Every Thing on It

Every Thing on It From New York Times bestselling Shel Silverstein celebrated creator of Where the Sidewalk Ends A Light in the Attic and Falling Up comes an amazing collection of never before published poems and d

  • Title: Every Thing on It
  • Author: Shel Silverstein
  • ISBN: 9780061998164
  • Page: 276
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From New York Times bestselling Shel Silverstein, celebrated creator of Where the Sidewalk Ends, A Light in the Attic, and Falling Up, comes an amazing collection of never before published poems and drawings.Have you ever read a book with everything on it Well, here it is You will say Hi ho for the toilet troll, get tongue tied with Stick a Tongue Out Sid, play a highlyFrom New York Times bestselling Shel Silverstein, celebrated creator of Where the Sidewalk Ends, A Light in the Attic, and Falling Up, comes an amazing collection of never before published poems and drawings.Have you ever read a book with everything on it Well, here it is You will say Hi ho for the toilet troll, get tongue tied with Stick a Tongue Out Sid, play a highly unusual horn, and experience the joys of growing down.What s that You have a case of the Lovetobutcants Impossible Just come on in and let the magic of Shel Silverstein bend your brain and open your heart.And don t miss Runny Babbit Returns, the new book from Shel Silverstein

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    Shel Silverstein was the author artist of many beloved books of prose and poetry He was a cartoonist, playwright, poet, performer, recording artist, and Grammy winning, Oscar nominated songwriter.


  • As always, the poems of Shel Silverstein are wonderful word play and the illustrations are a pure delight. The first one is just simply beautiful:"Years from Now"Although I cannot see your faceAs you flip through these poems awhile,Somewhere from some far-off placeI hear you laughing - and I smile

  • There really is a Dead Poets Society, and Shel Silverstein must be the president. Imagine my delight (and my goosebumps) when I learned that he had put out another book of poetry and pictures just for me---FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE!I don't want to share too much, because the joy of reading Shel's poems is in the surprise you get when you hit the best lines. You also really need the artwork to fully appreciate the poems. Here's the first poem in the book: YEARS FROM NOWAlthough I cannot see your face [...]

  • So many poems to LOVE! One of my faves:DON'T CHANGE ON MY ACCOUNTIf you're sloppy, that's just fine.If you're moody, I won't mind.If you're fat, that's fine with me.If you're skinny, let it be.If you're bossy, that's all right.If you're nasty, I won't fight.If you're rough, well that's just you.If you're mean, that's all right too.Whatever you are is all okay.I don't like you anyway.Ha! He was so funny :) There are a few people I'd love to send this poem to!

  • Shel Silverstein es un escritor que adoro, más allá de si sus libros son para niños siempre esconden cierta sabiduría para jóvenes y adultos pero definitivamente creo que sus poemas, en su mayoría, no son para mi, o al menos no cuando trata de ser gracioso. Hay algunos poemas que destacan por ser tan lindos, siendo mi favorito de toda la vida Happy ending? , pero la mayoría de ellos no son para mi, no logro captar el humor o simplemente no me divierten, por lo que no me dejan esa sensaci [...]

  • Ava is reading this delightfully by herself and with us at night. As soon as I handed it to her, she sat down and read it for 20 minutes, laughing every few pages. It is wonderful. Shel Silverstein was a genius. He is able to tap into the heart of the child in all of us in such a unique way. Add this to your collection!

  • غلط کردم (Every Thing On It عنوان انگلیسی مجموعه است)/ شل سیلوراستاین/ ترجمه ی مهدی افشار/ نشر پیکان/ چاپ چهارم/ 264 صفحه/ تاریخ اتمام کتاب: پنج شنبه 11 خرداد 1396عمو شِلبی عزیز و بزرگوار، این بیست و سومین کتاب از توست که می خوانم و لذت به خصوصی می برم. تو برایم همچون عمویی باتجربه و مهربان هست [...]

  • What can I say? Shel Silverstein does it again with his illustrations and poems, just straight up entertaining me. It was a quick read, mainly because it's poetry and it's very enjoyable. A dog eats the Tomato out of a BLT. A WOW turns into MOM. Hairy Harry Neverchop, a man who never cut his hair, demonstrates situational irony at a barbershop. I don't know how else to put it. It's just really good. But I'm pretty sure that Roald Dahl was his mentor, probably because of his incorporation of poet [...]

  • هروقت هوای کودکی کردی باید سری به نوشته‌های کودک درونشل سیلور استاین بزنی

  • Reviewed at: teachmentortexts/2012/Anyone who follows me on Twitter knows that I agonized about how to rate this book. I love Shel Silverstein and before this book I would have said "and everything he writes"; however, I cannot say that any more. Every Thing On It was such a mish-mash of poems. I think that Shel may not have put him in his other anthologies because he knew that they did not work. Some as fantastic, carefree and fun as I remember Shel, but others were not. Some were thought provo [...]

  • It was a good poetry book, and I am not a huge fan of poetry. I wish that this book had a plot and a story through the book. I did think that the stories where cute and funny and I thought the last one was sad it was called “WHEN I AM GONE”. I think Shel Silverstein did a great job with the poems and drawings. “WHEN I AM GONEWhen I am gone what will you do?Who will write and draw for you?Someone smarter - someone new?Some one better - maybe YOU!”

  • I've been a fan of Shel Silverstein since my early days of reading. I remember reading Where the Sidewalk Ends, A Light in the Attic, and Falling Up! When I received a copy of Everything On It for review I was instantly taken back to those days in elementary school where my view of poetry expanded beyond the world of rhyming poems. I remember being fascinated by the worlds he created in a just few simple lines. As an adult reading the poems in Every Thing On It, I was still fascinated! I giggled [...]

  • I can't believe there's going to be a new Shel Silverstein collection of never-before-published poems! I loved his books so much as a kid, and was so sad when he died.UPDATE:This is kind of impossible to rate, because I am obviously not the target demographic for these books anymore. As a kid, I would have loved this just as much as the other three, but reading it now gave me a few mild chuckles and smiles. Overall though, I was left with a nice peaceful feeling of being back with these ridiculo [...]

  • ساندویچ پرملات، مجموعه ای چون همیشه بی نظیر، از شعرها و نقاشیهای شاعر محبوب بچه ها «شل سیلوراستاین» است، کتاب را بردارید و اجازه دهید جادوی «شل سیلوراستاین» دریچه ی مغزتان را ببندد، و دريچه ی قلبتان را بگشاید. انگار آنگاه که «عموشلبی» شعر «سالها بعد از این» را مینوشت، میدانس [...]

  • I loved Shel Silverstein as a kid, particularly Where the Sidewalk Ends. I read it over and over. This new, posthumous collection is every bit as whimsical, funny, gross, and touching as I hoped it would be. It has a little bit of everything, and left me smiling, laughing, and even with some goosebumps. Grown-ups who loved Silverstein as kids will love this one too, and hopefully a new generation will become fans as well.

  • اعتراض خود به دیر شناختن شل سیلور استاین را اعلام می‌کنم!+ چه نقاشی‌های خوبی، چه چهره‌های دوست‌داشتنی‌ای، چه نقاشی‌های خوبی، چه نقاشی‌های خوبی

  • After reading many of Shel Silverstein’s books including Where the Sidewalk Ends and A Light in the Attic, I stumbled upon one of his most recent books, which is called “Every Thing on It” and it is just as surreal and hilarious as his previous works!Basically, this book contains poems written by Shel Silverstein and some of my favorites include:All PackedMe and Joe, we’re all packed up,Me and Joe, we’ve got our tickets,Me and Joe, we’re set to go-Hey, wait a minute…Where’s Joe?W [...]

  • My parents purchased The Sidewalk Ends for me in second grade. I still have my copy, with my name lettered inside the front copy. The book is basically falling apart, it has been read and reread so many times. It is in my classroom library now so my students can see what it looks like when a book is loved. I will be forever grateful for a new volume in my Silverstein collection, made all the more special because it seemed impossible. And this one is destined to be as special to a new generation [...]

  • Shel Silverstein was my hero when I was nine, so I've added this new collection to that list based on just the few sample poems included in my review copy. The perfect line illustrations and provocative poems are just as wonderful as the classic collections.Give a reluctant reader a Silverstein collection, sit back, and let them devour the delectable creations from the brain of a literary genius. I know Shel Silverstein is on the Banned and Challenged lists is many states, but I have to say I fi [...]

  • Classic Silverstein and I loved it. Most of it made me laugh and some of it is gross which is why he is so popular.One of my favorites:DON'T CHANGE ON MY ACCOUNT“If you’re sloppy, that’s just fine.If you’re moody, I won’t mind.If you’re fat, that’s fine with me.If you’re skinny, let it be.If you’re bossy, that’s alright.If you’re nasty, I won’t fight.If you’re rough, well that’s just you.If you’re mean, that’s alright too.Whatever you are is all okay.I don’t lik [...]

  • صد قصه‌ی شیرین‌تر از عسل برای تو گفتمهزارترانه‌ی دل‌نشین برای تو خواندمیک میلیون شعر خنده‌دار برای تو سرودم(گیریم که در وزن و قافیه هم گاهی کم آردم)یک میلیارد نقاشی برایت کشیدمحالا بیابیا رفیق عزیز و باوفایمیک‌بار هم توبگوبخوان بکِش بسُرا برایمعااالی بود! ترجمه‌ی رضی‌ه [...]

  • The only poet I ever, truly enjoyed! Just finished "A Stolen Life" by Jaycee Dugardtime for some light reading.

  • Shel Silverstein really did take the art of writing poetry for kids to new heights, didn't he? I've never read anything else like this book. Packed with nearly two hundred poems of varying length, style and attitude, Every Thing On It is a masterful piece of pithy thought and comedic pathos, crafted beautifully and without any agenda other than providing the best possible literature for young readers. Most of the poems can be read in straightforward appreciation for the humor that they contain, [...]

  • Shel Silverstein is one of the best poetry authors I've seen/read. His books are so funny and creative.if you love poetry and you are in 4th and older you'll love this book too. If you'd enjoyed other poetry books you'll love this one too. Shel Silverstein writes many poetry books that have funny,weird and creative poems.

  • Clever and funny and an overall delightful read! All I could think of while reading this was, “Shel Silverstein, where have you been all my life?” Now I’m planning to read his other poetry books.

  • This collection contains the poem "Masks," which is about two people who conceal a key aspect of their identity from the world around them because they're afraid of not being accepted.This could lead into a "Don't Judge a Book by its Cover" assignment; where the student talks about something that a lot of people might not know about them from their superficially visible aspects.

  • We all have favorite authors that are exciting to share. Shel Silverstein is one of those authors for me, and I hope he is for you, too. Many times did I try to stay home from school by quoting “Sick.” I tormented my sibling with “Sister For Sale.” One of the cutest things I have ever seen is a group of preschoolers acting out being eaten by boa constrictors. Last September an amazing thing happened: a new Shel Silverstein book came out! Every Thing On It finds an honored place next to [...]

  • This is the fourth collection of poetry and cartoon art, following the wildly popular "Where the Sidewalk Ends", "A Light in the Attic", and "Falling Up". Fans of the late songwriter won't be disappointed by the genius rhymes and zany illustrations that dominated the earlier works. It's probably no secret that a rhyming dictionary was buried alongside Shel Silverstein. Much like the others, this book comprises over 150 poems, mostly nonsense, but there are intriguing patterns and verses. A perso [...]

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