La reina estrangulada

La reina estrangulada This was the original game of thrones George R R MartinThe King is dead Long live the King Philip IV is dead and his great kingdom is in disarray It seems the fatal curse of the Templars is plaguing t

  • Title: La reina estrangulada
  • Author: Maurice Druon
  • ISBN: 9789684970588
  • Page: 397
  • Format: Hardcover
  • This was the original game of thrones George R.R MartinThe King is dead Long live the King.Philip IV is dead and his great kingdom is in disarray It seems the fatal curse of the Templars is plaguing the royal house of France.His son has been enthroned as Louis X but with his disgraced wife Marguerite imprisoned in the Chateau Gaillard for her adultery, Louis can prod This was the original game of thrones George R.R MartinThe King is dead Long live the King.Philip IV is dead and his great kingdom is in disarray It seems the fatal curse of the Templars is plaguing the royal house of France.His son has been enthroned as Louis X but with his disgraced wife Marguerite imprisoned in the Chateau Gaillard for her adultery, Louis can produce no heir with which to secure the succession But neither can he marry again while she lives The web of scandal, murder and intrigue that once wove itself around the court of the Iron King continues to draw in his descendants, as the destruction of his dynasty continues apace.

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    Maurice Druon was born in Paris He is the nephew of the writer Joseph Kessel, with whom he wrote the Chant des Partisans, which, with music composed by Anna Marly, was used as an anthem by the French Resistance during the Second World War.In 1948 he received the Prix Goncourt for his novel Les grandes familles On December 8, 1966, he was elected to the 30th seat of the Acad mie fran aise, succeeding Georges Duhamel.While his scholarly writing earned him a seat at the Acad mie, he is best known for a series of seven historical novels published in the 1950s under the title Les Rois Maudits The Accursed Kings.He was Minister of Cultural Affairs in 1973 and 1974 in Pierre Messmer s cabinet, and a deputy of Paris from 1978 to 1981.Source


  • ”When one has governed men for a long time, when one has thought that one has acted for the best, when one knows the pains the task has entailed, and then suddenly sees that one has never been either loved or understood, but merely submitted to, then one is overwhelmed with bitterness, and wonders whether one could not have found some better way of spending one’s life.”Philip IV, or as he is also known Philip the Fair, is dead. The curse that was cast upon him by the Templar Grand Master J [...]

  • La Reina Estrangulada es el segundo capítulo de la turbulenta historia de la monarquía francesa que comenzó con El Rey de Hierro y, a pesar de que el título es un spoiler enorme (voy a hablar al respecto más adelante), me parece que es un libro mucho más sólido que el anterior.Lo primero que tengo que destacar es la facilidad con la que se lee este libro. Había pasado más de un año desde que leí El Rey de Hierro y temía haber olvidado grandes detalles, pero por suerte este libro est [...]

  • 4,5/5Encore une fois écouté en livre audio, j'ai adoré suivre la suite des intrigues politiques et amoureuses de ces personnages historiques !

  • This is the second book in Maurice Druon's Accursed Kings series (Les Rois Maudits in French). There are seven novels in the series, all published between 1955 and 1977, telling the story of the monarchs of medieval France. The front covers of these new HarperCollins editions tell us that The Accursed Kings inspired George R.R. Martin's A Game of Thrones, but be aware that this is not a fantasy series!In the first book, The Iron King, we saw how Philip IV the Fair of France brought about the des [...]

  • Good sequel to the first novel. It's historical soap opera really. I do wish there were more women though. It does make me want to read more about the time period.

  • 3.5 stars. Not quite as much fun as The Iron King, but still a lot of fun.For a further review: susannagoklikes/post/13 .

  • 4,5 bueno, bueno! me gustó mas que el anterior, será que ya me familiarize con los personajes?, a conseguir el tercero!

  • With the glowing recommendation of GRR Martin, the Accursed Kings series is enjoying a resurgence in popularity. I loved the first book, The Iron King, and only waited this long to read the second installment due to my aversion to Kindle books that cost more than a couple of dollars. The Strangled Queen begins where the Iron King ends, with the death of Phillip the Fair of France. His inept son becomes Louis X, and the fighting ensues over who will have the real power in France. Will it be the y [...]

  • J'ai eu plus de mal à me mettre à ce deuxième tome, mais Druon a bien fini par m'emporter. J'aime beaucoup cette façon de raconter l'histoire de tant de points de vue, sans jamais vraiment privilégié un personnage plus qu'un autre, en l'édifiant en héros absolu de l'oeuvre. Et pourtant, à chaque coup du sort, on a une petite pointe de pitié ou de tristesse pour celui ou celle qui voit sa vie mal tourner.

  • "The Original Game of Thrones. Believe me the Starks and the Lannisters have nothing on the Capet and Plantagenets" -GRRM. From the second book of the Accursed Kinds recently re-issued with a word by George R.R. Martin about this historical fiction saga. I recently came across it and I was not disappointed despite my initial wariness of it. When it comes with most historical fiction I am wary as many liberties are taken. Characters here are multi-fascetic rather than two dimensional or one dimen [...]

  • 3,5Altro che "Beautiful"! Non mi stancherò mai di dirlo: le grandi corti europee hanno sempre fornito una quantità impressionante di melodrammi e intrighi che nessuno soap opera o telenovela potrà mai eguagliare. E la dinastia dei Capetingi, e più in generale la corte di Francia, non fanno eccezione.Occhio agli spoiler!Riassunto delle puntate precedenti: il 1314 si rivelerà essere un anno cruciale per le sorti del regno di Francia. E' l'anno in cui raggiunge finalmente il culmine il lungo p [...]

  • En un principio creo que esta segunda parte ha sido un poco mas floja que la primera, pero la historia me gusta tanto tantísimo que he decidido darle la misma nota. La historia como en la primera parte es algo confusa pero no porque la historia no sea sencilla sino por el numero inmenso de personajes. Encima en esta segunda parte han metido hasta mas! . La primera parte me costo un poco mas de leer debe ser que no estaba acostumbrada a esa forma de escritura. Esta segunda parte me ha resultado [...]

  • This book is written in the 1950s, and I have been quite impressed with it's easy and beautiful language. It is not at all heavy which older novels sometimes tend to be, but there is one thing that bothers me a little. I feel like Druon couldn't decide what genre of novel he wanted to write. Sometimes it feels like a book on history and other times it takes the form of a historical novel. He tends to give things away in the middle of the text, which would be fine for a book on history, but as a [...]

  • Continua sin transición la historia contada en "Le Roi de Fer": Phillippe le Bel ha muerto y le sucede en el trono, aunque no en capacidad ni en ambición Louis le Hutin, Rey de Navarra y cornudo mayor del Reino. Este libro mantiene todas las virtudes del anterior: limpieza del estilo, concisión narrativa y, fidelidad a los hechos históricos aunque cabe reprocharsele que de por seguro el asesinato de la reina (no creo que desvele nada al decir que en un libro que se titula "La Reina Estrangul [...]

  • Este libro es el segundo volumen de la serie Los Reyes Malditos. Parte exactamente donde quedó el anterior. El rey Felipe el Hermoso ha muerto repentinamente, al parecer la maldición lo ha alcanzado.El príncipe heredero es en apariencia incapaz de estar a la altura de su padre. Se nos pinta a Luis el Obstinado (Luis X) como un hombre mediocre, falto de inteligencia, acomplejado por un padre dominante y deshonrado por una esposa adultera. Y para mas remate su vergüenza es pública, cuestión [...]

  • Even if it's the second book of a series of six books, this book can be considered as a stand-alone book.The sequel of "Le Roi de Fer" tells the story of the successor of Philippe IV - Louis X. The plot starts with the imprisonment of Marguerite de Valois, followed by the his game of intrigue against the famous financier Marigny and the remaining feudal barons of the Order of the Templars.I read a Portuguese version of this book and the translation was of bad quality.As a Bookcrossing book, it w [...]

  • Apart from the author's philosophical asides which are at best ironic and at worst provocative, this is an interesting account of the period after Philippe le Bel's death and the initial period of Louis X's short reign as King of France. Although not much time elapses, there is intrigue aplenty, as well as retribution and even some romance.

  • ¡El rey ha muerto!, ¡viva el rey!El poder y el gobierno no dan espera, y las naciones están por encima de los hombres que las dirigen. El 29 de noviembre de 1314, el rey Felipe IV el Hermoso muere, dando paso a un nuevo reinado, el de su hijo Luis X. ¿Heredaría éste la fuerza necesaria para mantenerse en el trono?, ¿Sería Luis un digno sucesor de su padre y la dinastia capeta?La incapacidad del nuevo Rey ha quedado de manifiesto, no se decide por ningún posición política, entre el ban [...]

  • I liked this book and would give it 5 stars but the audiobook narration leaves something to be desired for me. I know it's a personal preference but when changing storylines, the recording doesn't even take a quick split-second break. Sometimes I got confused on who was supposed to be talking or what they were talking about. But I found the story compelling and have already gotten the next in the series ready to read!

  • Reyes Malditos 2Ok, nuevo rey, batalla entre dos personajes por controlar al nuevo rey. Intrigas con el tesoro de la corona, propuestas de matrimonio y elección papal, pero la pieza más importante de ese pleito de poder es la actual esposa del rey, prisionera por su infidelidad, y que tendrá un fin trágico que bien pudo ser evitadoInteresante forma de contarte la historia4 stars

  • 3.5 stars. This is the second book of the Accursed Kings and the big spoiler is in the title. It's good. And if you're reading this, You've probably read the first book. The best character is the only "good" guy. (Good is relative in this book.)Looking forward to the next book, but I'm not in a rush to read it, ya dig?

  • Un second opus génial à la hauteur du premier. Je me régale à lire cette grande histoire, c'est tellement plus cool d'apprendre grâce à la littérature. Je comprends pourquoi J.R.R Martin s'est inspiré des rois Maudits pour écrire le trône de fer.

  • An excellent historical fiction book once again by the master, Maurice Druon. I'm not giving this book 5 stars not because it was bad or had something wrong with it, but rather because the first one was simply better and far more memorable.Of course, all the characters had their complexity and I really liked the scenes which illustrate the lives the people were leading in the early 13 hundreds.I'm not a fan of how Druon sometimes reveals what is going to happen later with the characters as if it [...]

  • This is the second volume in the saga of the Accursed Kings, the series that fictionalises the end of the Capetian line and the beginning of the Valois. My sense so far is that this will unfold as an almost unbroken narrative.We begin now the phase of what would have seemed at the time an unlikely situation. King Philippe IV le Bel’s lineage came to a dead end in spite of having sired three sons who all survived to adulthood. The previous and first volume put on the pages the curse uttered by [...]

  • Le roi est mort ! Vive le roi ! Dans ce deuxième tome, les intrigues reprennent de plus belle dans les premiers mois de règne de Louis X le Hutin

  • While the plot of the novel is pretty obvious, it still makes a very interesting read. King Philip IV is dead and France is in turmoil as the Grand Master of Templar’s curse seemed to work quite mysteriously.Louis, his first born ascends the throne as the King though his disgraced wife and Queen Marguerite of Burgundy is still imprisoned. With no possible way out to get an annulment (as there was no Pope), Louis’s reign is fraught with controversies and the power struggle between his uncle V [...]

  • THE KING IS DEAD! LONG LIVE THE KING! With the death of King Philip, Louis X assumes the Throne and all the issues left by his father. With the three imprisoned harlots awaiting a decision on their future, Louis must decide how to handle them; one being his adulterous wife Marguerite. A tainted reign is not something Louis wishes to have enter the history books, and so he seeks to annul his marriage and find a new queen. Agreements are made and a potential bride is found, Clemence of Hungary, a [...]

  • La Reine Étranglé is the second volume of the series Les Rois Maudits by Maurice Druon. I am so glad I found these books, because the are excellent. In this series, for the first time, Druon reveals to his readers that he was helped by a group of researchers—among which was historian Pierre de Lacretelle. He did extensive research and had access to the Bibliotèque Nationale and the Archives Nationales, which he put to excellent use in the seven volumes of this fantastic series. I love medie [...]

  • I bought this after devouring the Iron King a day before release and finished it on the same day. It picks up following the death of Philip IV and explores the relationships between three key characters - the new king, Louis X, Marigny and Charles de Valois - and a large cast of other players shaping the conflict. It's in this novel that Martin's comment in the Forward to the books that 'The Accursed Kings is the real Game of Thrones' really becomes apparent. Duron is master at quickly creating [...]

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