Inheritance Cycle 4-Book Hard Cover Boxed Set (Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr, Inheritance)

Inheritance Cycle Book Hard Cover Boxed Set Eragon Eldest Brisingr Inheritance Book Details Format Hardcover Publication Date Pages Reading Level Age and Up

  • Title: Inheritance Cycle 4-Book Hard Cover Boxed Set (Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr, Inheritance)
  • Author: Christopher Paolini
  • ISBN: 9780307930675
  • Page: 322
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Book Details Format Hardcover Publication Date 11 8 2011 Pages 2912 Reading Level Age 12 and Up

    • [PDF] Download ✓ Inheritance Cycle 4-Book Hard Cover Boxed Set (Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr, Inheritance) | by ☆ Christopher Paolini
      322 Christopher Paolini
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    Christopher Paolini was born on November 17, 1983 in Southern California He has lived most of his life in Paradise Valley, Montana with his parents and younger sister, Angela The tall, jagged Beartooth Mountains rise on one side of Paradise Valley Snowcapped most of the year, they inspired the fantastic scenery in the Inheritance Cycle.Christopher is grateful to all his readers He is especially heartened to hear that his books have inspired young people to read and to write stories of their own Although Christopher will one day return to Alaga sia, he is currently working on a science fiction novel Visit Paolini for the latest news about this project and connect with other fans at Shurtugal, his Facebook page and Twitter profile.


  • I made the mistake of watching the movie "Eragon" before I read any of the books. After reading just the first book you really realize what a hack job they did on the movie. Aside from special effects that really were quite good, the rest of the movie could have been put together in a much better way. I was captivated by these books more than I have ever been before. I couldn't put it down after I started reading, I would just get lost in the world of Alagaesia, that Eragon and his charasmatic d [...]

  • Gonna tell you a lil story. This story begins with me as probably an 11-year-old picking up a copy of a blue book somewhere or other and beginning an odyssey of love-hate.Listen. I own all 4 books in this series and when the last one was released I angrily snapped it up from the shelf the very instant it arrived. And I can laugh at them, pretend to hate them, point out all the nonsense and the plot holes and the misogyny (which isn't as bad as I remember it, now that I've reread the books; still [...]

  • This book is the most beautiful thing I have ever held in my hands. Eragon starts off slowly. Then it proceeds to enchant you, captivate you, and long after you've finished Inheritance, haunt you. The characters have a vivid, complex depth. Paolini writes with such intricate detail that you find yourself lost in the world of Alagaesia. Other plus-points:⚫The description of the battles⚫Arya and Eragon's sweet, realistic love (the realism is weird, considering Arya is an elf and Eragon a human [...]

  • Some very marvelously delivered concepts, a good pace (in books 1-2), overall an interesting and ambitious feat for such a young writer. Sadly, poorly finished, with some VERY roughly formulated sections that needed more. Over all, too long of a series (1 book to many). The end was especially painful. Paolini left me kicking the dust of Alegasia off my feet as he took such a long time getting around to the last page of the 4th book. His next writing undertaking will qualify or disqualify him as [...]

  • Absolutely awesome books, but I am really tired of waiting for the next book. By the time the fourth book comes out I will have to read the entire series over again to remember what happened. Why make the fans wait soooo long? I don't get it!

  • Eragon finds a strange rock in the woods. It isn't long before the 'rock' hatches and Eragon learns that he will be the next Dragon rider. This series follows him in his adventures doing that.This series, along with Harry Potter, is what fueled my love for fantasy novels. When I read, I want to be transported, and the best way, for me, to do it is to give my brain unreal imagery. I can be Saphira, I can fight with the dwarves. It's so nerdy but it's honestly like medicine for my soul. Eragon als [...]

  • I stayed with this story simply because I had already started it when I found my love of reading fantasy. I do like the concept of the story, even though as many others have said, that it seems to be a collection of other stories. That honestly doesn't bother me . He twisted them and made a story from his imagination using what has obviously influenced him. Again that doesn't bother me. What bothers me is how he explains himself before any character does anything . Over and over and it makes me [...]

  • Great series. Many books or movies make you say, "That was stupid. Why did they do that?" I never thought that during this series. Sometimes I would think, "I would try xyz," and then that would happen. As this is fantasy, it has magic. Again, like most fantasy stories, you end up thinking, "Why didn't they use magic to do xyz?" In the Inheritence Cycle, magic has rules and so you are never left complaining "Why didn't they ". The story is well written and involved and would probably take someon [...]

  • I was going to introduce this review by giving a quick synopsis of the series, but saying something like, “The Inheritance Cycle is the beautifully woven story of a boy and his dragon” was not something that I was interested in doing. So I’ll just say this: If you have ever read The Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, or basically any good fantasy novel, you are going to fall in love with this book before the end of the first page. I have long ago waged war against any form of what most ca [...]

  • To say it bluntly and the way i feel it is; this is a series you wont ever forget! I started reading eragon around the time the second part came out I think because I figured that the last part would have to come out soon. So I picked it up at the bookshop and started reading it the same night. And I just couldnt put it down. I was enticed with alagaesia and eragon and the idea of dragonriders; toss in a little bit of magic and youve got me captivated! The first part of this cycle had me wanting [...]

  • This is a well written fantasy book. Although thicker than the typical teen novel, it certainly would appeal to young adult males. There is a lot of action in this book and it keeps the reader fascinated throughout. Pretty much each book ends with a MASSIVE cliffhanger so once you pick up the first book, don't expect to put it down until you finish the series. I read this series when I was quite young, and to this day, I still keep rereading it. The plot has so many complications and struggles t [...]

  • I have read all four books, though it took quite along time - the first three I read happily as they came out, until, within the pages of the second book, I realized I was reading star wars meets lotr. I still read the third, simply to finish the series. I was thus disappointed to find that he'd changed his mind completely. The fourth book I did not read until nearly two years ago. I find that Roran is the character I wished was the protagonist. He's the only character in the book that I still f [...]

  • I really enjoyed this series. It was well written and thought out, and I especially like that things didn't necessarily go where you thought they would. The characters were engaging and the world was fully established. Some parts dragged for me, probably because I care less about the Dwarves than I do the Elves but that's probably personal preference. It seemed like the author wanted to give them equal time on the stage if that makes sense.The bittersweet ending was Tolkeinesque, without seeming [...]

  • ok,so I watched the movie based on the first novel I liked it and I wanted more but then I realized that fans of the books hated the movie so I bought the books which costs a lot by Egyptian middle class standards.I like the inheritance cycle a lot, you have completely fictional but totally relevant, you have a fictional language, you have dragons and magic and then you have a lot of great characters that are so well introducede only thing that bothers me is the argument but whether God exists a [...]

  • An excellent read for anyone who loves magic and dragons.I received the first book in this series as a gift from my daughter. She knew of my love for dragons, magic, and reading thinking that I would enjoy it. After reading the first book, I was lucky and the second was already published. I devoured the pages and eagerly waited for more. With Brisingr, I was not disappointed. Then came Inheritance, and I finally got to finish reading the story. I loved it, and as the author himself has stated, t [...]

  • This series of books drew me in and holds a place in my heart since it it is my favorite book series that I've read. A poor farm boy Eragon finds what he believes to be a blue stone. What he did not expect however that it's actually a dragon egg and Eragon takes up the legendary mantle of the Dragon Riders. Once you start reading you don't want to stop. I recommend this book to anyone who loves fantasy books.

  • When a series can draw me in as emotionally as this one did, I have to admit it is amazing. Paolini's use of imagery is captivating and the way in which he develops his characters causes the reader to truly develop an emotional connection with each one. Now being a major Lord of the Rings and Star Wars fan, the similarities between The Inheritance Cycle and the two seemed to actually strengthen my interests in the plot. This series is a great example of a good work of fantasy.

  • I could go on forever about all of the positive attributes of this story! it is truly a world to discover and characters, as deep as the ocean, to get to know. There's family and traditions and cultures and languages this is a stop eating/sleeping/functioning type of story. it has layers and facets and secrets and every time I re-read it i catch on to more. This series is a MUST for fantasy lovers!

  • This is absolutely my favorite series, I have read it twice so far and plan to do so again. However, I do think the ending sucked, a lot! I feel like he left open a lot he could expand upon, and I am disappointed with how it ended. It was a good ending, sure, though leaving it in such a way, you would think he has something up his sleeve, though I've seen nothing, and it's been years.

  • The book had a great story line and amazing character development. I enjoyed every last minute of the read. Even the some times boring talks, that felt like they would go on for eternity, were very enjoyable. Over all i think these books will be my #1 favorite for the rest of my life.

  • One of my favoritesRead this book again after years and it was like reading it again for the first time. I loved it all over again from beginning to end.

  • Very long winded, really good though. Kind of a cross between Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. Fantasy but with the whole complicated family thing.

  • Absolutely loved this series. I fell in love with the characters and never had a moment where I was bored. I'm already looking forward to reading it again in the future

  • Paolinis world is magical, and unique a good read for those seeking something to compare to harry potter and whom enjoyed lotr a wonderful series

  • Meh, didn't feel much of a connection to the characters nor will I have the urge to pick up the books again in the future.

  • This was the best book of its type that I've read since The Lord of the Rings. That is incredibly high praise but it is well deserved. It captured me from the very first book. The story line, the characters, the epic struggle are fantastic. It's an intelligently written book that is accessible to younger readers as well as more mature, aka older readers (like myself). The blending of different species, i.e. elves, humans, dwarves, dragons, werecats, etc. was phenomenal. The battle scenes were gr [...]

  • Compelling story with nuanced charactersI needed a good “get lost in another world” kind of book. This series fit well! Multiple storylines weave together to form a very compelling narrative. Interesting and nuanced characters interact in a way that remains true to the idiosyncrasies with which they are endowed and realistic growth happens through struggles that are both situational and relational. These things are important to me because, even if I am seeking to get lost in an exciting esca [...]

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