Unleashed Katelyn McBride s life changed in an instant when her mother died Uprooted from her California home Katelyn was shipped to the middle of nowhere Arkansas to her only living relative her grandfathe

  • Title: Unleashed
  • Author: Nancy Holder Debbie Viguié
  • ISBN: 9780385740982
  • Page: 182
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Katelyn McBride s life changed in an instant when her mother died Uprooted from her California home, Katelyn was shipped to the middle of nowhere, Arkansas, to her only living relative, her grandfather And now she has to start over in Wolf Springs, a tiny village in the Ozark Mountains Like any small town, Wolf Springs has secrets But the secrets hidden here are sKatelyn McBride s life changed in an instant when her mother died Uprooted from her California home, Katelyn was shipped to the middle of nowhere, Arkansas, to her only living relative, her grandfather And now she has to start over in Wolf Springs, a tiny village in the Ozark Mountains Like any small town, Wolf Springs has secrets But the secrets hidden here are sinister than Katelyn could ever imagine It s a town with a history that reaches back centuries, spans continents, and conceals terrifying truths And Katelyn McBride is about to change everything.Broken families, ageless grudges, forced alliances, and love that blooms in the darkest night welcome to Wolf Springs.

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    Nancy Holder, New York Times Bestselling author of the WICKED Series, has just published CRUSADE the first book in a new vampire series cowritten with Debbie Viguie The last book her her Possession series is set to release in March 2011.Nancy was born in Los Altos, California, and her family settled for a time in Walnut Creek Her father, who taught at Stanford, joined the navy and the family traveled throughout California and lived in Japan for three years When she was sixteen, she dropped out of high school to become a ballet dancer in Cologne, Germany, and later relocated to Frankfurt Am Main.Eventually she returned to California and graduated summa cum laude from the University of California at San Diego with a degree in Communications Soon after, she began to write her first sale was a young adult romance novel titled Teach Me to Love.Nancy s work has appeared on the New York Times, USA Today, LA Times, , LOCUS, and other bestseller lists A four time winner of the Bram Stoker Award from the Horror Writers Association, she has also received accolades from the American Library Association, the American Reading Association, the New York Public Library, and Romantic Times.She and Debbie Vigui co authored the New York Times bestselling series Wicked for Simon and Schuster They have continued their collaboration with the Crusade series, also for Simon and Schuster, and the Wolf Springs Chronicles for Delacorte 2011 She is also the author of the young adult horror series Possessions for Razorbill She has sold many novels and book projects set in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Saving Grace, Hellboy, and Smallville universes.She has sold approximately two hundred short stories and essays on writing and popular culture Her anthology, Outsiders, co edited with Nancy Kilpatrick, was nominated for the Bram Stoker Award in 2005.She teaches in the Stonecoast MFA in Creative Writing Program, offered through the University of Southern Maine She has previously taught at UCSD and has served on the Clarion Board of Directors.She lives in San Diego, California, with her daughter Belle, their two Corgis, Panda and Tater and their cats, David and Kittnen Snow She and Belle are active in Girl Scouts and dog obedience training.


  • As a pre- P.S. I didn't give this book a rating. 'Nuff said. After reading:I hate this book. I hate it with such a passion that I want to burn it, take some of its DNA, clone it, then burn all of the clones to use a kindling for the rest of my existence, and then pass it tomychildren who can pass in onto theirs so they can also use it to fuel their fires to the end of their days. Yeah, I honestly detest the bookthatmuch. Right off the bat, then, let me give you one of the special little gems tha [...]

  • If I would rate Unleashed on the story itself it would have gotten more praise, but I can't do that now can I? I had my share of problems with the characters and their actions that inadvertently caused me to get a bit of a mixed feeling about the book as a whole.It all starts with Katelyn. Katelyn's mom has just died and, with her dad not in the picture, she is forced to move to Wolf Springs: A middle of nowhere town with no cell phone service or internet connection (can you believe?). She soon [...]

  • Every town has its secrets. In wolf springs they're just a little darker.What an amazing first book to a compelling new series! Ahhhhhhhh! I want more, more, more, MORE! Katelyn McBride is uprooted from her California world when her mother's life is tragically taken by an earthquake. Relocating to Wolf Springs Arkansas, to live with a Grandfather she barely knows, out in the middle of "bango land" forest, Kat's ambitions, dreams, and future are completely turned upside down. When two girls Kat's [...]

  • Ok. I loved this book. I finished reading it a couple of days ago, and find myself thinking, "I can't wait to get home and read more of UNLEASHED." Then I remember I'm done with it, and I get sad. It's been quite a while since I've read a werewolf book, and I just think that I was really in the mood for this, and it didn't disappoint me at all.I recently read Nancy and Debbie's other series, Crusade, and loved those books as well, but Unleashed has a very different feel to it than the Crusade se [...]

  • 5 Stars, 'Who do you run with?'Another take on the girl moves to a small remote town with mysterious attractive men, murders and the super natural. Wolf Spring's plot differs from books such as twilight, fallen and finding sky in that Katelyn looses both of her parents in different ways and has to move in with her more recently estranged grandfather. I really enjoyed the werewolf aspect of the story. There isn't a lot of books, that I've read where the supernatural creature is limited to just a [...]

  • this was a good read but there were just loads of things that annoyed me about this book!this is not really a spoiler alert so dont worry:1 at the start all katelyn goes on about is gymnastics then once she moves its like its completely forgotten about!! 2 i did not understand what was going on with justin! i dont think the author explained it well and it was even more confusing for me cause i loved trick!! so i didnt understand what she saw in justin!!3 near the end it felt like the story was d [...]

  • This book was so overwritten. While it's nice to picture the surroundings, the book was so bogged down with details that I just really struggled to get through it. Every little thing was described to the T, and every description was really dragged out like the howling wind or the clicking claws. And there was one detail that just bugged me. (view spoiler)[It was the fact that Ed's truck apparently had four lug nuts. Most cars have five. Small trucks have five, while larger trucks have six. (hide [...]

  • Quite enjoyed this book and looking forward to the next one. I met Nancy and Debbie in Miami and they were delightful. You all know how I love the cliffhanger endings and this one has a doozy! =)I really liked the twist of adding silver to a werewolf book and look forward to discovering more of the mystery of the silver mine and the hellhound.

  • I really, really liked this book! I got my hands on an ARC through work and decided to give it a try. I was impressed with how much I enjoyed it, (despite the typos). :PKatelyn is a 16-year-old girl living in SoCal, enjoying her life as a dancer/gymnast, when her mother dies in a house fire. Suddenly orphaned (her father died years earlier), she is sent to live with her paternal grandfather in the small town of Wolf Springs, AR. There she meets not one, but two very attractive guys her age that [...]

  • little hesitant cause they compare it to Fallen (ugh), but I'll save judgement till it comes outill, Fallen? 12-6-11Looks like my early judgement hit the nail on the head. Now do I torment myself by reading this knowing I will prob detest it or do I take the plunge and suffer along with my brave GR friends who have suffered through this book before me? Hmmmm Gonna have to ponder that one for a while

  • 4.5 starsThis is a classic paranormal read! It's dark, thrilling and one I quickly devoured. I've read a lot of enjoyable wolf books this year, and this one is definitely at the top of my list. Nancy and Debbie's enticing blend of mystery, suspense, passion, love and loyalty made for a story that was hard to put down. This was an action packed read that had me on edge the whole time. Well, I shouldn't say on edge the whole time, because there's some intense romantic scenes had me swooning instea [...]

  • I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about this book before I started reading it because I am not a huge fan of werewolves.I have to say though that I am glad that I gave it a chance! I notice that I tend to love books that I was iffy about in the beginning.This book had everything for me. Great characters, great plot, great setting, mystery, romance, thriller.The writing was great and I couldn't tell when the authors were switching off.The MC, Katelyn, moves in with her grandfather, in the mid [...]

  • Meh. That's all I can say about this book. Meh. Katelyn's parents died, she had to go live with her grandad in the middle of fucking nowhere and she's feeling sorry for herself. Meh. She meets Cordelia, a girl that's suddenly her best friend but in literally every description of her she is described as "fake" and "hiding something" so I'm not buying this friendship. Worst friend ever. Meh. There is Trick, the love interest, who could have potential, but NONE of his mysteries are solved in his bo [...]

  • Hmm, maybe I'm feeling 2.5ish. This one takes a little too long to get down to the business of supernatural romance. Get the werewolf bite or family curse or whatever rolling already, I was thinking. Then when I was facing the last page, I could only say, "huh?" Rip off, No sense of even temporary resolution. Cliff-hanger I'm not willing to cling to. I think I'd rather plummet.Okay, all that's not to say the Twilight, Shiver, Nightshade army won't read it. They probably will, without complaint. [...]

  • About 15% in, and I'm surprised how unlikeable our MC is. She's from LA and portrayed as a selfish, shallow teenager who looks down on the small town and wants to go back home. She's very judgmental, examining clothes of other students on her very first day and tries to label everyone and decide if they're popular. Kat asks very stupid questions when she first arrives at her grandfather's home, and her mentions her highlight of moving away is a good-looking boy. I'm going to keep reading and hop [...]

  • Overall I liked this story enough to complete it and I'll probably stick around for the next book in the series. I'm curious to see where this one goes because it takes a few turns I didn't expect which is always nice. What I'd like to see more of in the next book is stronger characters. I thought Kat was fine, on par with her personality and dialogue but I felt Cordelia was underwhelming and uninteresting. Trick was okay, I'd like to see more from him, Justin was intriguing and I'm definitely t [...]

  • WTH when does the next book come out? :/ whaaaaaaat I don't even have an inkling of what will happen next :3anyway, I've got to admit there was a little too much crying than i would have liked but her mother died so I guess it's fair. Kat's an okay character, I didn't feel she developed aLOT but she does turn from being 'ergg ohmigawd I wanna go back home' to 'ahh well its life' (kind of).I liked Cordelia, I thought she was brave and helpful, but I hated that she hid so much from Kat, I got frus [...]

  • So this is my--- Second? Third? Maybe? Reading this book. And I really enjoyed it. The main reason why I re-read this book is because I needed a re fresher sense I got the third and final book from the library. (At least I think it's the final and last book) And so here we are, yet again. Writing a review about this book. And if I have to say so I think this one is turning out to be waaaay better then the last one. Seeing as Even though I gave it four out of five stars the last time the review w [...]

  • Source: I own a copy of this book but it will be donated.Note: These are my own personal opinions. I received no outside person comments or opinions.I really wanted to like this book. I mean I've been searching for a really good Vampire or Werewolf book for a really long time because apparently that's not cool to write about in YA anymore, so when I saw I had this on my TBR bookcase I immediately grabbed it and began reading, but was soon sadly let down by the story.This was not a girl meets boy [...]

  • There’s something that I noticed whilst reading this one and I think I knew it for quite a while, but it just came to the forefront of my mind this time around. One of the things unique about their writing is how the story is carried. The majority of it is held firmly aloft by the actual dialogue in the story. Now that may not seem like a truly surprising feat, but really…ink about it. In today’s Young Adult genre, things generally go one of two ways; either the author creates a world so f [...]

  • Unleashed was my first book by this author duo Nancy Holder & Debbie Viguie, I know right? Can you believe it! And after reading it I can honestly say I didn’t love it but I did enjoy it. Katelyn McBride lost her dad at a young age so she doesn’t expect to lose her mother years later, leaving her with no choice but to move to the middle of nowhere to live with her grandfather. Katelyn hates having to leave her friends and school and she is definitely not looking forward to starting over [...]

  • First Thoughts: PHENOMENAL! I want to turn around and re-read this book over, and over, and over!Nancy & Debbie are such a dynamic writing team! So when I was offered the chance to review Unleashed I had to jump on it! Boy was I glad that I did too.You initially meet Katelyn, or Kat, in a dream full of acrobatics & fire. Suddenly she awakens to her mother trying to pull her from her home that's full of flames & smoke.With everything she held dear gone, including her mother, Katelyn h [...]

  • I'd give this a 3.75-4 Star rating.This is not a book I would normally read, not much into werewolves. But I think this book may have introduced me to a new genre!Katelyn has to relocate from Sunny Santa Monica California to the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas to live with her estranged Grandpa after the death of her mother. She has to give up dance, the beaches and her friends to live with a man she really doesn't know that well as well as live in the middle of the woods with no neighbors in site. [...]

  • I didn't hate the book. I thought the story has a lot of potential. However, it's the protagonist that made me want to throw the book out of the window. I actually liked her at first; with her dreams of dancing and performing for Cirque de Soleil. Once she got to Wolf Springs, she just basically threw her dream away. She could have just said "Oh, since I'm probably going to be stuck here forever, might as well give up now." Not only that, I didn't feel any connection to her after. She ran away e [...]

  • In order for a story to be truly suspenseful, the reader needs to care about the characters. The only character that remotely interests me is Kaitlyn's grandfather. He has some mystery about him but is more whole and "real" than anyone else in the book. I'd like to hear this story from his point of view. Everyone else is petulant, angry, crazy or just a confused teenager without redeeming qualities. Ms. Holder, you posed too many questions and don't even provide partial answers to keep your read [...]

  • Read more of my reviews at Nick's Book BlogOk so how do I start ?Well, I did not like this book. Actually, I strongly disliked it. It was so pathetic.The main character Katelyn loses her mom and is forced to move in with her grandpa who lives in the middle of a freaking forest.Throughout the whole book she pretty much acts as spoilt. She made me want to pull my own hair.She talks about how her she misses her mom but seriously I couldn't feel a single emotion for her.I found it really hard to con [...]

  • ReviewKatelyn had her whole life ahead of her, she had her dreams and she was determine to go after her dreams but one earthquake changes everything for Katelyn, now she's in the middle of nowhere "Wolf Springs", Arkansas.Her grandfather had two rules . . . "Don't go out after dark." . . ."Don't go into the woods" . . .What dangers lurks in the woods of Wolf Springs?Katelyn is about to change the dynamics of Wolf Springs, but what if those dynamics could cost her life. I give this 4 Cat's Tails [...]

  • Review also appears on my blog, The Book Fairy's Haven. because small towns always have secrets waiting to be discovered.It's been quite a while since I've read a YA book about werewolves, so I wasn't really sure what to expect when I received a copy of Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguie's Unleashed.The concept behind the novel is surely something we've all come across (in one form or another) before. And while this in itself is not an issue, it does make the book a bit of a hard sell, as the synops [...]

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