Saving June

Saving June If she d waited less than two weeks she d be June who died in June But I guess my sister didn t consider that Harper Scott s older sister has always been the perfect one so when June takes her own li

  • Title: Saving June
  • Author: Hannah Harrington
  • ISBN: 9781921794094
  • Page: 330
  • Format: Paperback
  • If she d waited less than two weeks, she d be June who died in June But I guess my sister didn t consider that Harper Scott s older sister has always been the perfect one so when June takes her own life a week before her high school graduation, sixteen year old Harper is devastated Everyone s sorry, but no one can explain why.When her divorcing parents decide to spli If she d waited less than two weeks, she d be June who died in June But I guess my sister didn t consider that Harper Scott s older sister has always been the perfect one so when June takes her own life a week before her high school graduation, sixteen year old Harper is devastated Everyone s sorry, but no one can explain why.When her divorcing parents decide to split her sister s ashes into his and her urns, Harper takes matters into her own hands She ll steal the ashes and drive cross country with her best friend, Laney, to the one place June always dreamed of going California.Enter Jake Tolan He s a boy with a bad attitude, a classic rock obsession and nothing in common with Harper s sister But Jake had a connection with June, and when he insists on joining them, Harper s just desperate enough to let him With his alternately charming and infuriating demeanour and his belief that music can see you through anything, he might be exactly what she needs.Except June wasn t the only one hiding something Jake s keeping a secret that has the power to turn Harper s life upside down again.

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  • Hannah Harrington

    I don t like Pina Coladas, but I do enjoy getting caught in the rain.Oh, and I m a YA author My first novel, SAVING JUNE, was published by Harlequin Teen in 2011, and my second, SPEECHLESS, will be released on August 28th, 2012


  • It’s hard to put my finger on exactly why I failed to connect with this book. Is it because I’m the oldest sibling and I don’t know what it’s like to be the rebellious younger sister? Is it because I’m just too damn old? Is it because, even when I was young, I thought that mosh pits were stupid? Maybe it’s because the thought of Jake singing softly in my ear in a van makes me want to elbow him in the solar plexus…and unlike Harper, I DO know where that is. I think that this is one [...]

  • This is how I picture Jake irresistiblereadsFavourite Quote: "He took his pain and turned it into something beautiful. Into something that people connect to. And that's what good music does. It speaks to you. It changes you."WOW! I am seriously blown away by how fantastic this book is. I loved Saving June. I am going to try and write a proper review here when all I want to do is go all fan girl about it!Harper's older sister June takes her life. Harper is devastated and doesn't know why. Her div [...]

  • Judging from the Aussie cover (which is gorgeous) and the blurb I expected Saving June to be a melancholic (perhaps whimsical) novel exploring grief/sisterhood & bad boys ;) I thought it may be a rainy-day comfort read. But it was so much more than thatVING JUNE opens with Harper at her sisters wake ~ and the tone is pitch perfect for that kind of startled frozen grief ~ and yet Harrington had me grinning (grinning! in the aftermath of a funeral) multiple times before the chapter was through [...]

  • So many dead sisters in YA literature these days…I can’t even begin to describe how deeply Harper’s grief affected me. It’s not often that I find myself completely taken aback by an author’s insight and sensitivity. I’m still convinced that she must have gone through something similar at some point in her life, otherwise she couldn’t have been able to describe so accurately the thoughts that sometimes follow such a disastrous event. I have to admit that the story hit too close to h [...]

  • In the past year, at least for me, all the rage in YA contemporary fiction can be condensed in one word: Australia. Marchetta, Buzo, Cath Crawley, Eagar were definitely my favorite reads this year. Hannah Harrington is the exception that proves the rule. This lady is American and what is more, Saving June is her debut novel. Harper's life is in pieces. Her sister June unexplainably committed suicide a few weeks before graduating and her family is, quite understandably, a wreck. There's no rhyme [...]

  • Once in awhile comes a book that just touches you in all the right places. It makes you think, it forces you to feel but at the same time it's not overwhelming. Saving June is one of those books.To say I loved this would be a total understatement. I'm remarkably surprised that considering the issue at hand, it still reads with ease and comfort. The author mixes a brilliant combination of pain and joy, laughter and tears, set to a road trip, detours and of course the glue that holds any experienc [...]

  • ***FAVORITE YA OF 2011***My heart hurts. So, so badly.5 Beautiful Things About Saving June:1. Harper. She is soreal. She has a lot of spunk and I have immense respect for her and the way she dealt with June's death and all the other issues in her life. While reading this book, I came to love Harper like I would a best friend. She's an amazing, down-to-earth, and strong heroine. She doesn't whine or complain and isn't reduced to a pile of girly goo when falling in love. Basically, she's mature. 2 [...]

  • "Some people think that a place can save them," I say. "Like if they could just be somewhere else, their lives would be totally different. They could finally be the people they always wanted to be. But to me, a place is just a place. If you really want things to change, you can make them change no matter where you are."Hannah Harrington's debut, Saving June, begins with Harper Scott stacking casseroles and meringue pies into her refrigerator. Her older sister, June, has just died from a self-inf [...]

  • I pushed and pushed through this, but this novel just isn't working for me.It feels like I've read this story a million times before - someone dies and a teen (usually a girl) left behind has to deal with the aftermath. Sometimes versions of this scenario are incredibly successful (The Piper's Son, Please Ignore Vera Dietz), sometimes utterly forgettable (Amy & Roger's Epic Detour, The Sky Is Everywhere). Saving June falls into the second category for me, unfortunately.To make such an overus [...]

  • So beautiful it hurts ♥Why is it so hard to talk about the books we like? Why is it so hard to open my heart to the whole world and to say out loud how much I loved this story? Why is it so hard to put into words all the beauty of "Saving June"?I tell you why, because I'm somehow speechless Because my heart is far away, somewhere in California, looking for a way to save June, searching through all those beautiful moments of vulnerability, frustration and hope the characters went through Becaus [...]

  • Saving June is going to be sat firmly on the 'not my cup of tea' shelf, right alongside my box of Earl Grey. I realise that's a bold statement to make, considering how mercurial my tastes seem to be at any given time, but this book and I seriously did not get along.The story is about Harper, a teenage girl living in the shadow of her perfect elder sister, June. Soon after their parents get divorced, June commits suicide. After her funeral, an argument breaks out over who will get to keep an urn [...]

  • This was an amazing story! One of my favorite quotes:Jake was right - I'm strong in a way June never was. Because I know that I want to be here. Even with the pain. Even with the ugliness. There is so much beauty in just existing. In being alive. I don't want to miss a second.”Saving June opens up with Harper Scott at her sister June’s wake. June committed suicide and Harper has no idea why. June was always the pretty, perfect, honor-roll student with direction. She even got into Berkley in [...]

  • Very rarely in my life have I come across a book where it is difficult for me to pinpoint exactly what I liked about it.Saving Junefalls into this rare category of books simply because it made me feel so many emotions that it is hard for me to go back and find the exact moment I began falling in love with it.Saving Junewas one of those books that I was so completely invested in that time lost all meaning and I forgot that I was reading a book in my bed and not on a road trip to California myself [...]

  • So yeah, I don't give YA books five stars very often. That is mostly due to the fact that they're usually deficient in the areas of tone, plot, and characterization. Not so with this one. I found myself almost instantly connecting with Harper, her antisocial behavior and general cynicism about life and people ringing very similar to my own at that age. I was actually a little surprised by how much Harper reminded me of myself at 16. But I suppose that could be why some people have a harder time [...]

  • “But I wasn’t interested in being like June, and I definitely didn’t want to live in June’s shadow. Even if mine was less impressive, at least it was mine.”Initial Final Page Thoughts.……OK, that ending? Is it possible to die of cringe? BUT…. The rest was fantastic.High PointsSIC. Seriously. SERIOUSLY. The music that is mentioned in this book is the soundtrack to my life. Seriously. Pretty much every single one of my favourite songs is mentioned in this book. If you cut open my so [...]

  • Originally posted here.For some reason, Saving June by Hannah Harrington was released early in Australia. I've seen raving reviews from those who have been lucky enough to get copies of the book and that persuaded me to read it as soon as I can. The ebook can be purchased from Angus & Robertson and Borders Australia. If you want a physical copy, you can order it from Fishpond. Also, Harlequin Teen said on Twitter that Saving June will be available on NetGalley in August.Harper Scott knows sh [...]

  • Saving Jane had been a book on my wish list ever since it hit the shelves in Australia, and the Aussie bloggers just couldn’t get enough. So I was excited to finally get my hands on a copy a year after first hearing about it.Harper is struggling, her sister June has just passed away, she took her own life leaving no letter or explanation why. On the surface everything seemed fine with June, she’d found her boyfriend and cheated on her, but other than that everything seemed to be going okay. [...]

  • WOW This book blew me away. I have been digesting it for two weeks trying to decide how to review it. Every time I think about it again I honestly get all teary eyed. First I want to explain why I usually always read paranormal books. I try a little of everything but I have never been a fan of realistic fiction because I honestly never find it realistic. I always think this is so fake and they might as well throw in a vampire to make it fun and then I won't worry that it sounds fake. So when I r [...]

  • After letting the swooning and "aww"-ing emotions simmer, I think I am now capable of writing a review.Okay. Whenever I pick up a book that centers on a topic as sensitive as suicide, I'm always a bit unsure of what to expect. This book definitely exceeded my expectations, and - sensitive subject aside - was well written, well developed and I loved every page of it.Page one - we're introduced to Harper, whose older sister June has just taken her own life. Knowing how she feels yet finding it har [...]

  • 4.5 starsWow. That's the only thought that went through my mind when I finished this book. Just plain wow.Harper Scott is adrift. Her sister killed herself. No other way to say it. And those people who should take care of her are too busy with their own pain and grief, so she retreats. But, in that mess, something occurs to her. Maybe she can fulfill June's dream of going to California by spilling her ashes in the ocean. But she can't do it alone. It's more than 2000 miles from her small town to [...]

  • I know this is a silly question for a bunch of readers, but it still bowls be over when it happens—Have you ever felt like you were reading the right book at the right time? As if the book found you when you needed it?This story felt like that to me. I was riding along with Harper, Laney, Jake, and June to California. Windows down. Music blaring. It felt heartbreakingly perfect. Saving June is a very special book that fit right into my heart, head, and soul.For the past year, books have been m [...]

  • Whenever I think about this book, ‘Start Me Up’ by the Rolling Stones starts playing in my head – and for me, this is never a bad thing. Actually, I think I may have bumped up my rating slightly as a result of the music liberally referenced through the story. (Nice use of the Doors, Hannah Harrington.) Bonus: Playlists! Yes and thank you. While the story opens at the wake for Harper Scott’s sister June, this isn’t exactly a book about suicide. It’s about grief and regret, the afterma [...]

  • Even though this book is ultimately about loss and dealing with grief, it's a very diverting read filled with life, humor, and romance. Being a road trip story, be prepared for some amusing sightseeing along with plenty of colorful characters.Saving June begins very powerfully during the aftermath of June's death. Harper finds herself in a bubble of grief, unable to even begin to understand why her sister killed herself. I could feel her heartache, as if it was my own. The emotional turmoil is e [...]

  • And thus, the reason why I sometimes really hate first narrative. I am of the minority: Saving June has failed to awe me into an emotional chokehold, which seems to be the general denouement to the reading experience of many readers out there. This book, to its unfortunate luck, contains many reading pet peeves of mine. Sadly, there were so many things that bugged me about the way it was presented that I couldn't concentrate on the story itself. Although, to be completely and utterly truthful, I [...]

  • Original review 2012:" He took his pain and turned it into something beautiful " Harrington's writing is the kind that makes you stop while you're reading - just to re-read a sentence, to say it out loud, so you can consider it and let it sink in. So you can smell the words and their meanings like perfume Everything was just so poetic. Author Hannah Harrington is only 23 and honestly, I am beyond impressed. To be that young and yet manage to write such a book? The girl is amazing. Now, the book [...]

  • OMG! Instant music geek orgasm! Go request this on netgalley. Or read it. Now, now, now!How awesome is this book? It made me forget exam anxiety. It made me forget my surroundings. It made me sit my arse down and read, from start to finish, and all I can say is, thank goodness I didn't open the file BEFORE I went into exams because I would have surely missed it."Saving June" tells the story of Harper, a girl whose sister has just committed suicide. The two girls have been dealing with the fallou [...]

  • "Clapton wrote this song about it, after, and it just – It rips your heart out. It is the best kind of devastating there is. He took his pain and he turned it into something beautiful. Into something that people connect to. And that’s what good music does. It speaks to you. It changes you. What I’m trying to say is, it’s just nice, I guess, knowing that someone else can put into words what I feel. That there are people who have been through things worse than I have, and they came out on [...]

  • Hannah Harrington's amazing debut is a must-read for YA lovers. I haven't read a teen novel this fresh and wonderful in such a long time. It was a great book to read over my break. Here's a quote from early in the book, that I think captures the tone of the novel perfectly and shows you Harper's personality. "Jay, you should play something," Gwen suggests from across the crackling fire. Somehow from the way she says it, and the dark look Jake gives her in response, I can tell a gauntlet has been [...]

  • 3 STARSWhat do you do?WHAT DO YOU DO?!?!Well duh, kidnap her urn and take a roadtrip to California with your best friend and some random "douche-baggy hipster music snob with the taste of a forty-year old white guy" of course. The latter, by the way, also needs to fulfill the minimum requirement of being "sorta hot", owning a van named after a singer who OD-ed in heroin (because he's cool like that), mad skills in the dance floor and a shroud of mystery in his connection to suicidal sis.This sho [...]

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