Time After Time

Time After Time A Zero at the Bone short story D is home a few days early from his latest job but Jack s excitement is short lived when he hears the reason why

  • Title: Time After Time
  • Author: Jane Seville
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 150
  • Format: ebook
  • A Zero at the Bone short story.D is home a few days early from his latest job, but Jack s excitement is short lived when he hears the reason why.

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  • Jane Seville

    Jane Seville is an author living in Columbus, OH She enjoys reading and writing about good looking men doing naughty things to each other She grew up around gay men her mother directed the local gay men s chorus Then she went off to a women s college, where as you might guess, she was surrounded by gay women Despite not being gay herself, Jane has always had a deep connection to the gay rights movement and continues to do whatever she can to help its advancement.Jane loves cooking, VH1 pop culture shows, inventing her own craft projects and walking her Newfoundland.


  • Finally some feelings from D, even if it's just jealousy. And what's that unfinished business with the killer who's been killing assassins? is he ever going to get caught?

  • I'm not sure whether reading about them still arguing is something good or bad. I know couple argues all the time, that's what they do. But on the other hand, I like my HEA neatly wrapped with pink bows. I'm worried too much of what will happened down the road with them at each other throat and D is gone all the time.

  • Shorty # 2 to "Zero at the Bone" - four months later - 4 StarsOnly ten pages. A reunion at the hospital, longing, strong needs, a caveman and a little everyday bickering, and sweet, sweet D (now Anson) and lovely Jack. Sigh - I just love them forever!“You didn’t mind?”D looked at him. “Mind what?”“You know. The way I just kind of manhandled you.”D blushed. “Seem like I minded?” I LIKE - Everything about these boys.~~~~~~~~~~

  • 5 StarsAgain and again Jane Seville proves what a good author she is by writing this short stories which are so GOOD. I am not a very big fan of short stories but i loved this ones and just for the simple reason that even in 13 pages you can feel the chemistry between Jack and D and how they love grows more and more every day.

  • "Still hungry?” he said, coming back to the bed.“Bout ready ta eat this - what the hell ya call it?” “Duvet.” “Fuckin blanket, Jack.” “Well, don’t eat it, it was expensive. "exactly. a blanket is a damn blanket too, no need for fancy words ;) Another cute free short of D n Jack <3 gotta love it <3 <3

  • "Ask me how long I've wanted to do that.""What, carry me off and have yer way with me like some kinda caveman?""Exactly."[image error]Cute short readn never get enough of D and Jack ;)

  • D came home early from his latest job, but only to tell Jack that he has go be gone by Sunday morning to get back to another job. This short story was kind of depressing, not in a bad way though, it was still sweet and all but also so sad because you can feel how bad they both want to be together; how bad they both want to spend more time with each other but there’s still D’s job and they both know that D needs to do what he does so of course Jack supports him what doesn’t mean that he’s [...]

  • 2012 Review:As grateful as I am to Jane Seville for giving me further material to decompress with, it kind of failed.These shorts seem to mostly be a little depressing, actually. Yeah, Jack and D are hanging in there and trying to make the relationship work, but it seriously crumbles. And we don’t really get resolution for these issues either. In one of the stories it gets to the point of Jack (view spoiler)[taking a suicidal risk (hide spoiler)] just because the situation with D’s absences [...]

  • Not everything's perfect in D and Jack world, but I love seeing D trying. He's jealous and hates being away all the time. Jack doesn't like it. Yet they're still so perfect in all their imperfections. D is trying and it's awesome. He knows he's going to get drug away again for a case so he makes sure he gets home for at least a couple of days beforehand. I like seeing his insecurities rearing their head when Jack mentions another guy he knows. Even though theirs no chance in hell Jack would ever [...]

  • Another D and Jack quickie. These are fun, but feel like teasers for the real thing. These little snippets are keeping the story moving along at a nice pace. Hopefully D can deal with this job safely and get his butt back for good. These guys are so good together. I love seeing the little ways their relationship has grown. Ready for more!

  • Very cute, and I like Jack goes to the gym and D has a little surprise ^^.Although the jealousy thing is not that great.

  • 3.5 stars. M/M. Very, very short add on story for the characters in "Zero to the Bone." A delightful addition to a good main story.

  • La historia me ha gustado, pero no le pillo mucho el sentido. Normalmente estas historias cortas se suelen escribir entre libros cuando son series para mantener al público enganchado. Cuando se escriben historias cortas tras un libro que no tiene segunda parte, suele ser como epílogo. Pequeñas historias que cuentan como han evolucionado los personajes, lo felices que son y lo bien que se encuentran; así que me ha sorprendido encontrar a los personajes (view spoiler)[no demasiado felices, no [...]

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