99 francs (14,99 Euros)

francs Euros En ce temps l on mettait des photographies g antes de produits sur les murs les arr ts d autobus les maisons le sol les taxis les camions la fa ade des immeubles en cours de ravalement les me

  • Title: 99 francs (14,99 Euros)
  • Author: Frédéric Beigbeder
  • ISBN: 9782070315734
  • Page: 398
  • Format: Paperback
  • En ce temps l , on mettait des photographies g antes de produits sur les murs, les arr ts d autobus, les maisons, le sol, les taxis, les camions, la fa ade des immeubles en cours de ravalement, les meubles, les ascenseurs, les distributeurs de billets, dans toutes les rues et m me la campagne La vie tait envahie par des soutiens gorge, des surgel s, des shampoings antiEn ce temps l , on mettait des photographies g antes de produits sur les murs, les arr ts d autobus, les maisons, le sol, les taxis, les camions, la fa ade des immeubles en cours de ravalement, les meubles, les ascenseurs, les distributeurs de billets, dans toutes les rues et m me la campagne La vie tait envahie par des soutiens gorge, des surgel s, des shampoings antipelliculaires et des rasoirs triple lame L il humain n avait jamais t autant sollicit de toute son histoire on avait calcul qu entre sa naissance et l ge de 18 ans, toute personne tait expos e en moyenne 350 000 publicit s M me l or e des for ts, au bout des petits villages, en bas des vall es isol es et au sommet des montagnes blanches, sur les cabines de t l ph rique, on devait affronter des logos Castorama , Bricod cor , Champion Midas et La Halle aux V tements Il avait fallu deux mille ans pour en arriver l.

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  • Frédéric Beigbeder

    Beigbeder was born into a privileged family in Neuilly sur Seine, France His mother, Christine de Chasteigner, is a translator of mawkish novels Barbara Cartland et al his father, Jean Michel Beigbeder, is a headhunter He studied at the Lyc e Montaigne and Louis le Grand, and later at the Institut d Etudes Politiques de Paris Upon graduation at the at the age of 24, began work as an advertising executive, author, broadcaster, publisher, and dilettante.In 1994, Beigbeder founded the Prix de Flore , which takes its name from the famous and plush Caf de Flore in Saint Germain des Pr s The prize is awarded annually to a promising young French author Vincent Ravalec, Jacques A Bertrand, Michel Houellebecq are among those who have won the prize In 2004, the tenth anniversary of the prize, it was awarded to the only American to ever receive it, Bruce Benderson Two of Beigbeder s novels, 99 Francs Jan Kounen, 2007 and L amour dure trois ans Beigbeder, 2011 , have been adapted for the cinema.In 2002, he presented the TV talk show Hypershow on French channel Canal , co presented with Jonathan Lambert, Sabine Crossen and Henda That year he also advised French Communist Party candidate Robert Hue in the presidential election.He worked for a few years as a publisher for Flammarion He left Flammarion in 2006.In May 2007 he spent time in the United States to shoot a film about the reclusive American author, J.D Salinger.


  • When attending a big party sometimes you get to see this obnoxious guy, very drunk or high, pestering some innocent victim with his views on world politics or conspiracy theories, or shadow governments, or Rihanna being Illuminati princess. If he's less drunk he may even make sense, but he's still so annoying and yelling so loud that you just turn around and leave for whatever made up reason.Look, Beigbeder does make sense and I bet in 2000 this book was really fresh and much shocking (although [...]

  • (Naslov)nica je SVE. Obozavam taj osjecaj kad me satirican roman uspije zgroziti i uspaniciti, kad mi nasmije bice, pa me rastuzi, pa budem bijesna na svijet i na njega jer sta on glumata, pa me motivira, onda demotivira pa opet ispocetka sve. Naravno da zna izbacit iz tracnica s potpuno otkvacenim konceptima unutar korica. Reklame <3 Povremeno mi je znao pomazit ego *a to se isto broji ful* s tim da izbacuje poeziju i bude dosta tesko maknuti se s odlomka jer mantram njegovu/svoju gorcinu. G [...]

  • Итак, был ли Бегбедер прав, и действительно ли цена его книге 99 франков?Мне не посчастливилось сначала увидеть фильм по одноименной книге, который я даже не смогла досмотреть. А потому автор представился мне таким пафосным хмырём, читать которого совсем и не стоило. Так я ре [...]

  • No matter how hard I tried, I could not finish this book. The vulgar tone of the author and his constant description of cocaine intake make it hard to absorb any marketing industry facts. I find it strange and sad that people would look up to the author like Beigbeder for advertising/marketing insights and are willing to absorb any bs that this author will spoon feed them. Furthermore, I do not understand why would I use this person as an industry reference when the only thing I know, it that hi [...]

  • It's strange, how you can hate someone but pity them at the same time. However, that's what happened with this book.This is basically made to shock people. You read about cocaine, prostitutes, fraud and people who trick your mind to get richer and richer, so obviously, you wouldn't find your new favourite character in there. The main character, Octave, is interesting, even though he's awful, but the things he did made me cringe so much. The fact that he's not able to love made me really sad and [...]

  • #throwback reviewGaliausiai perskaičiau romaną, kurį norėjau perskaityti ilgokai, bet kartu ir kiek bijojau, kad nepatiks. Su modernizmu jau pati įsitikinau, kad nedraugauju, bet vis puolu į tą patį šulinį su naujomis viltimis. Šį kartą tai – Frederic Beigbeder su „14.99 €“. Nors mano nuomonė apie šią knygą labai dažnai keitėsi ir ne šiaip, o beveik į kraštutinumus, galiausiai, jei reiktų rinktis tarp „man patiko“ ir „man nepatiko“, greičiausiai rinkčiaus [...]

  • He is annoying, frustrating, provocative and sometimes disgusting, but many of his ideas are unfortunately true. We all have price, all our choices are controlled, advertisement world is f**ked up, we get it. But gosh, over 200 pages of self-centered love, describing how cool am I, and how I hate the world I literally live in every day - it is too much. And towards the end it makes very little sense, though you may try to fish out some very meaningful insights.

  • Il y a des comparaisons interessantes et nous offre une perspective encore plus effrayante du monde actuel .is ça reste un publicitaire qui écrit, il est vulgaire et sans talent littéraire. Beaucoup de deballage de culture ("ne lisait que des écrivains sucidés" suivi d'une grande lsite de noms sans interêt. etc),d'imitation pâle d'écrivains qui portent,eux, bien ce titre mais rien de transendant. La recherche du style n'aboutit à rien (désolée mais c'est pas en changeant de pronoms to [...]

  • En 13.99 visualizamos el mundo actual a través de los ojos de Octave, un publicista en la sede francesa de una gran multinacional. El mundo de las marcas, de la globalización, del capitalismo, de los engaños, de las injusticias pero también del amor, de las relaciones personales, de la familia Un poco de todo contado sin tapujos y sin pelos en la lengua.Algunas ideas a destacar:"Nadie desea vuestra felicidad porque la gente feliz no consume.""Las personas movidas por las mejores intenciones [...]

  • Crazy and ingenious. This story tells us how powerless we are in the hands of media sharks if we spend most of our time watching the box. The author described very well of our modern world.Aristotle once said that "a human is a society animal," he was definitely right. The author tells via protagonist how miserable our society made by commercial producers or any other masters of PR. They make our choices, likes, and dislikes; they tell you what car to buy, they show you how to dress just to be a [...]

  • С две ръце подкрепям: Тази книга трябва да замества учебниците по маркетинг в професионалните гимназии. Достъпният разговорен език показва действителността в най-голямата индустрия - рекламата и мечтата на властимащите - светът да бъде едно огромно предприятие. "Потребле [...]

  • Jedva, jedva završeno. Dve tri zanimljive misli, puno dosade, osećaj lošeg akcionog filma.Begbede je in, Begbede je must, koka, kurve i definitivno kontraverzna ličnost, buntovnik, drzak, galamdžija. A sve je to tako isprazno i prežvakano i bez šarma. Sve je to tako šokantno a zapravo je bofl roba.No uostalom, ko da mu sudi - pomama za takvima ne prestaje nikada. Zgrabi priliku i uživaj dok ide.Bez da ulazim u lik i delo Begbedea ( jedna knjiga nije dovoljna). Daću šansu Francuskom ro [...]

  • It's not Dostoevsky, but I like French literature and particularly Beigbeder. His books seem to be the revues of our contemporary life with its ilnesses, contradictions, hysteria - explosions inside and outside the person.

  • Deliciously cynicalI doubt there is another way to describe Frederic`s style more accuratelyEnjoyed every page of the book and would recommend it to anyone. Quite an easy read as well.

  • 5 días y 3000 scrolleadas+ (270 +-páginas). Un libro que llegó de casualidad, y que llegó por autodescubrimiento. Digamos que andaba buscando la opción A, que se relacionó con la D, y al final terminé leyendo éste, la opción F. Creo que ha sido más una causalidad que casualidad. Es la historia de un creativo que despotrica contra el mundo de la publicidad, exhibe las cosas "buenas", las cosas malas, mientras se produce una voragine de malas decisiones, drogas, alcohol, sexo, y más pub [...]

  • 99 francs is Beigbeder's reckoning with the advertising industry. He shares his deeply cynical views on corporate life and ethics. The book is written as a meta fiction, i.e. the protagonist Octavo supposedly writes the book in an effort to be fired. He's fed up with his job, not enough to quit by himself but is happy to leave the decision to others, hoping for the golden handshake.The content: cocaine, sexual perversions, corporate bullshit bingo, contempt for the mediocrity of business partner [...]

  • bon voilà je me suis fait du mal en lisant ce navet intersidéral. J'ai bien compris que l'auteur avait tout fait pour nous faire ressentir du mépris envers son personnage principal je ne suis pas gourde au point de ne pas l'avoir remarqué. Non, ce que je n'ai pas aimé c'est la manière d'écrire de cet "auteur" qui s'apparente à l'écriture d'un adolescent de 15 ans sous ecsta, noyé sous les images pornos à deux francs six sous. Je suis atterrée, littéralement, par le manque total de t [...]

  • Bof. Je n'ai pas trouvé que ça valait tout le foin que le roman a fait à sa sortie. Je me suis ennuyée et ai eu bien du mal à terminer ma lecture.Le publicitaire junkie qui rejette la société de consommation Trop factice. Et la coke qu'il s'enfile en continu dans les naseaux et les propos sur + les images pornographiques des femmes m'ont donné des envies de gifler et le personnage et l'auteur.

  • Autors \ galvenais varonis ir mākslinieks, kuram garšo koka un maukas, sasodīts kretīns, taču pilnībā patiess un reāls. Viss, kas ap mums sakonstruēts ir meli, bet nu to jau mēs visi mazāk vai vairāk zinam. Grāmata ir perfekts mūsu sabiedrības atspoguļums un atmaskojums. Autors pastāsta par visiem sūdiem un reklāmu aģentūru skeletu, kas rada to, ko mēs gribam un zin, ko mēs šodien negribam, bet gribēsim rīt. Sabiedrība grib dzīvot kā reklāmās. Un reklāmas to zin u [...]

  • დიდი ტრაგედია. თანამედროვე ტრაგედია მოყოლილი ისე როგორც შეეფერება მას: ირონიითა და ცინიზმით, შიგადაშიგ სარეკლამო ჭრებით და ცარიელი პერსონაჟებით.პ.ს. პარადოქსია, მაგრამ კიდევ უფრო დიდი ინ [...]

  • ბევრს არ მოსწონს ასეთია – ისეთიაო სამაგიეროდ გულწრფელია სულ რომ სისულელეებს წერდეს (რაც აბსურდია), იმას მაინც წერს რასაც ფიქრობს და რაც აწუხებს ადამიანებში (და შესაბამისად მწერლებშიც) ყვე [...]

  • An epilogueNIKE - just do itGILLETTE - the best can man get306 - compare with your car.99 francs - I red you like a book and left you like a maculatura

  • This story tells us how powerless we are in the hands of media sharks , if we spend most of our time watching the box . They manipulate us into liking them.Fredric has very well describedthe modern world .As famous Aristotle once said that -"a human is a society animal," he was definitely right . The author tells via protagonist how miserable our society made by commercial producers or any other masters of PR . They make our choices ,likes and dislikes , they tell you what car to buy , they show [...]

  • If I had still been in high school I might have appreciated it more, but wouldn't understand it. I'm not sure I've grasped it all, now, but hey?! LIKED- The package. Writing technique and architecture. Putting myself in all those instances was great and new. I only realized that after the first two parts, so I would've liked more emphasis on it. Sometimes, I even wanted to know more about the "YOUs" (Who are they?!) But I always enjoyed multilateral perspectives in any form and this made the ent [...]

  • Me encantó 13,99€ (o su equivalente en moneda local).La novela hace que te cagues de risa, a pesar del "humor de publicista" y tiene varios pasajes que te hacen pensar "chingada madre, yo debería hacer eso", como una parte en la que el protagonista (Octave) pinta con sangre las instalaciones del cliente.Algunos lo toman como una mordaz crítica al mundillo publicitario. Pero es una forma muy chata de ver la novela. No es literatura light, no es literatura activista, Beigbeder cumple el objet [...]

  • 99 فرنكاً في رواية ميشيل ويلبيك (الخريطة والأرض)، يذهب البطل جاد مارتان للقاء فريدريك بيغبيدير، صاحب رواية (99 فرنكاً)، يصف ويلبيك هذا اللقاء بطريقة تبجيلية، حيث تبدو الطاولات المحيطة بطاولة بيغبيدير خالية، وكأن لا أحد من رواد المقهى يجسر على الجلوس بالقرب من هذا الروائي العب [...]

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