Date Night

Date Night A Zero at the Bone short story D accompanies Jack to a party with Jack s hospital colleagues plays with Legos and makes a new friend Author s note This short story takes place right after the epilog

  • Title: Date Night
  • Author: Jane Seville
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 217
  • Format: ebook
  • A Zero at the Bone short story.D accompanies Jack to a party with Jack s hospital colleagues, plays with Legos, and makes a new friend.Author s note This short story takes place right after the epilogue of Zero at the Bone During that epilogue, Jack referred to a going away party for a colleague that he had to attend, and D volunteered to accompany him to the party.

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      217 Jane Seville
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    Jane Seville is an author living in Columbus, OH She enjoys reading and writing about good looking men doing naughty things to each other She grew up around gay men her mother directed the local gay men s chorus Then she went off to a women s college, where as you might guess, she was surrounded by gay women Despite not being gay herself, Jane has always had a deep connection to the gay rights movement and continues to do whatever she can to help its advancement.Jane loves cooking, VH1 pop culture shows, inventing her own craft projects and walking her Newfoundland.


  • Shorty #1 to "Zero at the Bone" - the day after - 4 StarsOnly eight pages. A mingle party, thoughts from a six year old girl, dancing and sweet, sweet D (now Anson) and lovely Jack. Sigh - I just love them!“Are you married?”D flushed. “Uhnda, I guess. Might as well be.”“My mom says boys can marry boys and girls can marry girls but some people don’t think they can.”“What do you think?”She shrugged, absorbed in her Lego metropolis. “Boys are icky, I wouldn’t wanna marry one. [...]

  • "You go with Uncle Jack, right?" she said."What you mean, go with?"Ellen rolled her eyes theatrically. "You know. Like Mommy goes with Daddy. And uhke cereal goes with milk. You know."D smirked. "Oh. Yeah, I s'pose I do."

  • Short and sweet!The big (former) hitman goes to a party and makes a surprising friend ;) A six-year old girl“Are you married?” D flushed. “Uh…kinda, I guess. Might as well be.” “My mom says boys can marry boys and girls can marry girls but some people don’t think they can.” “What do you think?” She shrugged, absorbed in her Lego metropolis. “Boys are icky, I wouldn’t wanna marry one. But that’s just me,” she said. D burst out laughing. “Oh, that’s jus you, is it? [...]

  • Nice story, but if I was Jack, I would want my boyfriend to try more. D doesn't even try. He decides he doesn't like people and that's it.

  • I loved this short story. The little girl Ellen is adorable"You go with Uncle Jack, right? She said."What you mean, go with?" Ellen rolled her eyes theatrically. "You know. Like Mommy goes with Daddy. And, uh like cereal goes with milk. You know." D smirked. "Oh. Yeah, I s'pose I do." So cute! I loved them dancing in the club.

  • Adorable. I want to give D a cherry cordial, he's trying so much.Favorite line:Ellen giggled. “Yeah! But Uncle Jack is nice. He’s not as icky. He smells good and he doesn’t pick his nose.”“Two of his better qualities, yeah.”

  • Yes, of course I had to go read MORE of Jack and D!!! This story did not disappoint. It was short but it did start where the other ended so in that respect it just seemed a continuation and not really a snippet. I'm glad she added this for the readers to indulge their need for more :)

  • 5 STARS A short story about Jack and D, who picks up right after the first book and i was surprised and IMPRESSED how well was written and how much the author put into 11 pages. WOW. This is AMAZING.

  • What a great, but sadly only 8 pages long short story which follows Zero at the Bone. Jack and D feel like such real people to me. It’s like all I can think of right now is Jack and D and I want more. I absolutely want more. I love to see how good their relationship is, how real and honest. It is a healthy relationship, even with all the problems they still have. They talk about things, they discuss things, and they support each other although this could mean that they can’t be together all [...]

  • Piccola delizia di fic. Cosa non si fa per amore?! D che affronta un party coi colleghi di Jack e dimostra di non essere una finzione. "Beh immagino che tu avresti detto che prendo i cattivi.""Come un poliziotto?""Sì, circa. Sai chi è l'FBI?"Gli occhi di Ellen si ingrandirono. "Come Mulder e Scully!"D aggrottò la fronte. Dio, adoro questo siparietto di D con una bambina. Sarebbe stato un padre eccezionale, se solo il destino non fosse stato così crudele con lui.

  • Very sweet. Seville is so good. I felt all the awkwardness that D felt, and how much he was doing this for Jack and how much they love each other. This was a nice little story.

  • What a great, even though a very short story which follows Zero at the Bone, which I loved.Jack & D (Anson) have slowly crept into my heart. They are such real people to me nowd how good it is to see how good their relationship is. Dr thought I would engage with him in such a way.i love getting to know what makes him tick!!!! And Jack.what a likeable and fabulous character. He has such a way with peoplech a optimistic and upbeat person can anyone not adore him!!!! He just has this good and h [...]

  • 2012 Review:As grateful as I am to Jane Seville for giving me further material to decompress with, it kind of failed.These shorts seem to mostly be a little depressing, actually. Yeah, Jack and D are hanging in there and trying to make the relationship work, but it seriously crumbles. And we don’t really get resolution for these issues either. In one of the stories it gets to the point of Jack (view spoiler)[taking a suicidal risk (hide spoiler)] just because the situation with D’s absences [...]

  • 2 1/2 starsDamn that Jack; he really does ruin everything. (90% of the way through a very short 8 page story) and I was thinking: cute, sweet, 4 stars, look at D. coming even further out of his shell, Jack isn't so much of an ass when he's just having fun and not being a moralizing, holier than thou prickd then BOOM! D's ever so sweet awkward proposal, which Jack by the way brings up and introduces into the conversation because D was talking to his little 6 year old friend, NOT Jack. Then after [...]

  • “I know. I get that yer givin me an out, Jack, but come on. I can face down armed hitmen but a party’s too much? My manly honor’s at stake, here.”Aw! I like when there are free shorts that follow up on a really great pairing from a novel. The novel of course was full of action and all but the short here is just adorable!I enjoy the happy times of a happy couple, so why not have more!? :) just for the fun of it <3 And D and Jack are super adorable together, now that they've settled int [...]

  • I loved the novel so much that discovering there were follow-up vignettes had me almost squealing from excitement.This particular story short follows on the heels of the original novel. The party mentioned in the epilogue is the scene for this story.Jack and D go to the going away party for Jack's co-worker and it is also a chance for Jack's hospital co-workers to finally meet D. D has come a long way, but light social gatherings are still not his thing, but for Jack he will do it. And in the en [...]

  • This takes place directly after the epiloge of Zero At the Bone and is the party that Jack references in the epiloge. D goes to a party with Jack and his friends since no one but Porshe and her family have seen him, and ends up building legos with Porshe's daughter in her room. It's very sweet and shows, I think, what a great father D and Jack could be. Jack and D leave the party and go dancing and ponder some of the things that Jack overheard D discussing with Porshe's daughter in regard to the [...]

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