoon they get a surprise and there honeymoon ends quickly.I really enjoyed this book because it had me on the edge of my seat the whole entire time. I believe that this book is for mature ages only because of the violence and detailed scenes in the book. I would defnitely recommend this book to teenagers all over the world, because t [...]

  • *some spoilers for Twilight Saga ahead*There's almost everything that you might want to know about Breaking Dawn: Part 1 movie, and even a few tidbits about Part 2, as they were filmed simultaneously. A lot of great photos, even more than in previous companions. The only thing that I think would have been great if it were included in this book are some design sketches of Bella's wedding dress, maybe a few other costumes and also of Bella's comb. I also missed any mention of the wedding rings, wh [...]

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