A Dublin Student Doctor

A Dublin Student Doctor Patrick Taylor s devoted readers know Doctor Fingal Flahertie O Reilly as a pugnacious general practitioner in the quaint Irish village of Ballybucklebo Now Taylor turns back the clock to give us a po

  • Title: A Dublin Student Doctor
  • Author: Patrick Taylor
  • ISBN: 9780765326737
  • Page: 309
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Patrick Taylor s devoted readers know Doctor Fingal Flahertie O Reilly as a pugnacious general practitioner in the quaint Irish village of Ballybucklebo Now Taylor turns back the clock to give us a portrait of the young Fingal and show us the pivotal events that shaped the man he would become.In the 1930s, fresh from a stint in the Royal Navy Reserve, and against the wisPatrick Taylor s devoted readers know Doctor Fingal Flahertie O Reilly as a pugnacious general practitioner in the quaint Irish village of Ballybucklebo Now Taylor turns back the clock to give us a portrait of the young Fingal and show us the pivotal events that shaped the man he would become.In the 1930s, fresh from a stint in the Royal Navy Reserve, and against the wishes of his disapproving father, Fingal O Reilly goes to Dublin to study medicine Fingal and his fellow aspiring doctors face the arduous demands of Trinity College and Sir Patrick Dun s Hospital The hours are long and the cases challenging, but Fingal manages to find time to box and play rugby and to romance a fetching, gray eyed nurse named Kitty O Hallorhan.Dublin is a city of slums and tenements, where brutal poverty breeds diseases that the limited medical knowledge of the time is often ill equipped to handle His teachers warn Fingal not to become too attached to his patients, but can he truly harden himself to the suffering he sees all around him or can he find a way to care for his patients without breaking his heart A Dublin Student Doctor is a moving, deeply human story that will touch longtime fans as well as readers who are meeting Doctor Fingal O Reilly for the very first time.

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    There is than one author with this namePatrick Taylor, M.D is the author of the Irish Country books, including An Irish Country Doctor, An Irish Country Village, An Irish Country Christmas, An Irish Country Girl, and An Irish Country Courtship Taylor was born and raised in Bangor, County Down, in Northern Ireland After qualifying as a specialist in 1969, he worked in Canada for thirty one years He now lives on Saltspring Island, British Columbiacmillan author patric


  • I thought the previous book in this series was the best up to this point, but it has been eclipsed by this next one in the series! I loved the way Dublin of the 1930s is weaved into 1960s Ballybucklebo and Belfast, but knowing what I know now of Doctor Fingal Flahertie O’Reilly makes me want to go back and re-read some of the other books!

  • ==Diagnostic case studies interspersed by narrative== Patrick Taylor enjoys a fervent following of loyal fans for his prolific Irish Country novels so I was intrigued. This, the sixth in the series, is somewhat of a retroactive prequel about Doctor Fingal Flaherty O'Reilly's student days. It was the first of his novels I have read and maybe I realized too late that this was the wrong place to jump on board. My second mistake was buying a book about a student doctor's medical studies written by " [...]

  • Fingel Flahertie O'Reilly is back but this is basically a prequel to the series. He and his lady friend, Kitty, are out for a drive when they come upon a bike accident involving his patient, Donal. They follow the ambulance to the hospital in Dublin where he obtained his medical training. As Fingal is waiting to hear about Donal's condition, he falls asleep and dreams about his old days there, in the 1930's, when he and his buddies suffered through grueling classes and medical procedures. It is [...]

  • This is one of a series of books about doctors in Ireland around the 1960`s. This particular book is about how the older doctor Fingal got started in medicine in the 1930`s as a student at Trinity medical college. A great series. The characters are all real. This author has created a good series of books and I highly recommend them.

  • I am really enjoying this series and this book did a wonderful job of continuing the story in the 1960s but mainly focusing on Dr. Fingal's experiences at a medical student 30 years earlier. It fleshes out his relationship with his parents and brother, his future wife, as well as the medical students he studied with. It also tells a lot about social conditions in Ireland in the 1930s and concerns about HItler.

  • This is a nice story. No sex, no cussing, no violence. I liked it fine, although I usually read fast paced thrillers or mysteries, so it was a bit slow for me. However, I would read more from this author.

  • At this point, you probably know that I am a big fan of this series. This particular installment provides the back story of one of the main characters, Dr. Fingal Flahertie O'Reilly. There was a lot here that was interesting, and I like that Patrick Taylor is fleshing out the primary characters in these novels. In the case of O'Reilly, we learn that his father was staunchly opposed to his decision to study to become a doctor - his father was determined that he should study a field that was "wort [...]

  • Whenever I read a book, I try to notice how it makes me feel, or what it makes me think about. This book, however, had no impact at all. It's the celery of novels; it takes more effort to read than it gives back.The story centres around Fingal O'Reilly, switching back and forth between O'Reilly's medical school days and his present-day life as a doctor. It appears to be a prequel to a series of books about Dr. O'Reilly's medical practice. Perhaps if I'd read the other books in the series, I'd ha [...]

  • Patrick Taylor is the rare writer able to create a compelling series and then keep it fresh while still using the same beloved characters and setting. In his latest Irish Country novel, the reader is transported to Dublin of the 1930's and Fingal Flahertie O'Reilly's struggles to become qualified in medicine. The reader is treated to Dr. O'Reilly as a young man, along with Kitty O'Hallorhan, and the beginning of the romance which was rekindled in the earlier novels (where the characters are olde [...]

  • Finally, Fingal Flahertie O'Reilly has proposed to Kitty and she, after all these years has accepted. We readers know that as students the two had fallen in love but, with Fingal's procrastination and dedication to work over personal life, their romance had folded and each went on to separate lives. After a day at the races, as Fingal was taking Kitty home, they come upon a motorbike accident. Who but Donal Doherty is lying in the road regaining consciousness after a severe blow to the head. Fin [...]

  • This is the third book in this series that I've read in the last three weeks. It was good and meaty, lots of story in it, with Fingal's past and present experiences interwoven seamlessly. I found the book to be like a refresher course for me, as the author gave such thorough and natural explanations for all the medical procedures and diseases that Fingal and his cronies encountered during their med school years. I'm not a doctor but having done my nursing training in 1970-73, I felt very much at [...]

  • My wife and I listened to this together; she is a career nurse. We don't remember who recommended the series to us, but we both liked it a lot. This particular story is a "prequel" to the earlier stories in the series, a modern story (in the 1960's) with flashbacks to where and when Dr. O'Reilly was in medical training up to his graduation. One of the main reasons we like certain stories is we come to care about the characters, realizing they are fictional. We liked this cast of characters. We h [...]

  • My second book by Patrick Taylor . I was spell bound by this one. It takes us back in time to Dr.O'Reileys student days after the big war (ww1). He's done his duty now returned to Dublin to peruse his dream of becoming a dr. For the people. Against his fathers dreams of becoming an academic.The story follows his life through it all. Good and bad come what may. It gave me a good glimps of what it truly ment to have even the more common illnesses back then and rudimentary treatments they had avail [...]

  • Patrick Taylor has brought me back to the story I've grown to love! When I realize this was another story drifting back to the past, I couldn't help but sigh as An Irish Country Girl had some moments of boredom and I was worried I'd experience that again. Not at all!With two intertwining stories of past and future, I was loving every second. As you watch O'Reilly in the present treating Donal Donnelly, you couldn't help but enjoy the flashbacks that told of his family life and school in Dublin a [...]

  • Did about a quarter of this book before throwing in the towel. I realize this is a prequel, and since it is my first in this series, a good place to start. But while the narrator did a great job, I just wasn't into so much description of hospital & medical methods it didn't hit the right warmth or humor notes for me.

  • I read this book in the Irish Country Series first. I was hooked. I read the next three books and at the moment I am reading the books prior to this one in order to catch up. I know I will eventually finish them all and that will be a sad day. Hoping to see this series continue on and on and on.

  • This was my least favorite of the series so far. I'm glad I finished the book, but I almost quit in the middle when the storyline dragged. Overall, I love the series, looking forward to the next book.

  • I love the series of books about a country doctor in Ireland. Full of humor, practicality and of course medicine in the 1930-1960's. The characters are great and I love the charm that comes from reading this author's books.

  • I really enjoyed this back story of Dr O'Reilly, and learning about the studies of Irish medical students of that time.

  • Loved to be back listening to one of my favourite series. This time we are taken back to the early years of the Big fellas medical studies. Lot's of fun.

  • Quite a good story written as a mature doctor reflecting on his student past, over 30 years before. Enjoyable without being wonderful.

  • Definitely light reading, but also instructive in the conditions and culture of slums in Dublin in the 1950s. Enjoyable!

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