A Mirror for Witches

A Mirror for Witches A novel written in the s and set in the Salem witch hunting days A young girl is convinced by the spirit of the times that the accusation against her of witchcraft is true

  • Title: A Mirror for Witches
  • Author: Esther Forbes
  • ISBN: 9780897331548
  • Page: 481
  • Format: Paperback
  • A novel written in the 1920s and set in the Salem witch hunting days A young girl is convinced by the spirit of the times that the accusation against her of witchcraft is true.

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  • Esther Forbes

    Esther Forbes was born in Westboro, Massachusetts in 1891, as the youngest of five children Her family roots can be traced back to 1600s America one of her great uncles was the great historical figure and leader of the Sons of Liberty, Sam Adams Her father was a probate judge in Worcester and her mother, a writer of New England reference books Both her parents were historical enthusiasts.Even as a little child, Forbes displayed an affinity for writing Her academic work, however, was not spectacular, except for a few writing classes After finishing high school, she took classes at the Worcester Art Museum and Boston University, and later, Bradford Academy, a junior college She then followed her sister to the University of Wisconsin where Forbes wrote extensively for the Wisconsin Literary Magazine After developing her writing skills, she returned to Massachusetts where she began working for Boston s Houghton Mifflin As a reader of manuscripts, Forbes used this experience to advance her own writing career Her first novel, O Genteel Lady was published in 1926 to critical praise With its selection by the newly formed Book of the Month Club, the novel gained popular appeal as well That year, Forbes also married Albert L Hoskins, Jr a Harvard Law School student.As Forbes continued to write and gain notoriety, her marriage suffered because her husband disapproved of her career They divorced in 1933 After several other novels, Forbes began her research of Paul Revere with her mother, who was then in her mid eighties When the historical biography, Paul Revere and the World He Lived In won the Pulitzer Prize in History, Forbes recognized her mother s immense contributions During the process of researching Paul Revere, Forbes became fascinated with the large role young apprentices played in the war Thus, she wrote Johnny Tremain, a historical novel of a young boy growing up in the time of the Revolutionary War With poignant character development and a keen sense of history, it contained the elements for lasting popularity It was published as A Novel for Old and Young In 1944, it won the Newberry Award, the top award for children s literature and became an instant children s classic Forbes continued to turn out award winning books, most notably, The Running of the Tide, which was commissioned as a movie but never filmed While working on a book about witchcraft in seventeenth century Massachusetts, she died in 1967 of rheumatic heart disease.Forbes literary achievements, awards, and recognition speak for themselves in regards her place in letters Johnny Tremain is still read widely in schools and its popularity makes it one of the few lasting classics of American children literature.


  • This is an absolutely fascinating story written in a style I haven't come across before. If you're a reader who likes reading about the Salem witch trials, you need to add this to your list pronto.Forbes wrote this book back in the late 1920's, but the style and "voice" she used for the narrative is so authentic to the 17th century that it's almost like reading a 350 year old manuscript. It's written in 3rd person, almost like a moral/religious text primer, with elaborate and long-sentenced chap [...]

  • A Mirror for Witches (1928) - Esther ForbesDark, powerful and wonderfully wrought! You're probably familiar with the author for her book Johnny Tremain, but i did not know of this book written 15 years earlier for older readers. Highly recommended. There is much here to discuss when read in a book group.========================================================================What follows aren't spoilers, but if you want to read thisbook knowing nothing before you start, then go do that.========== [...]

  • Why is The Crucible the story of choice in HS? This is SO much better! I love how the author gives thoughts and feelings from various characters so it is not just a one-sided glimpse into this part of history.

  • I found this novel more psychological than historical. Was Doll actually a witch, or was she led to believe it by jealous and superstitious people? Did she take a dæmon lover, or were unscrupulous men abusing her? This book is rich in horror and tragedy and interpretation. I recommend it highly. It gets better with each read.

  • I found an original copy from 1928 in an Antiquarian book store. It's absolutely incredible how graphic it is for a book written in 1928. Esther was a well educated woman. I plan on seeking her other writings out.

  • I re-read this on one sitting- I could not put it down. Nothing short of a work of genius- a lively, vivid and strange use of an unreliable "omniscient" narrator. Why is this book not more widely read?

  • The story is interesting. It is a little hard to get past the archaic language, I often had to re-read a paragraph to understand the gist, but that also added to the authenticity of the story.

  • This is a superb and curious novel, set in Salem, 1600s. Written in the style of a 17th century tract, the book tells the story of Doll Bilby, an orphan whose parents were both burned as witches. Is Doll a witch? Does she become the witch her accusers believe her to be? Or is everything explainable in modern terms so obvious to us now? The genius of this thought-provoking book is to provide a narrative in which each episode sustains multiple interpretations: psychological; demonic; sexual. Told [...]

  • I gave this book such a high rating because I could not put it down. I had a running commentary in the back of my head based in modern ideology, but it was an interesting look into a world-view completely different from my own.

  • A compelling story. Forbes' skills get the reader to like the main character despite the narrator's prejudices.

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