The Far Side Gallery 2

The Far Side Gallery The Far Side Gallery is the second anthology of Gary Larson s The Far Side comic strips Cartoons from previous collections Bride of The Far Side It Came from the Far Side and Hound of the Far Side

  • Title: The Far Side Gallery 2
  • Author: Gary Larson Stephen King
  • ISBN: 9780836220858
  • Page: 345
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Far Side Gallery 2 is the second anthology of Gary Larson s The Far Side comic strips Cartoons from previous collections Bride of The Far Side, It Came from the Far Side, and Hound of the Far Side are featured, all of which were printed from 1985 1987 The foreword was written by Stephen King The cover shows an explorer scientist opening a coffin with a picture of aThe Far Side Gallery 2 is the second anthology of Gary Larson s The Far Side comic strips Cartoons from previous collections Bride of The Far Side, It Came from the Far Side, and Hound of the Far Side are featured, all of which were printed from 1985 1987 The foreword was written by Stephen King The cover shows an explorer scientist opening a coffin with a picture of a cow pharaoh on the front Inside, there is a mummy cow.

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    Gary Larson was born and raised in Tacoma, Washington His parents were Vern, a car salesman, and Doris, a secretary He attended Curtis High School before attending Washington State University and graduated in 1972 with a degree in communications In 1987, Larson married Toni Carmichael, an archaeologist.Larson credits his older brother Dan for his paranoid sense of humor Dan would pull countless pranks on Gary, taking advantage of his phobia of monsters under the bed by, for example, waiting in the closet for the right moment to pounce out at Gary Dan is also credited with giving Gary his love of science They caught animals in Puget Sound and placed them in terrariums in the basement even making a small desert ecosystem, which their parents apparently did not mind His adept use of snakes in his cartoons stems from his long standing interest in herpetology.Since retiring from the Far Side, Larson has occasionally done some cartooning work, such as magazine illustrations and promotional artwork for Far Side merchandise.In 1998, Larson published his first post Far Side book, There s a Hair in My Dirt A Worm s Story, an illustrated story with the unmistakable Far Side mindset.


  • In an age when everything seems sacred, immune to jests and teasing, a cartoonist dares to push the envelope, and gives Readers a small sanctuary to retreat to--actually, he ultimately reminds us of a time when nothing was sacred and everything was funny. (I think I made sense there.) Enter Gary Larson. (If you have never heard of Gary Larson you need to stop reading this and go immediately to a busy street and start playing in it.) His satirical humor illuminates the many problems society so du [...]

  • Sometimes you need a laugh. So I pulled this down off the shelf yesterday. Read it many times, as I have many of the other collections. But now we need a collection of all Larson's Trump work, if for no other reason than we can see Larson told us so decades ago, and consistently.

  • The humor is in the details. I'm not sure how Gary Larson gets away with all he gets away with. Cannibalism, infant death, suicide, nuclear war, torture, friendly fire, people with big noses he pokes fun at them all. As someone with a relatively large schnooz, who is also becoming more liberal, I take offense to at least two of these. How does he get away with it all? How? I mean, buddy - there's the line - WAAAAYYY back there. You're not just edging over it. You're two states past it. And it's [...]

  • 5.0 stars. Another priceless collection of Far Side cartoons. As I previously stated in my review of the First Far Side Gallery, The Far Side series is the funniest (and most clever) cartoon series ever put on paper and Gary Larson is a comic genius.

  • "When asked to describe the famous glass of water, there can only be 4 answers and they will reflect the character of the person, they are: a) half empty. b) half full. c) half empty, nohalf full, I mean empty, what was the question? d) hey, I ordered a cheeseburger!"-- Gary Larson Welcome to the bizarre and twisted world of Gary Larson.I will still stick to what I said before for The Far side Gallery(part1)"This is some serious shit. Filled with Dark Humor and Situational Irony.Highly satirical [...]

  • This great collection reflects Larson's oblique view of the world. His humor is playfully demented, and the simplicity of his drawings makes his messages universal --a Dr. Seuss for adults. This set had me literally laughing out loud at some of the cartoons, with very few 'weak' entries. If you need a little boost in your mood this is the book for you.

  • 4 or 5? I finally went with 5. While I suppose Gary Larson may not suite everybody (and may be an aquired taste for some) he is flat funny. These oddly twisted and surreal views of the world haven't been equaled before or since. Staying power.

  • *2.5 stars This volume I enjoyed more than the first I read. I probably liked it more because my expectations had been adjusted. At first I expected it to induce me to laugh out loud.However, now I know that I should only prepare for the sort of thing that I might consider clever, or might think "heh, I see what you did there." I still prefer things that make me laugh though, which is why I didn't rate this too highly.

  • Many of the same cartoons that I have seen in other Far Side books. Still they make me chuckle. Great calming bedtime reading in this era of Trump.

  • From start to finish all laughs. Which is good, because that is the point of this 'book' right? The odds are good you'll find a good chuckle on every page, seeing as there are on average 4 comics per page. What I found interesting was over the hundereds of 'funnies' in the collection, there was really only a small range of humour; animals in human situations (funny), violence or implied violence (funny), & cruel situations (funniest)tually, if you take a step back this does not sound funny a [...]

  • Comic Strip Review: The Far Side Gallery 2 by Gary LarsonThe Far Side was a daily single-panel newspaper comic that ran from 1980 to 1995, although reruns are common in newspapers. Gary Larson’s offbeat comedy often features science fiction and horror concepts, as well as talking animals and cavemen. Honestly, it’s hard to describe without giving specific examples. This oversized volume contains the best cartoons from three smaller collections from the early Eighties.As a “best of” colle [...]

  • Gary Larson was the first author I read that clearly saw the world at a slightly different angle than everyone else - wry, dry, and scientific. Interesting looking back decades later to see one of the primary sources of my own outlook which might be described as wry, dry, and scientific.His characters are fat, plain to ugly, and often deeply flawed in common sense in some way that forms the punchline and offers subtle critiques of our absurdities and foibles. Individually, they present amusing l [...]

  • Another large collection from Larson, collating several of the smaller books, this contains cartoons from 1980 through to 1984 (including one of the earliest, where a Mexican firing squad is interrupted by a woman in a blazing building who screams “fire!”). The quality holds up throughout, though the stand-outs for me are “Randy’s goin’ down!” as a cat operates a rat dispenser, astronauts tumbling out of their capsule and all shouting “First!”, vultures making sure their prey die [...]

  • People have referred to me as a "cartoon psychic". At least I think they have. I often know what a comedian is thinking.So, of all the excellent Far Side cartoons I've seen as a young man, my mind always circles around the cartoon "Beware of Doug". I used to think that the genius of the Far Side is that cartoon characters have exceptionally wide eyes and therefore long reaction shots.But I've recently read that Gary Larson credited growing up with a cruel older brother for his "paranoid sense of [...]

  • Oh, books of my past.I've had The Far Side Gallery books for as long as I can remember. I grew up reading these comics and giggling to myself. Every time I come back to them I understand some of the more 'adult' and scientific jokes and puns and the comics only get more enjoyable. This collection of five books is fantastic, and brings together all (?) or at least a significant amount of Gary Larson's work.

  • I remember being introduced to the Far Side by a very good friend after a heavy session of serious alcoholI know that it's nothing to be proud of [but it felt good at the time], yet I have often wondered if my state of alcohol-induced giggles was entirely down to the Far SideANSWER = IT WAS.The books are outstandingly still funny.

  • As always, Gary Larson delivers. The Far Side Gallery is funny, provocative, and insightful, like all of Larson's books. Unfortunately, as with most comics strips, it's either all or nothing, love it or hate it. If you like Larson, then you are guaranteed to love this book. If you don't care for Larsonwhy are you here?

  • I was quite pleased to find this at my library. While I feel confident that I have seen all of these cartoons before, even memorized some of them, it is nice to be able to go through and actually make sure that I've read each book. If I had to guess I would say that I haven't, but now that I'm able to easily keep track of this, perhaps I will before the year is out!

  • Was sorting my books, and re-discovered my Gary Larson books. Only 3 of them, but they are classics and have withstood the test of time. Still laugh-out-loud funny. I could enjoy these cartoons anew every week.

  • I enjoyed the foreword by Stephen King. And the comics are generally up to Larson's normal standard. For some reason though this one seemed to have a greater amount of comics giving credence to the theory of evolution than other volumes.

  • My kids recently discovered these classic 1980s cartoons that are hilariously funny for us. Even the ones they don't understand, still possess a comedy in the drawn characters that is funny. Sunday evening family reading--light hearted and fun!

  • Sure, you could get all worked-up and offended by Gary Larson's work. But on the other hand, you could come to the realization that nothing in this book was aimed at you personally, and just enjoy the book for what it is.

  • This collection has some of the best cartoons that Gary Larson made. He is such a creative person and there are several really great gems. I love that even this many years later, they are still funny.

  • This was the beginning of the end for me regarding The Far Side. I had tried to get into the strip, but for me, it was too inconsistent. Some great strips, but too far inbetween some stuff that just didn't do it for me.

  • The Far Side Gallery 2 (The Far Side Gallery Anthologies #2) by Gary Larson (Andrews, McMeel, & Parker 1986)(741.5973). This is another collection of "The Far Side" daily comics by Gary Larson. My rating: 7/10, finished 7/30/14.

  • I'd rate this a 92% A.What a hoot! I nursed this over several months, as one can only "read" a few pages at a time.The best ones were ones I had to stop, look at, and think before I got the joke.

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